Pfeffernuesse & holiday cookie exchange ideas

December 18, 2008

You will want cookies after reading this. Don't say I didn't warn you.

So my other new BFF, Lori, posted about their love of pfeffernuesse cookies. What the? I had never heard of these things, but I was intrigued to say the least. 

They have spices in them, as well as peppermint, but they are cookies. I guess you love them or hate them. 

Well, Lovely Lori sent me some...look how sweet:
I stood there popping them in my mouth, trying to figure out if I liked them. 

After about 20 seconds I looked down and realized how many I had eaten:
And I decided I loved them. (Thanks Lori!!)

So my girlfriend has thrown a cookie exchange for a couple years now, and everyone votes on their favorite packaging at the end of the night. Last year, a few of us brought cookies, but one girlfriend and I said "What HUH, HOW many cookies am I supposed to bake?" And said forget that

But then we got there and realized how fun it was, how creative everybody was and decided this year, it was ON BABY!

So I was supposed to make like 30 dozen cookies this year. OK, not 30 dozen, but 12 dozen. Or something like that. But then remembered I had seen these in blogland a while back:

Easy, cheap, quick. Right up my alley. 

You gather the following:

Wait, I need some PfefferHuhs while I "bake":

The recipe I saw used regular kisses, but I had something else in mind. Of course I had to use my kisses of minty love instead. Just place the kiss on top of the pretzel, heat oven to 200 degrees and put them in for about three minutes, or just till they get soft. 

Then put M&Ms on while hot. It was after making about eight dozen that I realized something very important:
These are not cookies. They are candy.

Whatever, really. You going to argue with me? 

I used some peanut butter cups with red hots too. These were AWESOME:

So onto the cookie contest. Check out our competition:
After standing there staring at these for a few seconds, my sister turns to us and says, "Whoa, you two are SO not winning."

UH, DUH. And we thought ours were kind of cute, at least throwing-them-together-two-minutes-before-we-leave-cute:
Gah. I KNOW I KNOW, they were pitiful. Just pitiful. 

But we have decided, we are going to start planning in February, and next year

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  1. Those cookies are genius! I'm so making them tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. Have a great night!


  2. I think even I can manage those! Thanks!

  3. Those. cookies. with. those. kisses. look. fabulous!

  4. I love love love reeses and I love chocolate covered pretzels...So those look so divine... I can't have chocolate but I'm sure going to make them for my girls and family...looks so yummy...I'm so glad you posted this..hugs, Lisa

  5. Cookie Exchanges are so HARD!

    Not my cup of tea. Or cup of cookie.

    But ya'll did great!

    Very good on the Restrained Gold. You are obviously a member of the Sherwin Williams Society.

  6. Um, I'm thinking that your cookies are bu-RILL-iant! I mean they are pretty, salty, sweet, CHOCOLATE! Those other people were just trying to dress to impress! That's it. Smoke and Mirrors.

  7. ...Oh, I had to come back, I forgot to comment on the Pfuffernooses (I didn't scroll back up to check the spelling of the real word). They look light and fluffy like a melt in your mouth pastry...mmmmm!

  8. oh yeah... you had the Take 5 candy bar cookies. That rocks... and I so need something small to go in the Clemson bowls I got both my sisters. Yeah, all about these cookies! Thanks!

  9. We make the same Snyder pretzels/kisses/M&M's thingies but have switched to using rolos instead of the kisses. They are divine!

  10. Hee Hee, pfufferwhozits! Glad you liked them; they're kind of addictive. As are those pretzel nummers! We like ours with Rolos, so you get that caramel goodness!

  11. Well, actually, I kind of liked yours best, honest to goodness. And I will definitely be trying those "cookies" out. :) Both ways, and I liked Lori's idea about using Rolo's.

    I wish I had a cookie exchange to go to! So fun.

    I'm gonna help you come up with some AWESOME packing ideas. You're so gonna kick butt next year! :)

  12. Hi! I've never posted on your site, but have read your blog several's the day! It was meant to be...just found the answer to my question about a good "neighbor gift" idea...I'll be making these little pretzel cookies tomorrow night!!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  13. That snowman box is too adorable! And love those cookie candies - can you stack them? Soooo easy - will give them a try!

  14. Those are all so creative!

    I am definitely going to make the pretzel/candy/cookie thingamagigs....if only I could get to the store. Unfortunately, I am home with a sick kiddo....but this weekend it will happen.


  15. Your cookies look yummy! I am going to make some....with the candy cane kisses, of course! yum!

    My grandmother also does pretzels, a rolo candy semi melted on top, and a walnut pressed into that. They are good!

    Have a nice weekend. :)

  16. Yesterday at my daughter's class party a mother had made the pretzel treat. I decided that I was going to make them for goodie bags for a few ladies that are not in the family but will be at the family Christmas party. My mother actually commented on making them with Reese cups - I'll have to try that too.

  17. Your cookies looked so good! I have never used a kiss or peanut butter cup. I always used a rolo and then smashed another pretzel on top. :) Yours are MUCH prettier! I want some now please! :)

  18. I am going to a cookie exchange on Sae but she went hardcore on the rules and we have to make the COOKIES from scratch!

  19. It was fun seeing what you made for cookies. I made the pretzel, hugs, m&m ones, too!! They are darling and so.. easy.
    Hugs, Terrie

  20. I love Phiffernessa (however they are spelled) cookies! We used to make them before we went camping when I was little to take on the trip! All your cookies look so yummy and great!

  21. You are so funny...your cookies look great!

  22. Such cute ideas! Cookies, candy, who cares if it is cute!

  23. I found the peppermint kisses at Big Lots last week, deeply discounted. I thought of you as I ate 10 of the last night. I'm bringing peanut brittle to our "cookie" exchange tomorrow.

  24. You also can make that candy with rolos and put a pecan on top and they are like turtles! Can't wait to try your version!

  25. Those pretzel cookies are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G with Rolo's. I'm so trying your combination now too!!

  26. Oh, and remember how I told you in the last post/comments that our thrift store is way over priced. So my MIL donates this chair that I had given her (I so didn't wnat it). The back was coming off, and it was half recovered in two different fabrics. But she gave it to the thrift store anyways. She saw it there last night for sale. For guess how much. I'll wiat so you can come up with a figure. $59!!! Outrageous!!!!!!! We decided that we aren't shopping there any more. Ugh. So not thrifty.

  27. We are tucking away this recipe as our quick and easy goodie one!!

    kari & kijsa

  28. That is so funny. I had my hubby's co-workers over today, and went to a party last night & made a version of those for both - mine were the pretzels w/ a Rolo & pecan on top - they taste like a turtle candy. I'll try to get closeups of the little Santa tree & put it in a post for next week. They're all old & different (some have ugly faces!) I'm headed out of town for 3 days on Sunday, so I'll try to get it done b/4 I leave! If I don't chat w/ya - Merry Christmas. Your cookies looks delicious - I think your cookie exchange friends must work for Martha Stewart!

  29. I made the pretzel hugs yesterday. I used the candy cane kisses & the Dark special. So good.

  30. OMG I am recovering from surgery and reading different crafty blogs. You are so funny girl.
    We need the recipe for the PfefferHuhs cookies.

    Whatcha doing this year?


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