The plan, Stan. (Or Squeezies)

January 10, 2011

Heya! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I spent most of my free moments working on the (final. serious this time. never again.) decrapifying of our basement. I tell you what – I LOVE it!! Oh my, getting rid of crap is best feeling.

But more on that in a bit. :)

My friend the Nester, (did you SEE her bedroom redo??) had a Home Goals party last week that really got me thinkin’. I have all these ideas in my head for our home and what I’d like to accomplish this year. I love talking houses and DIY and decorating, and I thought who better to talk shop with than all of you SQUEEZies.

Now, like Nester mentioned – decorating/DIY/our house is my hobby and my passion and kind of my job?? (Crazy by the way. Best. job. ever.) So my list is long and a bit exhausting for most.

But thinking of it makes me GIDDY. Gleeeee!

So let’s start, shall we? In no particular order, mind you.

I started our mini kitchen redo last umm…May.


I know…it’s been a teensy little while. (For shame.) Most of it’s done – but there’s still a few projects left to do. I need to install some glass fronts on a few of the cabinets. (Hiring out for that one – cutting our cabinet doors would make me pass. out. Sceered.)

I still need to touch up a ton of paint, install crown (which will have to go around the whole great room), and then finish up some accessory projects. I’m also considering a light fixture over the island:

If I do, I’ll remove the pendant light above the sink to open it up. But I’m not doing a thing until I see some pictures in Photoshop. :)

I started a little reworking of the master bedroom a few months ago, but I didn’t want to do any major DIY projects in the room. I did OK with that whole “nothing major” till I decided a month or so ago I wanted to add molding to the whole space. It doesn’t have a lick of it yet:

master bedroom

And I just can’t have that. :)

I also have a Craigslist dresser I need to figure out what to do with (I swear I’ll show you soon!), figure out some new accessories and I think I’m going to repaint the wall behind the bed:

(Older pic, it looks different now. Gotta finish that up too. :) )

I’m just really over those stripes. WAY. They’ve been around for about almost five years. I’ve loved them long time but I’m ready to say buhbye. (You can see more on how I did those here.)

And speaking of finishing projects, I’ve shown you the (slow) progress on my office:


It’s shaping up to be my most dramatic before and after ever. But oh my…much to do still. Woodwork out the wazoo, drapes, recovering cushions, accessories, art, organizing…whew. But FUN. I picked up a few little accessories today that got me excited about getting the board and batten done already so I can get on to the fun stuff. :)

There’s a few rooms I’d like to update a bit this year – first, the downstairs powder room:

chocolate powder room

I love our chocolate brown dining room, but brown for potty? Really? ;) I do like it, I’m just ready for a change. And I am O.V.E.R. the stencils. Done.

I have no clue what color I’m going to paint it – but it’ll come to me. Some day.

And our guest room (that was stepdaughter’s room) isn’t the most luxurious space for our guests right now:

:) It just about screams GIRL. I’ve already changed the layout of the room and ditched the purple and pink bedding. Now (again) I just need to decide on a color. I’ve had a swatch of grey up on the wall for a year now (no lie), but I’m not doing any painting till I find some inspiration for the room. (In bedding I hope!)

And finally…our two biggest projects of the year. (**We HOPE.)

Since we’ll be debt free soon (except the house), we plan to finally, finally, FINALLY going to finish our basement:


That’s the plan anyway. We say that every. year. But this year we are serious dang it!! Because we’ll be able to pay for it with “cash,” we think this may finally be the year it happens. Finally.

It’s pretty basic really – we already have (most) of the outlets and light fixtures we’ll need. It just needs framed out, electrical and drywall done. Then we need to figure out flooring. And oh yeah, there’s a bathroom that needs to be finished too. Ummm…maybe not so basic. We don’t know yet if we’ll hire a contractor to do it all, or contract everyone out separately for each project.

Anyone out there had a basement finished recently? Did you do it yourself, hire someone to do it all, or hire out to a bunch of folks?

To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement. The cleaning of another 800+ square feet? Not so excited. But I’ll deal. :)

Actually, I clean down there already, since we really do use the space. That brings me to the decluttering – I’m SEE REE US about it this time. I can’t even imagine the pain it’s going to be finishing it off and dealing with all the stuff we have down there. Don’t. even. want to think about it.

The other BIG project is one that has me positively giddy – it’s a redo of a room that’s less than 40 square feet, but it will be a HUGE change.

I want to revamp our laundry/mud room:

laundry room

Pretty basic – new paint and finishing the beadboard I never finished.

But my dream, my wish, my heart’s desire…is to move the washer and dryer out and make it a TRUE mud room.

Like, with built ins, cubbies, storage, a ton of coat hooks -- all of it. All of that fantastically wondrous, beautiful, amazing stuff. :)

Why? Because 99.9 percent of the time, the room looks like this:

crazy madness

You think I’m kidding. I’m soooo not kidding. I wish I was. It’s a rare day around here that we can walk through the space without hopping over clothes. Having the laundry right in the way of our entry and exit (how many times a day?) drives me absolutely bonkers. Mad. CRAY-ZAY.

The washer and dryer will either be moved up a level or down one. There are pros and cons to both locations, but either will be a million times better than what we have going on now.

Cause what we have now is madness. :)

The first step is to get a plumber out here to give us an estimate. From there we’ll decide if it’s gonna happen. And I really, really want it to happen.

You have no idea.

Anyone know of a quality, inexpensive plumber in the Indy area? Let me know. For reals. I will love him (or her!) forever and ever, amen.

So there you go – our DIY/decorating list around the TDC casa for 2011. Will any of it happen? I hope so. Will all of it? Highly doubt it. :) But it’s fun to dream.

Do you have any redos, DIY projects, major renovations coming up this year? Do tell – I love this stuff!! :)

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  1. So glad I am not the only one whose laundry room looks like that!! :) I am on a anti-shiny brass mission this year!! :)

  2. I am thinking of doing some major board and batten in my home, starting with the dining room and moving onto the staircase, hallway and maybe even the kitchen. Is there such a thing as too much? ;)

  3. The rest of my comment disappeared! Anyways, so excited for you to be debt free soon! We will be in two months and I can't wait!!! Love all your projects lined up for this year, even if some of them are only dreams. :)

  4. My goal is to replace all of the brassy gold hardware (locks, knobs, handles and hinges, all the faucets, shower heads.. everything. And, replace wood deck with trex. and, and and....


  5. Sarah, I think my list is just as long as yours! lol I am already exhausted just reading all that you are still to do...but excited to see all of it come together for you!! Loving your new office and so many of the changes you have made in your home! Great job!!

    Hugs and love friend,

  6. My laundry room looks that way too! Unfortunately however, our "pantry space" is also the "laundry room"...I hate that. I don't like my laundry sharing a space with my canned goods but what can you do? It's our first home.

    We're closing in our screened porch to help make room for our first baby! My hubby works from home so his office will be moved to the new space...I'm loving documenting our progress with pics, feels like we are accomplishing something!

    Good luck with all your projects, I love your pictures!

  7. we have two lists at my house. Mine has 46 items on it. The house one, I don't know. But we love projects as well and are always adding to it.
    my advice for the laundry is to go up. isn't that wear the bedrooms are? I hate walking down the stairs everytime to do laundry and won't you be going down 2 flights to get there. I just wish I had mine on the main floor. It would make it so much easier to get done on time.

  8. I think you're my most favorite blogger EVER. I have about 100 blogs I check in on every day or two, but yours is at the top of my list and I get so excited when I plop down at night and see a new post. Seeing how you write tickles me because you use so many of the same words my cousin and I do and your style of writing reminds me so much of me and her. It's like I'm talking to an old friend. Anyway, can't wait to see all of your projects come together this year. You've really inspired me to get my bootay in gear and get some things done around here as well...and I might even start a blog of my own...if I can figure out how to work with all that HTML crap!!!

  9. Oh, can I tell you how comforted I am by the reality of your laundry room? So very comforting. Thank you for showing me that I'm not the only one with laundry that just piles up and piles up! :)

  10. I just did this post today too! It was kind of embarassing showing all my "bad" areas. Glad to know that pretty much everyone has them, even TDC! :) Can't wait to see your office when it's finished!! xo

  11. Wow! You sure do have a lot of projects for the upcoming year. I can't wait to read about them! Our number one goal this year is one that you have already accomplished -- we are trying really hard to become debt-free! Congrats on that - it's a HUGE accomplishement and we're excited to start the journey.

  12. Ha! Too funny- I entitled a post I wrote yesterday "What's the Plan, Stan?"! Can't wait to see all of your plans in action! :)

  13. I purchased an older home about 8 years ago so my list is endless! right now my downstairs (basement) is technically unfinished even though I have a family room, spare bedroom, laundry room, storage room and my sanctuary - the "tool room" where I do all my projects. But that will all have to wait because (remember I said this was an older home? yeah. Like over 100 years older - what was I thinking?!!) ready for it?...the whole.entire.main floor is paneled! My dream for this year is to drywall ALL of it! My bathroom is the only room in the entire house that is drywall and (almost) completely done. Like you, I just need to do the crown. Oh, and if I lived in your area? My man would totally do the plumbing for just the cost of the supplies. He is an amazing handy, electrical... but I keep him away from the decorating! lol Can't wait to see the results of your list!

  14. Love all your goals. Makes my list sound not-so-overwhelming seeing your list of things to do!

    Idea for the guest room. With the grays...there are a ton of new prints at Target right now that have grays in them. I found a really pretty subtle white, gray, & yellow with at ouch of floral to it. You should check out their new bedding and see if anything catches your eye as far as colors go.

  15. I so feel you on the the mud room! I have the same issue!

  16. Love your plans! I can't wait to see them unfold. I have many, many home goals this year but for sure one has to get finished - our bedroom!!! Driving me bananas. I linked up to Nester as well with it -

    Good luck with your projects!

  17. wow, i can't wait to see all of the projects! can i add my bonus room to your list? a little help? just posted my 2011 goals...

  18. I've had my eye on this bedding at Target for MONTHS:

    But, in gray - it's way more fun in person, without being tooooo girly.

    And it's on SALE this week! I promise I won't mind if you buy it too, since you're multiple states away from me!

  19. Wow you have a lot on your plate this year! I can't wait to see the transformations. Having the laundry on the upper level where laundry accumulates would be amazing, plus the newer machines are so much quieter.

  20. I LOVE these ideas!!! I just started reading you blog a couple of weeks ago and love your home! I can't wait to see what you do this year!

    Happy Decorating!

  21. I love the coming plans. And the thrill of dejunkifying!! Anyways I posted all the things I want to finish off this year, yours are just better before pictures (as in they look done), mine are complete havoc. You can take a peek at what I want to do here:

  22. I love the coming plans. And the thrill of dejunkifying!! Anyways I posted all the things I want to finish off this year, yours are just better before pictures (as in they look done), mine are complete havoc. You can take a peek at what I want to do here:

  23. Looking forward to seeing all of the changes you have planned for the upcoming year! You know I will be checking in to see all of the changes as they happen...I am your blog stalker! :) As far as what I have planned at our home for the upcoming one major plan is to re-vamp my garage. It looks like your laundry room! Disaster area! And in addition to being able to park in it, we are building a playroom for the boys' in the back of it...I can't wait til that project is done!

  24. You have your work cut out for you, but don't we all? My laundry room must be your laundry room's long lost cousin. ;) A basement finishing would be such a great series!!! I just wish I had a basement. ;) Loving reading more about your office!

  25. This summer, we had our laundry room moved from the main floor to our master closet upstairs and it was money and time well spent! No more hauling laundry up and down the stairs. We repurposed the downstairs laundry space for storage and a "doggy room".
    Good luck with your home projects, and especially with becoming debt free!
    I will be reading!

  26. Starting with the lounge room, then the kids' room, then the office/playroom, then our bedroom, all after finishing off little (annoying things in our bathroom) before moving to...

  27. Wow! you have a lot on your plate... this will be fun to watch.
    Debt - free... GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
    That is HUGE!!!!
    On the laundry... we built, I could do whatever I wanted... went for basement/ walk-out, so it doesn't feel like basement. No one ever sees it but me. Basement space is the cheapest to build, so I went pretty big. Sewing & laundry in one... I would not change a thing about it.
    You will still have the "laundry mess" wherever you put it & upstairs it will still be the same.... downstairs... No one will see it. :)

  28. You sooooo speak my language! Love it. Love all of it.

    We are actually in the process of an entire house remodel. Living in a rental, tearing apart the house we are going to move into. I NEED to get pics posted. It looks so much better already.

    We have finished a basement (in a different house). My DH is an electrician and he worked for his dad, who is a contractor, so he was able to do pretty much all of it himself. (I was absolutely no help until it came time to pick out paint, carpet and the fun stuff.) We did hire out the tape and texture, cause that's an art form. :)

    Good luck with all of your projects! Can't wait to see the final results!

  29. I have the exact same problem with our laundry/mud room. I hate it. But don't be mad, don't be mad, my hubby and FIL know how to do the plumbing to fix all my chaos! This Spring! Good Luck with yours.

  30. I just published a post about my project wishlist for 2011 after reading yours. I've been meaning to for a few days now, just hadn't gotten around to it :) Good luck with your projects, the mud room sounds lovely!

  31. when we finished our basement last year, we contracted out to all the trades and I project managed it. It took alot longer than if I had just gotten one company to project manage it but I knew I didn't want to pay someone for something I knew how to do - delegate. When we re-did our kitchen i found it easier and faster to just have the contracter arrange all the trades. It was space that I wanted to be done ASAP and not take my time waiting for plummer or electrician etc.

  32. My goal this year is to decorate my house. I have paint in every room but that's about it. I will also be painting 2 rooms because I am giving the baby a big girl room and repaint my nieces old room. I want to do crown in the family room and a backsplash and knobs and pulls in the kitchen. I am new to everything so I am a lot nervous and my hubby isn't much of a handy man. LOL

  33. I can't wait to see your progress as all these projects start to happen!

    I'm planning a laundry room re-do on the cheap, as well. Our washer died last week, so we got a front loading washer and dryer... that don't fit in our laundry "room." Crap. So, now, I have to get creative with some kind of door alternative. We shall see!

  34. I love reading your posts! I'm semi-new to blogging, and find yours to be one of very few that I will take the time to read. I have SO MUCH I want to do around my house and I have been seriously lacking the knowledge and inspirition on what to do.

    I am getting really excited by reading your blog and have started making lists and ideas of what to do! I especially love that you do it all on a budget. Thanks so much for all your hard work, it's so inspiring!

  35. Thank you for sharing that picture of your laundry room! It is SO nice to know that I'm not the only one that has a room covered in clothes! :)

  36. I LOVE this post, Sarah! Your house is beautiful and you have so many great spaces! I adore your kitchen nook... so cute and great lighting. As everyone is saying, it's always nice to see someone else's messy laundry room and know that you're not alone! My laudry "room" is my garage and it is a holy nightmare! Your list has inspired me to make one of my own! Hopefully I can get it posted this week sometime!

  37. I love hearing your plans! I think your idea to move the washer and dryer is brilliant...I think you would love having them closer to the bedrooms and more room in the entry. Can't wait to see how it all comes together. Where did you get the hanging lamp in your office? Do I get to meet you at Blissdom...when are you arriving? xo

  38. We just finished the first complete room in our basement (meaning my dad and me, not my hubby and me! And yes, I did a good portion of the framing and helped with electrical and everything!) and I'm loving it already. It's amazing to watch your space change as you progress. At this point, the rest of the basement is ready for insulation and then the drywall, then on to the fun (and slow!) finishing touches. I would say, absolutely make sure you have it as empty as humanly possibly BEFORE you start. It's such a pain to work around things (especially exercise equipment and tv's!) and you have to have it out before drywall no matter what. Also, I think we've saved enough money doing things ourselves that it's totally been worth it. That said, we're hiring out the drywall. My dad's got a bad back and I'm 7 months pregnant now, so it's just not going to happen with us. Good luck with your projects this year! I hope they all go well for you!

  39. It's a lot of fun to start the new year by planning and dreaming about new projects! Yours will be fun to dream room right now would be a mudroom. I mean really, what room would get more use with more benefit that this?! I hope you get yours, without the machines in there you would have the room!

  40. My major project this year will be to add a tile backsplash to my kitchen. A little scared but VERY excited. I was very inspired by you doing the tile around your tub.

    If I had an extra bedroom/guest room I would totally do it with gray and yellow (either lemon or a little more mustard). I went to a wedding reception a couple months ago with those colors and loved them! Gray walls with white, black and gray bedding, furniture etc and yellow accents! YUM!

  41. The chocolate bathroom was awesome! Everything is so good! Really liked your overflowing laundry room! That was oh so familar!

  42. This is reminding me of when I had my last baby (#4) a friend came to visit and had to walk over the pile of laundry in the upstairs hall--where our laundry room is always overflowing--and she said "I love that your laundry looks like you have 4 children!" It has brought me comfort ever since. I OWN that laundry darn it!

    We just became debt free recently, so we're getting the basement done in the spring (when our contractor has time). I was reading Miss Mustard's blog and it really hit me about making your house the way you want it to be and not worrying about 'resale value' and such.

    Hopefully I will be able to make some fun changes around here this year that will make this MY home, not something that my MIL or mother would like.

  43. I love that you have not painted your kitchen cupboards ,I have because the wood was yuck! but I am standing firm on my furniture ,I love the white paint effect that everyone seems to do latley but I know my husband would divorce me if I ever did it, it was tough enough to get him to agree to the kitchen.
    Your kitchen is lovley!

  44. Do you think you can do some recessed shelving in the laundry/mud room? If your house is drywall and studs, you can cut into the drywall, put a box in between your studs and then frame it our or whatever. I saw it done on Wasted Spaces and in ReadyMade magazine. Looks incredibly simple as long as you don't get into the electrical. lol.

  45. I have to say, I love to see peoples homes "for real"....we all live hectic lives and can't be perfectly organized all the time! I hope you get all your projects done and find peace,lol!
    I joined the nesters linky also, so great to see everyones goals for 2011. Mine is my family/loft t.v's a royal mess right now!
    I wish us all luck....


  46. Great prospects for down the line this year! Looking forward to seeing the changes.

    P.S. When (and why) did shiny brass hardware become "verboten"?? I've always liked it and now everyone recoils in horror! What happened?

  47. I have an entire brand new completely blank slate house to decorate (we're moving in 2 more weeks! Yikes!) and I haven't the slightest clue where to start! I wish you lived down the street!

  48. I like your list! I need to make one of these for our house too. Our washer/dryer is also in our entryway, and we want to move them out and use the space for a nice big entry closet. So far the laundry doesn't pile up too bad, but I can imagine it will whenever we have kids.

  49. I totally get your need for a real mudroom. I had no area at all for one in my last house and with three boys I dreamed of it! More than a master bedroom private bath even. Now I have a different house with a long hallway by the backdoor that works. One of the projects I really want to do this year is to have a built in seating in my breakfast nook area. I'll have to hire it out but really hoping!! I'm on the cash system, too, baby. Go Dave!

  50. How awesome! Can't wait to see all the projects throughout this year!

    For us, our first major project is our master bathroom. Right now, specifically we are concentrating on the shower [it's a walk-in/stall shower]. We just finished demo-ing it so now comes the fun part ha!

  51. Oi vie I wish I had a laundry room.Down in florida, older house,washer ,dryer in garage. It gets soooo hot while doing the laundry.A mud room would be grat.Shelves,cubbies,hooks.Ah organization. I think your bathroom would look great like a spa.White with A touch of natural color and a hint of aqua.White fluffy towels . Hey I think I'll change mine.Have a wonderful,I ck your blog every morning,Your'e great!

  52. Just dropping in to say that I absolutely love your blog. Every day there is a post from you, I read and reread and link up and, oh, boy, before you know it, I've linked up six ways to crazy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  53. THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing your laundry-mud room in its true form, because we have exactly the same thing here! And our tiny room is nowhere near as pretty as yours! Plus this laundry mud room is right off the family room, so the family room becomes my laundry sorting and folding room, with underwear and socks everywhere! Quite the sight.

  54. Phew! That's a lot of work! Makes me tired just thinking about it but I'm sure superwoman Sarah is up to the tasks! :-) Can't wait to see what's in store :-)

  55. Your blog is so inspirational! I check in every day! Our list is short, but it's major! We are finishing our previously unfinished attic and making it into a family movie room. We are moving at a snail's pace because my husband and I are both back in school (though this will be my last semester...only took me 9.5 years!) and he works 10 hour days. We do all our own work so if we don't have the time, the attic has to wait, unfortunately. We are also putting crown up throughout the house. We have it in the kitchen, entry and the master bedroom but we want it in the bathrooms and our vaulted ceiling living room. Good luck achieving your renovation goals this year! Can't wait to watch your progress!!!

  56. The laundry room is on my 'to-do' list as well! So is paint for the hallway. I'm like you and wait for inspiration to hit before painting - but what the heck inspires a hallway?!?

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  57. I live in Noblesville and we have done a good bit of remodeling, updating to a house we bought about five years ago. We have used a plumber we absolutely recommend to any and every one who needs one. He is in the Fishers area. His name is Mike Bush. Very good, very honest. His number is 317-849-5138. If you need his cell number let me know and I will give it to you by email. Let me know if you use him.

  58. We are just about finished finishing our basement as well. We were lucky. There was a guy in our church that did framing, and drywall, and then he just referred us to an electrician and a plumber. The plumber did the hvac as well, and they also recomended a finish carpenter. It was actually really great. We didn't pay the contractors fee, but they also knew eachother well and were willing to work around eachother. We were nervous but it worked out great for us.

  59. We also have the laundry room problem. We walk through our laundry room to get to the house only our laundry room is much smaller than yours. I am sure youc an imagine. We didn't have the option to move locations, but my plan is to upgrade to high efficiency stacable washer dryer. Then I will have a place for permanant laundry sorters. Hoping that will keep the clutter down and free up some real estate in that room. If the plumber is too much you could possibly do that.

  60. No plumber...but if you know an inexpensive electrician in the Indy area I could sure use his number!!

    I have some serious rewiring I'd like done because all the light switches are attached to really inconvenient switches in my house!

  61. We just moved into a brand new house so my project list is at least 10.5 miles long.

    I always thought it would be awesome to have your laundry room in the basement and build a laundry shoot from the upstairs bedrooms.

    Oh, and I'm SO with you on seeing it in Photoshop first. I won't do anything unless I've already seen how awesome it can be :)

  62. Our lists are very similar!
    First and foremost on mine though is to finish our master bedroom so we can move on to the KIDS ROOM!
    So excited about creating a fun, inspiring, pretty space for our future little boy or girl...or both! :-D

  63. You will Love your finished basement! My hubby did it himself with help of a drywall mudder/sander hired..It is fantastic!

  64. I can SO relate to the laundry dilemma - it is actually one of my big goals for the year as well. And I don't know how I didn't realize you are in Indiana - I am as well! :)

  65. You have been an absolute inspiration to me. I stumbled upon your blog after doing a google search to help me with my mantle in my family room after taking all my Christmas decorations. Since then I have been obsessed with your blog (in a not-scary way...that sounds so creepy!);0 I have shared your blog with several friends and we have organized a day to hit Goodwill and thrift shops. My goal this year is to fall in love with my house again and do that my starting simple, inexpensive projects. Thank you.

  66. Looks like a busy year ahead for the Thrifty Decor House! Can't wait to watch all the projects as they progress.

    We finished our basement a few years ago the cheap(er) way--Dave framed it himself and did all the electrical and then we called in a crew to do the dry wall. It took months and months to finish it that way, but we thought the money we saved was worth it (and my husband loves working on things like that).

    I hate it when builders stick the laundry in the mudroom! One of my biggest pet peeves. It's just not practical on a day-to-day basis. We moved ours upstairs to our master bath (it's behind double doors, like a closet--not out in the open). LOVE it. Makes laundry so easy. And now we have a true mudroom for all the shoes and stuff. :)

  67. I really hope you do your basement so I can get ideas! :) I really want to get mine done too! :) Love your ideas!

  68. Sarah, I don't think there's a good place for a laundry room- send it out to be done! (Don't I wish?!) We have ours on the main floor off the kitchen, works fine- it isn't a walk-through zone. Basement seems safer than second floor in case of plumbing disasters. But second floor is more convenient if all your bedrooms are there.... But it's also noisy if you throw a load in at naptime or bedtime. No easy answer. Looking forward to a new year of TDC projects- and humor! :)

  69. Love the plans- you will be busy busy! Where did you find your striped curtains in the bedroom? I am on the hunt for some that are white and kind of mocha-y/khaki/brown-ish colored stripe for a guest bedroom re-do. And i love yours!

  70. I just have to say that I LOVE your blog! I stumbled across it one day at work back in December and since then I have used reading your older posts to get me through the day! You are really an inspiration to me as I am starting a blog of my own. I love designing on a budget and making my first house with my husband our home. I have a list of little projects that I really hope I can get around to this year too! We'll see how that goes :) Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself to you and let you know how much I love your blog! I live in Virginia but I am married to a Hoosier so its kind of fun to read about you in the homeland!

  71. I'm glad I'm not the only one who tires of things I truly love over time. It's nice to be in good company!!!

    Completely agree with your sanity saving move for the laundry. Our mudroom and laundry were also combined until very recently. The only difference here, is we're moving the mudroom. DH never liked coming in thru the back of the house (no garage). Our plan (once the weather breaks is to convert part of our covered front porch to an ample mudroom).

    However I'm gonna through you a curve and suggest that you consider combining a family closet with your new laundry space. I was inspired a couple yrs ago by the Duggars (far fewer kiddos here- 4). Hubs finally caved late last fall. We're still putting the pretty touches on it, but the functional bits are done. BEST thing I think we've ever decided to do!!!

    Good luck with your decision making!

  72. When I was a middle schooler, I wanted that bedroom! My dream was to have one wall pink, another light blue and the third purple. As for the last, I had my eye on this swirly pastel wallpaper that had all the colors.

    Never got the room.
    But, I enjoyed seeing it in your home. :)

  73. I *so* hear you on the laundry room/mudroom thing. We had the same setup in our old house and it drove me NUTS. A friend of mine transformed a similar space to a mudroom, and it looks FANTASTIC!

  74. I just found your blog this weekend. Really like your decorating style!
    Question - where did you find that white desk/table in your office? LOVE it!

  75. Two things-
    1- why do they always design a house with the laundry right next to the garage door?? Ours is like this and I am constantly bumping my rear end on the doors to the laundry, tripping over mounds of clothes to get to our half bath...madness, like you say!
    2- I sooo wish I lived near Indy so I could go to the Goodwill where you take your cast offs....oh joy, I bet that is one great Goodwill store. :)

    As always- love, love your blog. :)

  76. Wow! I'm in for a treat of reading this year I guess!

    You're already redoing things that were things I saw you doing when I first started blogging!!!

  77. Ugh, my laundry space (not a room, it's right in the basement) looks alot like that as well. Scary! I definetely need some type of organizing system down there!

    Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve this year!

  78. You are gonna LOVE this project...It might be your laundry/mudroom solution....
    Have you seen Ana White's blog?If not run do not walk:

  79. Just an husband and I live in a two story farmhouse with a basement(dungeon:)) below. Our washer is in the basement and then the dryer is on the main floor. While most people would hate this set up, having to do two sets of stairs to do the laundry, I have to admit, it doesn't bother me. Not in the least! In fact, I don't even notice it, and honestly, who doesn't need some extra cardio? So since you are considering moving your laundry, don't sweat it! (Or actually, you might once you start running those steps, HA!)

  80. I HAVE to read your blog every day...I love your writing & ideas. Always so much fun! Thanks for the great pictures that accompany your projects. Gives me courage and encouragement to try all sorts of new projects as a new retiree. We finished our bsmt over the past couple of years, doing a lot ourselves. Like others posted, we hired out the drywall/mudding. Friends helped with plumbing, electrical etc. It's a huge project but totally worth it. My hubby has his Man Cave, I have a project room and a Butler's Pantry type room which is great for parties. Once I figure out how to link up, I'll have to post a couple of pics. Our big project this yr is a complete kitchen re-do.

  81. Hi Sarah,
    I have loved your site for quite a while now. Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I just started my blog HOWEVER, I have used your idea of all the boxes throughout my living, dining, and hallway downstairs. I have only added a picture of it on my new site, but I'll add more soon. Thanks to you!!!
    Thanks so much for all your great ideas!

  82. I LOOOOVE your blog, and your reality pictures of your laundry room! One word of caution on moving your laundry UP, I know that this is successful in lots of homes, I wanted it soooo bad. Makes sense- laundry on the floor where you USE it. The laundry room upstairs for us became a nightmare, the spin cycle on the second floor was an earthquake! Shook pictures off walls, noisy, etc. etc. Just make sure where you put it is solid- we have the front loaders which I wouldnt trade for anything, but they just didn't work upstairs:(

  83. My husband and I just bought our first house and your blog is one of my many favorites I visit to help me unwind at the end of the day. Your tips are amazing!

    I noticed the lovely framed floating photos in your bedroom (The Plan, Stan.Or Squeezies post), and wonder if that was one of your DIY projects. Do you have any tips on how I can achieve that look. Thanks!!!!

  84. My hubby totally finished our basement by himself. Electric, plumbing, drywall (had a friend help with that) then we painted and got carpeting. He made it into a pool room, bedrrom, complete bathroom, bar area, and family room! He is VERY handy, thank God. HOWEVER, I sure wish I had left more storage/work area. We are sorely lacking storage space now:(:(. XO, Pinky

  85. love your blog! im on the westside of indianapolis and my husband is a plumber! we just refinished our basement about a year ago. my husband did all of that but being a plumber he is pretty handy in all those areas. we are getting ready to add on a master bedroom as we moved into a 1970s house that really didnt have a master so we have projects this year also! love reading all your ideas! btw the company is my fils justin dorsey plumbing 317-745-4830 hope that helps a little but i know any plumbing work can get pricey!

  86. Wow great design. I love it. A lot of Seattle Homes will like this too.

  87. I call our laundry room the "dressing room" - our kids don't bother taking their stuff upstairs to put away, they just run downstairs before school and change out of their laundry baskets! I guess I'm glad it's in the basement for that reason! This year I'm going to save enough money to change our ugly green carpeting in the master bedroom and paint the walls in there a nice brown.

    Thanks for the post!

  88. I love the color scheme of your laundry room. I hope you can keep them neat because it really looks awesome. Looking forward to that office of yours. A few flicks on the wall would make it perfect! Good job!

  89. Hi!
    We refinished our bare nekked basement a few years ago--walls, flooring, ceilings, kitchen and bath and it cost around $15,000.
    I did every inch of the concrete sealant, joint compound and texturized ceilings(not my fave, but the ceilings are 9' so it's not that noticeable).
    We are debt-free save the house payment, just completed Baby Step #3- Financial Peace University! I am proud of you for doing the same--the freedom is priceless.
    Hugs and blessings as you make your home!

  90. Lists are a good thing!
    I am preparing our home for sale--staging it-- this year. I believe it will take me all year :)
    You are an inspiration--thank you!

  91. We just re-did our basement and made it our master suite! So awesome to have it done (well, almost). My husband is pretty handy, so he was able to do some of the work, but we hired some guys to do the framing and the drywall. Hubby did plumbing and electrical. We found these guys on "Angie's List" which we have learned is a great resource for finding these guys and seeing recommendations (or poor reviews, as it may be). Good luck! can't wait to see the re-do!

  92. We finished our basement a couple of years ago and we did it without going into debt (Dave Ramsey would be proud). We did it in different stages but paid cash for it all.

    We hired a contractor (Hoosier do'er - I'm in the Fishers area too) but since then I've met several people who can do the floors and electrical if you need names.

    We ended up with an Irish pub, full bath, family room and my favorite, a craft room for me!

    Good luck! Its such a nice feeling when its all done.

  93. I can't wait to see what you have in store for that laundry room!!!! Ours is similar in shape and size and I've talked the hubby into letting me do the bead board thing. We were going to do white and paint the walls a nice beachy sky blue color (we live in Florida and I like the beach cottage look). Of course, our dryer broke and after borrowing a set from my awesome bro-in-law for months, we got new RED RED RED front loaders and stacked them (stacking is awesome!), but now of course I need to rethink color scheme and layout. I'm looking to you for inspiration girl!!!!
    And I totally recommend moving the laundry upstairs if you can. We had upstairs laundry in the only 2 story place we lived in and it rocked. I can't imagine taking folded stacks of laundry up 2 flights to put it away. Plus when its upstairs you get to it more often. If you throw the dirty clothes down into the basement they're not staring at you and you end up putting it off until you have nothing left to wear (at least that's what I do! LOL)

  94. Thank you for showing the reality of your laundry room. I have seriously gotten blog depression from the "smoke and mirrors photos" all over blogland.

  95. Hey there! First, I want to say how inspired my hubby and I are by your home projects... we are definitely doing board and batten in our bedroom and we've undertaken some fun projects because your pics were so inspiring! So, recently we re-did our basement... actually we finished it, because it was absolutely HID-E-OUS with the ugliest faux wood paneling and stained gross carpet. We decided to do as much as we could ourselves then hire out some of the finish work, like taping and spackling which I H.A.T.E. and really am terrible at. So when we took down the paneling we saw that there were no studs, just furring strips screwed to the walls. So we went with that, decided not to insulate (we have steam heat and the pipes even in the ceiling make the room very warm). We started last January, worked through the summer (hubby is a teacher and we worked during the kids' naps and after they went to bed at night). Can I tell you how much I dislike hanging drywall on the ceiling at 11pm?! And my hubby did the most awesome built-ins to get around pipes, etc. But it all started with a plan-- which we spelled out in detail over lunch at Olive Garden. We are just about finished now (hired a spackler who was awesome) and just have some little touches to complete. I have my own craft area with brand new cabinets and a sink(hooray!) as well as a spot for the kids to do homework when they get old enough and a play area for all the toys that I've been tripping on in the living room for years. And our house is not big-- a typical cape cod. Will email pics if you're interested. It's decorated in San Diego Chargers blue and I even painted an enormous lightning bolt on one wall. I know, sounds crazy distracting but wow the basement is wonderful. Will give you any tips you need-- and just to let you know how thrifty we are over here in NJ, I think we spent under $6k for everything, including carpeting, allure flooring, cabinets, drywall, etc. So thanks so much for all the great ideas you have and for sharing them with us!! Enjoy decorating!

  96. Dear Sarah,
    I am so excited to have found your blog! At Christmas time I found your pins on Pinterest and copied the chandelier project. It turned out to be the most beautimous decoration of the holiday season! I hosted a party for the ladies in my neighborhood and several of them copied it too. I gave you full credit of course and showed them how to access your ideas on Pinterest. I am looking forward to copying the wall art above the fireplace in the master bedroom. I have some really crafty ideas of my own and am looking forward to sharing them. Thanks for taking the time to blog! I totally enjoy everything you have posted and am looking forward to more!! Judi


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