How to Install a Beadboard Backsplash Over Tile

June 11, 2010

How to install a beadboard backsplash directly over tile. 

Replacing a tile backsplash is a very MESSY and labor intensive project. 

Did you know you can just cover it with crisp white beadboard for a brand new look instead? 

Beadboard paneling is inexpensive and gives you that pretty cottage/farmhouse look on just about any flat surface around the house. 

I've used it around our tub surround and also covered our kitchen island with beadboard. I later added some board and batten trim over it and painted it a lighter color: 

light blue beadboard kitchen island

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Years ago I was working on a small kitchen makeover and wanted to remove our shiny black tile backsplash and replace it with something lighter and brighter. 

I tried taking the tile off the walls and it made a HUGE mess. It was impossible to get off without destroying the drywall creating a much bigger project.   

So. I decided to just leave the tile up and install pretty white beadboard right over it! 

Is that even allowed? Yes. Yes it is. And it looked great! 

What is beadboard? 

Beadboard is a tongue and groove product that comes in mdf or wood. The wood version is usually thin, inexpensive pine planks. The mdf is often primed white. 

It's more of a traditional accent, but when painted in moody colors it can definitely lean more contemporary. 

Beadboard paneling is a great way to add architectural detail without spending a fortune. It's one of the easiest and quickest ways to update walls, kitchen islands or cabinets. 

Where can I use beadboard? 

Yes, you can use beadboard in a bathroom or a kitchen! As long as you paint it (preferably with a semi gloss or gloss finish) and caulk well around any openings, it will withstand moisture beautifully for years. 

Obviously you can't use it outside or in a shower where it will get soaked, but it can withstand the normal wear in a kitchen or bathroom.

How to install beadboard over tile.

On a regular wall, glue and a nail gun are all you'll need to install beadboard. 

One thing though -- if you use glue, make sure this is something you'll want to keep up for a long time. Construction glue will pull off the drywall when removed. 

Most the time I just use nails and that's plenty! 

Because I couldn't nail into this with the tile behind, I install the beadboard using this PL Loctite adhesive

I recommend wearing gloves when you apply it -- I got some on my arm and didn’t wipe it off right away, and it actually burned my skin over the next day or so. 

Otherwise, it was super easy to work with! Yikes. 😳

I cut the short sections with my miter saw and the more detailed areas with a jigsaw. 

The great thing about using glue for the install is you have a few minutes to get things just right, which is helpful when working around your eleventy billion backsplash outlets:
how to cut headboard around outlet
To get the right shape for around switches or outlets, hold up the next piece of beadboard next to the box, and mark with a pencil at the top and the bottom – then measure the width needed. 

Then I was able to cut it out with a jigsaw. This product is thin and cuts easily!

Most of them were just cut out of the sides of the beadboard piece – only one was cut out of the middle of a panel. 

To do that, you’ll need to drill holes with a drill bit to get a start for your jigsaw, then cut out the hole for the switch/outlet:
how to cut a hole in the middle of wood

These DO NOT have to be perfect – this is a very good thing! You’ll want the electrical outlet to sit on the beadboard. Not like I have pictured above (I hadn’t glued that one down yet). When you put the outlet cover back on, it will cover all sins!  :)

To get your outlet to come out from the wall a bit to match up with the beadboard, you may need some spacers:
These go behind the outlet and make them come out a bit more, so they are flush with the beadboard. 

This is important because the beadboard is about 1/4 inch thick and without these, the outlets and switches wouldn’t match up with their covers. 

There are a few tricky areas I had to work with – one was the window sill:

I still need to caulk these – and this side I may actually slip a little piece of beadboard in so there’s not such a gap. The other side looks a lot better. :) 

For this spot, I was going to use a handy dandy tile tool that molds into areas like this, then you can trace it and jigsaw it out. But I forgot to buy it on my 859th trip to Home Depot, and I wasn’t going back that day (again). 

So I took a piece of paper and traced around the edge of the window sill. It was very crude and not exact, but I cut it out, traced it on the board, and it WORKED! :)

There was one area above the sink (of course one spot that is SO noticeable!) that kept bulging and would not stick to the tile where the beadboard met up. It was driving me mad!!

I made the mistake of trying to nail into it, and it just wasn’t happening with the tile behind it. :) I ended up leaning barbells against it overnight to make it stay put! (At least they got used for something!!) Hee. 

Anyhoo, that area looks like butt:

I may try sanding it down with the heavy duty sander and painting over it again. Or I may just ignore it because no one else will ever notice it. I like the ignoring idea. :)

For some of the edges, I just came up with ways to trim it out on the fly:

This one was a piece of craft wood from Michael's, and a dowel rod on the corner. 

I’ve told you before how I use dowel rods with beadboard – they are a PERFECT for inside and outside corners and edges you’re not sure what to do with. 

They look just like the bead in beadboard:

And the bonus? They are less than a buck each. Score!

I have a little bit of an obsession with corbels – LURVE them. So when I saw them in Layla’s kitchen and then used in a kitchen I loved in a magazine, I was hooked!:white corbels white beadboard
I think I had hubby hold them up in place about 45 times, to make sure I liked them in our kitchen. And I did. :)

The installation of these was a bit tricky with the tile behind the beadboard. To start, I took a one inch piece of wood and glued it to the underside of the cabinets, then installed the corbels under those:
installing corbels under cabinets
It brought them down a bit, so you can actually see them:
white corbels white beadboard
I didn’t install them under the edge of the cabinets because of an outlet that was in the way on one wall. Most of them are about two inches in from the edge of the cabinets, except for the one above. They don’t all match exactly placement-wise, but if anyone notices it when they come to my house, I’ll give them a cookie for being so observant.

First I’ll shoot them the stink eye, then I’ll give them a cookie.  :)

I found finishing nails that were just slightly longer than the thinnest part of the corbel, drilled a hole into the corbel, then nailed it into the wall. If I had used a longer nail, it wouldn’t have gone through the tile behind the beadboard.

Does that make sense??

I used liquid nails on the corbel and then nailed it into the piece of wood under the cabinet too. They aren’t going anywhere.

Actually – this whole backsplash is indestructible. I told hubby that we better like this for a long, LONG while, cause it’s going to take professionals to get it down. :)

I extended the beadboard past where the tile originally went to add some interest. 

Here’s a before:dark cabinets black tile
I attached scraps of beadboard on the wall, (it was the same thickness as the tile, so it matched and was flush), then used the finished pieces on top:
dark cabinets white beadboard
I did the same around the kitchen window – took the beadboard up high instead of stopping where the tile did. 

And I LOVE IT:beadboard around window
Ignore that black switch plate cover. (I had to replace all of the black outlets and switches with white ones.) The new white one wasn’t big enough and I wasn’t going back to Home Depot. Again.

I found the unfinished edges of the beadboard, (no matter how straight they were), drove me batty. So I had to finish them off with trim to cover up any imperfections, and I’m so glad I did!:
beadboard backsplash around sink
I think it makes it look finished off and even more custom – and you know I can’t resist woodwork of any kind. :)

Sooo…the painting. Um, annoying. I used primed mdf beadboard panels (these were twice the thickness of the single panels – about seven inches wide). The primed beadboard does help tremendously!

A few of you mentioned painting them before installation and normally I completely agree. But this time I’m glad I didn’t – the installation process got a bit messy. :) 

Between the glue and the dust it would have needed a whole new paint job anyway. And the jigsaw put a ton of marks all over the pieces I cut, so there’s no easy way to get the painting done – but the primed boards help a bunch!

how to cover tile with beadboard
It only took me three weeks, and I still have some minor touch ups, but otherwise, it’s DONE.  :)

Here’s a bit of a before and after…ignore my obnoxious arrows in the before shots:

And check out the light and bright after!:

I had planned all this time to use a cream color on the backsplash, to pull in the color from the counters. I did a few feet of it, stepped back, and HATED IT. It looked too much like the wall color and looked dirty. NOT the light and bright I was after. 

So I went with the semi gloss Behr primer and paint and it worked GREAT. I figured I’d have to poly over it all to make sure it would hold up well, but as far as I can tell, I’m not going to need to. The semi gloss makes it completely wipeable. 

It has completely transformed our kitchen! 



backsplash before

bright backsplash!
I want to break out in Stevie Wonder song – Isn’t she lovely?!  :)

Now I have to make a couple more decisions – I’m wondering if I should add the beadboard to the side of the appliance garage:

But then the front would stick stick out like a sore thumb and may look odd not white – so I’m thinking I may just paint the whole thing white? (I think painting beadboard is annoying – that door will be a BLAST.) Hmmmm…I dunno. I have to sit on it for a while. 

Overall, yes, this was work. If you are starting with a drywall backsplash – it will be SO much easier for you! If you don’t have a window to deal with – YEAH for you! Even easier! 

And if you don’t have outlets or light switches on your backsplash – you’ll have it made! That won't happen, but you know. 

No window or light switches probably means you have a very, very dark kitchen, but at least your backsplash will be easy! 😂

OH my goodness – I still have SO MUCH left to do in here! But I am thrilled with how it’s coming along! I LOVE IT!

If my instructions didn’t make sense or if you have questions, let me know and I’ll address them in a later post. 

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I makes me want to beadboard my backsplash area.

  2. It looks great!!!! I love that it looks so light and fresh!

  3. Beautiful! I need to do something to brighten my dark, galley-style kitchen, and this may be just the thing.

  4. I so love it!! I am going to see if I can talk my husband into doing it in our kitchen. I might have to cook his favorite dinner first, and maybe dress extra cute - but I think I can convince him. Thanks for paving the way!

  5. Sarah, it looks amazing!! I really love how high you went with the beadboard! So inspiring.

  6. Oh my gosh - I LOVE IT! I may have to steal your ideas for my kitchen! My opinion - for what it's worth - I think you should leave the cabinets their natural color. It helps them to pop out from the wall. But then again, I'm not the decorating, creative junkie you are. Everything looks so clean!

  7. Hello sweet Sarah - I absolutely LOVE your kitchen makeover! What an amazing job you did. The white bead board gives the room such character. And I love corbels too - yours look fabulous! Your little white stand with the apples under glass look so cute on the counter! Great job on everything!


  8. I love it! Looks so nice and fresh. I need a backsplash so this is a great idea for me to consider. I was wondering if you painted something special over the final coat of paint to protect it from water damage?


  9. Although I LOVED the richness and depth in all your before pictures; I can appreciate wanting a change or a brighter look. Great ideas.

    My opinions only: (since you asked!)
    I would not touch the appliance cubby! That idea struck me as really odd, same thing when you mentioned putting beadboard on the side of the cabinets, I would NOT go there. The white is just too stark, it would look to abrupt and unfinished to me. (Hope I'm not offending you, but sometimes it's easy to lose perspective when you are knee deep in a project, I know it!)

    I love how you trimmed it out! Be sure every crack, gap, and opening is caulked, especially near windows, sinks and stoves. (Ok, everywhere!) It is ok to glue beadboard to tile, but if there are gaps, moisture can get inside and start a petri dish of mold growing on the backside of the wood beadboard. Be CERTAIN air cannot get in between the tile and the beadboard! (I speak from experience here!)

  10. I agree with Robin. I love the cabinets and garage just the way they are! I love that backing. Just enough to brighten up the kitchen.

  11. This is awesome! Your 'new' kitchen looks amazing. I'm loving your play by play photos because I'm considering doing this. We have only drywall, so hopefully putting the beadboard will be a bit easier for us if we decide to do it. And I love what you did around the window! You should be so proud. It looks great! Btw, I think painting the appliance garage white would look lovely.

  12. Oh, I love this!! We're going to use beadboard in our kitchen too, but in a different way. If I get it done before the end of time I'll send it to you to "show off" for me. :)

    Can't wait to see the totally finished project.

  13. Considering my house has the original avacado green laminate counters, anything would be better! I'm just not sure I have the skills, tools or time to do something like this. I need to replace the floor (also ugly '70s cheapo stuff) too. *sigh*

  14. Love love love it!! So pretty. We recently did this exact same project (minus the tile behind it) project last Christmas and we STILL have touchups to work on. I love the idea of the dowels on the ends. That will help with some of our touchups. And I'm so glad to see you did the quarter-round on the counter. That's what we did and I'm happy for the affirmation that it was the right thing!
    As for the paint, we did they semi-gloss with NO sealant or polyurethane or anything, and it has remained completely cleanable, even 7 months later. And we even have it behind our stove, with all the grease splatter. So be confident in your decision!!
    Since you're the beadboard queen...I'd love to see you thoughts on this problem...we want to do beadboard around our bar, but it is curved. Not a big curve, but enough to where a panel doesn't bend around it. I just can't seem to figure out how to do it.
    Congrats on your awesome backsplash!

    1. What about beadboard paint-able wallpaper? It's the same look...and very easy to work with!

  15. It looks great! I will need to show my husband this to convince him to do this to our kitchen over our tile.

  16. I love it Sarah! (And I love that you said that a section looks like butt. :) Very fresh, light, and bright! Exactly what I want for my own kitchen!

  17. Sarah, I need you to run right over and do mine!!! Love the added corbels!!!!! I am so glad you did it white. Brightens the kitchen a bit. You got it goin' on girl!!

  18. What a transformation! You did a fabulous job! I've been debating about weather to put up white subway tile or beadboard and now I for sure think it will be beadboard. I saw no to putting it on the sides of your cabinets. If they were white that would be a different story. And don't do anything to your appliance garage, let it be the two-tone, it looks awesome the way it is.

  19. You amaze me. What a great difference this makes in your kitchen in lightning and brightening it up. Like night and day.


  20. Looks amazing! I love it and soooooo impressed you did it yourself. I love my beadboard backsplash. We did it as a backplash and up 3/4 of the wall in our breakfast area and under our kitchen bar about 2 years ago and it was the best thing we've ever done. I didn't have to do anything but the painting but we didn't buy the primed kind so it took a coat of primer, sanding and three coats of glossy paint. NOT FUN but totally worth it. I ended up putting metal ceiling tiles behind my stove since I was worried about splashes on it and it looks great. Way to go!

  21. Looks great! I enjoyed all the pics and how you explained so much! This is what I hope to do in my kitchen soon! Thanks!

  22. I love it! And I wouldn't put any beadboard or paint on your cabinets.

  23. Congratulations! I know you are so pleased with the end result! It looks fabulous! You did an excellent job!

  24. It's looking great! I'm going to say no also to adding to the garage and cabinet sides. Might look odd since the cabinets are not white.
    Also, thank you for putting your before and afters right next to each other on your post! I was at a blog last night where I had to scroll all the way up and then all the way down to compare different areas! I was nauseous from scrolling up and down!

  25. Love the new bead board, it really brightens up your kitchen!


  26. Beautiful and not a wonky spot to spy at all! :-) I love bead board!

  27. It looks amazing. I love how much brighter your kitchen is with the change. Love your sink & faucet. Mine is almost identical! Great taste. lol. Blessings, SusanD

  28. That beadboard is awesome! I love the idea of leaving it high around the window - it really sets it off. And corbels underneath? TOTALLY stealing that idea - just sayin' :)


  29. Your kitchen is soooo lovely! The beadboard looks amazing. I am so happy to read that someone successfully used beadboard over tile. I have been itching to try it, but honestly, I was terrified (before now!) Thanks so much for the push!

    Also, love your corbels! Where did you find these?

  30. Your transformation is fabulous! I also say no to doing the cabinets. It looks perfect as is. I know, sometimes once you get into it, it is hard to stop! You did a great job, pat yourself on the back!

  31. My husband and I have been redoing our kitchen for a few months now. I was inspired by a pic I saw in a magazine to use beadboard as a backsplash. I'm lovin the results. We're about 85% done. Your kitchen is looking great! I have posted some pics of the work in progress on my blog. I would love to know what you think.

  32. I love the backsplash!!! It really lightens the whole kitchen up. I would paint the appliance garage to match the beadboard. But I would not put beadboard on the sides of the cabinets. Thats just my opinion. Your projects always turn out so great, so you really know what you are doing. Keep up the good work!

  33. That looks great! I want a backsplash!!

  34. oh it's fantastic! i hear you on the painting... and painting and painting! it's so bright and makes everything look larger. great idea to make it so tall, i never would have thought of that, and it looks good. so i wonder what this will inspire you to make in the kitchen next... strawberry pie? :)

  35. WOW!!! You did a fabulous job!!! Your kitchen looks soooooo much better than the black tile:) I would NOT put bead board on the sides of the cabinet. It just wouldnot look right and the sames goes for your appliance cabinet. I can't belive the differnce.I love your kitchen and all the neat things on topof your cabinets!! Great job!!!!!!elma

  36. This is why i keep you tagged on my blog, because i would think "that's not going to look right with those brown cabinets" and damn, if it doesn't look amazing! Definitely a beautiful outcome.

  37. I love it! I have never seen beadboard on a backsplash like this. So gorgeous! You are amazing!

  38. Wow! That has really opened up your kitchen. I love it!! I'm so impressed!! I think you should leave the "garage" and the side of the shelving as they are because they give a little dimension and look nice against the white.

    My camera is kinda lost for the moment but I really want to email you with my most recent bedroom re-do!! As soon as I get my camera I will take pictures and email!!

  39. I have loved white bead board with a deep passion for years! It would go perfectly with my "beach house" themed house. Thank you so much for posting all the walls in your kitchen. Our layouts are exactly the same (small jutted out wall, window, stove, and fridge) and I have wondered how I would do a backsplash with some of those elements. Now, if I can just get some extra cash and convince my Hubby that we wants to help me! :cD It looks beeeeatuiful!!

  40. It looks really really great! Love the corbels too!

  41. Oh, WOW! This looks so good! And thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial!

  42. WOW! all that hard work sure paid off!! It all looks stunning! Great job, girl!

  43. Wow, that looks amazing! I keep going back and forth between using the bead board panels like you did or go with the bead board wallpaper when I do mine. I am on a small budget!

  44. It looks gorgeous and I love how you brought it up on the walls. I have a beadboard backsplash and the shelf brackets too and love them. 'Course my hubby did all the work, not me. You are so handy!

  45. The beadboard looks beautiful! So worth it! I really like how you took it up high around the window-a great touch.

  46. It's absolutely gorg! I had beadboard in my old house, both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, and I miss it terribly. I think you have given me the courage to put some up in the new house.

    I wouldn't wrap anything around the cabinets; I agree that it would look "wonky". :)

  47. Congrats on the great job! I absolutely love what you've done with the beadboard! You've definitely given me an inspiring idea for how I'd like to redo our bedroom!

  48. Worth all the blood,sweat,tears and more!! I too gotta vote no on wrapping the beadboard around the ends of the cabinets. You really took the look up a notch by raising the level of the bb at the sink window and the end wall. Simply loverly!

  49. Love the beadboard, love your writing style--I always laugh when I read your posts. I also love that you keep it real and show us the less than perfect parts! Makes me feel that I'll be capable when it's my turn to install beadboard (on drywall--yay!).

  50. We have a gap between our counter and the wall, just more than a 1/4 inch, but the molding on the bottom would cover that nicely...and match the sitting area right next door. Hmmm...I may give it a try.
    P.S. Don't touch the cabinets or appliance garage...I think it wouldn't look good.

  51. WOW! Gorgeous! I gotta say... I'd been pondering doing this exact beadboarding to my kitchen right over the tiles, but wasn't sold on the idea till now!

    I actually already did this in our bathroom -we used cement adhesive to adhere the beadboard over our ugly ugly tiles. I've got before and after pics on my blog if you wanna see!

  52. Looks FanTASTIC! Im so impressed! Looking at your photo of the whole kitchen the only thing that strikes me awkward is your clock. You have a pendant light (which is so cute) hanging in front of that clock. I would put a cute valance up there. Make one from mdf starting from almost the ceiling and come just a little below the window to make the window look nice and long. Just a thought! Great job!

  53. It's looks wonderful! Enjoy your beautiful handy work. One of these days I am going to try my hand with some wood....

  54. Your beadboard looks great...really brightened things up! I do have a suggestion for the exposed laminate on the sides of your cabinets. You can purchase wood skins from the cabinet manufacturer. Take a door into the cabinet shop so they can get the right stain color. These "skins" are actually 3/16" thick wood veneer and are made to be glued on top of the laminate. In addition, when you do this you will eliminate the reveal area, that 3/16" area where the face frame of the cabinet protrudes. You may want to do this on ALL exposed cabinet really gives a nice finished look!

  55. Beautiful work! I'm in love with the beadboard. Don't paint the appliance garage! since it is the same color as your cabinets I think you shouldn't do a thing unless you paint your cabinets, too since it's all one big piece.

  56. Wow! I love it! I may try that in my kitchen this summer!

  57. Ummmm ... wow! And DARN YOU! I am in the middle of a kitchen reno and just might have to scrap my glass tile backsplash for some beadboard.


    Did you use the real wood stuff (in sheets) or the composite-ish panel-y stuff?

    Did you paint it before you put it on the wall?

    Thanks, Queen Squeezy! GREAT JOB! xoxoxo

  58. I'm a HUGE beadboard fan and yours looks fab! I had beadboard in most of the rooms at my old house and loved it (except when it needed painting! that is a PITA, but worth it). I'm still trying to figure out where I can put beadboard in this house.
    Your kitchen cabinets look about the same color as mine - I'm seriously thinking about painting them. I LOVE painted cabinets, I'm just a little afraid of painting those pre-finished ones.
    You did a great job!Congrats!

  59. I really like the beadboard backsplash and am thinking of doing it in my own kitchen...although I am totally stumped as to what color I would paint it.

    I will admit, I LOVED your black backsplash...I thought it was totally sexy and unique. HOWEVER, I understand the need for change...I do it often in my home, and I like the way the beadboard turned out.

  60. Wow you inspire me. I LOVE the beadboard, and the corbels gave me a great idea...we have a 'new orleans' kitchen (Our house is themed like Disneyland: adventureland living room, frontierland family room, main street bathroom, tomorrowland laundry, fantasyland kids room) and we have wrought iron brackets up in the corners of the ceiling...I may need to put some under the cupboards!

    My 2 cents on the garage: it might be okay painted but i'd hesitate, and don't beadboard the side. The depth would look all weird (does that make sense?)

  61. Absolutely fabulous. I think you need to do a blog post on decorating tips for the top of kitchen cabinets. I was really taking note of your decorating style and taste - everything seems to flow. You have such great taste. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Truly beautiful! My opinion - leave the cabinet ends alone! Now I'm formulating how that would work in my almost combined kitchen/DR!

    Question: Are you going to beadboard the side of the fridge to get rid of the black?

    Guerrina in Ledyard, CT

  63. You are so industrious!!

    What did you do behind the stove? Did you continue the beadboard across at the same level where it is on the sides? Did you finish the edge even if it doesn't show?

    Thanks for the detailed instructions! I have a 6" backsplash but was thinking how great BB would look above it. Like yours!

  64. Your beadboard looks amazing! Great job!!!!!

  65. It looks fabulous! Good job! Love it!

  66. I love the new bead-board back splash. We are in the process of doing our island... thank you for sharing your wonderful island redo. I googled bead board islands and there you were. Anyway, we are also refinishing our cabinets and when we discovered how horrible it is to refinish the nasty cheap veneer stuff on the ends my husband decided to put bead-board there. It is not yet complete, still need to apply poly, but I am loving it.


    PS: The dowels are amazing, btw!

  67. Looks so fab, Sarah! I think my hubby is cursing you for putting this idea in my head!!

  68. I love it Sarah! I wondered how it would look with your granite - I have granite that is very similar in color and have wanted to do something like that but didn't know if it would work. I think it is fabulous. And I love how it lightens up your kitchen.

    You are amazing!


  69. GREAT job!!! I would put a big canister in front of the bumpy butt area, and would not wrap the cabinets or the appliance corner. I think the cabinets look fine on their own.

    I wish I'd known about those spacers! I had that issue when I did a beadboard backsplash and had no clue how to fix it. Congrats!

  70. She's better than lovely. She's gorgeous. Love the trim along the top of the counter. You are so right that it makes it look custom. I love it. And, I love the corbels.

  71. Please, please DO NOT wrap the sides of the cabinets!!!!!! You think your nail mess is bad, it would utterly and completely destroy the integrity of those cabinets and look like crap. If those blah sides really bother you, you can get a fake front that matches the style of your doors and attach it to the sides. Talk about looking like a custom job!

  72. Great job on your kitchen! Lurve the corbels.
    I agree with Cat and others who say do not put beadboard on the sides of your cabinets or paint your appliance garage. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen.

  73. There is a pectin you can buy at Walmart where you only use 1.5 cups of sugar & no cooking. The fruit stays fresh, you won't get a heart attack & it's super tasty. Green box, 2 packs per box.

  74. Oh my goodness!!!!this looks awesome! LOVE it! I just painted our cupboards white this winter, and all the beadboard too...what a difference paint makes.
    What a great job you did.

  75. Hi, I am new to your blog and so happy that I came across it. Your style is so similar to mine and you have such great ideas. In fact, I am putting beadboard in my kitchen too and have the exact same countertop! I am so glad you went first - it re-affirmed that I am gonna love the look. Great blog! I look forward to seeing what's next!

  76. Looks nice!

    Regarding your question...I think you should leave the side of the cabinets as they are. Maybe you could hang something there (like trivets?) if you really want to hide it...But I like the beadboard looking more like a background that the cupboards pop out from. For the same reason, I think you would want to paint the front of the appliance garage white if you do beadboard on the sides.

  77. Sarah,
    Your backsplash looks absolutely amazing! I can't believe how much brighter your kitchen looks! I love the way you added the beadboard up the sides of the window. Great idea!
    I know all of that trim work was A LOT of work! You rock, girlfriend.
    I am glad the glue worked, but I am so sorry it wounded your arm. :) Do you hate me?!
    So, so, sorry that happened!
    But on a positive note... it did turn out great!
    BTW, I think I like the appliance garage as it is.
    Can't wait to see the rest of the transformation!

  78. I LOVE every thing, but the corbels. Just my opinion and you live there not me! Can not wait to see it with the butcher block on the island. I have it on mine and love the look of it.

  79. I love the lighter and brighter look. What a project. Go you!

  80. Is it ok that I'm jelous of your kitchen?? I love it!!
    I'm your newest follower :)

  81. I like your beadboard backsplash. I have had that on my to-do list for three years now but don't want to do it until I get new countertops. Somehow the money always gets spent on silly things like food and bills. :) I'm sure you've decided by now not to paint the garage or add the beadboard to the cabs. One thing that stands out to me is that the corbels appear disconnected from the cabs being that they are white. It's like they are floating instead of being anchored by them. That's just my two cents on it. Otherwise, of course, it looks so much brighter already!

  82. I love the beadboard, it was certainly worth the effort. I vote No on beadboarding the sides of the cabinets. You can always hang something fun there instead, or use chalkboard or magnetic paint. I don't know about the appliance garage though, painting seems like it woudl take forever.

  83. Wow, Sarah, it looks gorgeous! I love how light and bright the beadboard made the kitchen look. Great job!!

  84. I love the crochet flowers. I too want to pin some to a pillow. I bought a small amount of satin material for my daughter with the idea of pinning crochet or ribbon flowers. Her bedroom is fushia, pink and white with a black accents. Thanks for the etsy link.

  85. Oh, it looks sooo good. You cannot go wrong with bead board. It looks great and you should be very pround. Good for you, girl. :)

  86. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your design style & your entire house is move in ready.

    Please do not take offense because you are truely a talented designer/decorator however, the beadboard backsplash.... ummm, yeah... In my opinion, is too light & airy & "country chic" for your very new & modern kitchen. It looks well, kind of off balance. Not a fact, just my opinion. I still LOVE U & the rest of your home.

  87. You have done an amazing job so far on the kitchen! I was feeling your pain with the sink. Thank goodness Home Depot is right around the corner from me! I'm there at least 4 times a week.
    I hate our sink and I wanted to thank you for asking for opinions. I read every comment you got and learned so much.
    I read through the comments for this post and only a hand full of people thought the corbels looked odd or floating. That was the first thing I thought when I saw your after picture. The corbels just don't stand out.
    I really think you would solve your "garage" problem if you had the corbels stained the same color as your cabinets. That would at least break up the line of white across your backsplash/counter space. I'm sure you are just happy to have that part of your project finished.
    My parents added corbels under their cabinets that matched and it really looks nice.
    Glad you enjoyed Ikea! I've become a fan of Knock Off Wood and am afraid Ikea will never be the same for me. I'd just think how easy some of it would be to make.... with all my time and all. Ha!
    Thanks again for your ideas! I've favorited your sink post for when we switch ours out.

  88. great job! (sorry for delayed response - just got back from two week vaca in Costa Rica. yes, you can hate me. haha.)

    I vote no bead board on side of cabinets and appliance garages... in case you are still accepting votes. ;)

  89. Where in the world did you get those spacers that go behind your outlets? I have one outlet in my kitchen that for some reason does not sit flush against the wall, and it looks terrible because the cover looks all bent up. I wonder if that might work. HELP! I've never seen such a thing, but I'm willing to try anything!

  90. Your kitchen inspired my new backsplash - dark cabinets and all. I love how it looks in my house. I was having such a hard time deciding on what to use as a backsplash "tile" and then I came across your beautiful kitchen! I love it!! It worked perfectly with my white trim and granite.

  91. we just put white beadboard in our kitchen, i love the way it looks with the granite! now i am obsessed with adding corbels :)

  92. I've been waiting for this post to see how your's turned out before I tackle this project. 3 weeks isn't bad, considering all the other things you've been working on too! I really like what you've done. The corbels are really cool and add some more interest....I love thier curves! Good job!

  93. i was just wondering how the bead board is holding up behind the sink...any problems? thanks

  94. I know I'm the last to see this, but ....WOW! It looks great! I've been wanting to do this very thing for a long time and you have given me fresh inspiration. Thank you!

  95. I followed a link from Nester. I am SO inspired by your post! My backsplash is getting "beadboarded" as soon as possible (I already have beadboard up to chair-rail height in my kitchen. This will finish the look beautifully!) I had a question though. Now that you have had this in place for a while, are you finding it difficult to keep the grooves clean? Do you have any secrets to keeping them clean?

  96. Your kitchen looks great! I love beadboard. Everything looks better with beadboard. I added some to our family room a while back.

  97. Love the kitchen- do you remember where you got the corbels???? I love them and want them!!! :)

  98. I love the beadboard backsplash! I have been trying to figure out what to do about a backsplash for my kitchen. I love traditional/transitional stuff. Hmmmmm I just may have to plan a project for my kitchen now. :~)

  99. First, your site is absolutely perfect:-) You are like a soul sister (although I think I have to use my husband to implement my ideas more than you have to, hee hee.) Great ideas, terrific pictures, and giggle-inducing humor. Keep up the good work!

    As for the beadboard, my husband had the bright idea of using it inside of our hideous kitchen cabinets. (And, I mean hideous - if wood can look green, this stuff did.) It was beautiful, a "laaaaa" moment. Just thought your readers might be interested!

  100. I'm painting my kitchen cabinets white! I got the Behr paint and primer sample, but a lot of people say to stay away from Behr. I see you used it. Advice?

    here is what I'm painting:


  101. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this post! It gave me the inspiration I needed to FINALLY put up a backspash in my kitchen. I ended up using the beadboard wallpaper and it turned out GREAT, I am so in love with it! (You can see it here: (Sorry, my pics don't really do a graet job of showing how it turned out, but I promise the wallpaper worked wonderfully!) For someone just starting out in the DIY world with VERY few tools and a small budget the wallpaper saved me time and money! Thanks again for your wonderful idea!

  102. LURVE it and am totally using all of your guinea-pig-lessons to hopefully make it so that my husband doesn't want to kill me by the time it's over! But I read online somewhere that another trick for cutting out holes for the outlets... put dark red lipstick on the outlet itself, then put the beadboard up to it where you want it to go, press firmly, and the lipstick will make the mark on the back of the beadboard. Then, take the outlet cover and line it up with the new red lipstick (on the back of the beadboard) and voila- you've got exactly where you need to cut with no measuring! And so sorry if you want to kill me now for telling you this AFTER you already slaved away. ;)

    Katie @

  103. I know this is late but i just joined and did love your whole blog, picts, and thoughts.
    I think the beaded board works great. I wouldn't do the side of the cabinets or the garage. These are the cabinets, and beaded board is the wall, therefore i wouldn't cross the two. The contrast is great and I think you would lose what you accomplished, great job.

  104. Love this backsplash and want to cover mine now. We will be selling in a few years and someone might like the tile better so I wonder If I could just use silicone caulk to stick it down or something else?

  105. This is exactly what I have been looking for! I have black appliances, wood cabinets, and white trim in my kitchen. I haven't been able to decide whether I should go with black bead board to blend with the appliances or white to match the trim. You have a similar color scheme going in your kitchen which is a huge help! I love your comments and your photos along the way-they are so helpful.

    How does the white bead board clean up behind your stove? That is my only concern.

  106. It looks great! I'm doing a similar project. I had installed a kneewall on the length of the island with a microwave/bookcase shelf on the end and had it made bar height, with beadboard. I'm wanting to refinish all the cabinets and paint them a linen white since the new granite is very dark. Instead of stripping the cabinets I'm now wondering if it would look good to reface just the framework and ends of the cabinets with beadboard to make it look cohesive. Although, If I cut out for the cabinet openings, I'm not sure how to finish off the beadboard so there isn't a raw edge. Maybe I shouldn't go there, or maybe I should do just the ends of the cabinets. The primed beadboard is the same thickness as the filler panels that are there already. What do you think?

  107. So glad I found your blog! We have hideous tile in our kitchen that the former owners sponge stenciled (ick). By applying beadboard I'll be able to disguise the tile. Thank you for the great info.

  108. Well, if your backsplash idea of using beadboard didn't save the day; your sense of humor certainly did! Stevie Wonder... Oh my goodness...

    So, the ends of the cabinets... I'd do in white board paint...
    The "garage"... I'd leave the wood alone except I'd add a vinyl (removable) "saying" just over the door... "Mixer" or "Sliced Bread"... something short and cute... "KitchenAid Parking Only" would be my choice...

    Anyway... great post - have to run up to the Depot for my beadboard now... thank you again!

  109. I am getting ready to do this exact project in my kitchen and your blog was first in a google search. I notice it's been 2 years or more since you did it. How has it held up? And where did you get the trim you used...and the corbels? I've been spending alot of time in the trim section at Home Depot and don't recall seeing the trim you used, or the corbels.
    My email is:

  110. After waiting over 2 yrs for husband to tile the backsplash I'm doing this completely on my looks easy and I like the look Thanks!

  111. I installed oak beadboard backsplash that I painted white in my kitchen. It is now bucking and pulling away from the wall behind the sink. I did put a small decorative trim at the bottom. I think the water from the sink is seaping under and causing this problem. Should I caulk alone the bottom and the countertop. Thought this would help with the water getting to the cut end of the oak beadboard. Thanks for any help.

    1. Yes, definitely caulk anywhere the water can get in, that should help!

  112. We moved into our house almost 3 years ago. I took down the ugly wallpaper that was up in the kitchen at that time. But since then, I haven't done anything with the back splash. I'm so uncertain of what I want to do. I started seeing people using bead board as their back splash, and that got me thinking about the rolls of bead board wallpaper I have. I decided I could use that as a temporary solution... until I decide what I really want. I would never have thought of the dowel rods you use for corners and trim. Can you please tell me what size you use? Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Karen! I'm not sure of the size but I just kind of try a couple and see what works -- they are usually the smaller ones. But the bigger ones would be fine for an inside corner. Good luck!


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