Showing off Cassity

May 05, 2011

Hey all! First of all…WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for all of the sweet comments on our lovely little book nook. You made my week. MONTH! Anyway, thanks again. It thrills me to no end when you tell me I inspire you. :)

I know I promised a how-to on the nook and everything I did inside, but I have to do hold that off till next week. I still need to take a few more pictures and our week has been so crazy, I’ve run out of daylight more than once. And you know how I hate the night time pics. ;)

So tonight, I wanted to show off a blogger I’ve been meaning to tell you about for a while. Cassity’s site is AWESOME.

Have you heard of Remodelaholic? If not, you’re in for a treat. Cassity and her hubby are a force to be reckoned with. I am in awe of their ideas…and their follow-through. And I love how they are able to reuse basic items to make something beautiful.

Case in point – this gorgeous headboard is made from…wait for it…kitchen cabinet doors:


Isn’t it lovely?? And you won’t believe the cost! Really. It was only $15. Cassity’s instructions are detailed and easy to follow – go here to see more of this project.

I absolutely loved how they transformed a builder basic bathroom cabinet from this:




Ack. I LOVE the added character! Go here to see the post on that project. 

I also love this next bathroom vanity, and it would be PERFECT in our bathroom. Because I’m like, 15 feet tall, our master bath vanity is SO stinkin’ low. It drives me mad.

I’ve been thinking about a new vanity, and the potential options…and I think this one is going to win out:

DIY bathroom vanity

And with Cassity’s graphics, I feel like I could totally do it! (With the help of my Dad, of course.) I can’t WAIT to try this!!

I adore her version of this Pottery Barn mosaic art:

She did it on her own, in a beautiful blue color:

mosiac art

But those aren’t tiles peeps. ;) Go here to see how she did this for way cheap.

Remodelaholic also showcases some amazing projects out there in blogland. I find so much inspiration there.

As soon as I saw this one the other day, I emailed it to hubby immediately and begged him to bring home a music stand:


I mean, if anyone has access to those, my band director hubby does. ;) Isn’t that fantastic?

Head over to Remodelaholic (love that name!) and check out all the inspiration. But make sure you’ve got some time…you’ll be looking around for awhile. And then your hubby will tell you to JUST CALM DOWN – he’s bringing the music stand home already!! ;) Sheesh.

I’ll be back this weekend with a fantastic giveaway!

**If you’d like me to show off YOUR blog, send me a quick email with pics, links and a brief description of your favorite projects! Put SHOW ME OFF in the subject line.

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  1. I love Remodelaholic! A complete timesuck, but oh, such a guilty pleasure. When I first found her site, I'd spend hours looking around.

  2. um, hello, my name is shelli and I need to go back to school and get some talent. awesome stuff!! xoxo

  3. I love these links!! Also, I love that your hubby is a band director :) Music teachers (and spouses!) unite!!

  4. I have spent the entire day sketching out the revamp of our playroom closets to make Book Nooks. I LOVED it! Absolutely can't wait to read your in depth how post. Especially loved the fabrics you used!

  5. shelli (ala mode) that was funny.

  6. Can't wait to check out her site! Thank you for featuring it!

  7. Wow! This couple is talented. Can't wait to check out more of their projects.

  8. Wow! Great and easy stuff. I love it when peeps repurpose things and it looks so natural and easy it's like a 'dah, why didn't I think of that?' Wonderful inspiration!

  9. Love all these links. I saw that music stand lamp recently and quickly ran upstairs as I knew we had one in the attic. Mine's not vintage so some distressing or orb paint will have to be done to it.

    Love your book nook!!! Too cute!

  10. I found your site while doing a Google search for decorating unfinished basements and became hooked on your posts! Thanks for sharing about Remodelholic. I'm looking forward to reading the site. LOVE the bathroom vanity. We're repainting our outdated bathroom next month, so that gives me an idea for freshening the cabinets.

  11. OH thank you, thank you, thank you! I am sorry I didn't see it until today! I get my email subscription the TDC the day after!

    Thanks for the best Mother's day gift on the planet... (my husband is now going to have to really wow me to beat this surprise!!!)

  12. I just found your blog and am your latest fan and follower!!! I LOVE IT!! We are redoing a small foreclosure on a small budget with a lot of creativity and I LOVE your ideas. THANK YOU from Kristy at a thrifty creative crafty healthy blog I will be back constantly!!

  13. absolutely LOVE it all, but I am head-over-heels for those two bathroom vanities!!!

  14. I love that lamp and I think we might have a music stand or two that we are getting rid of at church. Or maybe I should ask our band director.... I so have to have that lamp for our new addition since it will contain our music room (complete with insulated walls to help keep the noise level down!!!) marimba and alto sax, anyone?!

    Thank the for all the great ideas and inspirational posts! Now I am off to work on our kitchen "remodel!" :)

  15. LOVE all these ideas! I will definitely check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  16. It's funny, you're the third blog today that's showcased another decor blog - which I already follow! Great to know my bloggy heroes like the same things I do too!

  17. Remodelaholic is AMAZING!!! And I have to say, I have a few music stands laying around over here! I LOVE that idea, too!!!

    I’ve added the Home May’d badge to my blog post. I hope that is OK?? If not just let me know and I’ll just use a link!!

    OH and I had a blast joining all the Holiday Home parties!!! :)

  18. hadn't heard of them, I must be living under a rock. Been hunting for a new headboard and $15 is something I can get behind.
    Off to look around....

  19. Oh my goodness, I love it. That first bathroom vanity is absolutely fantastic. What a great idea and so simple too!

  20. I'm not sure if this is wjere I should put this....But I would like to SHOW OFF my daughters blog..."Paper Moon Photography." I know it is not a design blog but I truly think you will enjoy it.
    Love your blog!!! You give me so many ideas!!!!

  21. I love the Together Forever necklace. I think that one is really sweet.

  22. YES YES YES it's so lovely. And i really really can't believed the headboard is only $15.

    I think Remodelaholic's headboard tutorial is fun to do. I'll see if my husband would like to help me with this project. This summer perhaps? I'll wait and see.

  23. Your myfav blog I read and how I never knew your hubby was a band director is beyond me. I'm a band director too!!

  24. Now that is cheap and absolutely awesome.
    I love your blog, gives me so many ideas and inspiration!

    Pandora from home and decor

  25. Your blog is wonderful. I wanna decorate my house but have no clue how. I'm so glad that there are ladies like you out there to help us who are "design challenged"! Could you post the link that the first sink is on? I'm redoing 2 small bathrooms and a sink like that would be wonderful!

    Thank you!


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