Navy blue foyer table

December 08, 2014

Do you ever look at something for a while and the more you look at it the more it drives you totally crazy? Like you just can’t stand it all the sudden? It doesn’t happen often with me but when it does I can’t get it out of my head.

For some reason I have wanted to paint over this color on the dresser in our foyer lately, like, big time:

aubusson blue chalk paint

It’s a really gorgeous color called Aubsusson Blue (chalk paint) and I truly loved it when I did it two years ago.

But lately – just in the past two months or so -- it’s seemed so bright (it’s a little more subdued in that photo) and out of place with the rest of our house. This shot shows the color a little better:

interior black doors

Literally every time I walked past it I just wanted to paint over it right that second. I couldn’t figure out what color I wanted to use though. 

I really wanted to do a gray, but we’ve got enough of that going in our house right now. I couldn’t decide what else I would like. So Friday night I walked past it, couldn't stand it one more minute and head for my paint stash.

I found the navy blue I used in the Bub’s room:

admirality paint color

It’s a beautiful blue called Admiralty (Lowe’s color I had mixed at Home Depot) and I knew it would be a nice change. What I’d really love to do is take the dresser down to it’s original natural wood – but that will take a warm day and more time. :) I bought it on Craigslist already painted but the insides of the doors look gorgeous.

I painted it over two nights – both when it was dark. Brilliant I know. The morning after I started I realized it was so not coming out that same navy blue as the walls:

blue dresser crystal knobs

Isn’t that crazy? Not the same color by any stretch. Scroll up and look. I’ll wait. :) But I kept going because I liked it and it was almost done anyway. It’s this color instead of a deeper navy because the Aubusson that was already there.

It really toned it down and I quite love how it turned out:

navy blue dresser

When I look the color in the can it does have a “dusky” tone to it – so it more natural light maybe this is just how it looks? My son’s room doesn’t get a ton of light so who knows.

I wanted to simplify a bit so I centered the mirror and took down all the decor on there as well. Right now it just holds a lamp (I’d love to find something different eventually), a poinsettia and our nativity:

wood nativity

I don’t think anyone would even notice the color changed if they just walked in – but I’m just so happy it’s not that bright color anymore. I can now walk past and not twitch:

admiralty blue paint Next up…the tile. That’s another thing that I want to change out so bad but that one I can’t really do on a whim. It will take some planning, dang it.

Here’s a before and after – a brighter blue, beautiful! But just not what I want anymore: 

aubusson blue paint

And as it looks now – a more subdued look and a lot less stuff, which is welcomed in life right now:

admiralty blue Lowe'sFor the whole month of January I’ll probably have the lamp on there and nothing else – I crave clean and simple after the holidays. :)

Is there a project in your house that you’ve started at a really bad time? When you have a million other things to do? But it was driving you so crazy you just HAD to? Or is it just me? ;)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a tour of our Christmas home! :) Until then, check out last year’s tour here.

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  1. Oh.... I love the blue, but the thing about paint is that you can change it on a whim. Can't wait to see your color choice. You have great taste so I know that this time around it will be gorgeous again. Happy Birthday to Bub.

  2. Absolutely! Whenever I'm preparing for out of town guests, instead of cleaning the toilets and dusting, I'm painting a wall or redecorating a room. Then the toilet cleaning and dusting happen in a sweat-soaked, frenzied rush as I receive text updates of how close to arrival my guests are. Then with crazy still in my eyes, I frantically jump in the shower with 5 minutes on the clock until arrival and end up answering the door with wet hair. The dresser looks great. Sometimes the subtle changes actually have the greatest effect.

    1. This cracked me up. Sounds all too familiar and makes perfect sense to me! -Amy J

    2. It's official, I do have a twin out there, wandering the earth. ;-)

    3. Oh my goodness, I am snorting and crying! I do the same thing...thanks for the belly laugh!

  3. Did you have a wax coat over your original chalk paint on the dresser? I'd love to repaint a desk I did in chalk paint but was wondering if I had to take the wax coat off first.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I once worked for an Annie Sloan stockist and we always told people that they wouldn't be able to use latex paint over the wax without stripping, sanding, or taking off the wax with mineral spirits. But maybe after an extended time you can paint over the wax?

    2. I did have a wax coat but when I applied it it never went on very well. I think it was the rag I used to buff it -- it seemed to wipe it all off. So over time I think anything that was there was gone. I had a few tiny spots that I had to sand down a bit and paint over because the wax must have been there. I would think that a good sanding and/or a coat of a good primer would do the trick though. But yes, if you have a coat of wax on you'll have to do something first, I should have mentioned that.

  4. I'm the queen of tackling big projects at the wrong time! Let's see - painted my kitchen cabinets in November/December 2011, started the fireplace in November/December 2012, actually FINISHED the fireplace in November/December 2013, and this year I repainted much of my main floor in November/December. Notice a trend? ;-). And I painted a dresser as well! I blame the holidays and can totally identify!

    The dresser looks great. Funny you mention the color looking completely different. My parents painted a wall in their bedroom and a little side table the same color, and it looked completely different! Go figure!

  5. Happy Birthday Bub! I think the darker color looks great. Can you fill that lamp with ornaments? I think it'd look GORG!

  6. I love it! It has a softer, grayish tone to it, that flows nicer with the grayish tone of the green mirror frame and the wall color. Your eyes flow over it all smoothly, whereas the previous color made your eyes stop. Does that make sense? lol Can't wait to see your pics tomorrow!! And Happy Birthday to your boy! :-)

  7. Oo I love that colour blue, it definitely looks great! x


  8. I feel ya! Our wedding anniversary and my birthday is this month too. Good to know we aren't the only ones. Happy Holidays and anniversary to you and the Mr!

  9. My son's birthday is today, too, and it falls right in the middle of what I call the birthday season. My husband starts it off in mid-November. Two weeks later is my mom; five days after her is my daughter; five days after that (today) is my son. One grandson has a birthday in three days and another one is due to be born before Christmas.

    Oh, and I love to procrastinate with a project and tend to paint rooms right after fresh!

  10. Good choice on the new blue. It looks perfect with the changes in your decor. I totally understand the desire to paint it grey. I am in love with grey. Oh well. We can just admire everyone else's grey furniture:)

  11. I'm still recovering from having my house painted and wallpaper stripped last week. Nothing has been put back on the walls and I have yet to get a tree up because of the delay! Our powder room lights and toilet are not even hooked up! Why did I do this NOW? Couldn't stand it. Will I do this again? Hope not! Merry Christmas!

  12. Your son is EIGHT?? O_O I've been following your blog for several years now and when you mention him I always unconsciously think of how old he was when I first started reading: like 3 or 4. He always sounds like a great kid.

    And the old color didn't seem to work because everything else was softer grays! The undertones were off I guess. The new color looks more gray and the same tone as the rest.

  13. I am absolutely loving this house tour. And that kitchen table is so wonderful. The Christmas decor is also so chic. Great post


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