Monday, January 31, 2011

There was no line dancing…

opryland hotel

But there was beauty, everywhere you looked:

The Opryland Hotel is seriously one of the most magnificent places I have ever stayed. Absolutely gorgeous. And just like last year, I didn’t have nearly enough time to look around!

I only got night shots, and they’re still amazing:

There was plenty of goofing off:

I’m trying to bring Traci to the dark side…that would be giving up the sweet nectar that is soda. It’s not happening. But that’s why I love her! :)

We even fit in some thrifting:

Kate and Chris’s faces are the BEST. (We weren’t too sure about those chairs.) And no, that is not a beer in my hand, it’s a root beer. ;)

I got to meet the man who inspired us to change our lives, and our family tree:

Financial Peace Plaza

Thanks SO MUCH to Jen for having me along!! (More on that soon!)

But more than anything, there was a lot of smiling:

(Chris and me)

TONS of hugging:

(Marian and me)


(Lorie and me)

A LOT of laughter:

(Myra, Chris, Richella, me, Traci and Rhoda)

Making new friends:

(Shauna and Ashley, new friends; me and Layla, an “old” friend)

And generally having an absolutely fantastic time!!:

I reconnected with the friends I’ve already met over the past year, and I finally got to meet so many bloggers I knew were friends but I had never met in real life. It never ceases to amaze me how I can meet someone for the first time, yet it’s as if I’ve known them for years and YEARS.

It’s instant friendship and love and understanding, and I am so fortunate to call all of these women friends and coworkers. It overwhelms me. What a blessing blogging is.

To say we had a blast would be an understatement. :)

Cheers to all of you – bloggers who were friends before we knew we were. :)

(If we met and I didn’t mention you, I mean YOU too!!)

A special shout out to my roomies – Chris, Rhoda and Beth:


I already miss our late night talks!! :) You are a few of the loveliest, funniest, best women I know.

I got home from Nashville just in time for the storm of the century (echo, echo, echo)…ice, snow and wind for the next couple of days. This was our bedroom window one hour into it tonight:

That would be a sheet of ice. Thankyouverymuch.

We are warming up, hunkering down and planning on staying in for the next 24 hours, at least. I hope to get some projects started and a few finished since we’ll be stuck inside. Stay safe if you are facing the same!!

**Some photos borrowed from Beth and Kate! :)


  1. Looks like fun. I already booked sitter for Blissdom 2011, come high water or 20 inches of snow.

    Speaking of which. I feel your pain. Chicago's due for two feet of snow!

    Here's to being forced to getting projects done!

  2. I still can't believe we never found each other .......well other than you yelling to me and me not hearing you! Lol

    Stay safe, ice and snowmagedon coming here too

  3. Miss you so much roomie! We need to plan another get together before next year! I don't think I can wait that long to see you again! xoxo

  4. I STILL cannot believe we didn't meet up! It's like the one thing I meant to do and didn't! Grr lol! I so wanted to go to Dave Ramsey with all y'all too! :)
    Next year, next year!
    Lovely pictures!
    @ Creative Kristi

  5. I am so hoping to get to go to Blissdom next year! It's a super short drive for me so that limits my excuses! I've followed your blog for awhile and reading your blog helped give me the courage to start my own. Maybe we'll get to meet next year...thank you for sharing your experience with everyone else!

    I look forward to getting to know you in the future!

  6. Sarah,
    I loved spending time with you. I have always known we were soul sisters. And I love you despite your love for the "other" bottle of delicious goodness. :)
    We have seriously got to get together soon. I will make the three hour drive up to your place. Or we can meet half way and rock Louisville! :)
    Miss you bunches!!!

  7. The weather is yucky but it's scored me a snow day!!! I'm so excited! I told my mom I'm tying the trashcan lid to my Pomeranian and riding behind him down the street- what a blog post that would be!

  8. It was great meeting you IRL. You are even more of a treat in person than on your blog (and you know I'm obsessed with your blog!).

    Take care!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  9. So happy to get to meet you even if it was just briefly! Too bad we didn't get to chat more!

  10. It was so awesome seeing you again and being able to hang out! We made some great memories.

    Next time we're up in IN, we'll have to get together.

    Be safe in the crazy weather. I hope y'all don't lose power!


  11. Hard to believe a lot of the hotel was under water less than a year ago, isn't it? Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  12. You are just too sweet!! I so enjoyed getting to spend some time with you this weekend! Let me know if you ever come back to Nashville to hang out with Dave again! :)

  13. Looks like we have some of the same pics...I did a post about the resort last week...I was there during the holidays with the fam...awesome place! I forgot about Blissdom...have it on my calendar for next year...sounds like a ton of fun.


  14. Glad I got to meet you even if it was on my way out of town! :)

  15. LOVE reading your blog. So full of personality! It has given me so many ideas & inspired me to begin so (too) many projects. Now I have to begin AND complete them one by one vs. my usual mode of working on multiple projects at once. Eck. I recently began blogging & hope to get up the courage to post some of my home project pictures.
    Is Blissdom open to all bloggers? Where can I find out more? Here in St Louis we're still in the ice phase of the big blizzard also. Thanks for sharing your Blissdom.

  16. Okay...what a small world. The Dave Ramsey group pic, I just saw that on on of my friend's FB so when I saw it on your blog, I was shocked! My friend, Heather, is in the photo too! She's the girl in black behind the woman in khakis and a purple top. Such a small world!!

  17. The hotel is beautiful...I have gone out several times in the past to photograph out there....I have not been out though since the remodel from the floods. Its a nice peaceful place to just walk around, camera in hand...and enjoy. Its beautiful at Christmas also.

  18. I never realized Opryland hotel was so beautiful. We are not that far from there, I may have to find a weekend for a getaway! Thanks for sharing your photos, looks like so much fun!

  19. Awesome! Love this roundup, it was a great time, so excited for you to go to the DR Plaza, cool! I've been listening to him a lot lately thank to you!!!

    I missed the line dancing this year and I almost tweeted you when they showed that huge stallion from the Wildhorse Saloon on the monitor on the shuttle! Why did we not get a picture together this year, gah?

    Fun times friend, fun times.


  20. Alright, my inquiring mind wants to know: what's with all the short bloggers? I remember from long ago that we're the same height (5'9) and notice that you tower above most everybody....what gives? Please tell me there were some other tall girls to represent.

  21. DAVE!!!! I'm offically jealous! It looks like you all had a great time. I'm ready for a girls weekend, day, vacay long as it's somewhere warm with no snow.....BOOOOOO snow!

    Have a great week :)

  22. What fun! The opryland hotel and Financial peace plaza... wow.. the only other Tenn. stop I would have made is to Dan Millers house. I stopped in Tenn. on my way to NJ to see some of nashvillie, but not enough, I want to go back. It looks like you ladies all had a blast. It is so much fun to meet someone and feel like you have known them all your life :-)

    -Kim (aka Mr. Gnome)

  23. HA! Love the thrifty pic of you guys on the chairs...were you all afraid of bed bugs?! lol I think of that every time I go in a Goodwill! lol
    Can't wait till next year...we really need to meet up! Hey we're not that far from each other in "real life"...I only live about 25 minutes from Traci (beneath my heart). :)
    Have a great day my friend!
    My Cottage Charm

  24. Oh my, what a wonderful time you must have all had and so many great memories made! I am sticking a trip like this in my "dream" file.

  25. Sarah, talk about a crazy coincidence!! Did you feature my blog, Lissalaneous, on the same day you went to Financial Peace Plaza?? My husband works there! We moved to Nashville three years ago so my husband could join the crusade! I stopped in to work last week with my kiddos to get them some of Miss Martha's famous cookies (I hope you got one?) and to drop something off for a friend who works there. I would have been so shocked to see you!!

    Maybe next year my little blog will take off, thanks to your help, and I'll be able to attend Blissdom and meet you in person. I could even take you to some of the best hidden shops in Nashville.

    Many blessings!
    Lissalaneous Thoughts

  26. So glad you were able to see and enjoy the beauty of The Opry Land Hotel. I'm only 1 1/2 north of Nashville so my family has visited Opry Land since I was a tiny tot. We've made several family trips to see the Christmas lights too. But the last three years my husband & I along with his teammates spent a week there during the national mine rescue competition. We really enjoyed our time there and it holds a lot of special memories for us. So I love it when I see others enjoying their selves as well. Book a visit for December, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Looks like you all had an amazing time!! Maybe next year I'll drag my butt there...:)

  28. I live across the river from Opryland Hotel. I'm delighted you got to see our fair city, Cracker Barrell and Dave Ramsey (an Ikon)...Mel's Cabin blog is just a short hop from the Hotel.Welcome and come back again.

  29. Blissdom looks like so much fun...Would love to go sometime, but a little too far from the great midwest..Do you know of anything like Blissdom that would be closer to Iowa?

    Looking for more midwest bloggy friends. :-)

  30. You are right...Opryland Hotel is magnificent. I used to live in the Nashville area and loved going there during the different seasons to look around. You captured some beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  31. So glad you enjoyed visiting Tennessee and the place I call home! :) - Karen

  32. Sarah, it was so much fun to meet you and spend a tiny bit of time with you--I know that the girls who got to spend a lot of time with you were doubly blessed!

    I'm glad you got to go to see Dave Ramsey. You're the source of tons of great press for him! My best friend's son (Jon Acuff) started working for Dave Ramsey just last fall, and he is so high on Dave and the whole company. It's cool to see a company that provides such a great service do so well. Just as it's cool to see a blogger like you do so well. You really do set a high standard in the blogosphere!

  33. Love reading your blog. It looks like you had a blast. I personally like country or primitive decor. Looking forward to more posts!

  34. That looks like so much fun! Thanks for featuring me while you were gone! I really appreciate it! It has been huge for me!

  35. Looks like so much fun and that everyone genuinely loves spending time together. Thanks again for the feature while you were away! So awesome of you.

  36. Can you put up more pictures of the hotel- it looks stunning!

  37. I love that y'all went to Teen Challenge Thrift Store! I was there on Saturday and everything was 50% off. It supports a wonderful ministry. Glad you had such a great time in my hometown.

    Tricia Hicks

  38. Bonding with the girls is so much fun! I bet you all have an amazing time together!

  39. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like you had a great time. Loved looking at the pictures. Glad you made it home before it started to storm. Brrrr!!

  40. Wow, it looks like everyone had an awesome time. How lucky are you to meet the ladies in person :)
    What exactly do you do at Blissdom? That probably sound like a silly question, but I am new to blogging.

  41. It also features free airport shuttle services, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool as well as a whirlpool, exercise room, laundry facilities and a business room.

  42. I love your (and Ashley's) scarves in that pic above. You girls are stinkin' adorable!

  43. hey girl! I had a blast meeting you. You are too much fun! ;) CONGRATS on the debt freeness of your awesome self. we're working on that ourselves! ;)


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