Home tour eye candy, part 1

June 13, 2014

Tour some gorgeous luxury homes with me!

I went through our local home-a-rama with my boy this week and I wanted to share some of the amazing spaces with you here. First of all, can I just tell you how much I love doing this with my Bub? He loves looking through houses with me (to a point) and it makes me so happy. :)

There were only five houses on this tour so he totally hung in there and we had a blast “rating” the houses.

I’m going to break this up into a couple posts (see part 2 here!) because there are so many pics! This first house was my absolute favorite – it was SO well done, from the outside in:
indianapolis home-a-rama
This was the view when you stepped into the foyer:

And this was the view when you looked up:
wood ceiling treatment
The office area was done in a black (or very dark gray) board and batten treatment:
black board and batten
Loved the trim – it was a slight twist on the regular board and batten look. And the wallpaper (that was everywhere in all the houses!) was SO pretty – metallic and modern.

There was another hallway out of the office that went to a butler’s pantry and the “mom’s corner”:

I’m developing a mild obsession with hallways. We don’t have any in our house and I love them. :)
The cabinetry was a beautiful dark gray. It reminded me of my Peppercorn bedroom wall:
gray cabinets with brass
Brass is coming back in a big way and the hardware on these cabinets was a lovely brushed brass – not bright and shiny. I loved it paired with the dark gray.

I thought this gallery wall was brilliant:
framing recipes framing recipes
They blew up and framed handwritten recipes. So adorable. I LOVE this idea if you have old family recipes written by your mom or grandmother.

Every time we turned a corner in this house I swooned. This kitchen was just gorgeous:
two tone kitchen cabinets
I’m totally in to the two tone cabinets lately and these looked so classic and pretty to me. The gray was just on the taller cabinets to the side and the large island but it really gave some nice contrast. I find I’m liking this look better than an all white kitchen.
And yes, I loved the brass fixtures! :)

The table, chairs and bench were beautiful as well:
bench at table
The family room was well done of course but I actually preferred the outdoor family room:

It was a lot of grey but very soothing and an AWESOME space. I’d have flowers everywhere though. :)

The basement was awesome too – I loved the idea of breaking up cigar boxes as a wall treatment:
cigar box wall treatment
How cool is that? The dedicated wine room isn’t too shabby either. I’d take it.

I loved the basement bathroom with the tile wall and round mirror too:
tile wall in powder roomIf you have a small powder room this look would be fairly inexpensive and would make a huge impact!
I think my one of my favorite spots in the whole house was this incredible little landing when you walked upstairs: 

The ceiling was amazing and those windows!! Positively dreamy.

Gorgeous right? It was a little more modern than what I would personally do but SO well done, top to bottom.

The second house wasn’t my favorite from the outside just because it was so much brown:

But the doors. The doors! I think every house had glass front doors. (Interesting that we were just talking about that again.):
glass front doors with transom
This house was much more traditionally decorated and done beautifully:
white kitchen
I really liked the windows flanking the fireplace instead of built ins. And the ceiling was gorgeous:
windows next to fireplace
Loved the details on the living room windows too:
large grey sectional
I’m a sucker for an awesome mud room and this one did not disappoint:
mud room built ins
There was an incredible in-laws quarters that had a small family room, kitchen and bedroom:

You could totally rent that puppy out. You know, to help pay for the million dollar mortgage. ;)

The mom room upstairs (funny how they are usually paired with the laundry) was a great space with simple rods between the cabinets for wrapping paper:
easy wrapping station
I was surprised to see the laminate counters in there but also pleased – I think laminate can look quite nice!

The basement was awesome of course but this room was our favorite:
painted ductwork in basement
Which is interesting because it was probably the cheapest room in the entire house – it was just cement walls painted bright colors. The ceiling (and all the ductwork and pipes) were sprayed black and then there was carpet and baseboards – that was it as far as the finishing.

The backyard at this house was simple compared to the others but really well done and very pretty:
wicker outdoor furniture
There you go! Two of the five homes – I’ll share the others soon. Did you have a favorite room? Do you love to walk through these tours too?
Hope you have a fantastic weekend my friends!

**House one was designed and built by G & G Custom Homes and decorated by Hilari Goris Designs. House two was designed and built by Bedrock Builders and decorated by DJ Interiors.
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  1. These homes are spectacular! Puts my NY cape to shame for sure! The kitchen in the first batch of photos really is to die for!


  2. Oh My! I just thought I loved my entry. That first house entry is TOO DIE FOR. Beautiful.
    Love that house. 2nd. one not so bad either. ha. Thanks!

  3. in love with house 1 more for sure and that gorgeous kitchen! Thanks for the tour sarah!

  4. I am IN LOVE with the entry of the first house. I mean... WOW!

  5. Just curious what are price points on these houses/ Fun to compare pricing regionally! And, NOOOOO to a brass comeback! I just can't go there... again! xo, thanks for sharing! Love home tours too! laura

  6. Favorite room is the living room in house 2. So calm and inviting. Very well done!

  7. You were right down the street from me! All the houses in Brookside and Bridgewater are gorgeous. I don't live in any of them (not even close), but live by nesters motto "It doesn't have to perfect to be beautiful."

  8. What a fun tour! I love all the gorgeous details!

  9. I love such tours, be it in person or on paper (or blogs for that matter). Both the houses have very well done interiors. As for the outside, the first one is way better than the second. Looking forward to the next post :D

  10. Gorgeous! Were those floors in the kitchen wood tile? I am considering putting something similar in my master bath. If so, what's your opinion on their appearance?

  11. Great homes! I noticed both had gray patio furniture. I've been looking for the same, but without success. Does anyone have suggestions for locating gray wicker outdoor furnishings?

  12. These houses are beautiful. We're in the process of saving to buy a new house, but our budget is a tiny bit small for these places.

  13. I love hopping the Parade of Homes that the Twin Cities does every spring and fall. I have been doing it for almost 25 yrs. I am a model home junkie! :) They are all out of my budget as most in the home shows are over $400,000 and up here. Still fun for ideas for my own house. I love the front facade of the first one. The entry was amazing too!

  14. THANK YOU FOR THE TOUR, great ideas!!! I will add color in my play room too. :o)

  15. I prefer house two. The entryway on house 1 just didn't appeal to me with dark floor, dark stairs and dark furniture. Elegant, but not to my color palette taste. I choose house two, but then it's nice to have choices, isn't it. xox

    Can't wait to see the other houses!

  16. I love the grey cabinets in the first house! Been looking for a color for my kitchen cabinets and I love that backsplash with them. I live on the southwest side of Indy and may have to take a drive up north to check them out in person!! Love your blog!!

  17. Love going on home tours! It's so amazing to see trends and styles in these houses. I know I wont be able to own anything like that, but it's still a good source of inspiration!

  18. OK, who was "inspired" by who on the first house's kitchen? The similarities between it and YHL's show house kitchen are uncanny.

  19. I love going to open houses and home tours, they are the best. You can get so many incredible ideas from them. It's so much fun. My fav was the first home, those floors were fab. I would love that kind in our home. My fav part of the second house was the white kitchen, we have one and I have always loved them and always will. The other home with the two colors was lovely too.

  20. I so enjoyed the photo tour of both these homes. Thanks for taking us along. I agree that the first house has great street appeal. The treatment of the game room was interesting. Do kids care of they have a ceiling overhead, and sheetrocked walls? I say "Not" just judging from your son's posture. He looks like he would like to dive right in and spend the afternoon in that room. That ceiling treatment is wonderful when repairs, changes, or additions need to be made to the home. Pros and cons to everything, I guess. Thanks again for the tour.

  21. On the first house I did like the outdoor family space. Quite nice.
    The second house I loved the tray ceilings and the mudroom. Great mudroom.

  22. So fun! We used to have Homearama tours here, but it's been years. The first one had too much gray, but was still pretty. I always think about spray painting the basement ceiling black, but when it gets dusty, it will look so nasty.

  23. I saw my first "mom" room when I lived in Seattle. My significant other is a realtor and he listed a house in our neighborhood. It was a beautiful home about 30 years old at this time. On the first floor was a huge laundry room but the emphasis was not on laundry. There were counters and cabinets everywhere with all the necessities hidden away. She had a place to craft, sew even scrapbook. I was amazed and envious!
    I love Homearamas! You get to see the latest in decorating, glean some great ideas and then go home and drive your husband crazy with all the projects you want to start!

  24. So much beautiful inspiration here! Thanks for sharing.


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