Monday, August 13, 2012

For the love of labels

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was just great – it was our last “free” weekend before school starts for my hubby and the kiddo so we took advantage of it and had a blast. :)

Have your kiddo’s started school yet? Thanks for hanging in there while I blubber on about my boy starting kindergarten this year – your comments and emails about this post made me smile. :)

I mentioned last week that I planned on purging and organizing a bit this weekend and I did get a lot done. I have a few more spots I want to tackle tomorrow and then I’ll feel really good about the start of the school year.

Today I had to label a few of the Bub’s school supplies and it got me thinking…thinking about how much I LOVE TO LABEL. It’s such a lovely feeling to stick a good label on something, anything. (I try not to get ridiculous about it. But it’s so so hard.)

I was more than happy to pull out my dear friend, Dymo the label maker:

I couldn’t find the Sharpie marker and I figured this would be the next best thing. (Dymo carries both plastic and paper labels – sometimes I find the plastic sticks better, sometimes the paper depending on what you’re sticking it to.)

This little machine is a little bit of an investment initially (around $25), but I’ve had mine for years and years and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Labels. To me. :)

I’ve used this one in the kitchen to label the spices:

labeling spices

I just print out the expiration date for each one and place it on the back.

I also use them to label storage bins in our linen closets:

But I love making labels too – a cute one pretty much sends me over the edge. ;)

I made some for the binders in my office with a couple paint chips:

paint chip tags

You can find out more about those here.

I used some craft paper I had around the house and my craft puncher to create a few for our old laundry room:

Did I mention all of these were FREE?

Sometimes I use vinyl to point out the obvious:

labeling pantry itemslaundry soap in jar

I also used black vinyl (cut out with craft scissors) to make cute labels for our cereal:

glass jars in kitchen chalkboard label

And by the way, that’s not chalkboard vinyl, just regular black vinyl. No need to spend extra money on the chalkboard version -- with a chalk pen it works just as well. ;)

I used a cheapy, unfinished chalkboard from the craft store to label some of the books in the book nook:

closet book nook

I just drilled holes into sides and secured it to the box with twine. Totally cute for a couple bucks!

And sometimes I don’t use words at all:

That little bin in the Bub’s room holds…well. Airplanes. (Smarty I am.)

That’s just a sampling of my labeling love. I’m sure I’ve got more examples around this place but I’ll spare you the rest for now. Do you label or do you live on the wild side and love not knowing what you’re grabbing for in the linen closet? ;) Do tell!


  1. I brother. Brother labeled a few months ago. According to my husband, nothing in my house is too sacred for a label! I seriously love that thing and will always find new Things to label!

  2. I find something so satisfying about labeling, too! I have to say, though, I bought a Dymo and it just couldn't hold up next to my P-Touch label maker.

    The P-touch is more expensive, but it worked WAY better for me. (was I using the wrong kind of labels? they wouldn't stick anywhere!)

  3. Love how you store your cereal. So much better than my cardboard boxes with the special K on the front. haha I keep saiyng I need to get one of these labelers, you have finally convinced me I need one NOW.

  4. I am a labeler down to the bones! Just last night I pulled down my vintage (huge) blue glass canning jars filled them with my homemade laundry soap, oxiclean, and clothes pins. Yes, each one got a pretty, handmade, laminated label.

    I have a question though. It broke my heart to take the jars down from the top of my cabinets. I love to look at them everyday. I am in the process of giving my very utilitarian laundry room/pantry and they will perfect in the room. My question is Do u get heart ache wen you move around your beloved objects? Now...I need to find something to fill the hole on the tops of the cabinets. Hmmmmm....

  5. I love your blog! This is my first time commenting here, but I have a question for you already. I'm looking to put my spices in small containers similar to yours for storage in a drawer. Where did you get the containers? Or do you have any suggestions?

  6. Ooh, I would LOVE a label maker!! I am all about organization. It's almost surprising that I don't have one. Last week I got some Mabel's Labels for my daughter. These ones you can write whatever you want on them and there's a clear protective bit that goes over your writing that makes it water proof, dishwasher proof, etc. We had fun picking which labels would go on which lunch containers, water bottles and lunch ba

    Have you heard of Mabel's Labels? You can order packes with your kids name printed on them, but I picked up the write-on labels at WalMart. =)

    ~ Catie

  7. I got my Brother last year on Teacher Appreciation Day at Staples. I don't know if someone just wasn't thinking, but it was on sale, $20 off, then a $25 coupon in the teacher appreciation coupon book which took it down to $5! That was a pretty exciting day. We bought two.

    Quick question, though, is that the Anchor Hocking jar that doesn't have a rubber seal that your flakes are in? If so, how does everything stay fresh? If not, what is it?

  8. Wow, I never knew you could use regular vinyl with a chalk pen, you just rocked my world! Lol. So does it easily erase and really come completely off? I'm so excited, I have a ton of vinyl just begging for use now.

  9. Washi tape + permanent marker = cutest labels ever! They are nice to readjust too. I've also written right on glass jars with a permanent marker, it'll come off when you're ready with a bit of scrubbing

  10. I know I drive my family crazy, but I label everything. I cannot even begin to describe the thrill I get from a freshly labeled area in my house. One of the biggest benefits for me is that my dear husband and darling daughter both have the habit of standing in front of the frig and expecting their desired food to jump into their hands. Now that every shelf and most items are labeled, I can tell them to check the containers which are all labeled instead of getting up and reaching into the frig and handing the item to them.

    I love labeling and am certain my machine is used at least 2-3 times a week.

    It's always a thrill to know I am not the only label crazy person - I can always refer my family to this post and show my family and smile!!!

  11. Going to label the day away : )

  12. I love labels! My Dymo label maker is one of my favorite purchases. And I too get a charge of labeling things.

    I have a fantasy of having my house completely organized and day!

  13. I love labels! When we first moved into our house, I'd taken my Dymo and labeled shelves and drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms, then the light switches. (Some have 4 switches and get confusing!) I labeled the shelves in the fridge. I labeled the drawers on my dresser. I labeled the label maker, even!

    When my son turned 12, he asked for his own label maker for Christmas. Thinking it was odd, I gave him one anyway. He's labeled everything in his room. Door, desk, chair, closet doors ("Left hand here" and "Right hand here".) He even put a label on the wall over his bed. It says "SLEEP HERE."

    I don't know where he could've got such organization skills. LOL

  14. I go in spurts with the labeling. Lately it's been spurtless, aka dry spell. But you've primed the pump.

    ok, ok, I'll stop :p Thanks for the inspiration. I have some great jars left over from family biz years ago, so they're 'vintage', haha. I've thought about painting flour, sugar, whatevs on them and stopped myself.

    Is it just me or do ideas look cuter on someone else's blog? :)

  15. Oooh! I love all of this labeling fun! I especially love the labeling in the Book Nook. So cute! I like to label...with scrapbook paper :-)

  16. Love your post! It was very appropriate-I just got finished labeling photos and it does feel so good!

  17. Love the post! Labeling is something that I need to do every now and then in order to organize things.

  18. I love the black vinyl label!! What a great idea to just use the plain kind rather than spending extra for the chalkboard kind. Smarty pants ;)

    I love anything chalkboard, and I recently discovered in a back corner of our Michaels that they're selling gorgeous genuine slate tiles in all kinds of shapes for $1.99 each. Rectangles, ovals, squares, you name it and they're all the same price and come with lovely jute twine already attached for hanging. No, this isn't a paid add, I just thought I'd share :)

  19. I am such a label girl. I would label the world if I could! :) Especially loving chalkboard labels on most of our food items. Have a great day and good luck with back to school.

  20. You know you can never have too many labels. I love the originality of some of your labels. I'm gonna take some of your ideas and incorporate them. Thanks!

  21. Ofelia, from Mexico CityAugust 16, 2012 at 5:15 PM

    I recently got one Dymo mark level and then since I have no stopped making labels for everything... even in my mohter's house. This little machine is so usefull and really helps me to stay organized... By the other way, I can't wait to see your built ins finished!


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