Friday, June 26, 2009

Check HER out!

I'm a total slacker. I know I was supposed to blog about my squares and stripes today, but the day got away from me and so did the natural light. Any self-respecting blogger does not take night pictures if they can help it. (Yikes.)

So bare with me folks, I will post it first thing next week! Until then, I am sharing more inspiration with you. Some bloggy love for your weekend pleasure...

You just won't believe how this bench started out. You won't. Swear. Cross my heart. You must go see it to believe it. Jen at Sanctuary Arts at Home does some beautiful work, go check her out!

Michelle at Creatively Dreaming doesn't have a mudroom, so she made one. Doesn't this look GREAT??:
Oh I love me some beadboard!!

Ohhh, and you know I love an organized pantry!! (See the right for mine.) Take a look at this amaaaaaazing pantry (HA! I wrote "panty" at first. Wow.) redo that Kristen did over at We are THAT Family:
You MUST check it out, just for the handle on the pantry door. You must.

Look at this adorable teacher's gift my friend Rebecca did over at Older and Wisor:
Oh my goodness. I know it's too late for most teacher's this year, but this would be perfect for a baby's room, a new married couple, whatever! Just change up the papers. You must read through Rebecca's blog, she is so creative and so. funny. I pee my pants every visit, I swear.

And because I am sooooo proud of my reader's who jump in and try some of my projects, I have to share these with you!

Heidi did my Ballard Designs project:

Richella (just say that...lovely name) at Imparting Grace did my easy roman shades:
June used my toot to cover her lampshade. What a difference!!:

Erin took a boring bookshelf and with paint and fabric backs, transformed it!:

Liz and her hubby used my sofa table directions to do this:

Crystal made this window treatment using these directions.

See?! I told you you could do these. Easy peasy! Have a great weekend!

OMG twodaystilltheconcertIamsoexcited!!!! WHEEEEE!!


  1. YOu have some very talented friends!

  2. How fun, I'm off to check out the links!

  3. Love that pantry! Wish I had one!
    I had forgotten about the sofa table idea - need to add that to my project list too!

    Thanks for the links! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That bench was amazing!
    Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!
    Throw your panties at Jordan for me!

  5. oh my gosh! I am so excited that I was mentioned on your blog, I just totally freaked out!

    I love that bench! thanks for sharing.

  6. it looks nice to addopted in my house..thanks for your creation..:) don't forget to visit my blog too my friend..

  7. So many wonderful decorating suggestions and tips. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

  8. Oh the beadboard/mudroom piece just takes my breath away!
    Thanks for the links!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Thanks for all the ideas. I am going to have fun playing around with some of these since I am out of school for the summer. I hope I can get as good as you. :)

  10. i"m glad you finally realized that you are a total slacker. NOT!!!
    Girl, you are always makin' it happen! take all the time you need. i know your next project post will as AMAZING!

  11. Great projects, thanks for sharing! So nice to see that so many others are trying out your great ideas!

  12. Sarah. . . thank you! For your incredible Roman shade tutorial AND for the linky love!

  13. Okay, so why you gotta be putting my lame-o thing with the cool stuff? Not only that, but now I can't do a project with the word "panty" in it since now it's been used.

    And the pee in your pants thing? Yeah, you might want to have that looked at....


  14. That bench is AMAZING! I'm off to check out those great links.


  15. Great links, Sarah! Thank you for sharing them with us. :)

  16. what a nice surprise to be featured on TDC! Enjoy NKOTB! They are in Cincy tonight
    I LOVE LOVE that hall tree!

  17. hey hope you have a fantastic time at NKOTB-I am in Australia,I had a 5* ticket(meet & greet)I was so excited all pumped,counting down the days,but sadly they had to cancel there tour downunder..So SAD!!!Your so very lucky-Enjoy...

  18. Thanks for showing off my pantry!!!!!

  19. LOVE that bench! So many great ideas out there!

  20. Check out my plate make over, you inspired me


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