DIY mummy door for Halloween!

October 22, 2012

This is a super simple Halloween front door that almost turned into a fail…but I’ve come around and I think I love it even more now! 

I saw this mummy door idea weeks ago and knew I wanted to try it out. We put our own little spin on it and it turned out so cute! 

I just took some white crepe paper from the dollar store (they came two to a pack and I ended up using two packs) and just took strips of it to wrap around the front door.

I taped it on the sides of the door and it was time consuming but easy. The hardest part of the whole thing was trying to keep all three animals from escaping while I had the door open. They think they are sneaky like ninjas but I caught them every time…but it did make this project take longer than it would for you I’m sure. ;)

Anyway, I forgot to take pictures of this part because I was so focused on the escapees but it’s pretty self explanatory. After the door was wrapped I knew I wanted to make a cute face for our mummy, so I grabbed some poster boards to make the eyes and a mouth:

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I traced our Whirley Pop for the eyes and just hand drew a cute, wonky smile free hand. 

We left for the day after we finished and for some reason I had this urge to take a picture of it -- not sure why, I just thought to myself “just in case”: 
crepe paper mummy door
I zoomed in on him as we drove off and I’m glad I got a before shot. ;)

I haven’t even done my normal corn stalks and mums on the porch like usual yet -- my sis’s wedding has kind of taken over this fall. Now I don’t know if I’ll do them or skip right over to the Christmas garland. ;)
Anyway, SO CUTE right?? 

So cute. 

I loved the mummy door. Well, we came home that night and I about cried. The crepe paper had loosened up with the night air and drooped like crazy:
crepe paper mummy door
I was SO upset! But the longer I looked, the more I realized he still looked cute. And the longer we keep him up the more I love him. Even hubs said he likes the droopy mummy better cause he looks more like a real mummy. ;)

The bottom strands kind of catch under the door now, but I think it will be OK till Halloween. I was thisclose to just putting him up on an interior door, but at the last minute decided to go with the front door:
mummy door for halloween
Yes, we need to rake. :)    

In the end I’m glad I did. Even though he’s droopy mummy now. :) Of course if your front door is exposed to the elements you’ll want to do this inside. Ours does not, it was just the wet nighttime air that made the crepe paper loosen up. 

What I thought was a fail is definitely growing on me. :) It took about an hour to put up and cost two bucks for the two packages of crepe paper. If you want to splurge on wider paper I think that would cut down on the time factor quite a bit. While I was doing it I was wishing my crepe was about double the width. I may try that next year. :)

We worked on a couple other Halloween projects this weekend too, I’ll share those soon! Have you decorated yet? We’re later than usual this year!

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  1. LOVE it! What a fun Halloween decoration.

  2. I think it is so adorable. I like it better all droopy and I agree with your husband, it does look like a real mummy! I even think the leaves add to the Halloween effect!

  3. So cute, Sarah! I read this with my youngest (Halloween is a big deal to him right now), and he wanted to look at the pictures over and over!! You have another fan! :)

  4. I actually like him droopy, too. It looks like you can kind of see his "mummified remains" through the wrappings because your door is brown. This is such a cute idea. I've been looking for something that would stand out for my front door because it's black and kind of set back so this would be perfect.

  5. This is so cute. I love the droopy version. It's perfect.

  6. The leaves add texture to your vignette :)

  7. What a cute mummy idea! I really your entryway it's so beautiful. Megan

  8. Sarah! Mine did the same thing :(
    My kiddo and I decorated our door a couple of weeks ago and it looked awesome when we finished it, we checked it out the next day and he was sagging all over :( We decided he was still cute and so he's still hanging out on the door!

  9. Oh, I love him! What a cute project - I wonder if he'd work for my classroom door?

  10. Totally stealing, I mean borrowing, this idea! So cute - I am going to do my kids' bedroom doors while they are at school and add a "your mummy loves you" sign. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  11. I looooove this! What a great way to show your Halloween pride from the street. I especially love how it's kid friendly and fun, yet could be used in a child-less household like mine as well! Nice work.

  12. Cute!! I've had problems with crepe paper decor (not on the front door) 'cause it's so humid here!
    I decorated just the side windows by our front door this year...I wish our door was visible from the street though. I think we're the only ones that can enjoy it :)

  13. What a great idea! My 4-year-old would love this!

  14. I LOOOOOOOOVE him! It's sooo cute even droopy :) Thanks for the great idea. I will have to try it!

  15. He is adorable. I like the droop! It's so kid friendly and fun:)

  16. Haha! Love it! I did the same thing to my classroom door (I teach 4th grade). My class loves it!

  17. He he he, droopy mummy! It's okay, he still looks really cute. ~ Maureen

  18. I may try this with some torn up sheets...we have super soft duvet covers and so we never use our flat sheets (they just end up shoved down to the end of the bed before we are even asleep because they seem like too much to deal with) so I use them for drop cloths and things when I have to buy them with a set of sheets. Maybe I'll rip them up...I bet they won't droop! At least...I hope not. We use our front door a lot!

  19. I love it! Thinking that you could use long strips of white garbage bags too. We used them for ghosts last year and they weather the elements and foot traffic very well.

  20. That's a really cute mummy. I wonder if you could do it with fabric too, to avoid this mishap.

  21. The mummy looks more authentic with a little droppiness. Good job and thanks for sharing.

  22. What a cute idea Sarah! I wonder if spraying the paper with hair spray and letting it dry would help?

    Using a white plastic tablecloth would also be a cool option:)

    Love it!

  23. Ha, reading along and scrolled to photo where you almost cried, and I said out loud; "aw, it's still cute!". Glad you didn't take him down. Either way works!

  24. Aww,he's adorable! Or maybe it's a she since I can relate to being a saggy mummy....

  25. VERY cute!

    And I thought the leaves were part of the decor?! lol You should see my front yard...totally covered in pine straw. Maybe I'll head out and start raking and see if I can put myself into labor. ;) 2 weeks left...the countdown is on!


  26. I'm doing this to my door too!! Super cute! :)

  27. I just did this to my door and linked to your post! Thanks for the idea!


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