Look Ma, no cords!

September 21, 2008

I hate electrical cords -- hate em! In my humble opinion, there is nothing worse than seeing a gorgeous room on HGTV, and then seeing cords hanging down behind a table or down a wall. It ruins the whole room for me.

To prove my hatred, try to find the cords in these pictures:

Yes, I know, you see them plugged into the wall, and believe me, if I could figure out a way to remove the whole stinking plug I would! 😂

One of my favorite handy dandy trinkets is the cord cover, which I've found at home improvement and electronic stores:

These little pieces of bliss are about $5 for four feet and they are so worth it! I put them down chair legs, along baseboards, even down walls (and then paint them the wall color). Looooove them!!
I hate cords so much, I made my own "charging station" in our dresser drawer. It was SO easy -- just drilled a large whole into the back of the dresser and the drawer. Now the cords are hidden behind the dresser but are easily accessible:

And the sky opens up, the angels sing.........

P.S. I guarantee you that I would never notice this in other people's houses. It's my own little obsession in my own home and I just expect a professionally decorated home on television to take care of that little detail. :)

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  1. This is such a helpful post! I am going to have to look for some of those.

  2. That is so funny that we have the same aversion to the electrical cords!

    I also just made a charging station drawer for our phones, just posted about it last week, so funny!

    And....I also heard angels singing recently when they opened a new HomeGoods store by my house...

    And...if that is not enough...your comment about being a sister from another mother...ROFL!!! If you only knew me, you would know how funny that comment was! I have siblings all over the world, seriously...and I *just* spoke to my sister in Switzerland for the first time yesterday morning...and then to open up my email and read your note, it was just toooooo funny!!!

    We must be kindred spirits!!! So glad to meet you...I must buy some of these contraptions that you wrote about, how cool are those????

    Bella :)
    PS: I am adding you to my bloglist and favs, too ;)

  3. love your blog!!!

    What color did you use in that bathroom?! I LOVE it.

  4. I started noticing all of my cords when I was hanging out at Rate My Space. It made me nuts after that and I had to run around and tape them to table legs. I'm gonna have to get me some of those really cool covers!

  5. Thanks for reminding me about these cord covers. I had forgotten they exist. I hate my cords showing. I'm going to have to buy some of these covers.

  6. Brilliant! Just brilliant! We just moved to a two story condo and I am determined to make the first floor look good no matter what disaster awaits upstairs. (My hubby & daughter are the Tornado Twins and I just can't keep up with them.)

    My new tidiness rules also mean all the charging cords can't be laying all over the kitchen counter... all the time! Perfect timing!

    ...now to find the right dresser to modify...

  7. I know this is a little late for posting, but I just wanted to say that I make my own cord covers for these.

    I go to my favorite generic fabric store and purchase enough fabric to make a cord cover that is 2x the length of the cord. Cut it into strips, sew them all together, work it so it's not inside out anymore, and slide it onto the cord. That way, it's a cheap, attractive way to make a nondescript scrunchy classy cord cover.

    Great blog! I'm working on a decorating/space-saving blog for a class of mine, and I love finding blogs like these to help me brainstorm.

  8. I was scouring your pictures and I realized...I have that table. The little one by the yellow chair in your bedroom. I've had it for years...I lOVE it. Hey...I didn't realize it but apparently I hate cords to. I caught myself trying to hide one the other day and was...I'm not that bad am I? LOL

  9. I currently have a cord problem in my newly completed sewing space and was googling what to do but then I remembered... Sarah has written about her heavy dislike for those things and I was sure you had posted a solution. Glad to have found it. I'll have to see about getting some.


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