Filling an empty wall space

January 03, 2010

I have had an overwhelming desire to rearrange furniture in our house over the past few days. It’s been totally nagging at me like never before. We just don’t move our furniture around – ever

Our home is very much an open concept, which means we have few actual walls to work with. This also translates to very little wall space for art, etc., but that’s another post. :)  

So I’ve made a couple changes that I really love, without spending much money at all. The first, I’ll show you tonight!

There is a little spot in our kitchen and family room that used to be completely empty and it always bothered me. Part of the issue was the speaker on the wall that is right where art would hang:
working around wall speakers
I plan on spraying those speaker covers to match the walls – I know you painter’s are freaking out right now. ;)

A few months ago, my sweet stepdaughter surprised us with a collage of pictures she had put together of our family…sniff. I looked around for the perfect spot to hang it, (remember the no wall space thing?) and then realized this empty wall would be PERFECT. The shape of the frame made it work just right under the speaker. I added a lamp from the basement for more light, and I was really happy with it for a couple months:
hanging art near wall speakers
Normally I wouldn’t hang something this low on the wall, but sometimes you have to tell the “rules” to take a hike. :)

I have a thing with floor lamps. They have to be just the right height for me – I don’t use them very much. I find them too short too often. I really do love this one and hated it was sitting in the basement, but I still felt like the spot needed something more.
Or I was obsessing over the cord showing.
You decide.

We have a set of nesting tables that I pulled apart long ago – I use the small one in our living room, the large one in the basement, and the middle size fit perfectly in this little spot.

Then my friend forced me to go to HomeGoods with her. Or maybe I offered to go. Whatever. Details.

I can’t tell you the last time I bought a lamp in a store as is. I always have to mess with them somehow. But I saw one with swirls on the shade and I was hooked. I couldn’t resist. They only show up when you turn on the light…:

075cloche with decorative balls

I added the cloche (I already had) for more height, and I’m really loving how this little spot turned out!:
Cozy up an empty wall

Of course, the basket was added to hide the cord. It also serves as another spot I can throw the toys, which is a very good thing:
small table with lamp

I did it all for the cost of the lamp! And I could have done it for free if I could have resisted the HomeGoods lamp and used one I had.

I am really surprised I added to the house right now, instead of taking away. :) Everywhere else I’m decluttering like mad. But this is really growing on me…it satisfied my need for a change and it has a really warm and cozy feeling. You see it straight ahead when you walk in our house and I love that.
So, my before and after!:
DIY fabric roman shades Adding to an empty wall

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  1. Sarah, I will post a before and after tomorrow, have an idea of a piece of furniture I just moved..

  2. Thanks for hosting the B&A party! I love your new table/basket/frame area. I am, of course, not surprised that you made that big impact for the price of a lamp.

  3. Nice work! I'm back to school tomorrow, but will see what I can get posted.

    Happy New Year ~Natalie

  4. That vignette creates such a welcoming view! Totally digging that lampshade!


  5. Thanks for hosting this new party!!
    After a bit of a break it is fun to return to the blog your treatment of a difficult area, really warms it up!

  6. Isn't it amazing how a few small changes can create such a fantastic new look? Your subtle changes are terrific and adds such a bright little spot to your room. Hugs, Peggy

  7. Sarah, forgot to mention how much I love the new area you decorated, what you did is perfect for that one spot!!! Bravo!

  8. Love it all. I really love the lamp and the balls under the cloche jar. Thanks for the opportunity of linking up!

  9. What a difference that table and lamp make! I've linked up with you. I'm just starting this, so not much to share yet...but I hope to have more next week!

  10. Those "secret" swirls are making me drool.

    And just in case you have anymore speakers makin' you itch: wrap a big frame- or one made from super thin molding- in some cute fabric and you can hang it right over those ugly ol' things. The fabric lets the sound through...

  11. Thank you for hosting the first of many parties of 2010! You're the best!

  12. I am a sucker for before and afters! this has to be my favorite kinda party!!! I have TONS and more comin my way :)

  13. Love the lampshade! Beautiful! I am here for the life is all about before and afters at the moment!! lol

    Happy New Year!!

    Hugs and love,

  14. It looks great!! I am laughing over your cord obsession, you see I have the same disease! Isn't it nice to know that your not suffering alone.:)

    I love the green balls in the cloche, where did you get them? The pop of color is awesome!

  15. Love your blog! Just recently found it! It's perfect for one of my goals this year! Get my home in shape! :)
    Love your before and after. That lamp is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year!
    Hollie@Momiji's Madness

  16. You filled that empty space beautifully. I love your new lamp with that cool shade.

  17. Love that lamp! The table is the perfect size there and I love the cloche.

  18. Thanks for hosting. The table looks like it was made for that makes the room so cozy. Great lamp find - love the shade

  19. Much better after!!! Your step-daughter must be a real sweetheart. :) Love your new lamp!

    Thanks so much for hosting, Sarah! :)

  20. I saw that frame in another post of yours. That inspired me to buy the frame and our daughters put their pictures in it for their grandparents for a Christmas present. I love how the color of the wall shows thru the middle where it says Family.

  21. Def love the addition of the table and that lamp is WAY TOO CUTE!!!
    I need new lamps on my piano in my foyer, might need to take a trip to Home goods, huh??? :-)

  22. Thanks for hosting. Your changes to your room look wonderful. I love your lamp.

  23. Hubby is an electrical engineer.... loves messing with wiring and that speaker would be sooooo out of there if it were located in that position in my house. What WERE they thinking when placing it there?

    Looks much better with the table and lamp there. Wishing you luck with the paint job on the speaker in making it disappear into the wall.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  24. My Love is a professional painter, and that speaker would be such a dilemma for us too! Your redo works beautifully nonetheless!!

  25. Thanks for hosting another great linky party Sarah!

    The table and lamp look beautiful. You're right. It is warm and inviting. ~Gorgeous! :)

  26. I spelled a word wrong on my link Sarah. Can it be fixed? I know I'm picky...who cares right? Just thought I would ask. He! :)

  27. Love the table and new lamp there, and of course I drooled over the cloche and the pretty balls inside. It looks just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  28. You really cozied up that spot! Looks great!

  29. What warm, welcoming colors! Thanks for hosting!


  30. Looks great, Sarah! Those Homegoods lamps have gotten me too. Check out my post today ALL about lamps!

  31. I commented about this fab make-over in the wrong entry _ DOH! It looks so great you have inspired me to get my butt moving getting down all the decorations in our house and trying to get a before/after shot for the link party! ox

  32. LOVE that lamp! I just saw it at either TJ Maxx for Marshalls (I forget which) and it was only $20! I wish I had bought it, but my hubby would have rolled his eyes and asked why we need another lamp! ;)

  33. Love your new lamp vingette. The shade is very pretty ... almost drum, but with a pretty curve!

  34. Happy New Year to you! I'm hoping to have some more "before and afters" soon this year but none right now...I wish! I can't wait to see everyone's links though, great idea!

  35. I have that open concept too and I feel your pain when it comes to limited wall space.

    What you did with the blank space looks perfect.

    Now, I need to work on my almost identical blank space! Thanks for the idea!


  36. I will be working on my bathroom soon. Wish I had it ready for you today~

  37. Sarah...I'm pretty much am -- well, truthfully, I'm totally a lurker, but I love, love, love your blog. It's in my favorites, I read it every day, and I promise someday I'm going to post a picture of something that you've helped me with. I thought my -- right brain, is it? -- was totally nonexistent but you've kicked it into gear...not on a decorator's level, certainly, but I've actually had a few good ORIGINAL decorating ideas in the past year! Thanks all to you!!!

  38. I love this transformation! You created such a nice place for the eye to land that the speaker really fades into the background.

    The Happy Wife

  39. I have those same speakers in my wall. Let me save you some grief and share how I painted them: a foam roller. Roll the excess paint off the roller before applying to the speaker. It is so easy you'll wonder why you waited, I promise!

  40. I love your before and after!
    I love the idea of painting the speaker. Is there a way to cover the speaker with the picture without distorting the sound that comes out? Cause then the picture could be hung higher and you wouldn't have to paint.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scroll shade lamp!! That is soooo pretty!
    Keep up the excellent work!

  41. Great party, Sarah !! Thanks for hosting and letting me share my fireplace transformation !! And, love the new addition to your wall ... it's *just* what that space needed (great cloche, too). Thanks again, Becca @ Adventures in Decorating

  42. I have the same swirly lamp and love it! When I saw it I couldn't resist either

  43. My goal is to learn how to do the linky thing. I just started blogging and I don't know how to work it yet. I have to learn so I can join in on all the fun:)

  44. I love your glass container filled with balls! Reading your blog has had me looking in places I don't normally look for things and I found a glass container almost just like yours at the Salvation Army for a dollar!! I already had the balls so I was extremely happy! Thanks for the idea!


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