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June 12, 2011

We took advantage the recent rare cool temps to get a few more things knocked off our very long outdoor to-do list!

While my husband worked on the lawn, I started cleaning up the glass from our door disaster.

Yes…started. We still hadn’t done it. It was a bit overwhelming.

That’s a lot of glass:

A LOT a lot.

(We didn’t use the backdoor for a week and had the glass covered till we could get to it.)

It took FOREVER. Oh em gee.

Mainly because I had to get down and use a flathead screwdriver to get all of the glass out from between each board:


Hours people.

The glass was literally embedded in between the deck boards…down as far as half an inch. It was insane. (I just knocked those through under the deck.)

But it had to be done, and now we can actually use the deck!

Speaking of the deck…when the glass was finally gone (I’ll be happy to never see broken glass again in my life), I moved on to the next project.

This one started with another glass disaster last summer:

Classy.  :)

A gust of wind moved the umbrella  and it shattered the middle glass piece in our old table.

We donated the set last year (it was in bad shape anyway), and that spot has been sitting nekked for a year now.

Last month I started the search for a new dining set and we had two criteria that had to be met – it couldn’t have a glass top (told you I’m not dealing with glass again) and it had to be affordable.

I fell in love with this Smith and Hawken Allogio set at Target:

allogio set target

Isn’t it gorgeous? It was on sale, but even at that, it was still going to be $1,300. Ouch.

But it was so purdy. And sturdy. ;)

So I was back on the search for a new dining set…I tried four other stores and only glass top tables were left.

I thunk and thunk, then decided to try Sears.

They had plenty in stock, WHOO! And in JUNE, can you believe it? ;)

I loved this set:

It is beautiful, but it was a bit busy for what I wanted.

I was going for a little more steamlined look and the more I thought about it, I thought the holes in the table top might end up driving me a little batty. I’m  also trying avoiding cushions at all costs (I’m not good and bringing them in, like, ever).

That set was a GREAT price though – I think $800?

They had another set that I loved and it was way cheaper:

country living outdoor furniture

It’s the Country Living Ashmore set and the table and six chairs were only…wait for it…$500 and the shipping was FREE! Awww yeah.

I did a little dance in the store. :)

We got the delivery last week so our next project for the day was assembling all of it. 

We really love how it turned out:

Ashmore country living

I love the detail on the backs of the seats, (they match the Target set almost exactly!), and they are still comfy, even more so than the one I mentioned above with the cushions.

The table has a slate-like material and I’m crossing my fingers it holds up better than the glass. :)

I LOVE how the colors in the slate pull in the red umbrella (we had) and the red in our deck.

Next up for the deck…more flowers need to be planted:

lantana flowers

A new rug from Home Depot will go under the table:

martha stewart outdoor rug

(It’s about 7 1/2 by 11 feet for $100!)

I’ve also got a few tricks up my sleeve for our pergola, and goodNESS, we need to restain the deck so so so bad. So glad we remembered that AFTER we set up the new dining set.

That’s gonna be SO FUN. ;)

For now, I’m just happy to have a “finished” deck again. I love looking out to that spot from inside – it makes me feel like we’re in a treehouse:


I’ll show you the deck after I’m done…hopefully before the nasty heat hits in July. :)

We were out working for about five hours today, so to celebrate our new table, we ate our fancy dinner outside:

little ceasars

Yummo…I’m a sucker for Crazy Bread. ;)

Did you accomplish anything outside this weekend? Is your outdoor to-do list as long as ours? We’re supposed to have fantastic temps all week and I hope to knock out a ton of outside projects!

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  1. The deck is lookin' good, Sarah! I love your new dining set. :) Fancy dinners outdoors are the way to go! ;)

  2. I love your set. I have been looking for a conversation set I think it is called. Just 4 chairs and a coffee table. I can't believe how much is sold out already! May be I should check Sears too.


  3. Love your new patio set! My oldest son broke our glass top table last summer...glass shards everywhere...in between deck boards, in plants, in EVERYTHING. We pushed many of them through the boards like you and swept up the rest. I'm planning on tiling a piece of plywood to replace it (in my spare time!). Like you, we will NEVER buy another glass top patio set again!!

  4. I can't imagine picking all that glass up. Salt bath indeed girl! you earned it!
    The deck is looking good!
    Love the deal on the rug!!!

  5. Crazy bread is my idea of a fancy dinner as well :)

  6. Love the new dining set, it looks wonderful and such a great price. Can't wait to see everything when it is all done. Hugs, marty

  7. Same thing happened to me with my glass top table on the deck. What a disaster. There is still glass in the cracks of my deck and it was a few years ago. I know how daunting it was to tackle the clean up. I think I looked at my deck for a week before I actually started cleaning it up!

  8. That glass cleaning up would suck! I would've shop vac'd the entire deck and prayed it was strong enough to get between the boards. Love the patio set! Wish we could have a little bistro set on our apartment porch but haven't found any cheap sets.

  9. Lovin' the new dining set! You can always count on good ole Sears. We bought our porch furniture there....AFTER looking at about seven thousand sets at 26 different stores all over the city. Note to self:GO TO SEARS FIRST, ALWAYS. I've been trying to get my entire garden planted...and have been spoiled by these wonderful temperatures. So of course rather than actually PLANTING the garden I've just been playing and sitting and doing nothing. ;-)

  10. LOVE the new set! Your chairs look similar to what I have on my front porch. I have two of the tall ones with a tall square table. My set came from Lowes quite a few years back. Can't wait to see your finished deck!

  11. It looks great!! It must be nice to have such great weather! I live in Houston and have to wait until at least 7:00pm to get anything done outside! Its unbearable!

  12. I love that rug from Home Depot! I need it :) Do you happen to know the name or style number etc?? Did you order it online? Thanks so much! :)


  13. Love your patio set! Wish we could keep anything outside here without it blowing away :) I was outside all day yesterday working and could really feel the pain by the end of the night. Gotta take advantage of good weather when it comes.

  14. Good work! My husband and I are moving to our first house next month and no one has lived there all spring. The idea of getting the yard looking nice is already giving me hives. It's a jungle!

  15. Looking fab Sara, if I posted pics of my patio it would give you nightmares,its so far down on my list ...well at least I get to live vicariously through all of the great outdoor spaces I see in blog land.Love that view through the windows.

  16. Love your patio patio set, Sara! it looks wonderful. a gust a wind came through last night and knocked our umbrella off the stand too. then right into the pool.

  17. Wow that is alot of glass I feel for you cause when grass grows in the cracks of our deck it drives me nuts cant imagine picking glass out. The patio table is pretty, and I am with you on the all metal one alot of little holes. Thinking be a nightmare to clean next year. This makes me want to fix our deck up.

  18. That happened to our outdoor table a couple of a years ago! Except that we lost the whole glasstop. I totally feel your pain when it comes to cleaning up glass! YOur outdoor space looks great.

  19. I'm so jealous of people that get to enjoy the outdoors at home on a beautiful deck like yours! It's so blazing hot here in Texas (and the mosquitos are awful) that you really need a pool to want to be outside. Next house will have one! Anyway, great finds on your furniture and rug! Love them both!

  20. I'm loving your new outdoor dining set! I would have NEVER looked at Sears for one...actually I'm pretty sure our tiny Sears store doesn't carry stuff like that. (I can't imagine where they'd put them as the store is tiny!) What a find!

    We need to wash-stain-seal our deck. Have you found any products that work well for you?

    Oh...and like a previous poster asked- do you have any info on that rug you bought?

  21. Tons of progress--esp. since you had to dig out the glass, too! :) That post had me open mouthed and laughing out loud.

  22. Love the new patio set, Sarah! I got my new set a couple years ago, after our first one caught fire during a cocktail party... Let's just say I will never use pretty votive candles on a wood table again :) I was then almost involved in a brawl over the last teak table at the Smith and Hawken store closing sale. Oh, what we must endure for a nice outdoor dining experience.

    Enjoy this weather... it's fantastic! We stained the deck in the sweltering heat a few weeks ago :)

  23. It's turning out sooo nice. I adore the red umbrella, and a rug... what a great idea!


  24. Wow- I can't imagine how tedious it must have been to get all of that glass out of your deck! You definitely deserve a long hot bath. :) Love the new patio set! Walmart has one that I've been eying but it is out of our budget so maybe we'll wait and cross our fingers for an end of season sale. We did purchase a little table and chairs set from IKEA this weekend and I blogged about it today. If you want to check it out you can visit my blog here:


    Happy Monday!

  25. I love your dining set! I keep checking Craigslist & ReStore for one in my price range! Ahhhh...I mowed the lawn (about a 1/4 acre), spread 160 lbs of lime & 40 lbs of fertilizer in hopes of driving the moss away, spread more grass seed & last night we had just enough rain to soak it all in! Still have to get my veggies in the ground! Sat around and admired my enlarged garden at the front of the house!

  26. I did! Look at the 'recovery' of my swing cushions:

    I kept up the momentum by making a cover for the chaise out of the remaining fabric. I had to order more fabric [and found it for $10 a yard! Woot!] to cover the cushions of the chairs, and to edge the swing top/canopy. Next I have to repaint the metal table and chairs, it's been 2 years since those got spruced up and they were used when they came to us [what isn't right?].

    I totally get you on the cushion thing... the thing is they are such an easy way to spruce things up cheaply [esp if you can sew, which clearly I can't! LOL]

  27. Definitely a bubble bath moment, Sarah! I'm so glad the back door incident is finally behind you :) Right now in TX it is too hot to do anything much outside, but I did get a few plants re potted that desparately neeed it. Congrats on the table purchase - great find!

  28. I know after all that, it's a bit strange for my comment to be about this, but my body is also TORE UP from the weekend. I was telling my hubby right before reading this, if I was a normal female, a bath would be soooo sweet right now. I'm pretty sure I'm the only living mom who doesn't get excited about taking a bath. Okay, and now I will say, the patio looks nice. :o)

  29. Oh I am so sorry for your pain in the --- keester glass woes. :) Your patio looks so nice.

    If you get a chance, please stop by and enter the giveaway I am hosting on my blog.

    Happy Monday!

  30. Staining the deck can be a chore. I was so glad to get ours done - looks a million times better. Love your new patio furnitue. Patio furniture can be so over priced.


  31. Hi Sarah,

    I have the same patio set which we got it from Sears 2 months back. After looking everywhere we decided on this set. It looks really great and can't wait to see your finished deck.


  32. dear thrifty decor chick,

    i love you. : ) i get so excited every time i see you have a new post! you inspire me all the time and you have taken the place of my very favorite blogger. i have almost stopped blogging twice now, feeling like i will never have an amazing blog like this, but each time you have posted something to inspire me to keep going. you've helped me get back to the purpose of blogging. thanks. you are awesome!

  33. UGH...can't even imagine the pain in the hiney all that glass was...eek! Of course, I have a totally OCD man and he would NOT have dealt well with leaving the glass there for ANY amount of time...lol. I would have been out there with him and if it meant going into dark, a plug in garage light...cleaning it up. UGH! Sometimes his OCD works in my favor,...but not often.
    Case in point,...WE put up a above ground pool this weekend. It took us ALL weekend to put it up...why you ask...because the MAN had to have everything EXACTLY perfect...arrgggghhh! BUT, at least these 100 degree heat days won't be unbearable any more...;) And our pool looks fantastic!

  34. At least all physical evidence from your door fiasco is now gone! Hurrah! Put that in the memory box and forget about the horror! :D

  35. The rug from Home Depot is amazing! What a great find and all of your research paid off big time. Thanks for sharing this with us - it's given me hope in finding the perfect patio set for our new home.

  36. Hi! I love how your deck is looking! It really does look like you are in a tree house looking out from your kitchen. Love it! I sent you an email about winning the giveaway. Did you get it? I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Thanks so much!
    Marisa Bonney

  37. It looks so beautiful! your porch is really nice too!

  38. So pretty! Now you have me looking at patio sets now! haha!
    And I forgot to comment, but I LOVE the back door being black. It's gorgeous!

  39. WOW! You got a lot accomplished. I still have so much to do outside as well. Can't wait to see your progress.

    I'm starting a linky party on Mondays for my "Make a List Mondays". Would love it if you could join! :)


  40. Wow, that's a lot to accomplish! The bath was well deserved. :)

    I'm curious to see what you do for your pergola. We're talking about building one here soon (I think I'll use the Ana White plans for it?) and more ideas are always good.

  41. We just re-stained our deck recently.. we just did it last year but 85 inches of snow this winter completely ruined it. We tried an amazing product called DECK RESTORE... It turns the wood into almost like concrete or something.. Check it out!

  42. Your set looks great-and YES, we too are in the never ending vortex spin that is outdoor sprucing/building/landscaping.

    Our house was abandoned for a few years before we got into it, so the yards-both front and back-were nothin' but weed pits. With rocks. And a few black widow spiders =O

    Last summer, our first one here, we did the back yard-b/c we live out there and the dog needed a fenced in area in which to romp :)

    This year we are doing the front. We are re-purposing EVERYTHING we ripped up, and then adding stuff from Craigslist/thrift places. We leveled the yard, raked the rocks, ripped up walkways in one place and added in others-we're exhausted!

    It's really starting to look good, though, and in few more weekends and it will be finished.

    Doesn't it feel great to DIY? After its done, of course. :)

  43. I'm also thinking to redecorate my porch and deck area. And we have the same problem - I can't afford some fixture sets. The good ones are so expensive. This ruined my plans for this summer.

    I've been looking some deck collections from Pottery Barn. They all look stunning. Maybe I can just DIY them.

  44. I searched and searched at TONS of stores for a new set and finally found ours at Sears too- very similar to the one you have. Slate tile has lasted 2 years so far. And if any of them break, a trip to HOBO for new 12x12 tiles won't break the bank. So much more affordable than some! Congrats on your great find!

  45. Its a nice looking table and a dine out opt at home or backyard chat with your family and friends

  46. We went a little crazy on the vegetable garden this week and I was mostly crippled yesterday. It was previously known as the weed garden.

    Your picture makes me think of the very big container of epsom salts under the sink in the guest bathroom.

    That is a very happy thought for this evening. Thanks so much for the reminder. :)

  47. I have the same set and love it!!

  48. We finished a patio - iron table (free from next door neighbor) and old iron patio chairs from an estate sale for $5.00 each. The burgers taste so much better on our next-to-nothing new eating area.

  49. Your patio looks great! Good deal on the patio set, they can be so expensive. I am trying to get my new patio stones laid down so that I can move on to the fun part of getting furniture and decorating but the Ontario weather is not cooperating with me! Its beautiful all day while I am working and rains all weekend! So frustrating.

  50. I'm totally with you -- love outdoor seating with plush cushions, but too lazy to bring them in and out. And let's face it -- here in the Hoosier State, we have crazy weather. If we were in LA where it hardly ever rains and you can spend the entire year outside, that would be another story.

  51. Your table is on sale TODAY only for another $100 off. Plus a $20 coupon code.
    $399. Call and see if you can get a refund of the difference!? That would be an even better deal!

    Sears - Country Living Ashmore 7-Piece Patio Dining Set $379.99 AC (Reg $799.99) 6/19 Only!
    Country Living Ashmore 7-Piece Dining Set [sears.com] $379.99 (Reg $799.99) after coupon "SPATIO20". Sale ends 6/19.


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