Decorating walls with high ceilings

September 06, 2009

Our living room used to be one of my biggest decorating pain-in-the-rears. The ceilings are high, there aren't many walls in the space, and it was just overwhelming to deal with.

I was decorating UP:
I got up on my tippy toes on an eight foot ladder to hang that stinkin' art up there. Yeah. Risked my life people!

The little itty bitty shelves up the wall with the itty bitty accessories weren't helping anything. (In my defense, I had just put them up when I decided I was taking them down, so I never finished decorating them.)

The light drapes were doing nothing for the space -- even though they were lined, you could only appreciate their pretty stripes at night:
Soon I understood the power of bringing it all down...I know I've said it a million times, but it makes such a huge difference! It instantly made the huge, tall room a cozy, warm space:
A new, taller table, with taller accessories, chunky shelves (see previous post) and deep red drapes added the warmth I was looking for. And oh yeah, you don't have to tilt your head back to see the art. ;)

Speaking of that art -- I wanted to show you another before and after I worked on last week. Did anyone recognize the art on my new shelves? (If not, just look at the before pic above.) I loved the poppy print, but the frame was a mess. I bought it on clearance and had to fill in all the scratches and dents with a Sharpie. It was just feeling dated to me.

Sooooo...I decided to cut her up! I used my L ruler thingy (no clue what it's called) to make squares around the poppies:
And my big bad self used the jigsaw to cut them out! And when my arms and hands stopped jiggling, I touched up the sides with some black paint and they turned out like this:
Lurve!! They are so super cool, I just love them. And they were FREE!

This weekend, I worked on taking this before: Into a super cool, sexy, warm after. I can't wait to show you!! I'm so stinkin' excited about this room. 

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  1. what you did "AFTER" looks fab. I really didn't like that picture up that high. I just love what you did, and still using that large picture IN A NEW WAY, is really fab.

    I would link up on a before and after, but I just did that a few days ago and its on my blog... my before kitchen table and fab. new re-done table. ;)

  2. Hi Sarah--

    Thank you for hosting this party. You really got me to thinking about befores and afters and why we love them so much. I wrote down a few of my thoughts, along with a couple of my projects from this summer.

    I think people are going to love this party. And of course they're going to love their hostess. :)

    Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend!


  3. A before & after party?! Did you read my mind or something? A girl after mine own heart :)

  4. Shucks...How did i miss this one Sarah? I had no idea you had started this new meme' or I would heve taken "befores" of my post tonight.'s all "afters".

    Your room truly looks AMAZING! I don't think I could adore your red drapes any more. They are fabulous!

    Happy Labor Day! ~Melissa :)

  5. Love everything you've done! I can't wait to see the "after" you're teasing us about . . . I know it will be scrumptious!

    Grins! Pamm

  6. What a fun party, thanks for hosting! Your redo looks great, you really warmed up the space.

  7. Thanks for hosting this party! I can't wait to look around and see what everyone has done.

    I am impressed with your cutting small sections out of the larger piece of artwork. This new art now looks fresh and beautiful! How did that happen?!?


  8. wow, I really love how you cut up the artwork. I never thought of that. Looks great!

  9. Your living room looks beautiful and cutting up that artwork was genius! I love it in pieces! Can't wait to see the dining room!

    I just did a post this weekend on my dining room before and after so I updated that post for your party. Thanks so much for hosting! I love before & happily ever afters too! :)


  10. Great party! I have been to everyone who linked before me and have tons of new ideas! Love that you had the courage to just cut that art up! It looks terrific.

  11. Sarah, this comes at the perfect time! I had wanted to do befores and afters of each room of my home for the blog. This has enticed me to at least start! Thanks!

    Love your new look! Those shelves are soooo awesome...


  12. Great! Nice way to spend the morning drinking coffee and looking at before/after projects. Heaven!

  13. Great idea cutting up the picture, Sarah! It fills in your shelves nicely. I saw on another blog {can't remember who} someone cut up a poster and, except for having to put them in frames, wound up with a bunch of pictures for their laundry room. I think that's a great idea and very economical {especially if you get the frames real cheap}. Can't wait to read everyone's links!

  14. I love, love, love how you cut the flowers apart! Great idea, super job!
    You have a beautiful home! Thanks for letting us come in to visit. :)

  15. Hi, Sarah! I'm sorry I'm late to the party, but I have a pass. ;) My sister's wedding was last night, so I was on the dance floor. :)

    Thank you so much for hosting. I LOVE your brilliant idea to cut the poppy prints out. I like them so much better on their own. Sounds like a good SOLUTION to a Decorating Dilemma. Hope you might submit to the Decorating Dilemmas party on Wednesday? :)

    Can't wait to see the Dining room. :)

  16. Sarah I LOVE what your changes did to that room!!
    What a fun party! I linked up my office makeover and I also made a fresh new post about your party!!


  17. I am giddy excited to spend the afternoon checking out all of the links!

    And those poppy prints..LOVE THEM! Are Did you back them on foam board or something, or were they on a canvas in the frame?

  18. Girl, you know I love to cut things up, so this made my heart skip a beat! Love (lurve) it! I wasn't going to post today, but I may just link up if I get some things scratched off to-do list. Happy Labor Day~

  19. Okay, if you used a jigsaw to cut them out they must have been backed on something heavy, so ignore my last question! ;D

  20. SO we must be on the same wavelength! Join in on my party tomorrow!

  21. I LOVE the way that picture turned out after you cut it all up! You are so brave, I would have NEVER thought of that, but it worked so wonderfully! LOVE IT!

  22. "L Square" Sarah, "L Square".

    I'm gonna sift through and find something....I'm a complete Before & After whore.

  23. I'm not sure it's fair to be as cool as you are! Feeling a tad lazy when I see all you've done! Great stuff.

  24. Wonderful "after"....Yes- sexy it is!!
    Thanks for sharing. I just found your blog and joined your group!!

  25. Did you just say "sexy" before/after and then just kept us waiting....yep, we'll be back. A sexy dining room, I must see. :)

  26. Sarah,
    I love that you cut up your picture! I would never have thought of doing that. It looks fantastic. Love your blog and I love this party. Who doesn't love a good before and after shot? And I'm going to try and sneak in one more love before I sign off.

    Love, ;)

  27. You are a busy bee! And I'm going to be busy reading through all of the before and afters! I just finished up a glider "refashion" so I linked up.

  28. Well I am in tears here i have never done one of these and have no idea how to do this..How do I link a post? I dont know how to use this mr likny thing..HELP i dont want to miss your party! i am new to this stuff! Can anyone help?
    I need very basic instructions step by step..ugh I am embarresed!

  29. thank you so much sarah! and thanks for the opportunity to share my project with you on your blog!!!

  30. I hope you don't mind that I linked no less than FOUR of my posts...oh, and I just thought of another I could link. Maybe I'll save that for the next party. I guess I like before and after's, too! Thanks for a fun party!

  31. Looks fabulous! We have those high ceilings too, I want to paint but don't know how to reach to teh ceiling. We also have a ceiling fan to which we can't reach to change the light bulb. Grrr.

  32. Love-love-love everything you do, amazing.

    Oh...and that L thingie is called a framing square~

  33. You rock! That is all I can say - but I'll keep going ;) Seriously I love the idea of cutting up the art to make smaller parts and can I just say... your dining furniture - to die for! Keep up the great work I'm so anxious to see your dining room!

  34. Hi There! First time commenter on your blog (long time lurker) & also yours was the first Mr. Linky I've participated in! I'm a few days late but thought I'd share anyway!
    Thanks for making your blog a happy place to come each day! I'd love it if you would stop by my blog and leave a comment on your favorite post! No hurry!

  35. I love the before and after party! I love, love LOVE, your blog! I get so inspired by your ideas!!! You do a great job! Keep up the good work!


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