A festive kitchen table

December 15, 2009


I wanted to show you our red and white Christmas kitchen!

I made these snowy ornaments last year – I just filled them with curled up sparkly ribbon, faux snow and added some snowflake stickers:


The greenery I just stuff around the light fixture (which was a $30 find at Lowe’s – I have to mention this every. single. time. I show you this light). Then to add some red I just threw in some berries that were on a gift last year. Oh yeah, free!:


The ornaments are really adorable close up:

013 014


The centerpiece is fairly simple and has lots of white and red. I just filled the cloche with red ornaments, then placed it on the plate (Pier 1), and surrounded it with berry pics (clearance from Michael’s last year):

   027 032

Everyone always asks how I do this – I turn the cloche over, fill it, then put the plate on and turn it all over. It’s one of those DUH things – you stare at it and try to figure it out. :)


The placemats were Dollar Store finds, but after taking pictures, I found them a bit busy. Do you ever do that? I do that all the time – taking a picture allows you to look at your decor in a different way.

I had a ton of ribbon from clearance sales last year, so I thought up a fun way to use it. I took foam circles from the Dollar Store:


Then just wrapped like mad and hung them with the coordinating ribbon:

039 042

Be careful to make the overlaps a bit bigger, like the striped one on the left, otherwise you’ll use an insane amount of ribbon. Really. Ask me.

I think it’s better without the placemats, you?:

008 009   048

I mean, it’s not like there’s nothing else going on in the room. ;) I find taking away does more than adding:


Can you believe Christmas is NEXT WEEK?? I’m not even close to being done shopping. The Christmas cards haven’t been written out. But the house is pretty and glowing and right now that is very, very good.  :)

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  1. Everything is so pretty! I really like the little wreaths on the back of the chairs, very cute!

  2. Our husband's should talk. What is it with the t shirts?!?! Is there now room for some of your clothing?
    It's looking very festive at your place...I bet everyone is enjoying it all. Janell

  3. I like it better without the placemats!

  4. I know what you mean about those shirts! My hubby is scheduled to clean out his closet tomorrow in preparation for our move.

    I love the simplicity of your decor. The snowball ornaments are darling, and the whole arrangement looks nice hanging from that chandy.

    Hope all is going well, and you're preparing for a great holiday with the family.

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for the tip about the cloche... it is a duh moment... but I would have never thought of it.

  6. So cute!! All of it! I haven't really decorated our table much...but now you have convinced me too! I think I am going to make my own ornaments too!! Love your site! :)

  7. Ohmygoodness, sugar, I love what you come up with!! Squeeeeeeal....My Christmas is a white, pink and roses one but the post is scheduled for 12/17 so I'll add my post then. I think you'll love it also. Just a few things I made and such. It truly is a froufrou-y tree though.

    I've done that with foam wreaths and added little roses to it. Darling, chickee....

    Love your blog and ideas!

  8. Oh my gosh - I'm impressed. How on earth do you find the time?!

  9. Thinking of your family....

    LOVE your red-n-white kitchen! The wreaths on the chairs are so cute! Also, I liked the placemats on the table....until I saw them with their surroundings. You're right.....probably just a tad busy with everything else going on in the room. Beautiful, as always!

  10. Good Afternoon!!! thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com is one of the most excellent innovative websites of its kind. I take advantage of reading it every day. thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com rocks!

  11. Love the wreaths on the back of the chairs! I like the table both ways. Perhaps you could use the placemats on alternate days. {You do already have them}. I like to keep it a bit light on the decorating in the kitchen, only because I'm afraid something will get food splashed on it or broken, since we are always in there or walking through it.

  12. LOVE the decor added to the chairs...so fun!

  13. love it! how did you do your roman shades?? love those too! praying for your family this season!

  14. I love your chair wreaths and your centerpiece and your chandelier looks great.
    My suggestion is to sew the mats together to create a single long runner. Then, lay it across the table and let the sides hang down. I think the reason you don't like the mats is because the table is round and the mats are rectangle.

  15. Pretty pretty! I love the ornaments hanging from the chandelier and the centerpiece! I'm not sure why I haven't thought about using simple bulbs and jazzing them up before but I'm glad you inspired me!

  16. I LOVE the wreaths on the chair backs!!

  17. Love the table! I have been wanting a small dining table for my eat in kitchen area.... OH, and yes... lose the placemats for sure.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  18. Gorgeous, Sarah! I wanna come over and drink a big ol' cup of hot cocoa at that table! :) And yes...I prefer without the placemats as well. Love it!

  19. Love your centerpiece and the ribbon-wrapped wreaths.

    About the placemats...here's the thing...with a round table, you really need to use oval mats, I think. I've always had a round table and visually, the rectangular ones just don't work for me.

  20. I have to say that I do like the table without the placemats. I also love the ribbon wreaths.

  21. I looooove your decorations!! The wreaths on the back of each chair...sheer genius. Totally fab!!

  22. What about just 2 placemats? I agree its too busy but I also think it needs something else after you take the placemats out. So, either you need a runner, 2 placemats or some round ones. hmmmm....

  23. okay, i love your kitchen table. . .just your plain 'ol kitchen table. . .was that a steal?????? :)

  24. Everything looks very pretty. love the cloche with the ornaments.
    I think you should try just putting one placemat under the cloche. It looks better without all of them, but it is almost to bare now, so try one and see what you think, or a maybe a round charger or something.
    Nice your hubby is home and the whole family is together. So sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law untimely passing. It is harder when it happens like that I think, at least when you know it is coming you have some time to prepare and say things you would like to say and your goodbyes.
    Will be praying for your hubby and
    his family, and for you too, I remember when my husbands dad passed, I cried more than any of them, and felt I was no help at all, but my hubby said, you may be more help that you think....I think you are teaching us how to grieve! Sweet thing to say!
    I think we cry cause we so feel their pain!
    Blessings to you hon,
    and Merry Christmas

  25. I agree, I think the table looks better without the placemats. Less clutter, and there is enough other decor that you don't need them. Better to keep it simple.

  26. I think the placemats are a no go! The rest of the place is rocking!!! Kudos to you!

  27. I love that wreath idea! I grabbed a few just like that for a wreath project I had worked on, and after I went through a WHOLE roll of ribbon (which only covered 3/4 of the first wreath) I took it all off and used strips of wrapping paper. It looked a bit wonky, but it got convered up so you didn't see any wrinkles in the paper! Just wondering how many rolls you ran through! ;)

  28. Blaaaaaaa!!!! It's oh.my.GOSH. gorgeous Sarah!!! {Can I BE any more dramatic??} :)

    Seriously though, I am in awe. I la-la-LOVE it! I agree--no placemats. They look great, but it's like super fabulous without them.

    Can I come over??!

  29. Love, love your cute wreaths on the chair backs. Your red and white kitchen looks so festive!

    Where did you purchase your cloche? I can't seem to find any in my area -- unless I'm looking i the wrong place.

    So sorry to hear about your MIL. Thinking of you at this time.

  30. WHAT!?!!? Christmas is NEXT week!?!? I am not sure why but that JUST hit me hah I mean... I knew it was coming but really!??! NEXT week?? Wow. ha! and by the way ... i LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING in your pics from this post... My goal is to look at this post again a few weeks (or days) after christmas and find great deals on everything... for next year... :) I esp love how you framed the door and the light fixture. wonderful :)

  31. I like it a tad more with the placemats, I think b/c I think the stripes help coordinate w/ the rest of the stripes. However, I think it also looks good plain. Also really like that striped wreath! Hope everything went well with your MIL's arrangements.

  32. You are amazing, your always got such creative ideas. I have an older rectangle small table and I use small placemats or runners. I think if you could find a plain runner (dollar store has them, gold or red) and use the striped ribbon( on the wreaths) along the edge, it might tie in altogether or just use the plain one.

  33. Oh! What fun decorations! I like it better without the placemats. Perhaps simpler ones or white or silver chargers would look nice there.

  34. So very cute & simple! I like the table w/out the placemats but that's just me. :-)

  35. I love the ornaments hanging from your light fixture. That is such a cute idea and I am going to steal it, okay? Great job with the decorations!

  36. I love the table both ways. The room in itself looks amazing. WOW 60 t-shirts? I'm glad to know hubs is not the only one. I'm very glad to hear your F-I-L is with you guys. This the time to show each other you are there for them. Tell Stink-eye-Sis to come over and help out :)

  37. Great minds and stuff....
    I filled a little urn with ornaments this year and have a red and white kitchen too!
    So funny to see people on different sides of the world come up with the same ideas (and yet make them look so different too). Ah the joy of blogging.

  38. I completely agree about the placemats! Less is more in that situation. Love everything you've done ... it looks beautiful.

  39. You are my decorating idol! I just love every post you make. I can't wait until the after christmas sale, i'm gonning to stock up so I can make my house look like yours! And I love the clear ornament idea, i have a box of these and had yet to decorate them cuz I didn't have an idea but love the snowflakes. thanks for sharing and linking us up!

  40. I am sooo loving the wreaths on the chairs. Wow! Beautiful!

  41. Everything looks beautiful Sarah! I like it without the placemats too. Less is more as I always say :) Question for you, what is the green in your kitchen called? I'm looking for a green for my kitchen and dining area and that might work. Thanks!


  42. Beautiful!! I always become so excited when you post something because I know it will be good.

    My heart is with you and your family at this time, so hard to understand why things have to happen when and how they do. If you are religious, draw near to the Lord, there you will ALWAYS find comfort.

    Thanks to you, I now have an obsession with Hobby Lobby!! Do you know when their markdown schedule is?

  43. Can I just come spend the holidays at your house? LOL Every time I see pictures of your decorations it gives me the holiday warm fuzzies.

    Heidi D.

  44. I have a question/challenge for you and/or your readers. We have those built-in ceramic soap dishes in our bathrooms. I hate them for soap because they're too hard to clean. But they can't be easily removed. So I was thinking to occupy them with something decorative (so hubby and the children don't put soap in them). Problem is, they have ridges in them, so not just anything will sit there. Any ideas?

  45. I actually liked the placemats...if it wasn't over the top busy then it wouldn't be Christmas!!!

  46. I love the ribbon wreaths on the chairs I will have to try that one. I will be praying for you. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  47. Did you really say SIXTY!? That's a shirt-denmic right there ;)

    I love your decorations and am impressed you pulled it all together so quickly!

  48. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I finally decided to tell you how much I love your decor! I think we must have been separated at birth. I don't have half as much motivation as you do, though, but your ideas are always an inspiration!

  49. Everything is really beautiful in your kitchen Sarah!

    I adore the cloche, decorated chandy and place mats. I say leave the place mats on the table.
    It's Christmas and they look cheerful and festive!

    You are in my thought and prayers.
    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  50. Sara, I like the mats on the table..you hang in there sweetie, you guys have a lot on your plate right now..hugs

  51. I made my now-hubby dig thru his meeelions of t-shirts before we started moving his stuff for the wedding.

    also, i definitely agree that the table looks MUCH better without the placemats! I heard someone say once "when you can't take anything else away, that's when you have good design." i don't know if i totally agree--i hate bare minimalism--but there is just a point, you know, where there's too much for the eye to process.

  52. Thanks for the wonderful ideas! You are so talented!

  53. Beautiful! I LOVE the wreaths. I have one covered in fabric like that, but never thought of using it as Chair Decor - very clever!!

  54. Oh DUH! That's how you fill the cake domes, etc. I am embarrassed to tell you how much time I spent trying to fill my cake dome with ornaments and greenery this year, only to give up and assume that you must have some mad skillz that I don't. Don't I feel stupid :)


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