My DIY Summer Break

August 05, 2015

I haven't recapped my monthly projects in some time so I chose to pull them all together in one big post. This includes a couple from the end of spring but mostly from summer. These reviews always make me feel accomplished but especially so after the summer -- it's proof that I am not a complete bump on a log for three straight months. 

I gave the guest room a makeover and you have to see the before to really appreciate the after: 
softened green paint color

I never expected to fall in love with a green color so much but I love it! 

I added some useful storage for the laundry room with some simple DIY shelves
DIY laundry shelves

And no, I still haven't painted the cabinets. Sometimes I worry that I'll run out of projects in this house ...and then I LAUGH. 

Spray paint is the reason for the season…the summer season that is. If you haven't taken advantage of the temps and sprayed something yet than do it. :) I found a pair of yucky brass lamps at Goodwill and gave them a quick makeover
spray painting lamps

The other best thing about summer…hydrangeas. They are up there with peonies and ranunculus for me. I shared this super simple way you can plump up wilted flowers
perking up wilted flowers

It works a few times after you get them home or cut them -- mine will last more than a week with this tip. 

I got a ton done outside this year, including some more landscape lighting. I showed you the full tutorial here
DIY landscaping lighting tutorial
It's one of those projects that seems difficult and really is not at all. It's one of the easiest DIYs I do. 

We had our skinny little front steps expanded and it was up there with the top five things we've ever done to this house: 
pink azaleas

This is another one that you have to see the before to really appreciate them. It has made SUCH a difference for us! 

I love sharing simple tips and this is one of them -- my super easy way to remove pet hair from furniture: 
easiest way to remove pet hair
I haven't found a simpler or better way to do it! 

I finally painted our double doors and it was then that I determined I have a back door curse
black patio doors

They look SO good but it was the biggest pain in the butt! Never again. These are the. last. doors. 

Earlier this summer our living room got a makeover with a new sofa that I love (from Walmart!). Other than the sofa, the biggest changes were just moving things around -- I absolutely love this space now: 
walmart slipcovered sofa
This room has been a pain in my butt for years now, and I finally feel like I figured it out. (Say that three times fast.)

A few weeks ago I made another change to the room by building this bookcase from a half wall:
half wall bookcase

If you follow me on Instagram you saw the new coffee table I've been eyeing for months that I added to this space. I also switched a chair from the family room and it looks even better. :) I'll update you on that soon. 

I share a garden/backyard tour every year and this one was in June when things were crazy lush from all the rain we got: 
pergola on deck
The rain has slowed down but those hydrangea are massive now! I think we'll have blooms for the next couple of months. 

Our big project this year was adding that pergola to the deck. I shared more about that here and the awesome outdoor lights we found here. We hope to stain the whole thing next month sometime. 

I finally started painting the remaining walls in our master bedroom -- I've been sitting on that project for longer than I care to admit. The walls are big and tall, that's my excuse:
whitestone paint color

The other walls still aren't painted though, not gonna lie. I love the color so much, at least now I have a fire under me to finish it up. 

Last week I shared the cutie state art I made for the basement: 
DIY state art
I make most of the art in our house -- or at least add my own touches to it. This is one of my favorites ever. :) 

I shared two house tours this summer -- our summer home tour
finishing wood stairs

And in late spring I shared how some of the rooms in our home looked now compared to eleven years ago when we built the house. It's one of my favorite posts I've ever written. Some of the spaces already look so different a few months later (mainly the guest room and the living room). 

I love our home and we are so lucky to call it ours. Nothing makes me happier than a day at home with my family, just putzing around. Must be why I've fallen in love with summers. :) 

Speaking of that, I'll be back here again next Monday. I'm stepping away from DIY for the next few days and plan to enjoy the last few days of summer with my boy. Hope your weekend is wonderful!!
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  1. I just got around to trying the pet hair removal tip with the rubber gloves and I don't know if your ears were burning, but I was singing your praises all weekend long! I have tried every possible pet hair removal product known to man, and this little tip worked remarkably with very little effort. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Enjoy your time off. Funny how life seems to speed up when school starts. I always enjoy reading your great ideas and plan to do the landscape lighting project once the weather cools a bit (we are outside of Houston and getting 100+ degree days) I have to confess that I am always hoping for a Colby sighting as he looks just like my boy and loves to help/be in the way. Have a great weekend! -Sheila

  3. We start on the 18th, although rumor has it that we're supposed to start earlier next year. It's no fun getting out in May if it's still cold and rainy! I'm not ready!

    You sure have been productive this summer! :-)

  4. Sarah, I finally shared the first photos of the den in our new home (unfurnished, for now!), in which I shamelessly copied your mantel and fireplace. Thanks so much for continuing to inspire me every day!

  5. You are the opposite of a bump on a log!! Congrats on getting so much accomplished this summer!!

  6. Get ready to blush, because I just want to comment to sing my praises to you! I love you and your blog. I love your creativity, and the real-ness you bring to the blog world. I love that if I ever come to your house and spot an imperfection that you'll give me a cookie (and I love cookies). I love your sense of humor. I think your kitchen is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I've been a faithful blog follower for years and years. I loved your house during the gold and red stages and I've completely enjoyed watching the transformation to the brighter, white look- but at the same time, I love that your house isn't sterile or lacking personality.

    Thank you for posting on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing your home and part of your personal life with the world. Thank you for being real. I'm sure there are skeptics and people out there that say unkind things, but I want you to know that I appreciate you and all you do and share. You are amazing!

    Connie from Utah.

  7. Here in Ontario the kids go back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day, but they don't get out for summer vacation until the last week of doesn't really affect me anymore since my kids are too old for school...LOL - I'm impressed with everything you've accomplished...we've got a long list of TO-DO's here too and are in the midst of painting the exterior of our home....I'm hoping for some lazy summer days without a project soon!!

  8. Your home & yard are beautiful! I have decorating ADD, thus many projects started but not completed. It's how I roll. Here the kids start in September, I believe they aren't allowed to start in August. Which is actually different from when I was a kid, we always started in August but then of course got out just a few days into June.

  9. Thank you! So much lovely inspirations! I'm in love with spray paint too. :)

  10. You have a beautiful home!! I love that green in the guest room!!!

  11. I'm in love with your entire house and your style of decorating. It's so me... Your posts never get old!
    Liz VanKirk

  12. I enjoy your blog so much! The hydrangeas were beautiful, def a grat choice for that space. Latelty I've been decor crazy. Thanks for even more inspiration! ♥♥

  13. Great projects - I love your bookcase half wall. I've been thinking of doing the same thing in our kitchen to hold all our cookbooks :)

  14. Hi there-

    Did you get rid of the comforter you used to have in the guest room? I have the same one that you had in previous posts on my bed, but it has unfortunately sustained a rip from you dog! Just wondering if you were saving it or would consider selling?? I can't find a similar pattern anywhere and I got it at home goods so no longer know the maker! Thanks!

  15. Beautiful post!


  16. Been following for a while, and I love your home. Can you tell me where you purchased the white lattice book shelf? Also, do you provide 'help' for people who have hit a decorating block in their own homes?


  17. That hydrangea chick still has never worked for me. Boo hoo!! :(


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