Friday, November 1, 2013

Showing off Amy

Hello all! It’s a good day cause it’s Friday! We have trick or treating tonight because we got so much rain last night so that will be fun. The Bub will be a Ghostbuster. He has requested that I play the theme song on my phone as we walk around. :)

I’ve been thinking lately that I want to start up my “show off” posts that I was doing for awhile. I don’t know why I stopped…but it’s time to get them going again! So to do just that today I’m highlighting a blog called Amy’s Casablanca.

She has a beautiful home and I know you’ll find something you’ll love. Her blog is one of those that you find and just. keep. reading. So settle down and enjoy!

She just posted her new mudroom last week and all the storage has me drooling:

Gray mudroom built ins

Love the brass hooks (that say “boys” – she has four of them!) and the warm wood bench.

She found sheet music artwork that she loved (for $2000, gah!) and decided to DIY it instead:

DIY sheet music artwork

It turned out beautifully and was so inexpensive! My husband would love this! Go here to see the how-to.

Amy found a chair for a great price and recovered it…but didn’t sew a new cover. She just stapled the new fabric right over the old:

Recovering a chair, no sew

Whuuut! Yes. It looks awesome and NO ripping all the old fabric off!

I love her powder room – instead of painting in a stencil she used a few paint pens that ended up costing less than $20:

Stencil with paint pen

And you know how much I love the two sconces on the sides of the mirror. :)

She also made over this Goodwill bench for her guest room:

DIY upholstered bench

It was just a wood bench before, but she upholstered it to add some cush. Love the nailheads too!

Amy’s kitchen is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE what she did to her bar stools: Gray and white kitchen

Hint – it’s not fabric. :)

You’ll notice that she is a lover of beautiful white trim and that’s what first drew me to her site, but there’s plenty of other eye candy as well! Check her out and say hello!

Hope you have a great weekend and don’t eat too much candy! I’ll be sure to not do the same.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Wowie wow wow I'm impressed. That is some crazy talent.

  2. LOVE her music canvas! Awesome!

  3. That chair! Are you even allowed to do that?? ha ha. My Craigslist world just widened a little more....

  4. Thank you so much for introducing me to a wonderful blog that I had never seen before. Found quite a few things for my pinterest boards!

  5. the door color matching the still my heart

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  7. be still my heart. i LOVE it all! that sheet music art, the chair, the entire kitchen?! o man :) Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend,


  8. What timing you have! We've just finished some renovations due to flooding and are finally moving back in- which means decorative changes of course! I've been fussing over this one spot in our den above the piano I just can't seem to find a vision for, and then I saw your post with my name on it. "Amy? I'll check that out!" Her music note art got me right away. We are a family of musicians. This all lines up too well. I'm off to copy some music tomorrow- but which piece, which piece.. Even though it's jumbled I know it will matter haha

  9. I love your style. It looks so great! Thanks for doing what you do!

  10. Thanks for sharing this lady's style and talent with us. You are so right - I LOVE her blog!

  11. Wow... thanks for sharing... loved the wall DIY and the chair.... so inspiring. :)

  12. Her home is so pretty.. I love all the neutrals!

  13. I am so in love with grey, aren't we all! Thank you for sharing. These rooms are gorgeous!


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