Red, white and blue door decor!

June 27, 2010

I got a very easy, cheap and quick Fourth of July crafty project done today that I had to share with you – I mean, when have I NOT? :)

The seed for this one was planted by the incredibly talented ladies over at How Does She – they made this adorable flag out of 2x4’s!:

Well, it got my mind a thunkin’. I wanted to make one, but I wanted to be able to hang in on our front door, so it had to be lightweight.

To make it a bit less heavy, I gathered some slats of wood for less than a buck each and a piece of plywood for about $3 from Lowe’s:

The plywood and the slats were two feet wide, but that was going to be just a leeetle large for the front door. So I decided 16 inches wide would work perfectly:

I used my very-favorite-I-luff-you-compound-miter-saw but you could easily use  a miter box and hand saw – the wood is so thin!

Since it needed to be fairly small, I did four longer rows, then four shorter rows on top:

Because I was trying to use what I had, I decided to just use the extra pieces of wood to make up the blue corner part of the flag. I figured out the measurements by just laying it all together like a puzzle:


Then I cut those down as well, and did a quick coat of navy blue spray paint, leftover from the Bub’s room redo.

I cut out the plywood backing with my jigsaw:

You’ll notice it doesn’t have to be perfect! :)

I glued down each piece with Liquid Nails. You could use just about anything as a backing – and any glue you have on hand to put it together. Even hot glue would work great!

I loved the one big fat star idea, so I used my Silhouette cutter to make a honkin’ star in white vinyl:

vinyl star

I attached some navy blue ribbon to the back with staples, then put little felt protectors on the back so it won’t scratch up the door.

The result? Cauuute Fourth of July decor for under $10!:

DIY flag decor

I bought eight slats of wood but only needed six – the two I have leftover would make an adorable mini version of this flag, so I think I may have to make another!

It’s a perfect fit for the front door:

Usually the extent of our Fourth decor is just our American flag (that’s usually flying anyway) and a few flags stuck in the flowers out front:


Can we pause to admire my goooorgeous petunias?:


It has rained like we’re in the freaking Amazon here this summer, so they are growing like weeds! :)

But now we have a nice pop of red white and blue to amp it up just a bit more and I luuurve it!:


Less than ten bucks in less than an hour – can’t beat it!!

So are you a big Fourth of July decorator? Feel free to link your projects up in the comments – I’d love to see! I have another red white and blue project I’m going to try out this week – this one could get interesting!  ;)

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  1. So cool Sarah! It is a great idea and your flowers look amazing.
    Can you send some of your rain down to NC? I think you must be getting ours. *Smiles*

  2. Very nice. Love your house...with the flower boxes.

  3. It's so cool to see the bub!!! I wish we could have some of the rain where I am at, we are dry as a bone here. Cute ideas!

  4. I have to share this with you, Sarah. My married surname is Thomas. When nearly-3 grandson was learning his name (Santino Reyes Andrade Thomas-uh, long story there) we'd ask him his name and he'd say -

    Tino Thomas-the-Train!

    You know what? I think he still does this, now that I think about it. So yes, we have quite a collection of Thomas the Train stuff.

  5. Love the flag and the petunias are gorgeous!

  6. Quick and easy, my kind of project! I've looked but can't find anywhere - what is the color of your front door?? I love it!

  7. That is too cute! I am in use what I have mod too, I am sure I can whip one up! I think I have just enough wood scraps after we built our ark the other night.

  8. sarah,
    Love that flag that you made for your door...looks outstanding! I'm sooooo bad...I have not made anything for the 4th...maybe when I get to my beach condo on Saturday...then I will put something up! HAPPY 4th!


  9. I love this! SO CUTE!! I featured you on my blog too! ;)

  10. The craft is great...just the perfect amount of 4th decor.

    I also want to know about your front door. Did you paint it yourself? Is there a "How To?" on your site?

  11. I. Am. In. Love... With your shutters!!!! I MUST have them!

  12. My son would be in Heaven! Thanks for sharing the flag idea!

  13. Hi! Great blog. I enjoy the casual way you write, as though you're having an audible conversation with me! Couple of questions. Did you make your shutters yourself? (Is there a tutorial on that?!). And... will you please post the depth of your window boxes? Trying to figure out a good size for making mine. Did you make yours?

    Thank you!

  14. Love the wood flag. So easy. I also like the single big 'ol star. Very cute. I also like the 'Welcome' on your front door.

    Click on my name to jump to my weekend patriotic project. We do not usually put much out for decor around the Fourth, but I worked on this over the weekend for something cheap and quick.
    Love to peek in and read your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Looks fabulous! Actually, everything in the picture looked fabulous! Great job!!

  16. cute idea and nice garden! I wish the rain that we've been having made my flowers look so nice but I think the humidity is making them droopy.

  17. Really adds a great touch of the 4th to your door and front entry. Once I am done babysitting our sickly, elderly dog I hope to have time for a project too.


  18. The Bub's expression is just priceless. As his mom, I bet it just warmed your heart!

    Love your new flag! I have a store-bought one on my front door...not nearly as cute as yours. :)

    Your petunias are gorgeous!! I need to fill in my window boxes a bit more...yours are lovely!

  19. BEAUTIFUL!!! from your family to your flag to your window boxes :O)
    would love more info on your window boxes. i'm dying for some for my house and wonder which ones to buy - not too expensive, how to install and what flowers. (i know i'm a little late for this year)

  20. I love your flag! It is cute on your door!


  21. Love it!!! Thank for the link...that was kind of you:)
    Your home is beautiful.

  22. Happy Bub -check
    Cheap,Beautiful DIY -check
    Gorgeous Petunias -check
    Guuuurl, You got it going on!
    P.S. what happened to the office?
    Did I miss that? Just saying.

  23. Bub smiles just like my great nephew! I just got a picture oh him on my phone this morning, wearing mickey ears, smiling just like that. Too funny!

    I love your flag and the size is great. I was thinking I might be able to do a small version with paint sticks. Hmmm, Wonder if I have enough?

  24. Adorable picture of your hubby and little guy! Funny how boys always go through that silly smile phase, all of our boys did too. ;)
    I love your front door look, so pretty! I need to get out and get some flags. I used to think they weren't my "Style" but more and more I have a pride in my country and recognize pride has nothing to do with style. Being proud of where we come from is something to teach our children for sure! : )

  25. I LOVE that flag! It looks GREAT on your front door!!

  26. Pretty stinkin' cute, Sarah. It looks great on your front door. Oh...I LOVE Bub's smile. Cracked me up!

  27. What a sweet little guy! I can't believe how cute he is!

  28. Adorable! I don't know where you find the time to craft with all the other projects you are tackling! Amazing!!

  29. Very cute! I love your door as well. I actually did decorate our mantle area this year...was ready for a change and used our Country's Birthday as inpiration.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  30. Soooo cute and I already have all the wood I need. Making one of my own this week. BTW, I love your So Liv at Home door hanger. I have the same one:)

  31. That's so sweet - and it was to easy to make. I may try something similar in teh near future. I love it.

  32. What a fab idea!! It's Canada Day here on the 1st, and that would make a great decoration on my front door! (Using the Canada Flag, of course!) :-)

  33. Oh, meant to say, I just love Bub's smile!! So stinkin' cute!! :-)

  34. Can I just say...MAJOR HOUSE ENVY? Okay. I said it. LOL...

    I love the flag so much. True Americana style and truly American...nice work!

    Mel at

  35. How pretty. I love the big single white star too!

  36. Sarah, your flag project is so pretty! Looks great on your front door...I love all the little flags stuck down in your plants...everything is so festive!

  37. This is adorable!!! I love how simple and clean it looks. (Also, your window boxes are awesome!!)

  38. I absolutely love it. I'll have to make one.

    Love your petunias. Mine are pitiful. It has been soooo stinkin' hot here. (Mid to high 90s for two wks or more) My petunias hate it, but the Boston ferns are loving the weather. :)

    Happy Fourth!

  39. Flag looks great! I ventured a thrifty 4th of July craft of my own last weekend
    Love your son's face over seeing Thomas. We had a real Thomas fanatic in our house for several years. He's almost 8 now but he still loves making up railways with his wooden trains and sending them on adventures. The last week of May, Thomas comes to North Creek, NY each year, which is about 2 hours from where we live and where we would go see him for the 3 years in a row that we went. Well, the week that Thomas was due in, I was driving up the Northway from a doctor's appt. and a big truck went whizzing past with THOMAS on the back of the truck, facing out (eyes closed), riding up to North Creek. I followed Thomas up the Northway (our highway system up here in the Albany, NY area) for about 20 minutes. So bummed my kids were not in the car! It was very cool though!

  40. Okay, first off, your son is ADORABLE! I love the smile. And that really was awesome of your husband to get up so early to go with you guys. I love it when little things like that are important to the dads too.

    And the flag? LOVE it! Such a sweet, simple decoration that says so much! I love me some American pride! I'd see the How Does She? girls' craft too, and had been dying to make that. Now, thanks to you, I'm dying to make both! :) darn you crafty geniuses!

  41. Love the flag--realllyyyyyyy love your flower boxes! -le sigh-

  42. Love your blog! Your home is beautiful and your decorating ideas are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

  43. awww super cute, I was lazy and just put out my red white and blue bell wreath.

    -RedAries @Aries at the beach

  44. Your door "flag" looks so cute! And I LOVE your flower boxes! One of these days I'll get over my fear of saws and build some!

  45. I love it!!! And I thought was being so crafty with the piece of plywood I painted earlier this summer....

  46. I love that!!! I want it for my front door!! :) Great craft idea!

  47. Just super cute! I love American flag decorating but so many items look cheesy! You made these look so classy and I think I will have to try it myself!

  48. Aww the Bub is adorable! And very cute craft idea! Question - do you ever blog about gardening/flowers? If not, could you, would you, pretty please? I have been killing all of my flowers and it's awful :(. Just throwing it out there, no pressure. :)

  49. Sarah, I HAVE to the welcome on your door a sillouette project or did you stencil it on? I want one of those SO bad and have to know how you did it! :)
    OH and I LURVE your flag idea~! I'm doing my son's room in a patriotic/military theme with red, white and blue and think I might steal your flag idea for his door. :0)
    Have a blessed 4th my lady!
    Melissa :)

  50. great petunias!

    here is my patriotic front door:

    it cost $2.10 and aside from waiting for paint to dry about an hour while watching tv.

  51. Love this for the front door! Super cute - I really like the look of wood pieced together. Your window boxes are tdf - simply gorgeous! {ummm can we get a tutorial on making your flowers look like that, thanks!} Hope you have a wonderful Fourth! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  52. I'm loving this, Sarah. And it's never too late (in my world) to paint, heehee.

    Would love for you to stop by tonite (9 pm PST) for my last Fab Finds for the Fourth!

  53. I hope it's okay...I put a link to this post on a post on my blog. I'm new to the decor blog world, so I hope that wasn't some terrible breach of blogging etiquette since I didn't ask first. Thanks again for the inspiration! (and for replying to my comment -- I was so happy! :))

  54. Great idea! Your front door looks so inviting! Happy 4th of July! ~ sarah

  55. I love it! It is so simple, yet so fabulous! I also love the flags in your flower pots --- such a great patriotic touch! I'm going to be stealing that one for my front yard!

    Here's a fun and simple patriotic door hanger that I made this week.

    By the way, I Luurve your blog!

  56. I adore your patriotic spirit. It is red, white and bluetiful!

    I hope you'll stop by for my bbq on an Anthropologie inspired white tablecloth. :)

  57. That's a beautiful flag you've made for your door! I can't believe all of the amazing ideas I'm getting from the Stars and Stripes Party! Your windowboxes are gorgeous too!
    Happy 4th!
    Carol~~Old Glory Cottage

  58. I did it!! I made a flag for my front door! Thanks so much for the idea and inspiration! Can I send or post a picture? Happy 4th!


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