Using hemming tape to update drapes

October 10, 2008

Updating store bought drapes with hemming tape and black out fabric.

There's a window treatment in our bathroom that has been bugging me for months. (I have lots of little projects that bug me, argh!!) I store-bought this one and it has always bothered me that it was so sheer. 

I decided to "retreat" this window treatment -- and I took pictures to show you how to do it too!
I make most of the window treatments in my home. I won't go on and on about how easy it is again, I'll spare you this time! Just trust me on this. This drape is similar to the one I did in my son's room.

I really believe that lining should be used on most window treatments. If there is a room that gets little natural light, it's just not necessary. But if the window does get a lot of light, you'll do your treatments an injustice because the beauty of the fabric is lost when the sun shines through it. 

If you have unlined drapes, have you noticed the difference in the way they look during the day compared to night? When they are backed with a good lining, the sun won't get through and you'll enjoy the true color and design of your drapery fabric ALL day.

Anyhoo, so back to the task. I loved this drapery but the color was being lost when the sun poured in every day. So I added some lining using my handy-dandy-can't-live-without-it hemming tape. Just in case you've forgotten this baby, here you go --
Ohh, I love you hemming tape!

First, cut your lining so it's a bit smaller than your fabric:
This took about 0.3 seconds (courtesy of the Boy):
I lined the back the easiest way possible -- laid down the lining and used the tape on the back:
There was a break in the fabric already, so I added trim with a hot glue gun along that line. Usually I use hemming tape for trim too, but this was pretty thick so the gun was the best option.
Then I added similar trim down the tie-ups that were already there:

Here's a little side note -- see how high the rod is hung?:

The window is fairly big on it's own but it never hurts to make it seem taller. ALWAYS place your drapes higher than the window. This is a decorator tip that really works. I'm not a stickler about it in rooms with soaring ceilings -- the goal when you use it is to make the ceiling appear higher. Our bathroom has huge ceilings so I didn't go too high.

Look at the difference already! No light pouring through! And beautiful fabric! Where did that come from??

Tie it up and fluff, fluff, fluff!!!

See how much prettier and fuller it is with lining?! Beee-uuu-tiful!!

Love love LOVE IT!! Total for this was about $8 for lining and about $12 in trim. 

It was worth it to me because now it looks custom. Retreat your own -- get some trim and hemming tape and you have everything else you need!

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  1. Very pretty. I'm planning on making some window treatments and hadn't even considered lining. Now I'm definitely going to line them.. I also love the way you tied that up!

  2. This is wonderful!! Wow, the difference is amazing. (although the first one wasn't bad either. )

  3. That looks great, I really love the trim. I can't tell you how happy I was to see that your project required not a single real stitch... that's the kind of retreatment I like!

  4. I just found your blog and I love it! You have awesome ideas, and I actually have a curtain that I should do this to...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hey girl! I linked to your post this morning.

  6. What a difference. Great & easy job. Thanks for teaching us how it's done.

  7. that is a big difference! I am going to attempt this! thanks!

  8. Isn't that no heming tape awesome. I made curtains for 2 bathrooms and didn't do any sewing (which I can't stand to sew on a machine). I love that stuff, you can do so much with it.

  9. Beautiful!!! What time can you get here?

  10. I have just found the blog world. Although I don't blog myself(not very computer smart) I have a few favorites I like to browse. Somehow I have come across yours & I love it. I also just realized that you are also one of my favorites that I have browsed on RMS. Your kitchen I have saved to my favorites as it was very similar to how I was decorating mine. And I have to thank you so much for posting your tutorial on your kitchen window treatment as I did it!!! I love all your talent & decor skill! Will definitely keep reading your blog!!! Thanks!!

  11. I am so honored that you did the window treatments!! If you get a chance, e-mail a picture to me. (I won't post it, unless you want me to!) It is nice to "meet" you and welcome to blogland! I barely look at RMS anymore, because of the inspiration I have found here. (And people are NICE!) Hope you come back soon.

  12. Oh wow, you make this look so simple that I'm thinking I could do it. Not that I would...but I could.

  13. Thank you for stopping by to see me! I can tell by the name of your blog that we will have a lot in common. Love your window treatment redo...looks great! I hope you'll come back by again & we can exchange all sorts of fun ideas. I'm amazed by all the new blogs out there that I haven't seen yet, your's included. Looks great!

  14. Love it! Did you buy the window treatment recently? Where did you get it? I really like the fabric other than how sheer it is...but you've shown me how to take care of that problem. (:

  15. Great tutorial any ideas for arched top windows?

  16. Beautiful as always!! The girls room needs some new treatments! I will have to bookmark this post!

  17. Well done you! When I was little, my mom would hem my Pathfinder uniform skirt with duct tape and staple my badges on. She is THE craftiest woman on earth!! Your curtians look great!

  18. NICE!
    I love that tape! It has saved a non-sewer like me many times!

  19. You did a wonderful job!! Window treatments can certainly "make" any room. Super cute!!!

  20. Hi there! Thanks for the tips! What kind of fabric do you use for lining the curtain? I need to do that with some drapes I have in my dining room but I'm not sure what kind of fabric to get- I want something cheap but also something heavy enough to keep the light from coming in. Thanks!!

  21. Great Job!! Such a dramatic difference, they definitely look custom made. I have never heard of the hemming tape..I will definitely have to look into that. Thanks for the great tutorial. =)

  22. LOVE this!! Thanks so much for posting tips!


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