Using Corn Stalks for Fall Porch Decor

October 03, 2013

How to decorate with corn stalks on your fall front porch.

How I add simple fall decor to a small front porch without it feeling crowded. 

I used to think I couldn't do much with a tiny porch, but I was wrong! Pops of warm color and plenty of texture go a long way to add seasonal decor to a smaller porch.

outdoor fall decor

Last year I shared our stone patio decorated for the fall season:


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So this year I’m heading back out front. If you’ve been around a while you’ve seen my plan before -- when I find something that works I do it again and and again and basically run it into the ground. 

This year is no exception. :)

Corn stalks make a great starting point -- they are one of my favorite ways of decorating for fall outside. Apparently we’ve grown them big in Indiana this year!:

corn stalks for fall

These were each over 12 feet tall so I cut them down with my miter saw. 

Mother nature provides almost everything you'll need for a beautiful fall porch! :) 

I secured them to the house with some cup hooks I attached to the door trim and twine wrapped around the stalks to keep them upright:

corn stalks on porch

These corn stalk husks make great vertical accents, but don't take up a ton of space. 

You can find the dried corn stalks at most nurseries or fall farmer's markets, but I've also seen them at garden centers like Home Depot and Lowe's occasionally. You can even buy them online

Better yet, if you know a local farmer, you may able to snag a couple for free! 

If you purchase them early in the season, the stalks and corn husks will be freshly cut and green. But they will dry out within a week or so. (You can hang them upside down to quicken the process.)

Of course no fall front porch is complete without plenty of mums! 

I chose these orangey colored mums that went well with my DIY pumpkin grapevine wreath and painted front door. But don't be afraid to mix and match!

I got that extra wide coir welcome mat from Target and LOVE it. It’s hard to find one that wide:

fall front porch

See? Itty bitty porch and still festive. Yes I dream about a big wide porch with a swing, but I embrace ours and make it work. :)

We have a big rock in our landscaping out front and I like to decorate around it for the fall. I pile pumpkins, kale, mums and gourds around it:

pumpkins and kale

I leave the plants in their containers and hide the plastic with the pumpkins. Love how it looks!

If you leave your fall plants in their plastic containers, be sure to water them well! 

This year I also planted some sub-zero pansies, they're a great fall flower since they withstand cooler temps.

I don’t usually plant anything out front but these have a guarantee that they’ll make it through the winter and will then bloom again in the spring:

outdoor fall decorating

 I LOVE the colors -- lots of different purples, reds and yellows. So pretty. :) Anyone ever planted these?

This is not my thriftiest decorating! The kale and pumpkins aren’t cheap but I just love them. And they always last well past Thanksgiving. Last year my kale was absolutely beautiful in the snow. It wasn’t until about February that they finally dried up.

I took down our window boxes (they were falling apart) earlier this year and still hope to get some new ones up before the holidays:fall front porch decor

If you have additional room, I'd add some lanterns with LED candles to provide some soft, pretty light at night. 

Now that the fall decor is up we’ll be pulling out the big spider, orange lights and blow up pumpkin for out front this weekend. :)

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  1. It looks fantastic! I love the colors you chose for your mums and pansies. I planted sub zero pansies last fall and they came back bigger and better even in containers. I planted them with cabbage. I had to transplant some in the spring because there was so many! Love the look of your front.


  2. I love the corn stalks flanking the sides! and you're totally right about kale-I did that last year and they lasted a really long time!

  3. Gorgeous! I love this time of year, and decorating is part of the reason!

  4. It looks really pretty. It has inspired me to move on mine. The flowers sure add a lot. If I could just remember to water them. You have such a fun blog to visit.

  5. Omygoodness Can we say BEAUTIFUL or what .... You have it looking so beautiful and I love how you did the arrangement near the garden. I might have to copy that my friend. Prayers that you all have a happy OCTOBER harvest season my friend. HUGS from The Rusty Pearl

  6. I LOVE your corn stalk idea - so unique and pretty! And the real pumpkin vignette in your flower bed is lovely too. Thanks for sharing your inspiring Fall Front Porch with us!

  7. Looks great! The corn stalk really adds so much. I want some! :)

  8. I love the way it looks out front, I guess I should go get a big pot of flowers for the front porch and a few pumpkins, yours look beautiful...Wish I were done...Phyllis

  9. Must find sub zero pansies! Never knew there was such a thing! With such dreary winters, these might be the secret to extending the color in my yard and getting it back early in the spring!

  10. We have a small front porch too, but I love how you've made maximum impact with minimal space. If it weren't almost 90 degrees here in DC this week, I would start thinking about fall decorating, too, but with this weather I am just not feeling it yet. Maybe next week! :)

  11. I love how you decked out yours!! We too have a small front porch. We actually grow corn about 4 small rows and use the left over stalks to zip tie to the front porch posts with those big scarecrows on the bamboo sticks.

  12. Is the pumpkin wreath from Pier One? I saw one there that looks just like yours, and almost bought I want to buy it for sure seeing how nice yours looks! Beautiful looking fall porch!

    1. Thank you! I made that one last year! :) Here's the link:

  13. Love the wreath, and if it is pier 1 I'm still pretending that you made it in my head!

    1. Ha! No I did make that one!

  14. so warm and welcoming!!! love the wreath and the cornstalks! last year i got a ton of cornstalks from a farmer friend and i didn't do it this year.... regretting now! ;)

  15. Love the way you used the cornstalks. I definitely need a few in my life asap.

  16. I love your fall porch decor -- especially the corn stalks! I've always thought about using corn stalks, but have never actually sprung for them yet. Maybe I should pick up some corn stalks this year!

  17. Looks great. I just bought my mums and pumpkins yesterday for the porch. Now if only it would get colder!

  18. Gorgeous! Unfortunately, the deer here like pansies this year. I have never had a problem, but neighbors have!!

    1. Our deer don't venture to the front yard so I'm hoping these will make it!

  19. Everything looks gorgeous. I never would have thought to decorate with kale, but it looks absolutely fantastic, it's a great color and green addition!

  20. Looks amazing! I love to use kale and cabbage in my fall flower bed.

  21. Love all the fall flora around your rock! But in my neighborhood, unguarded pumpkins are gleefully smashed by bored teens. I'd have to haul them in at dusk every day, and that's not happening. So I'll just enjoy yours.

  22. I love love love this. Just gorgeous. What color is your front door? Thanks.

    1. I'd be interested in knowing this too, please. It's a great colour that I wouldn't have thought of!

    2. Actually...looked through some more pics from your house, and I'd also like to know the colour of your kitchen walls and the bathroom with the red frame on the wall, please. I'm trying to find a nice, neutral "oatmeal" colour for the main living area of my home. Thank you!

  23. You are on the top of my new blog favorite! I'm new to blogging and just love the stuff you show us! I'm thinking about doing the DIY ladder you did because I keep seeing them in magazines, but then they don't list it for sale! It's just a decoration in their ad! grrr, frustrating! Anyway, I liked the antique farm house fb page and signed up for their newsletter. What a great find! goldilox :)

  24. What a LOVELY post:) your blog Is SO inspiring and I always leave here with a smile.

    Check out my blog....with lots of cute Swedish decor inspiration:)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  25. I particularly like to see kale incorporated in the fall yard. It is so lacy and the colors are wonderful! I also love the grain sack fabrics from Antique Farm House, especially the blue/white and red/white! Thank you so much for sharing!


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