Monday, December 2, 2013

December before and after!

Hi there! Welcome back! :)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday week! We had a blast – we took off for a quick trip to Disney early last week. I fell in love with it hard earlier this year and wanted to go back to see it decked out for the holidays. It was incredible! The only bad part was getting food poisoning from a waffle on Monday and the Bub and I being out of commission all day Tuesday. Being sick at Disney pretty much sucks.

The kiddo didn’t eat nearly as much of it as I did so he was over it pretty fast. It took me till Saturday to feel 100 percent again. Even so, we had a GREAT week and I am so thankful.

OK, it’s the start of the month and that means another before and after party – are you ready? I picked out just a few of the incredible projects you all linked up last month to share today.

I adore Jennifer’s pick of wallpaper for her basement bathroom:

black and white star wallpaper

Heck, I love all of it! But I love that she was daring with the wallpaper – it paid off.

Anita is a brave soul -- she spray painted her countertops:

painting countertops

They turned out SO good! They look like a solid surface material now, so crazy.

There were so many great kitchen posts! I couldn’t believe the difference taking down some cabinets made in Rachel’s kitchen:

taking down cabinets in kitchen

It was pretty before anyway, but this change made it so open and airy.

Liz’s before and after is so dramatic, you have to go see how it looked to fully grasp the change:

white kitchen blue island

Paint my peeps – it will rock your world. :)

This beautiful space at Domestic Charm was transformed with paint too:

painting built ins

I especially love how you don’t even notice the TV – she painted the backs of the built ins a dark color and now it disappears! Brilliant.

Kristen is renting and did a lovely job decorating her daughter's room without doing anything permanent: 

decorating rental

I love how that wood wall looks behind the bed!

And finally Amy painted some stripes in her entryway and I love the contrast:

how to paint stripes

Stripes are a classic and these are so well done!

Well you wowed me again everybody! I wish I could share them all. If you missed any of the projects you can check them out here.

It’s time to link up your latest before and afters! I can’t wait to see what Christmas decor you’ve been up to! (Hint hint.) ;) If you’d like to be considered for the recap next month I would love a link back or you can use my button in your post:

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Now link it up!:


  1. Glad to join again this wonderful party Sarah! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  2. Thanks for doing this party Sarah :) I enjoy it so much! xo Kristin

  3. Thanks again for the party, Sarah - I do love linking AND looking!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting...I love the before and afters you featured. Gorgeousness!

  5. Thanks for hosting! Loved the features! Sorry you were sick at Disney...I bet the decorations were beautiful.

  6. Ohmigosh Sarah! I was just going through my reader and saw my bathroom - thank you so much for the feature! I was terrified to used the black wallpaper but I couldn't stop thinking about it so I knew it had to be the one :)

    So sorry you had a rough time at Disney! It must have looked magical though, all decorated for the holidays. We went earlier this year for the Halloween party. Nobody celebrates better than Disney!

  7. Poor thing! Disney and sick just doesn't go together. :( So glad you and your baby are feeling muchly better.

    Love! the monthly before & after's. Thanks!


  8. Hi Sarah,

    Glad you had fun at Disney! Loved your pics of the castle, I cry at the fireworks too!

    Hope you are having a nice holiday season :-)

  9. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for hosting. Your blog is one of the first blogs I ever started reading and you are one of the people who inspired me to start my own blog, so your monthly party is one of my favorites :) Sorry to hear you got food poisoning at Disney. That should be against the rules! But, I am glad to hear you enjoyed the rest of your trip. LOVE the features you picked this month, especially the clever girls' room in a rental house!

  10. Thanks, Sarah!! Can't wait to check out all the creative goodness out there! :)

  11. Thanks for hosting December Before and After today. Have a great week.

  12. Hi Sarah, love your monthly parties.....thanks for another linky! Christine at Little Brags

  13. So sorry your child was sick. Hope your feeling better soon. Thanks for hosting!

  14. Thanks for hosting - so sorry you and your son got sick! And from a waffle? Who knew! That would be my luck. Glad to hear you're on the mend.

  15. Thanks for hosting the party each month! So sorry to hear about Disney--glad you are all feeling better. Have a great month! Dee :)

  16. That counter top paint re-do is amazing!! What is that?! I definitely want to try!!


  17. So much inspiration, so little time! Thanks for hosting such a great party :)

  18. Thank you so much for hosting! I love seeing what transformations everyone makes. PS, I'm hosting a link party as well. Anyone who is interested in sharing their Pinterest projects are welcome to share on my blog. :)

  19. 1979- Disneyland food poisoning from tuna salad. I thought I was going to die.

  20. Sorry to hear you guys got sick:-( Thank you SO much for the feature!!

  21. Wow I can't believe how beautiful Anita's painted counter tops turned out! Awe, that's too bad you lost valuable Disney time with food poisoning, from a waffle no less. Thanks for hosting another popular party this week and hope you have a great week!

  22. Great features Sarah. Thanks so much for hosting!


  23. Thanks so much for the feature. Love your monthly before and afters - always full of great inspiration! Thanks again, liz

  24. Oh, wow, I would have never thought you could get food poisoning from a waffle! Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for hosting, Sarah- you're the best! :)

  25. Love this and who knew you could paint the counter tops !! Love all your features too .. HUGS and blessings. Glad that your feeling better my sweet friend


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