Adding built in look with beadboard

July 02, 2010

cheese plate turned cloche

I haven’t gotten nearly as much done in the kitchen redo, but there is a little bit of progress. 

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to make some kind of fridge surround:


But when I showed you the beadboard backsplash, one of you brilliant Squeezies mentioned putting it on the side of the fridge – uhhhh – that is SMART.

I thought hard about how I could do it without having to use Liquid Nails on the side of the fridge, and I finally decided on heavy duty Velcro: 

Since I had bought extra beadboard to do the fridge, I went ahead and continued it along the side wall as well:

It’s not built in for reals, but it gives the illuuuuuusion that it is. :) What I love is I don’t even notice the side of the fridge anymore – before the black stuck out big time (especially with the white backsplash!)

I’ve planned all along to put glass fronts on a few of our cabinets, but I after looking through just a few (or 50) kitchen reno mags, I found I also loved the look of open cabinetry – no doors at all!

To see how I liked it in a couple spots, I took the doors off and we’ve lived with it for a while. Besides having an urge to shut the cabinet door that NOT THERE every. single. time. I walk by, I love the look!

I cut some simple strips of wood that I stuck against the edge of the shelves to give it a more built in look:

My plan is to go ahead and paint the inside of this cabinet, and see what I think. Then I’ll decide if I want to keep the door and add the glass, or just leave them open. (I’d have to paint them anyway, with the glass doors.)

I’m struggling with how many doors should have glass if I go that route – most of the cabinets I’d have open are all on one side of the room. The cabs with the not-so-pretty stuff are all on the other, so I don’t want to show of the contents of those. :)

I took the doors off of the cabs above our stove:

I was inspired by these wine racks you can get with IKEA cabinetry:

And I’m going to attempt my own. :) We will see how that turns out!

The inside of that one will get painted inside as well, and if I go ahead with this idea, I’ll have to cut out the center piece that goes between the doors – which is totally freaking me out!!  :)

Anyone with glass fronts or open cabs – how did you decide which ones to open up and how many did you do? This one has me stumped!

I added some trim to the shades that came with the new light fixture:

The trim is super cute and was a STEAL half off at Joann’s, but I’m not sure I love how thick it is on these shades:

Just like everything else I do that I’m not sure about, I’ll live with it for a while. The answer comes to me eventually.  ;)

I love love LOVE the new rug from Pottery Barn for under the table!:

It’s so light and fresh and it still hides EVERYTHING! Whoohoo! It’s an outdoor rug that’s made to look like jute. I love that it’s not quite as thick as real jute, so it’s easier to move the chairs in and out from the table.

The only thing I’m a teensy bit worried about is the little tufts that are coming up:


I don’t know if I just snip them down and see how they do or maybe pull them through to the other side? I could just flip the rug but that table is wicked heavy, so we do that as little as possible. :)

I still haven’t hung the new pantry door:

But I do think I’ve decided on the color for that, the base of the table and the island – black for the first two and a little something different on the island:

It has sat like this forEVER and I’m glad I didn’t continue with my idea to paint it cream. (That is just primer on there now.) The beadboard backsplash was going to be cream at first, and I didn’t like it at all. Then I saw the light island with the white backsplash and it was just too matchy matchy to me.

Sooooo…I think the island’s going apple green. :) I’m a little scared and a whole lot excited to try this out – I’m going to go for a pale apple green, not a bright one, so I’m hoping it ties in OK. ACK, I have no idea! But I won’t know if I like it until I try!

Now I just have to find the perfect apple green, and I think I know where to find it:

The Bub’s old nursery had three tones of apple green in it, and I still have some left over. :)

Next step is to get our IKEA butcher block cut down to size for the island – but I want to have a professional do that so it’s a SUPER clean cut. Any fellow Hoosiers in the Indy area know of anyone who has a very large table saw? Let me know!

Soooo…there you go! It’s definitely coming together – slowly but surely. I hope to have it finished up in the next month, but I never set a date cause that’s just the kiss of death. :)

In other news, I was on the Indy Style show again this morning, and I’ll be a monthly guest from now on!:

Are you surprised I talked about beadboard? NO?! :)

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  1. awww your transformation is coming along very nicely!!!!! I love the beadboard idea that you did. The doors off look great, I am not sure how many, or which ones you want to take off though. Good luck, I know it'll all turn out incredible!!

  2. You did a fabulous job on the show! Seems that you are getting used to be on t.v. :)

    I don't have any advise on the number of doors off/glass you should do. I removed the doors above my fridge since it was mostly dead space, too difficult to get anything in or out of. I did take out the middle piece and then added some trim to the top and bottom.

    Whatever you do, it will be fabulous.

  3. I love the beadboard --- I have it in my kitchen too. I love being inspired by your blog, thanks for sharing!

  4. Open cabinets leads to dust in places you do. not. want it.
    So my advice: only do it if you love cleaning! (Lurve cleaning?) LOL

    I think you need to step back and get a fresh pair of eyes on your kitchen. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but honestly, (I'm going to sound like a jerk, please don't hate me) your kitchen just slightly looks less high-end now. You've used a lot of unique ideas, and that is awesome, but the overall look is becoming less cohesive.

    (crawling under a rock now).

    I think it's because you're submersed in it, and looking at each thing on it's own, rather than as a whole.

    Keep in mind that's only my opinion, and I am obviously not in your kitchen (which would be really awkward, right?) so maybe it's coming together better than the pictures show.

    It is more kitchy, though. And maybe I don't fully understand your vision. I'm going to shut up now.

  5. I'd pull the "tufts/threads" of the rug through to the back. Just use a latch hook. I have a tiny one of those for sweater snags that is fab! Or maybe a crochet hook would work.

    BTW -- I absolutely love your blog, it's a must check for me!

  6. Just popping in with a hint for making those lampshades more balanced! I love the lampshades' new trim, but it feels like it's all candlestick and not enough shade now. You could try adding some glass (or crystal, if the budget holds) beads dangling from the bottom of the shade. One to two inch long bead strands will increase the overall height of the shade and shorten the appearance of the candles so your eye will see one third candle, one third showy stuff (trim and beads) and one third plain lampshade. Or if crystals aren't your thing, some fringe to match the new trim would do the same thing! And both would look neat with the light shining through them!

    I wouldn't stress too much about the "overdoing the remodel" comment. Things are obviously not pulled together and DONE yet, so of course it doesn't look as polished as your last set of staged photos did! Go on bringing your taste to the kitchen...remodels just take time to soldify! I should know, mine's been going on since last October! And I haven't even BEGUN to document it!

  7. It is looking g.o.o.d.! I love the beadboard on the side of the fridge...completely lightens things up and velcro?? You wicked monkey.I love it. Good luck with the Indy Style Show and Happy 4th!!

  8. I love the idea of the french pantry door! Will you share where you found the door? Did you have to custom order it?

  9. I enjoyed the segment! Great job!! I was surprised to hear that you put beadboard up right over the existing tile in your kitchen, do you use your nailgun for that or did you use liquid nails? I have some 42 year old tile in my kitchen that I would love to replace and I think beadboard would look fabulous.

  10. Cutting the Ikea butcher block is actually quite easy - we did it about a month ago and are thrilled with our new butcher block breakfast bar.

    I still have to sand and oil it, but the cutting it - was really easy.

    Here is our almost finished breakfast bar:

  11. Beadboard on the side of the fridge!? GENIUS! AND to use super duper velcro? Even better! Love.velcro. Also, I'm a big fan of the trim on the gives a little "umph" to a thin/dainty light fixture. I feel like it kind of grounds it a little? I'd vote 'no' on the hanging, dangly crystals or beads...doesn't seem to fit your overall style, it'd be hard to make them all look cohesive, and sounds like a LOT of work to me...good luck! Keep up the good work. =) -Erica in VA

  12. Open cabs are pretty, but I get a teeny bit scared of that greasy dust that covers the tops of cabinets (what? Is my house the only one that doesn't get regularly cleaned up there?! REALLY?!!) Anyway, I would hate to find it all over my nice dishes, wine bottles, etc every time I went to use them. I would pick glass doors. Just my humble opinion!

    Your kitchen looks nice...I'm apple green with envy!!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS on being a monthly guest on Indy Style! Let's see now. . . I can imagine your being a monthly guest on something beyond Indy Style. Something more like U.S.Style. Like maybe something that's filmed in NYC. But, you poor thing, you'd have to travel to Manhattan for the tapings. That would be hard on you, wouldn't it? Seeing as you hate the Big Apple and all. :)

    I'm excited to see all your kitchen updates. I think you're smart to go slowly and see how you like things. After all, it's a kitchen--it needs to be usable, not just pretty!

    Happy, happy 4th of July!

  14. I'm loving the new changes. When we had our kitchen cabinets painted we had a designer come in to give us some direction. She helped us decide which cabinets to add glass saying they needed to be balanced, so we chose each end of our L-shaped kitchen.

  15. Oh, I love the changes you've done to your kitchen! Beauty! How smart to just cover the side of your fridge with the beadboard - it looks awesome!
    I like the sound of painting your island green! I've just done some redoing in my kitchen - just painting, and I have a peninsula, not an island, but I don't care - I painted it a soft green and just love it!
    Have a happy 4th and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. My grandma just re-did her living room and got a really nice wool rug... and it sheds huge clumps of hair. What's with rugs doing that? They are expensive enough and then they shed? Weird! Love the kitchen redo so far and love your blog!

  17. Hey Sarah, just wanted to say...I heart you!!

  18. whoaa.. very exciting. It appears you are wise to determine the combination of color and design at its best. I like the changes. Congratulations.

  19. I LOVE the idea of an apple green island! And I also love the beadboard everywhere. I've been trying to come up with a backsplash idea that satisfies looks, durability/washability, AND budget... and I'm still riding the fence. Maybe beadboard is my answer too! (though this has been mulling around since you first showed your backsplash off...) Anyway, LOVE the kitchen so far, and love love LOVE your blog. Congrats on landing a regular spot on Indy Style, too!

  20. I love what you've done, and cannot wait to see the green paint in the kitchen! Woo-hoo for the green (I love green, and have a small, tiny, obsession with choosing it every.single.time I have to decide!). Anyhoo, I saw someone, somewhere who did a reno on an old cabinet, making it into a wine bar, and she used one of those accordian style peg hook coat holder you have a visual? :) Anyway, it worked perfect for her wine bottles, and I thought it might work for your space doesn't look like IKEA's though...but just a thought.
    love what you've got so far!

  21. I am LOVING the beadboard!!
    & Love followig you as you put it all together..the light over the table looks awesome!! I cant wait to see the island painted & the pantry door up!
    Keep going..your almost there ;0)

  22. I think your hands were fine!!! (Although my dh says that if he tied my hands together, I'd never say a word, so take it FWIW!)

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!! You have the hair I've always wanted... instead my this thick, curly, unruly beast on my noggin. :)

    I must admit, tho, that you're very bad for my school work (just started to college, in addition to working part time from home and homeschooling). There are just SO many ideas you've given me that I just CAN'T find the time to get to!

  23. Had you not said anything, I wouldn't have even noticed. But when you had your thumbs in your pockets, I was cracking up! I can't believe how relaxed you seemed! I would have stared at the camera and slowly but surely passed out. Who in the world asks you the HISTORY of beadboard? GoodNESS. You handled it great! Kudos, Sarah! You're famous! can I forget. The kitchen is coming along wonderfully! LOVE the beadboard, and I can't WAIT to see the apple green island. :)

  24. I am really no help with the is WAY past my bed time!

    But I can't wait to see the butcher block done! Hope you find someone to cut it soon!

  25. Lovin' the kitchen updating. I saw a beadboarded fridge on The Old Painted Cottage and have plans to copy it some day. I love the trim that you added too! I'm hoping to see a little tutorial someday :0)

    Anyway, I painted my kitchen island Happy Camper (not apple green, but green) by Behr and it MAKES the kitchen. Here's a link if you like.

  26. Your kitchen is looking beautiful and so are you! Congrats on the monthly feature!!!!

  27. Love the beadboard surrounding the fridge ~ great idea! I like the idea of glass cabinets myself. I hate to clean, so I'd be interested in the dust factor while your doors are off. Looking forward to seeing the paint projects in their new colors!

  28. I know I'm going to be butcher now after seeing that Robin's comment wasnt taken so well.
    Oh, I do love me some beadboard but I don't like it in the fridge.

    Please don't hate me!

  29. I love the wide trim on the lampshades!

    Can NOT WAIT to see the island apple green! Such a FAB idea!!!

  30. Loving your kitchen. I took some doors off my cabinets a couple of weeks ago - and love the look! Before cutting the board in the middle, be sure and check to see if there aren't some screws on that board - I had to go and buy a #2 square screwdriver and out they came! Two screws on each end, you can't see them very good as they go in on an angle - make sense? Heck,I don't know if I make any sense! HA Anywho - you are doing a great job and can't wait to see the finished result! Happy 4th! Dee

  31. Have a wonderful 4th! We'll be watching some fantastic fireworks in the "big" park of our Tiny Town right after my son plays the featured double header for Little League!

  32. You are an inspiration!! Love the beadboard on the fridge and the island in green is a great idea. I like the open cabinet concept - but not so much I am willing to do it myself!! Glass doors would work to keep that dust away - I would hope - and having them high enough up would keep finger prints at bay. Are your chairs making the tufts on the rug? If so, you might consider those thingees that make chairs glide easily. I check your blog everytime I sign on to the computer - and am never disappointed!! Great job!

  33. are doing a great job with your kitchen. I love the beadboard and the french pantry door is nice. If it were my kitchen, I would probably go with doors with glass. Although it would be the more expensive choice, as others have said, open cabs could be a serious cleaning/maintenance nightmare.

  34. Love the beadboard on the backsplash and on the fridge surround. It really does make it look builtin. Great idea. On the open shelves in the corner, instead of paint a friend of mine lined the backs of hers with mirror and it looks fabulous. It gives such presence and depth to the cabinet. You might think about that. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Hugs, Marty

  35. Very very clever to put that beadboard on the side of the frigh like that. I am loving the apple green on the island!

  36. Great idea using velcro on the fridge! I may have to try that, since my husband is not too keen on the idea on liquid nails, although he did let me liquid nail it to my dishwasher.
    I was going to mention that storing your wine about your stove might not be the best place with the constant temperature change when cooking, but I love the ikea rack look.

  37. Hey Celebrity!

    Gee, and you're on my blogroll? I'm not worthy!

    Anyway, the beadboard on the fridge is sheer genius. I'm so totally doing that!

  38. Your voice sounds so much different than I imagined! (That's not a bad thing!)
    We have Two cabinets with glass doors. They are alone to the right of our sink. Our last house had 3 just in the middle of everything. I like both. Have you seen the cute show cabinets over microwaves that just have beadboard in the back, and are open? Not sure what they do with the plug for the microwave, but I'm sure you could figure something out because you are just so awesome!

  39. OOOOhhh...I just found your blog, and I think I'm in love! I'm soon doing my big boy room from nursery and was going to do airplanes and helicopters (his loves) and this is GREAT! Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  40. You looked great and had awesome tips as always. Congratulations that's so exciting!

  41. The kitchen looks u-mazing! I think you look fab on the show, your makeup is fine. As far as what to do with your hands, just watch the video again and copy the interviewer! Just like we copy all your wonderful ideas :)

  42. Whoever came up with the idea of the beadboard on the refrig., they are a genius. I just love the blogging world. So many crafty people and THINKING people. Sometimes it takes more than one person, doesn't it.

    It is all coming together.
    Happy 4th.

  43. my advise is to pull the tufts that are coming up the rug through to the other side - i crochet, i know ehat i'm saying :) otherwise, there could be a little hole which will become bigger and bigger.. :)
    and, i like open shelving alot!! if i don't rent, i would certainly have open shelves. now i have small kitchen and only one glass door. my mother has a little bigger kitchen, and she has 3 glass doors: for glases and nice plates.

  44. Hello. I just put in open shelving in my kitchen - as opposed to upper cabinets. I love it. I will never have closed upper kitchen cabinets again! It makes the kitchen look more like a room and gives it a very spacious open feeling. I LOVE IT and highly recommend it.

  45. I am loving your kitchen re-do!! I definitely like the opened cabinets...but I have no advice if it should be just opened or glass doors. I do have a suggestion for your hands. Hold a paperclip. I've heard of several people doing this when they've given speeches. I've never tried it, but always told myself I would if I have to give a speech or something like that. (don't see that happening anytime soon!)

  46. Oh you did awesome on the show! And I'm loving the updates on the kitchen redo :-)

  47. I love your kitchen. The beadboard on the fridge was a great idea. Funny, I am looking at your kitchen remodel and you are using the same wall color and materials as I did for mine.... no wonder I like it. Come see mine at Flyawayhome.

  48. Lovelovelove your kitchen and how it's coming along! We have open cabinets and I took all the doors off the one wall because there were four--it it had been odd (and more balanced out) I would have left doors on each end--uh, I think :) I love them open though--even though some of our dishes are 'kid dishes' and look notsopurty. Happy 4th!

  49. Hi Sarah,
    The way I decided which ones to glass was by deciding before hand where everything was going to go. I took all the doors off, emptied all the contents and got rid of stuff that had been in the cabinets but had not been used in years. I hauled it all to the basement. Have been down there once for a that stuff was truly just clutter, taking up valuable space. Once I got rid of all the stuff I never used, I arranged the good stuff that was staying...and figured out which cabinet's "contents" would look pretty enough to be visible. You can see the before and after here: It made my kitchen feel a lot unexpected bonus! :-)

  50. It looks fabulous!!! What a great idea with the velcro!

  51. You are doing a fabulous job on your redo! I think it looks great. Love,love,love the green plate.

  52. Very nice! Love the beadboard and especially the green! I'm a green girl :)

    You are doing a great job!

    Check out my giveaway!

  53. We recently decided to paint our kitchen cabinets. I was thinking about leaving off a few doors and feeling like you in not knowing which ones to leave off or how many. Once I got all the doors off so we could start painting, there was no turning back! I never thought it would be at all possible for me to have NO doors on any of my upper cabinets, but all it took as a little editing and organizing. I LOVE not having any upper doors!! Now everything has a place and it's SUPER easy to keep it all oranized and neat. NO more clutter!
    Take all your doors off and try to do a little organizing of your shelves and live with it for a few days. If there's a bunch of clutter, you'll hate it, but if you can edit pretty well, you just might like it!
    OH -- and for the stuff I HAD to keep but didn't want on display, I got a few baskets and just put them on the shelves. Besides just concealing stuff, I think it really helps pull everything together. :)

  54. that's awesome that you are a monthly guest. Good for you... you are a local celebrity.

  55. Great idea for the kitchen backsplash, I never thought it would be SO easy to change the look of a kitchen. Also like your selection of floors (is it laminate flooring?) with that gorgeous area rug. Hope your remaining projects turn out as nice as this one, and the APPLE green is great. My kitchen is lime green and I've got so many compliments on that color :)

  56. NICE i like! great blog...will be following!

  57. look great!! just wanted to thank you for your inspiration. i finally tackled a project at home thanks to you!! check it out and hope you had a great 4th!!

  58. look great!! just wanted to thank you for your inspiration. i finally tackled a project at home thanks to you!! check it out and hope you had a great 4th!!

  59. love the kitchen updates, can't wait to see how the cabinets end up. and congrats on the tv time, that is so exciting!

  60. Our kitchen has mostly glass front cabinets- 4 of the 5 upper cabinets, with the other being open. the previous owners designed it. I've debated taking the glass off of one or two cabinet doors. I like the glass off for bigger displays like mixing bowls and serving dishes. But, I like the glass fronts on the cabinets we use to house/display our glasses.

  61. You will LOVE the green island. I am just nearing the end of a custom kitchen reno and I had to have a green island. I made sure my designer would not talk me out of it before I hired her.

    If you check out my blog and scroll down a few posts you will see my 10' x 4' green island which makes me so happy I can't even tell you!!!!!! Let me know if you like it ok?


  62. I think the apple green island is going to be AWESOME! On one of the home decorating shows I saw a kitchen re-do where they kept the walls white, but added splashes of yellow; one splash was they painted the island base yelow and it looked FABULOUS! The kitchen was so bright and it felt like a yellow kitchen without it being a YELLOW KITCHEN! I think the splash of green will be perfect.

  63. We (and by we I really mean are thinking of using that "fake" beadboard stuff on our own kitchen backsplash, but I am still not 100% sure I REALLY wanna tackle that. Plus I have a ton of other projects going

    What I was gonna tell you about the apple green island was to take a pic of the area and then use photoshop to see if you really like the color in that area. don't have photoshop? Send it to me and I can plop it in for you. :)

  64. I love the loook of glass door or open cabinets. If I were doing it, I think I would stick to just 2, maybe 3 sets -- in my opinion, you want it to be an accent, not for the entire kitchen, and that should highlight it enough. Something else I've seen that I LOVE, is the wrought iron scrolly bars over the inset of the cabinets instead of glass -- I adore this look.
    The makeover is looking great! Good luck getting it finished up -- it will be so exciting to have it all put together the way you envision it!

  65. Guerrina@Ledyard CTJuly 9, 2010 at 11:30 PM

    Velcroed to the fridge... how ingenious! Love it!

    I lived with open shelving in kitchen and...never...again. Dust,grease, never as neat as needed. Nope...give me doors. Love the look of glassed doors, but have to decide how often I want to "wash windows".

    Love the apple green on the island idea! Will be an eye catcher!

    I think hand-painting geometric designs,pics,whatever, of pantry doors would be whimsical, would use all colors you've already used and very original! Just a thought.

    Hope your Fourth was wonderful! Wouldn't you know I took a week off from work and Connecticut gets the worst heat wave in 19 years! Made it to the beach only once and too hot to garden. So spent time inside dreaming up plans for my living room and dining room! Now to save for them!


    Guerrina in Ledyard

  66. Hey,

    That was awesome kitchen re-do.. love it! You looked great and had awesome tips as always. Keep on sharing and keep safe!

  67. I am in love with the green platter in the plate stand on our counter top. Do you remember where you got it?
    Your kitchen looks great!

    my email address is



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