Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's a Goodwill Party!

Well helloooo ladies! OK, the party is finally here! I am calling this a Goodwill party, but you can link to anything you've purchased "second hand," meaning you purchased it at a thrift store, consignment shop, garage sale, your grandma's attic, whatever!

If you have read this blog for one minute, you know I love me some Goodwill! I have three pretty good ones within a five mile radius, and the best is right down the street. I have developed what I call my "Goodwill radar." I can sense a good deal waiting for me think I'm kidding! I have found some of my best deals with my sixth sense. Goodwill and I are like this. Tight, yo.

I know some of you have an aversion to Goodwill shops. (Ahem...Jennifer.) Whateva whateva people, you need to load yourself with a mask and some latex gloves and bear down. You can do it! You can bear it! You can walk past the elderly potty chairs and get through it. I believe in you. And if you do, maybe you'll find some treasures like I have. First some of my favorites...

With a bunch of $1.99 hardback books stacked on it: With the covers taken off of course, and they have to have titles I love.

This table is one of my all time favorites. I think it was $30, I can't remember it's been so long. It was AWFUL, awful, blech, puke green. Awful. But I saw it's potential. My dad actually took it and refinished it for me as a gift and now it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture:
Gorg! It's actually an antique, if you can believe it! I had a marking underneath that I researched (I'm too lazy to get my butt off the couch to look now) and it is really old.

This desk was also an awful throw up green (what's the deal with green?) and I painted it black and replaced the knobs. It was $20: Here's a few before and afters I've done in the past few months. I was looking for a little tray for the cat food and water, for, like EVER. I mean, I'm not paying $20 for a tray the cats eat off of. I mean, I love them and all, but really? This bed tray was $4 and falling apart:
With some glue and black spray paint, it turned out perfect:
Don't ask about the water fountain. Please. Just don't ask.
Last fall, our son was starting to get into Thomas the Train, and I researched the train tables and about threw up in my mouth a little. The whole shebang would be $250. One day, my Goodwill radar was at high alert, so I popped in and found this for $25:
It was in PERFECT condition, except where the tracks were glued down. I just turned over the table part and spray painted the table green:
I'm not kidding when I say I saved $225 on this thing! Now, if Hubby would quit buying train stuff, that would be great.

I showed you this last fall, it was $5 and I'm not really sure what it was originally:
I saw it as a little bookcase:
I love it! This little beauty was $2.99 and was OK in white:
But it needed some cleaning and I'm a black paint kind of girl anyway:
It still had a Crate and Barrel price tag on the bottom for $20ish.

I've had a bit of an obsession with all things glass lately, and my Goodwill doesn't disappoint. I found both of these for $1.99 each:
Our dining room cabinet has collected quite a few, although I haven't figured out what I'm doing with them yet:
Remember the jute vases? Yep, they were Goodwill finds:
That gorg tall carafe is fantastic and was $4!

Of course, my laundry room update consisted of mostly Goodwill and consignment shop finds:My little $3 mirror I made into a candlescape...I loved the detail!: I am loving our local consignment shop too -- I've made more than $200 by selling old stuff there over the past year. I find great little treasures there as well (that have completely blown the $200 I made. Huh.) My lamp that I transformed with spray paint and some ribbon:
My skeleton keys were $7 for five keys:
These candlesticks were on sale for $10 for both. I cut one down and glued the top back on so they weren't the same size:
This little doodad on my $20 sofa table is actually a $7 decorative shelf I turned upside down:
Sooooo...what have you transformed? Made your own? Made work for you? Do you need a mask and gloves or do you lurve Goodwill?

I have to mention the purpose of Goodwill while I'm at it -- they are a fantastic organization that help to employ people with disabilities at all levels of the business. These are people may not be employed otherwise. Goodwill allows these folks to be productive members of society, and that is a very good thing. OK, onto the party!!

I have taken down the Linky because of issues it was causing with my site...I've tried just adding the links but it's not working...I'm going to try to get this to work! If you would like to add your post, please leave it in the comments! Thank you so much!

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  1. I am so sad that I have NOTHING to post! I have only bought two things from a thrift store. Both were glass jars. But it isn't for lack of trying. My Goodwill stores are not as great...either that or my radar is broken and someone with your great radar always gets there first!!

  2. Everything you find is so gorgeous by the time you get done with it! Thanks for helping us see what things could be.

  3. Your finds are just too much! I am so jealous. I don't know why I don't have the "radar" but I just don't. I might need an intervention. But I think the Goodwill Gods helped me out just for your party! It's no $20 Train Table or antique piece but I lurrve it! Can't wait to post!

  4. Mr. Linky just disappeared on me!! :(

    Here's a link to my "Ugly Metal Desk/Table Makeover!" :)

  5. Ugh, Mr. Linky disappeared! He was JUST here and now he's gone! Ergh, I'll post my link here and come check back later!

    I loooovvee all of your re-do's...

  6. You are so clever and creative! Great finds and great makeovers!

  7. Oh I love me some Goodwill too! Especially 50% off days, ahh I can hardly wait until next Saturday. I have a ton of stuff from Goodwill, antique stores, yard sales too. I will link to my living room redo and it has some of my finds in there!

  8. My drawer I got at an antique/junk store.

  9. Please take me shopping. Please! I have a goodwill in my town, but I never anything there worth buying. At all. Help!

  10. When I made my post, I was pretty stunned at all the stuff I've accumulated in an effort to decorate my newly renovated home. But I wouldn't have it any other way. :)


  11. That antique table is AMAZING.

    And you've turned me to the dark side - I've been using lots of black spray paint lately. :)

  12. You and your Goodwills are just freakin' fantastic! Can you tell I am soooo not jealous? Love them usual!


  13. Love all your makeovers. Makes me want to go shopping at goodwill and I am sure I never said that before!!!

    Here is mine...

  14. Your coffee table is gorgeous! I love it and I think you have inspired me to go ahead and paint mine. You can't actually have too many black pieces of furniture can you? I love shopping Goodwill and thrift - it more fun than buying retail and you are giving to a good cause. I don't only shop, but give donations too! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  15. Find all kinds of Dining Room Furniture India at of the best designs you will find online.

  16. you are a girl after my own heart, love your finds!


  17. I love everything but the bookcase is brilliant! You have the magic touch!
    Chrissie Grace

  18. Wow- I am BLOWN away and TOTALLY inspired!

    Question- have you used spray paint on wood?
    I have a book shelf via Target that I want to paint black, but am nervous it will just wipe off.

  19. Sarah, it was so late (early??) when I commented last night that I forgot to say that I think you have a definite gift going on. The way you transformed your finds is amazing!! I'm trying to think more like you, and I have to say it's working. ;) I've found some cool stuff lately, for a fraction of the price! I think my favorite thing you listed was the antique table. Too cool! And how neat that your dad refinished it for you. :)

  20. I love garage sales, CCA Re-Sale (basically like Goodwill or DI), now I need to check to see if we have a goodwill around here. I love that you can re-create something original that nobody else has!! Love this party!

  21. Great projects, girl!

    The project that I posted today wasn't a Goodwill makeover so I didn't link it up but I did mention your party.

    I linked up a couple of older posts. I hope that's OK.


  22. Hi Sarah !
    From one crazy chick to another - You Go Girl ! Love all your finds and always love what ya do with them ! I joined in on your fun as I am cheap, cheap , cheap, lol !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  23. I am going to put my gloves and mask on and head to GW, I am inspired.

  24. I have an avid aversion to goodwill shops- but being in the process of moving into a great house- and starting from scratch with new furniture- I'm suffering from sticker shock and really trying to get up the nerve to give it a try. Homebody Holly hosts a thrifty thursday and her deals amaze me too- You guys make it hard to get "thrifting" out of my mind as an option. Maybe a mask and gloves WOULD do the trick. ;)

  25. You are a genius!!

    Awesome makeovers...
    Have a great week!


  26. What a great job! I need to shop with you! I posted an older link and gave you full props at the bottom!

  27. Hey Sarah! I linked up to an oldie, but goodie if that's okay. :) I'm glad you got Mr.Linky working! I love the refinished table your Dad gave you, and something you will always remember. And the mirror for the this idea!!

  28. What a great post! I am so inspired by all your transformations! I've scored a couple Estate sale finds, but either haven't done anything with them yet or haven't taken pics. I've got to get busy!

  29. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little bookcase. I may run around my house and try to snap some pictures of some of my better Goodwill finds to link before the day is through. Also a good excuse (not that I need one, really) to drop in when I run to town for errands later this afternoon!

  30. Wow! You have some beautiful things! I too love the Goodwill and have recently discovered it for clothing which I never thought I would do... that being said, I've lost 44 pounds of 100 I wish to lose and I had nothing to wear. I can't afford to spend money on new clothes every month. I've been planning my own Goodwill post to show some of my fantastic clothing finds!

    I linked up a stool that I found at a local thrift shop and a chest of drawers that I found in the trash!

    Thanks for a great idea. I look forward to seeing what everyone else found!

  31. You're a hoot and dang creative too! I love reading about your finds. EVERYTHING I have and collect is second-hand, thrift, good-will, garage sale, flea market, ebay or etsy. Seriously, everything. I would have to link eleventy gazillion I won't. But I did post my latest score just this morning....on my blog. :)

  32. I've never done one of these before! I'm excited to read all about the treasures that everyone has found!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Angie @

  33. I just LOVE all of your makeovers Sarah! -

    I didn't have anything new to add, so I linked up a few older posts and did a new post today about your partay!!!!


  34. Great idea for a party, girlfriend! Hey, a piece of advice, don't get rid of that train table when your sweet son is done with Thomas. We bought one at a garage sale for our boys to use for legos, and it's perfect! they build entire cities on the table, and we have boxes underneath to store the blocks.

  35. I can't wait to check everyone else's finds out! You have inspired me to hit up the goodwill down the street from my house! I hope I find something good!

  36. You have such a great eye! I wish I wasn't so afraid to paint things.

  37. We are kindred spirits! I'm a thrift store fanatic.
    Love your transformations.

  38. I just saw this so I am a little late to join the party (what else is new?) But I have to say, you are my new hero! WOW! I have been a casual Goodwiller but I will be more dedicated now! GREAT finds!!

  39. Thank God for thrist stores! I love your finds however, I am more impressed with what you do with them!

  40. I just linked - it was my first time, hopefully it worked! Love your blog ... its such an inspiration!!!

  41. Great party idea! I'll have to spend time going through everones links and post one myself! I'm a borderline germaphobe so some thrift shops just give me the heeby-jeebies! lol...I am a HUGE garage sale fan though. Its a lot harder with a 3 year old and 4 month old, but I still go as much as I can.

  42. You do have the THRIFTY TOUCH! Great job! CHEERS! Michele
    Come by for my GIVEAWAY!

  43. You have done wonders with your Goodwill finds. I love them all. Thanks for hosting this great party. I am thrilled to be a part of it and can't wait to see everyone else's great Goodwill treasures! : )

  44. I go to my Goodwill at least once a week and always find something good! My screened porch that I just fixed is filled with things from Goodwill. Love all your transformations!


  45. Great finds! I have to confess, I'm kind of weird about thrift stores. I'm obsessed with flea-tique stores, but a little weirded out by the potential germyness of thrift stores. In reality is there a difference between the 2 types of stores? Should I get over it?...probably.

    Thanks for the party!

  46. I just love your finds! I posted my latest project. I have a bunch lying around needing me to get them done though! I found a calendar frame that I am going to turn into a chalk board/notice board. Wish I would have gotten it done in time, ah well =)

  47. Wow - you have awesome Goodwill skills! All of your projects are awesome. This whole taking something old and hideous and giving it new life is new to me but I am already loving it! The chair I linked was so fun to do :-)
    P.S. LOVE your blog

  48. Can you tell me where in the world I can find a Goodwill Radar????

  49. I think I must have Goodwill radar too, because some days I just feel myself drawn there and that is when I find my best stuff! You have a great eye for what things can be. Loooove the bookshelf even though it probably was not intended as one.

  50. Sarah, today is thrifty party day! You have really scored some great things at Goodwill. I've been in ours & the Salvation Army, but just don't see much in there worth bringing home. I do SO much better at the yardsales.

  51. Your great finds should make the nonbelievers believe in Goodwill. I just love the $25 coffee table in the first pic :)

  52. Wow! You are the Goodwill queen!!!
    What a fun par-tay! Thanks for the great ideas!

  53. I love this idea...mostly because I love to see "good finds". This is my first time on your site. I'll be back for sure.


  54. Oh, I think I've died and gone to heaven finding your blog. There's nothing I love more than to treasure hunt and re purpose items I find. I will definitely be "following" your blog to ideas. I'll also add your button. Come visit my blog. It's a combination of re purposing, vintage finds, authentic Italian recipes, decorating, Italian traditions, events, and much, much more. Don't forget to hit the "follow" button and feel free to add my button if you'd like for easy access. This way we can stay in touch and inspire each other often!

  55. I just want you to know that I have the exact same desk you have but it was my grandmas. It is sitting in my garage waiting for a coat of paint for my den. I might just have to paint it black now. BTW- Are the pulls from Ikea?

    Love all of your ideas and inspiration you provide!! Have a great day.


  56. What fun! I posted some things I did a while ago, but right now I'm working on transforming an old dresser found by the side of the road into a console table. It is awesome!

  57. I COVET your black desk! Just saw one recently with silver "pear" handles for $350 @ a local boutique! Kudos to you, I am ashamed to admit I've never sought out treasures in Goodwill... you've made me a believer!

  58. Your site has helped to inspire me so much! We just moved into a new house that's 3 times the size of our old home and it has been a challenge for me to furnish all the extra space without spending a bundle! But thanks to yours and others blogs I have found the courage to paint over and invest in the old! Here are some of the items I've found and made over:


  59. Great finds, Sarah!

    I'm just stopping in to join the party and drool over everyone else's treasures. :o)

  60. Linky is gone... so sad!

    Here's my link for what it's worth!!!

  61. I looooooove your blog. I am very new to this I have no idea how to "link" anything. I just copied and pasted my address line. Hope it works. I love me some Goodwill, so I had to figure this party out. Hope it works!!!

  62. No Linky! Here's my post anyway:

    Thanks for hosting, Sarah!

  63. I about peed my pants when I read the part about the elderly potty chairs! Your blog is such an inspiration and this post was especially good. I am amazed by your ability to transform total crap into something that I would easily buy at the store. Love it.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. I just stumbled on your blog and I LOVE IT! Great ideas and inspiration. I will be back for more "thrifty" fixes soon.

  66. I just finished remaking a cute little side table. I used paint chips to make a mosaic top.

  67. I am loving GW! :) I am currently going through the rooms to get rid of TONS of clutter to take there this week..then I may have to go shopping at GW.

  68. When I look at a puke green desk all I ever seem to see is a puke green desk. Apparently, I lack vision. You really are very inspiring!

    The water fountain....seriously? Okay, since you insist, I won't officially ask. My mom actually used to leave the bathroom faucet on a trickle ALL THE TIME because her prissy cat would only drink "fresh" water. There was water running 24/7 for the sake of the cat. Frankly, I found that adorable, if not politically incorrect with regards to conservation. ;-)

    This linky party is a great idea, and makes me feel shame for paying full price for ANYTHING at Hobby Lobby. I need vision.....and a can of black spray paint. :)

    Thanks for hosting!

  69. I love this party! Thanks for hosting it! Your make-overs are adorable, I am going to do the same thing with my Thomas Table!

  70. I didn't participate this time even though I have plenty of things from Goodwill and Thrift Stores. ;)

    I *love* everything you have posted! It REALLY inspires me!

  71. This is a fun idea. A great way to see how others are repurposing old items. Thanks for sharing with us!

  72. I love your Goodwill makeovers. And it's cracking me up that your coffee table is the same as my sofa table. It makes me want to call those folks back and ask if they have anything else that matches!

  73. You've just found your newest follower lol...found you from a link off someone else's blog...I love me some thrift-store shopping too....oooo--eeeeee!! Lol...

  74. Your blog is the highlight of my work day!! you have inspired me to really "get out there" and find treasures galore! Thank you!!

  75. Woo! Great party idea! I love showing off my Goodwill treasures!

  76. I just found your blog. I love! I put in a little linky for a recent ugly chair find that I posted about. BUT - your post has totally inspired me to go shop TODAY. NOW. Thank you. ;)

  77. Have you done a tutorial on the silhouettes? I'd love to know how to do them..what sort of paper, etc. for the stencil part.

  78. I did my post on Goodwill party! check it out

  79. I'm crashing this party really late, but I know your brilliant readers will have some advice for me about what to do with my Goodwill find.

    Thanks for all of your inspiration! It is wonderful to know that you can have beautiful things in your home with out spending a fortune!

  80. Hey, everything is half off at Goodwill this Saturday!

  81. Such creativity!!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  82. i know you said not to ask about the cat fountain, but i have to! you see, my cat will ONLY drink running water. he refuses to drink out of a bowl. i always have to turn on the bathroom sink water for him to stay hydrated. where did you get it? what is it called? i NEED one! haha

  83. Thank you for your wonderful ideas! I copied your jute vases idea and actually made a set of three with hanging beads. My son used a small mason jar and gave it to his teacher filled with candy. I was happy the project was so easy for a 6-year-old to do.
    You just keep getting your Goodwill groove on! We're the ones benefitting from it all.

  84. Sarah: I have to tell you that the Goodwill coffee table that you found for 24.99? I found the SAME coffee table at an estate sale for 25.00~! Mine smelled like cigarettes (YUK) so I aired it out, sanded it and painted mine black too! When I saw yours I thought NO WAY!!

    It is a small world!

    Love, love, love your blog!

    Lou Cinda :)

  85. You have inspired me! Thank you for sharing. I do have a question, though. What kind of paint do you use- like on the little bookcase you painted white?

  86. Sorry I missed your goodwill party (just found your blog today). I'm all about thrift stores, yard sales, Big Lots (discount store) and re-purposing. I'm bookmarking your blog!

  87. Isn't treasure hunting just the most fun??? I LOVE the Goodwill and go OFTEN...shhhh.....please don't tell my hubbs....he has to trip over things in the garage to get into the house as it is, but who can pass up a great bargain??

    I so enjoyed my visit! I'll be back...


  88. I just wanted to stop by and say a big THANK YOU! I just recently discovered your blog and seeing what you have done with Goodwill finds inspired me today to try to find some treasures of my own. I DID! I got several neat trinkets to repurpose for under $8! My husband was equally excited. Shopping that won't break the bank! :) Again, thanks for the inspiration and I can't wait to see what you do next!

  89. Your blog is always so inspiring! It gets my creative juices flowing...not sure if this is a good thing! HA! Better late then never, here is my contribution to the party!

  90. I was so inspired when I ran across your blog. I love it. Here is my first attempt to a yard sale project:)

  91. I finally got a post up about some of my goodwill finds- I plan to post about it weekly on my blog and you have been a huge inspiration- i'm a definite fan!

  92. I totally understand the radar. Sometimes I wake up and say "today is a good deal day".. and I haven't been wrong yet! Enjoy your ideas!

  93. It's nice to find someone else with my love for Goodwill and thrifting. I get the eyeroll from others often when I rubber-neck at yard sales, thrift stores, or even interesting looking garbage on the side of the road. Check out my after pictures (and some before) on Thanks for sharing your finds!

  94. I just came across your blog from My Repurposed Life's blog. I lurve your blog! I have recently discovered the joy and high of garage sales and Goodwill. Although it looks like your Goodwill is cheaper than mine! Thanks for your blog, your funny sayings, and your relate-ability.

  95. I am addicted to re-purposing stuff, I am very proud to say 3/4 of my house is from freecycle, yard/garage sales...paint is my best friend, if it be re-painted it can become new again. Loved browsing around your site-I got some wonderful ideas.

  96. I LOVE thrift stores! This was a very fun post...I love to see the creativity of others in action. Okay, my favorite and most recent thrift store repurposing was a truck bookshelf made for my son. I was inspired by people using IKEA spice racks and went looking for one at my Goodwill. I found a little wooden crate instead that worked perfect. Here is a link to a photo:

  97. Just got a gorgeous glass candle holder and melamine chip-and-dip, which I REALLY needed, from Goodwill. Another time I picked up a smallish white casserole dish and dressing cruet for about $4. I also found a St. John cardigan for $4 that needed a bit of hemming (luckily I can sew), and I sold it on Ebay for $47. LOVE Goodwill!


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