The BEST place to find beautiful knobs

February 03, 2016

So I shared last week that I cheated once on my no spend month, and it was at Hobby Lobby while I was taking photos for this post. I blame you all! Ha! If you haven't seen the hardware aisle at the Lob then you must go…and go when it's half off because you will want some, I promise. 

I've used their knobs a few times in our home, including these white beauties:
white knobs black dresser
I adore the white against the black and they have a vintage feel that I love. 

I also used some turquoise-looking knobs in our powder room a few years back: 
planked wall bathroom
Those are a couple of my favorites!

I've shared these before here, but  I check them out every time I stop in HL because they seem to change them out often.  I took some pics of my favorites that are there right now and I was surprised at how sophisticated some of them were. I loved this Lucite look with the brass: 
lucite knobs

I think that would look amazing on a black dresser or vanity as well. This handle matched: 
Lucite handles Hobby Lobby
It was really substantial and felt sturdy.

The theme of most of the newer ones I found were wood, stone and metal combos -- this one was a mix of stone and faux wood: 
Hobby Lobby knob selection
This wood one would look sharp in an office or on a painted dresser: 

I actually got very similar handles to these for a lot more at a specialty shop:
arrow cabinet handles
I'm kicking myself for not looking here first!

These longer handles were cool and were an antiqued gold look: 
Hobby Lobby knob selection

I like the stone versions the best though -- this one was huge and would make a big statement!:
Blue agate knobs

This marble knob was simple but would look stunning against a dark piece:
Marble knobs
 I grabbed some of these for a nightstand project -- not sure the color will work but I just adore the look:
Knob and hardware selection Hobby Lobby
My only fear with the stone is how they would hold up -- I can totally see this one breaking if a drawer is too heavy: 
Agate drawer handle

 Of course they have a ton of cute versions as well that would be perfect in a nursery or kid's room:
Animal knobs

Animal hardware hobby lobby
How fun! The dinosaurs would be adorable on a nursery dresser. The deer or elk would make for a fun holiday project too. Remember you can easily spray paint them! AND, these don't have to just be used for drawers -- some would make for cute hooks or to hang art like I showed you here

These would be great for a craft area:
Chalkboard drawer pulls

What a fun way to label drawers! 

And if you want girly they have you covered there too: 
Knobs for girl's room

HL always has some that remind me of what you would find in Anthropologie: 
Anthropologie-like knobs

Of course you can never go wrong with a glass or crystal knob -- they have a huge selection: 
Crystal and glass knobs

I noticed this time they had quite a few of these decorative pieces that you put on before the knob -- so if you want it to make more of a statement something like this would work: 
I always love looking through this spot -- they have great decorative hooks as well. They are half off every few weeks so be sure to plan accordingly. You'll save a ton of cash! Even not on sale these are still less expensive than you'd find at higher end stores.

Have you shopped this aisle? Found any cute ones? I was surprised at how on trend they were with a lot of these! I think decorative knobs are such an easy way to add some character and personality to a space.

Pin this image to save for later!: 
best place for decorative knobs and handles

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  1. Adding unique knobs and door handles can instantly make a dresser door or bathroom cabinet look more expensive or chic. I love the arrow one, that is so cool! I'll have to check some of these out, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love looking at their hardware, and they frequently put some on clearance, too. Easy and affordable way to make a piece really stand out!

  3. Wow, that's quite a selection they have. Too bad it's at Hobby Lobby. :(

    1. right? i just bought 4 chests of drawers from ikea and replacing the pine knobs that came with is at the top of my to-do list.

  4. Doesn't Hobby Lobby have the best hardware! Just like Anthro's but cheaper! We bought the lucite and brass ones awhile back, and I must have missed the full size version! So chic for so cheap! BTW I absolutely love your powder room! Trying to get my husband to do something similar in ours!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  5. Has anyone else noticed that this blog now loads/scrolls really slow? And when I open this, my other open tabs run so slow that I can't even scroll them. I'm not sure what's going on with the server here, but it might be worth checking out! I love TDC, but it's become a bit of a hassle to read.

    1. Jennifer, feel free to email me and I can try to help you out. I haven't noticed that problem, but it wouldn't be my server. (Blogger is the server and it and is pretty fast.)

  6. HL is my favorite stop for knobs. I'm planning a trip now for our bathroom redo. We used these knobs for our Nursery Changing Table Redo last year.

  7. I also love HL knobs and their prices! How do you address the inside of the drawer/secure the knob? Typically the screw/post part of the knobs are usually fairly long. In the past I have used a nut to tighten and then threaded on a capped nut on as to not scratch/poke items inside my drawer. Just curious as to how you attach HL knobs. Thank you!!

    1. Also have that problem. Sarah how do you put your knobs on? I have had to return knobs 'cuz I can't get them on correctly. HELP!!

    2. You can find shorter screws at your hardware store! Just take the longer one in, and you can match the width to one that's shorter. Be sure to measure the width of your drawer/door so you get the correct length, as you can get 1 1/4 long, 1 1/2" long, 1 3/4" long, etc. You can get a pack of maybe six or so for a couple of bucks. I've had to do that several times over the years.

    3. They do have long screws! I have just left them, but haven't used them on dressers with clothes in them that would get snagged. I used one as a hook in my kitchen and used my wire cutter (with a cutter for screws as well) to cut it down. That would work for you. Holly's idea would work too! Although usually the HL versions are glued in so tight I'm afraid I'm going to break them trying to get the screw out.

  8. **sigh** I love these knobs. Thanks for sharing this topic. I must get to HL and find some knobs!

  9. I love Hobby Lobby for knobs and more :)

  10. I so agree with you that Hob Lob has the best hardware! FYI... the lucite and gold pulls - not so sturdy. I put six of them on a small dresser that I use in my wrapping center and three of them had the lucite bar fall out of gold! But man are they pretty....

  11. Wow, that makes my teeth hurt. I've never been to a Hobby Lobby.

  12. I've never thought to look there for knobs, but good to know! Thanks for sharing and I love those white knobs against the black dresser

  13. I love the knobs at Hobby Lobby! I need to go look at my local store. I think they were recently 50% off. I will have to keep a watch for the next time they go on sale!

  14. OMG. I WISH I had a local Hobby Lobby!!!! This looks like a little slice of heaven!!

  15. Sure wish there was a Hobby Lobby near me!!!

  16. Oh yes, Hobby Lobby is my go to place for knobs as well. I have to stay out of that isle when they aren't 50% off. But thankfully they run that sale quite often. No other place has such an amazing selection of unique, stylish and affordable knobs!

  17. Well that was a lot of fun. Thanks for the field trip. We don't have one very close by.
    Funny- I got the pic where you say "If you want girly" & I thought-
    they really look like Anthro. Then I scroll to next pic and you said that & I laughed out loud.

  18. I love these knobs. I had to idea HL even sold items like this! Thanks for the tip.

  19. Love these knobs! I'm obsessed with Hobby Lobby!!

    Mel |

  20. I am so glad I saw this Pinterest post and clicked to find your blog! I'm refinishing a piece and want some cute turquoise knobs and would never have thought of Hobby Lobby!

  21. 12.19.2020: checked the Hobby Lobby app and the handles and knobs are currently on sale!!


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