A dining hutch redo and fall fillers

October 07, 2009

I LOVE our dining room hutch. It's dark and curvy, just the way I like hutches. If I had a thing for hutches.  

There is only one issue that has bugged me from day one:

Can you tell what it is? The mirrors that line the back of the hutch drove me cray-zay. They reflected ev.er.y.thing -- I mean, that's the deal with mirrors right? When I filled it with accessories, it felt like they all just disappeared into a reflected abyss. 

You couldn't really see anything that was in there. So, about a year ago, I decided to cover the backs -- I started with foam poster boards (from the dollar store) and some leftover fabric from my drapes. I stopped after one though, because as I mentioned before, I just wasn't "feeling" the room.

A couple weeks ago I decided to finish this everlasting project up. But what to cover it with? I didn't want to do the same fabric from the light white and brown drapes because a.) it was more than I wanted to spend on this and b.) I didn't want it to be too matchy and c.) I was lazy.

So I thunk and I thunk and I thunk. It hit me -- I had a ton of wallpaper left from this wallpaper and canvas art project. And it was already white. SCORE!

Here's how I did it...

Measured each section of mirror horizontally and vertically:

Then I marked the measurements on the foam board:
I marked the measurements down the board, then connected the dots with the level to make a line: The foam is thin enough to just cut with scissors:
Then, check it to make sure it fits the spot! I had to do some trimming to make them fit perfect. A fork is useful for this part -- if it fits well it's impossible to get the foam out without one. :)
Then just cut the wallpaper to the size I needed, then used the hot glue to wrap the paper around the foam:
It turned out pretty much exactly how I had hoped!: Then I was able to decorate the hutch for autumn...some pumpkins and leaves bling it up:
My apothecary jars are so fun to fill at Christmas -- and fall was just as fun!

They are filled with a bunch 'o fall stuff -- leaves, pumpkins, beads, pears, apples:
fall decor in apothecary jars
Teeny tiny acorns and beads that I snipped off pics from Hobby Lobby:

A pumpkin under glass:

More beady stuff. Are you surprised?:

Those FAB plates are my HomeGoods finds from today and whoooeee they are gorg! I needed to lift a couple items up and for now, they are the perfect way to do that.
The knobs that were on the hutch were very pretty but have never felt right to me:

Enter half price (faux) crystal drawer hardware from Hob Lob: Fat round ones in the middle, small square ones on the doors.

The top of the hutch is filled with a couple items I already had, then my long scrolly candleholder turned on it's side, and a couple platters at $9.99 each from HomeGoods:

I love how subtle the texture of the wallpaper is!: white wallpaper on back of bookcase hutch

I was toying with touching up the raised areas with some stain or paint, to bring out the texture, but now I'm thinking that would get too busy.

Here's a before -- helloooooo accessories? Where are yoooooou?
Ah yes, there you are!
covering mirror on back of hutch
And I love it at night even more, of course:
Oh yeah, did I mention this was FREE? Well, I bought foam boards for a buck each, but that was a year ago so it totally doesn't count.

I made what are simply the cauuutest Halloween decorations last night --I can't wait to show you later this week!
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  1. Beautiful!!
    Of course the boards are over a year old,they totally don't count Free it is!! :)

  2. ~Beautiful! I see what you mean. I'm trying this one for sure since I have the same mirrors as well.

    I crack up everytime I read the words "stink eye sister".
    Too funny! :)

  3. I love the wallpaper you picked! Reminds me of painted tin tiles.
    Those handles look much better- such an easy fix!

  4. Forgot to say that the scrolly thing is amazing in any direction!

  5. Sarah...it looks fabulous!!! And, I agree...the filigree candleholder is great in "any" direction!! Actually, SLAH had it featured as a wall hanging at convention this year!!! I LOVE mine.

  6. Since I know you love a good sitcom reference, here's one. And I TOTALLY mean it! Love you, love eveything about you, thinking about being you for Halloween. (cmon name that show!)

    seriously love the transformation! And if you're just planning to chunk those original knobs, I'd love to have them! Have the poi-fect project for them. Let me know!

  7. SOOOO loving this!! Great, great, GRRREAT idea!!

  8. I cant believe how much covering the mirrors changed the look of the hutch. Im so kicking myself now for getting rid of my hutch because I had the same problem- it drove me nuts. All I ever saw was clutter.

  9. Ahhhhhh it looks wonderful! So much better! I am seriously addicted to filling apothecary jars. haha

    All of your accessories are beautiful!

  10. I'm totally doing this with wallpaper I have! TOTALLY!!! Love it!

  11. Beautiful! i love that wallpaper. Very pretty and the texture is so great!



  12. Sarah,
    You are too cute and funny, and so clever! I love, love, love your blogs. Please make a video. I'd love to hear your voice!

  13. Sarah, wonderful...love the textured wallpaper and how you used the foam boards..gosh I wish I had your talent girl..and I do like the scrolly thing on its side...yay!


    Back in September, I was so inspired by your paintable wallpaper art that I decided to REDO MY HUTCH...and for the backing I used PAINTABLE WALLPAPER. I totally gave you credit for inspiring me with the paintable wallpaper, but its crazy that we both used it in the same way! Love it!! I like the way you think lady.

    Here is the link to my hutch with painted wallpaper backing (and TDC shout outs). Spoooky. ;)


  15. Your dining room looks lovely! And, I just went over and voted on the make-over projects. Hope you win!

  16. Looks great - as usual! What is the deal the mirrors in the back of china cabinets? I've never really like that myself, either.

    Great project.

  17. LOVE the wallpaper you used! It TOTALLY changed the entire look of the hutch. I love it now. And the candle scrolly on it's side? Well I just think that is a ingenious idea!

  18. That turned out great! The white makes a difference compared to the mirror. Love your apothecaries ~ I'm adding yours to a post I thought I had finished drafting {until I saw this post!}.

  19. I LOVE it!!!! As always I'm amazed by your creativity!!!!

  20. You know...it was such a blur in there before...now it looks really organized and clean! I love the result!

  21. You are absolutely the funniest :) I think we speak alike... Love the hutch...Have a happy day!

  22. It's beautimous! ;) I like the scrolly candle thing on its side b/c it's different and unexpected.

    I love the way you've filled your apothecary jars, especially with the beaded stuff...I wouldn't have thought of ripping up garlands to make cute apothecaries. :)

    I am in LOVE with your new plates. They are gorg!!!

    Thanks for showing the photos of your hutch. I have an awful curio cabinet with mirrored backing that I bought before I knew what I liked. I was thinking about putting something up on the back, but wasn't sure what or how. Now I know, and "knowing is half the battle," right? ;) (10 points if you can name that quote)

    Have a great day!

  23. I heart that your hutch holds wine glasses upside down.

  24. Hmm..okay, so 2 things:

    1. I have a similar hutch and hate the mirrors. LOVE the posterboard idea. Must incorporate.

    2. I never considered removing some of the shelves so that I could add taller items?! DUH.

    THANK YOU!! Off to cuteness...

  25. Wow!!! I can't believe how big of a difference theose boards make! It's fantastic! Wonderful job!!!

  26. It looks wonderful!! I love the way oll the stuff pops now.

  27. Sara, you're right on w/everything, as always. I love how you turned the candleholder on its side. When I did merchandising displays we always looked for shapes and colors and never mind what the thing was actually purposed for.
    When we did xmas trees, we 'shop' all the aisles that weren't xmas for unique filler items. For the millenium xmas tree, the color way was blue & silver. The tree was filled w/blue feather boas and shoppers loved it and snatched them all up.
    And the hutch - amazing. what a difference.

  28. WOW! What a difference. I love those dishes! Your accessories are beautiful....no matter what your sis says.

  29. I absolutely LOVE the update. I could sit in your dining room all night and gaze at those accessories.

  30. I love it! It looks like something out of a home decor mag! I do like the idea of staining it too, maybe not everywhere, but just a tad here and there...but leaving it like this would totally rock as well! Great job!

  31. Don't you just love that giddy new-project feeling?

  32. So so so gorgeous ! The accessorites literally pop now that the white is contrasting with the wood and the walls. LOVE it. You are hysterical. Your fall decor is so festive and so seasonal. Can't wait to see your Halloween creativity.

  33. That makes a HUGE difference. Your accessories look even better!

  34. Thank You!!!! I have a hutch and things get lost because it is dark wood so the upper display space is very dark. I am going to find some paper or fabric so I can put it on the back wall. Love the accessorizing you did as well!!

  35. What a difference that wallpaper made! I love how everything just pops now. And I love all your pretty fall touches!

  36. I have not seen one thing I didn't like that you did!

  37. You did an amazing job! Everything is so gorgeous! -Jackie

  38. I love how it turned out. The textured wall papaer was a FABULOUS idea. Great job.

  39. This looks great! I love all the warm fall additions. Can't wait to see how you transform the hutch for Christmas!!!

  40. Oh Gosh!! So much inspiration..so little time to spare before the holidays. Your decor sense is just wonderful!

  41. I really like how much the wallpaper changed the room. The mirrors really did draw your attention rather than the beautiful accessories. Great job!

  42. Love your updated hutch!!! The wallpaper sure does make your pretties stand out.

  43. Very pretty! I'm getting ready to redo my curio cabinet and it has a mirrored back too so I may have to steal your idea!

  44. Great changes to your hutch. Makes a world of difference.

  45. Looks great. Anything in a stash doesn't count ... it is just sitting there :-) I would stain all the backboard to just cut the starkness of the white, but not show too much dimension as it might be distracting. .... sort of a tea stained look.

  46. i love your apothecary jars... if only my husband would see the good reasons why i should purchase a bunch of those...


  47. Somehow I missed this post. . . not sure how, since you are one of the places I visit every day. Anyway, I'm glad I scrolled down here. Your hutch looks wonderful! You're right: those mirrors were not your friends.

    Thank you so much for sharing the idea of covering the foam board to line the back of the hutch. I have some built-ins in my dining room that I've really thought about painting, but I haven't wanted to commit to paint. Now I realize that I can simply paint panels and attach them to the backs. . . and if I don't like it, no harm done!

    As always, thanks for so freely sharing with us your strategies. :)

  48. Very nice! And i love those glass canisters, but never know what to put in them. Thanks for the ideas :)

  49. I think it turned out just lovely!

  50. Told you I was going to give this a try!!! It you take a look, let me know what you think!! :o)


    I linked back to you too..

  51. What a difference it makes. Everything just pops!!!


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