Easy and quick weekend DIY projects

October 13, 2008

When the hubby is away, a Thrifty Decor Chick will play...and play I did with quite a few fun projects. When I say "fun," I know most of my friends would rather claw out their eyes than do these "fun" things, but it is a blast for me. :)

Let's see...first off, I started by adding some detail and fullness to the window treatment in our bathroom. 

Next up, I bought a huge pad of paper at Goodwill for $2.99. Used a hot glue gun and fabric I already had to cover the ugly binding and bought cheap drawer hardware that I painted to hang it. So caauute! I think I may paint the knobs apple green though, not sure. Our son LOVES it. The crayons are up high on a shelf though, thank you.
Onto the next project, another one in the Boy's room. 

My Dad and I built built-in bookshelves in his room when I was pregnant. I wanted to add a window seat between them but we never got to it. We tried doing it earlier this year but because I'm Anal Annie, we can't make it the way I want. So because I'm thrifty, I said forget it for now. 

This toy chest was from Target and I put the letters on there to spruce it up a while back:

I decided to make it a mini-window seat. I got foam, cut it to the size of the lid:

Took the lid off, spray adhesived (adhesived? A word?) the foam and the lid and then started covering. I wrapped a thin piece of batting around it that I already had:

Another I-can't-live-without-it tool -- my staple gun! Then I took the fabric and wrapped that around too...

Here it is in all it's cuteness...and it's pretty comfy too!

upholster a bench top

While we're up here, let's admire the view. GORG!!

We are so lucky to have this amazing land behind us. The Midwest is beautiful right now! OK, onto more! Yes, there's MORE!!

OK, onto more! Yes, there's MORE!!

I have this light in our kitchen that I got for $30 at Lowes. I like the shades but they needed a little somethin'.

So here they are with a little somethin' and some hot glue:

Love. It. 

The trim is the same trim I put on my no sew roman shades in the background, so it works perfectly!

adding trim to dress up lampshades

You'd think after burning my fingers with the hot glue fifteen trillion times this weekend that would have been it. But noooooo...not for me! 

I did a couple other projects that I will show you later. And I'm trying to work some magic with this purchase from my b-day shopping:

See how that cheese dome looks at Christmas

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  1. Love how a little trim changes the entire look of your lamp shades!
    You really rocked it this weekend! :)

  2. You were busy everything looks great love the lamp shade.

  3. I am so loving your site!!! Everything you do looks amazing!!

  4. Love the idea with the paper, that is really cute :)

  5. Seriously loving your blog! You make me laugh, AND you love your hot glue gun. I think we may be sisters. :)


  6. Busy, busy bee! I love weekends like that. My husband came home the other day from a work trip and was suprised to see so many changes!

  7. My husband works away from home as well and I love doing this kind of improvements/crafts when he is gone, sometimes he even joins the fun...

    I am really enjoying your blog!

  8. I love the light. The little trim makes a huge difference. I think I will try this in my dining room.

    I just found your blog and am in love. Great ideas!!!

  9. I love that paper roll, that is so creative...my lil guy would love somethng like that, he loves to draw and paint and color :)

    We have lots of open space and trees like you do...I love it, but I hate it, too...because I am a city girl...you seen one tree, you've seen them all, lol...but yes, it is very pretty this time of year :)

  10. The paper turned out so cute! Much cuter than PBs version!

    And I love the window seat!

    You are way too productive on the weekends! I need to take some lessons from you!

  11. You are a woman after my own heart. I love sprucing/frugal/creative decorating!!!

    Until my (hopeful) purchase of a home next year I will live vicariously through you :)

  12. I am absolutely loving your blog! So much inspiration. Thanks for stoppin' by :). My DD marches the bass clarinet. Orlando is about an 1 1/2 hour drive east from us. Cool! :)

  13. Thanks for all the great inspiration!!! Really! And thanks for dropping by my Site with your kind comment.

  14. I love every idea you have! You are truly inspiring...thanks for the tutorials that show how e.a.s.y. things can be with a little creativity (which I lack--therefore I am copying!)

  15. Wow, that window seat looks so easy! I might have to attempt that. Everything looks gorg! ;)

  16. Don't you just love when you get on a roll doing projects?! I just love being at home decorating and doing projects around the house. So much fun! I am going to copy the letters you put on the toybox. I have a plain one and the letters would make it really cute. I love everything you've done!

  17. Everything looks great - so funny, I just bought the materials to create the same paper rod like PBKs - I like how yours turned out.

  18. I love the shades and the toy box. The trim on the shades make a big difference - I'm learning to accessorize.

  19. You had a busy weekend but you got a lot accomplished. Everything looks great.

  20. I wouldn't have thought that a little trim would make such a big difference. They look great. I also love the big roll of paper. My girls would have a field day with that, although they seem to be going through a silly stage with drawing, where they try to make their people as ugly as possible and give them silly names like Mrs Stinky Plopper. Kids!

  21. You are amazing!!!! I need you to come over to my house for like... a month, to help me. I just don't have the "eye" for it.

  22. You do such a great job, Sarah! Stop by and visit sometime!

  23. I love the toy box you made into a window seat! What a great idea! I also love the idea of the trim around the lamp shades. I absolutely love your blog and your ideas! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  24. I'm diggin' your handy dandy blog so much that I had to make it one of my top 5! Happy Blog-a-thon!

  25. I adore what you did with the toy box... that is so great! And the trim really did a lot for the light fixture. It looks great, very fall-like.

  26. I love the drawing pad on the wall. Very cute. I should do something like that for my daughter. I already have black crayon on the back of her door. Your other projects are wonderful too.

  27. I just found your blog and I Love it!!!! I will be back to read more!!!

  28. I love the lamp shade idea...I am going to do that as soon as I find some fabric!!!

    Thank you for leaving the very first comment on my blog!!

  29. You continue to amaze me! So fun!

  30. I am so addicted to your blog and just found you! I love your weekend projects. Your have a terrific blog and I will back:)

  31. Love your blog and craft/decor ideas! Found your blog through Today's Creative Blog

  32. Hi Sarah :)

    The trunk and the shades turned out darling!!


  33. I'm convinced there are few things that require more than a staple gun and a glue gun. :-)

  34. WHat?!!??? I heart barracuda?!! That is just so completely random! ROTFLOL


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