DIY Christmas Crafts Using Glass and Mason Jars

December 12, 2011

How to create festive holiday decor using jars and glass candleholders. 

This is one of my favorite Christmas craft DIYs! If you have leftover mason jars or glass containers, this is a fun way to dress them up for the holiday season. 

First up, a DIY Christmas mason jar craft that only takes a few minutes to complete! These are easily customizable and make great gift ideas too.

I visited a spectacular Anthropology store recently and I saw these Christmas themed mason jars and fell in love with them:

anthropologie tree jars

Their prices on the other hand, were INSANE. I think the big ones were $25 or maybe $30-something?

So of course, I think, OH, I could SO do those myself! The day after we got home, I went out and got the supplies to make them.

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I started with a bunch of little bottle brush trees from the craft store:

tiny bottle brush trees

They were already “snow” covered, but I wanted them to glisten with CHRISTMAS.

I used Aleene’s clear glue and just brushed it on the sides:

glitter on bottle brush trees

I just dipped each tree with glue into the glitters:

glittery bottle brush trees

And let them dry. That’s it!

I used three different types of glitter to pretty them up – a silver, white, and one that is teeny tiny little glittery balls. It is beautiful!

So I just filled each jar with my faux snow and then the little trees. 

You could also glue your trees down at the bottom of each jar with a hot glue gun, but I plan to reuse these. 

I got some little pinecones and tiny jingle bells from the craft store and dropped a few in each jar as well:

tiny jingle bells

The end result isn’t the exact Anthropologie version, but just as cute. (I think.):

Christmas tree jar craft

I already had everything but the trees and the little fillers, so each jar was about a buck for me. But even if you started from scratch, you’d be able to do each one for less than $5.

I kept my embellishments simple, but you could add so many cute details to these mason jar Christmas crafts. 

I couldn't find my mason jar lids, but realized I didn't need them for this display. I like reusing my glass decor for the seasons, so I will store the contents of each jar for next year. 

The pics don’t show how much the little trees glitter, but they are so pretty!:

mason jar christmas craft

I found a little sled at a barn sale years ago, and I just laid it on the living room coffee table and placed my new Christmas decor jars on it:

mason jar centerpiece

A bunch of these jars lined up would make a great Christmas centerpiece!

Here are a few more mason jar craft ideas: 

  • Epsom salts work just as well as the fake snow! 
  • Use your jars to create DIY Christmas candles. Just add a battery-operated votive to the bottom of the jar in the "snow," or fill with water and use floating candles on top.
  • The dollar store and Target dollar spot always have cute little additions like small Santas or snowmen figurines you could add to the snow. 
  • Fill them with like-colored candy or treats like red hots or peppermints. Or fill with marshmallows at a hot chocolate station!

The trees are a little bluish green for my taste -- I would rather have a true green. But when I got them in place, I realized they work perfectly with the blues in the living room:

DIY anthropologie christmas jars

So pretty and so easy! And CHEAP! 

The next crafty project is one I had going in my noggin for months, and I couldn’t believe how easily it all came together. 

I started with the glass pieces I had on the Christmas dining room centerpiece till just recently:

glass wrapped in fabric

I got most of my glass vases/candleholders from Goodwill, but you can find them for cheap at Hobby Lobby as well. 

I like using a variety of sizes (width and height) to add some interest. 

A few weeks ago Michael’s had all their Martha Stewarts paper punchers on sale, so I picked up a couple for this project. The first was one that punches out a line of the design out of the paper:

martha stewart paper punches

I found this silver paper at Hobby Lobby (it’s in their “special” paper area). 

This one is a grey linen-like paper that looks JUST like fabric. It’s kind of shimmery and so pretty!:

paper punches on glass

I just used spray adhesive on the back, then wrapped it around the glass candleholder.

For my next version, I used the big snowflake cut out on my sparkly white craft paper:

snowflake paper punch

I used a strip of the paper and then the punches on some other glass pieces:

snowflake paper punch candleholder

Again, I just sprayed the back of the paper with spray adhesive. If I want it to stay on there it will, but if I want to reuse these I can just take it off and wash off the adhesive.

For the final version, I used this beautiful scrapbook paper I found in the paper aisle as well:

gray silver craft paper

For this one I just simply wrapped a few candleholders with the paper. It’s SO pretty on its own!

At first I was going to line them up along the stairs:

snowflake candleholder

But then I realized how beautiful they’d look all together! So they ended up on the foyer table:

snowflake glass candleholders

I added a couple mercury votive holders I had from Pottery Barn (I think they were $3 each?) and finished off the little candlescape.

It looks lovely all lit up:

silver and white paper DIY candleholders

Isn’t that beautiful?

One of them is a real candle I wrapped, but for the others I’ll use my little LED candles.

 I can’t get over how pretty they are -- and this easy Christmas craft is just paper!

silver paper around glass candle

The entry table is very low key -- just some greenery from the back yard in an urn, some decorative trees and now the candles:candleholders covered with scrapbook paper

And I figure all of them can stay out through the winter months.

LOVE them!!

This project cost me about $6 in paper and I think the paper punches were about $15 total on sale. Considering I’ll easily be able to use most of these throughout the year (not the snowflakes of course), I’m thinking that’s money well spent!

Check out Goodwill for these glass pieces – I found most of mine for a dollar or two a couple years ago!

I’m thinking about adding some of the faux snow to the top of the buffet for some fun, but I’m afraid “fun” will become “MESS” real quick. ;) I may try it out to see what happens.

white and silver christmas vignette

So there you go, my latest Christmas crafty goodness! 

Have you been getting crafty lately? Were they successes or fails? I never know till I start if it's going to work or not!

Check out more of my fun snowy Christmas crafts: 

I used dollar store glass containers for these holiday floating candles, but you could also make mason jar candles with the same process: 
snowy Christmas candles

These DIY snow globe frames make fun Christmas art:
DIY snow globe frames

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  1. Love them! They are super gorgeous.

  2. Great ideas! I love those little trees...yours are even cuter!

  3. Your candles are mind blowing!!They do look great together.

  4. I am sooo in love with the glass jars wrapped in PAPER!! I duplicated the jars wrapped with fabric and was planning on making a whole family of them to put on top of my entertainment center for the winter months but I LOOVVEE the look of them wrapped in paper. Thank you for another genius idea!!

  5. Ok, I need to go to Michael's and grab some of those xmas trees. So cute! And the candles look gorgeous together!

  6. Your glass jars with candles turned out b e a u t i f u l !!
    and I really like your Christmas trees in the jars. I am going to pass that one onto my kids to make as gifts! Thanks for the ideas!!!

  7. So pretty!
    What about adding some faux snow in the bottom of a silver(or mirrored) tray, then putting the candles in? That would contain the "mess" a bit...and make it easier to clean around

    I have a round silver tray from Goodwill on my dining room table as we speak :) It works well!

  8. Oh my gosh those candle holders are beautiful! So great that you made a few different varieties & then placed them all together. They look lovely all lit up!

  9. where do you get all your energy?! :) I love your paper wrapped candles!

  10. Beautiful! And thank you for sharing. :)

  11. Oh I love the candlescape. You are brilliant! I will copy.

  12. These candles are beautiful...I love them...and I must have some...enough said!
    ...thanks for sharing!

  13. the paper covered candles are my favorites! anything done in paper speaks to me. I love them because they are clean, shiny, non-kitchsy, and classy. ... they totally wouldn't fit in my house :-) Just kidding, they would but the paper would have to be turquoise-y. ooohhh. now my wheels are spinning!

    just in case we don't get together for lunch this week, i'll wish you a merry christmas now! MERRY CHRISTMAS, SARAH!

    i kid about the lunch. i wish. next week? :-)

    angie @ seriouslyahomemaker

  14. What a great idea that turned out terrific! I'm going to be hitting the Goodwill to find some candleholders to make over, too. Love that they can be used through the winter, too!
    I've actually made more things this year than I have in a while, and it was fun and I love them. So nice when that happens. :)
    I get such great ideas here-thanks!

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  16. You have such splendid ideas! :-)

  17. Both of those are totally adorable! I did the snowflake paper punch thing last year on candles, but the group of yours looks so pretty! What is the white stuff around the bottoms of the mason jars looks like pom pom garland, love it!

  18. Love the paper covered candle holders! Great idea and awesome that they can stay out all winter!! :)

  19. Yea! Thanks for all the ideas. . .I will *definitely* be making the candles. . .I didn't realize HL had "specialty" paper like that. . .will keep a look-out. I'm thinking the Dollar Tree has candle holders like that too? I really need a candle display like yours on my entry buffet. . .may even send you a pic if I get it done :) For now will pin your inspiration to my boards -- ha! Quick question: where do you get your LED lights? I know you mention them a lot and love them. . .I just don't know what kind to invest in that will last and/or look close enough to the "real" thing that I will be happy. What should I expect to pay for them? Thanks for all your crafty goodness!!

  20. What fantastic ideas, I love the tiny trees in jars they are so cute. thanks for sharing these I feel a crafting session coming on :)

  21. So beautiful. I can't believe it's just paper! What makes them have so much impact is that you made so many.. I would have given up after 1 or 2! :)

  22. That looks amazing.. Very creative and so unique.. You did GREAT~!

  23. Sarah, I love those paper candle holders. They are beautiful!!

  24. These are spectacular looking and so easy to do too! Great project for anyone.

  25. Sooo glamorous! And from Goodwill. I believe I too have everything needed for the canning jars.

  26. That paper combined with the punches really gave those containers a custom look. They all look great.

  27. Love it!! Those ball jar snow displays are so perfect. Im glad you just left them simple.

  28. Beautiful!!! I love that paper! These would make great gifts for co-workers! :-)

  29. I love your little snow globes & the beautiful vases!!!

  30. This is so absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it! I have not been creative at all this year so maybe next year I will get around to doing something like this. Gorge!!!!

  31. I am in love with the glass and paper candle "lanterns"!! Makes me wonder if they're a cost effective possibility for centerpieces at our winter wedding...

    And as for the blue trees...just say that they're blue spruce :P

  32. OMGosh...these are beautiful. I've seen the decorative hole punchers but could never figure out what to do with them. I might have to steal this idea for next year! Thanks so much. Wanna come decorate my house next year?

  33. love your crafty inspiration! the wrapped glass cylinders are my fave!

    happy holidays,

    AmyW. :)

  34. Love your "fancy paper candle holders".
    Cheap, easy and beautiful-My kind of combo!

  35. Once again,you amaze me.. WOW!

  36. love silver! Very pretty little vignette!

  37. Gorgeous! Keep those fantastic ideas coming!

  38. How do you do it! You have the knack for simply beautiful! Stop by and enter to win my Heirloom ornament...only 1 day left to enter. Warm wishes, Lori

  39. I love going to Anthro just for the thrill of ripping off one of their ideas. I know it sounds bad, but I don't feel bad. I mean, $25 for a mason jar filled with .75 worth of stuff?! Very cute :)

  40. Those painted glass candle vases are GORGEOUS! Wow. I featured them on my blog so I could share your tutorial with friends.

    Go grab yourself a Featured Button on my sidebar if you want.

    Great job!


  41. I especially love the glass containers. If you're looking for a little snowy look on your buffet, you might consider that white "batting" sort of stuff they sell at Xmas all over, and just arrange it around/under your glass cylinders. I found some of that in a tree skirt & it had glitter on it. It looked really pretty with white mini-lights placed under it.

  42. Everything is so pretty! What I just enjoy about you and your blog is your exuberancy- it's a happy place to come! :)

  43. totally freaking cute!! and I love your entry table vignette! it looks great!

  44. I love the decorated glass candle holders you made! So simple, and the technique could be adapted for different seasons. I know I have the snowflake punch, and a spiderweb one for Halloween.

  45. How cute. I love it and good for you for not paying that outragous price. It looks great. I might try this year.

  46. I love your buffet!!
    DO you have a before picture of it? I own it's twin here:

    Now I know what it would have looked like if I painted it black!!

  47. What cute decorating ideas! I, for one, have not seen the little decorated jars. ADORABLE!! And all so easy to do :)

  48. The jars are awesome and what's really crazy is that the Anthro versions for $25-$38 are SOLD OUT!

  49. Wow those all came together nicely. How simple to do too! Great ideas. Your pictures are so festive! Thanks for sharing!

  50. Wow, the glass candle holders are absolutely amazing and look like they cost a fortune! You did a fantastic job

  51. SOOO love those glass candle holders!! Beautiful!! Loving all your Christmas this year, friend!

  52. Cuteness! I made a little hurricane vase + tree Anthro knock off for my mantel this year too! Love love.

  53. SO gorgeous!! I love that they are all different heights! Looks fantastic!

  54. Your candle holders are BEAUTIFUL!!! They look amazing...I definitely need to put some of these together. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  55. I was in Anthro this weekend and thought the same thing...REALLY?!?! Wayyyyy over priced.
    Such pretty candleholders!!!!

  56. I loved the votives, and pinned them & featured them on my blog today

  57. Just wanted to say that your blog and Christmas crafts are so inspiring. Love them.


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