Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taking care of some business.

I so loved reading your comments about NYC! I want to come visit all of you that live there, umkay? I'll just stay at your place next time -- OK with you? I forgot to tell you all the biggest reason I love New York -- we got married there. ;) We couldn't think of a better place to do it and it was one of the best days ever, in the best city ever.

I also forgot to mention something important in my post about blogging last week -- making sure you have an e-mail attached to your Google account. SO OFTEN I want to send you back a quick e-mail when you say something funny, totally get my joke, know who says my TV lines (yesssssss!) or just say something really sweet. Often many of you will ask questions and if I can't reply back to your comment through e-mail, I feel awful.

Keep a girl from not feeling awful if you can. If you don't want your personal e-mail out there, it takes about two minutes to create a free gmail account. Problem is, I can't remember how I did this to my profile. If any of you know how to, can you leave the directions in the comments? Love you forever. Kisses.

I'm super excited about the opening of my new Etsy shop! I have been toying around with the idea with fellow Twitterers for a couple months now and I've got a nice little inventory going. I was hoping to get it up by tomorrow, but it will most likely be next Monday. It will be a mix of antique and thrift store finds. I'm so excited!!

Finally, I will be raising my consultation rates to $30 starting this Wednesday, the 16th. I hate to do that, but I really do spend a good amount of time on each one. I will still be significantly lower than any other site I've seen that offers the same service. I always want to keep it affordable for you all. I believe my past "clients" (hate that word!) will agree it's worth the money.

If you are interested in getting in on the $20 rate, feel free to pay with the button on the left of the page before Wednesday, then e-mail me your pictures. I need about five to six pics of each room, as well as any specific items. All I need to know is what you like/don't like, any questions, and budget if you have it. I like to work with what you have and try to make suggestions that are budget-friendly. :)

If you are not ready to send your pictures right now, that's OK. Just use the button to pay for the consult and then e-mail me when you are ready.

Stay tuned tonight for the start of my fall decorating extravaganza!! OK, it's not really an extravaganza, but it's making the house even more warm and cozy and I'm loving it.


  1. Can't wait to see your Fall pics...I am working on my house now and I know you'll give me some great ideas!

  2. You + Etsy shop = bad for hubby's credit card

  3. The words you have all around your you make them or buy them? My living room is crying out for something like that.

  4. Oooh lala...."extravaganza." That sounds fun and fancy. Can't wait to see. :)

    Have you ever done a girls' trip to NYC? My girlfriends and I go up for one day every year in December. Our local parks and rec sponsors one of those chartered bus things, and it is awesome. We sleep the whole way there, then we do whatever we want all day long (shop, eat, see store window displays, site-see, etc.). Then the bus picks us up around 7 pm and we sleep on the way home. Best. road trip. ever! :)

  5. I am excited for your Etsy shop opening. Mine is

    I am sure you are going to do excellent especially since you have this blog that is so awesome too.

  6. I would love to see some of the work you’ve done (before and afters) since you’ve started doing your online decorating thing! Congrats on the store….I’m positive it will do very well.
    Can’t wait to see all the Fall décor!

  7. I have no idea how I got to your site, but after happening here I spent FOUR hours straight reading the site.

    I read blogs, but rarely spend more than a few minutes on each. Now I have all these fab ideas for all this stuff I've been putting off around the house. (I'm pregnant so I'm all nesty)

    Anyway. You rock. Love love love the site.

  8. I am busy putting my Fall things up too. So fun!


  9. Bravo for starting an Etsy store! I really want to start one myself...once I figure out that perfect thing to sell.

    Also, I completely agree with you raising your consult fee. $30 is really reasonable.

  10. just started twittering! I hope you become a follower. I enjoy reading your updates and hope to be able to tweet with you.\L_Duncan

  11. Sarah, I applaud you for opening an etsy shop and for raising your fees a bit. The fact is, $30 is such a reasonable rate. The clients who were able to use you when you were starting out got an incredible deal--I'm sure they feel really lucky--but you're still offering a really good deal, and I feel sure your future clients will feel they've gotten a good value, too! After all, you're the Thrifty Decor Chick--and isn't thrift all about getting good value for your money? I'm certain you'll give really good value for the money, even if takes a little more money to retain your services. Congratulations on your success! I'm happy for you that you're able to make a go of this new "loving Mondays" job you're creating for yourself.


  12. I'm excited to see what you offer in your etsy shop. You always have the cautest decor.

  13. Great.

    Now I have to go buy everything in those pics.

    I ADORE the candles. I really need some spicy candles in the house. Fall in New England is like no other!

    Thx for the great ideas!! :)

  14. Whoops! Forgot the email tag!! :)

  15. awesome - that is so exciting you are branching into etsy - can't wait to see!!

    i sent you some pictures and stuff of our living room last week - or two weeks ago... i didn't get an email back saying you got it... just want to make sure you did get it tho!! :)

    And I love fall too - it's a little weird having moved to the south tho - they don't do fall like the north does!!! :)

  16. I JUST blogged about this (how to attach an email address) because it drives me crazy!! )...go here to check it out & feel free to share my instructions with your readers!

  17. I love, love, love your blog. I've recently started following you on my new blog,
    Thanks so much for sharing such creative ideas! You are wonderful.


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