Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April in review!

Hello all! Happy MAY! I’m back today with a quick recap of some of the bigger (or sometimes small with a big impact) projects that I finished up in April!

Did you miss one?

Early last month I added some super CUTE handles to the sofa table in the family room – they were the perfect finishing touch:

long sofa table

And I got the hardware from Target of all places!

We had a few lovely days early in the month so I busted out the spray paint baby! And yes, I sprayed our floor vents:

jute rugThey hold up surprisingly well!

I hosted a fun impromptu linky party and and shared a little somethin’ I added in the bathrooms:

cute toilet handles

It was a “little things” kind of week and I truly think they can make the biggest difference in your home!

Next up I shared the new breakfast nook in a couple stages – I showed you how I reworked an IKEA table and made it into the farmhouse table I’ve always wanted. And then I came back and shared the other new additions to the space

So now the area that used to look like this:

kitchen round table

Now looks like this:

DIY farmhouse table IKEA hack

Who would have thought a long rectangular table would work in this spot better than a round one? Not me!

Next up I shared a project I’m SUPER DUPER excited about, but it’s going to take forever to finish up throughout the house:

craftsman door trim

The craftsman-style door trim was SO much easier than I thought it would be. I love how it turned out!

We took a walk down memory lane to see how our stairs went from covered in carpet to these today:

wood staircase

It was one of those projects I was so nervous about tackling years ago but I’m SO glad I did!

Thanks for all your kind comments on the progress in the basement bathroom! I’m so thrilled to have it almost done!:

bathroom storage wood shelves @

You can see more about the accessories I used and the how-to on the shelves here.

And finally, some blog friends and I shared a few tips that have helped us along the way on yesterday’s post:

basic blogging tips @

Well there you go! The biggies I accomplished this month – did you catch them all?

I’m off to spend more time outside today – hope it’s lovely where you are too!


  1. That toilet handle is amazing and your eating nook is so beautiful. I love it.

    Also, I am laughing my butt off at the first commenter/spammer's link: John Krasinski and a breast exam in the same link?!?! Okay... that is awesome.

  2. A great month! The bathroom is my fave :)


  3. Fabulous month! It's the little things that make all the difference, isn't it? I am curious-- in your first pic, it looks like the curtains in your family room are hung on 2 separate short rods. Is that the case, or are my eyes playing tricks on me? If they are, would you mind sharing what type of rods you used? I've never seen nice ones like that in such a small size!


  4. Wow - what a busy month! Your stairs are my favourite x

  5. I love your sofa table, I've been looking for one for ages, and good ol' Target those handles are perfect!!

  6. i have just discovered your blog via "A Beach Cottage" and love it! I'm looking forward to starting from the beginning!

  7. You got style, and I gotta say, love the pirate ship wheel for the toilet handle!.

  8. OMG you got the same shower curtain that I have! I LOVE it! So pretty! I love those shelves you installed next to the shower. Wish I had a nook like that...
    You've been busy! :-)

  9. hi there! hope all is well with you and your family! you've got a very busy and great month, really love the breakfast nook it's more beautiful and the toilet shelves. thanks for sharing your great ideas to us, i'll try those tips decorating/renovating our house. God blees! cheers! Parol


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