Pretty Beaded Chandelier Options Under $200

November 20, 2015

Did you know I have other rooms in my house other than a kitchen? 

Ha! You wouldn't know it lately because I was focused so much on that redo. :) Today I'm sharing a quick update on the lighting I picked for that room and then ended up moving. It worked out for the best! 

I liked our old chandelier over the kitchen table -- especially when it was in it's old spot by our bay windows. When we moved the table into the middle of the family room and kitchen it kind of got lost in the larger space. Someone asked if I was going to paint it darker and I was actually planning to do that to give it more substance, but the bigger problem with it was that it didn't give off enough light. 

It only took 25 watt bulbs and it was just too dim. So for a year I've been looking for a new one -- I amped up that search to complete the kitchen renovation. I have loved beaded chandeliers for quite some time now. They come in all sizes and costs -- upwards of thousands for one light. 

Obviously I didn't want to spend a ton. I was a little concerned about how much light they would give off -- being covered with beads and all. ;) I shopped around online and found a few I loved but most didn't fit my needs.

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This beaded chandelier from Target is beautiful but a little too small for what I wanted: 

It only had two lights too -- not going to work. 

This smaller version from Pottery Barn Teen is adorable, but again too small and too dim: 
pottery barn beaded chandelier

This Amazon beaded chandelier is a beauty, but was still a little slimmer than I wanted: 
Amazon beaded chandelier

So I did some more digging and came across one at my go-to spot for a lot of things, World Market. 

Their large beaded chandelier was perfect: 
large beaded chandelier World Market
They actually have a smaller version as well, but this one was the size I wanted. The price was great too -- I used discounts and coupons and it's on sale right now! 

**This particular light has been discontinued, but they have a similar beaded light here.

Best part was that it had five lights inside, all allowing for 60 watt bulbs. I was SO excited when I opened it up -- it was gorgeous! The wood beads and black accents worked so beautifully with our kitchen. 

I got it up and LOVED the light but there were two things that bothered me about it in this room. It was a bit "heavy" -- at first I liked that it gave some definition between our kitchen and family room. But the first night I tried to make dinner and watch TV I realized it wasn't going to cut it. I mean, it wasn't all about the TV, but it blocked off the view between the two spaces too much. 

It also gave off a weird light that I expected and wasn't sure I would like. The beads create what is really a pretty design on the ceiling, but when you're really using the table underneath it, you may want more light. We eat (duh) but also do homework, pay bills, all that stuff at the table. It was too dim, even with the five bulbs. 

And within hours of putting it up I realized it would be absolutely PERFECT for another room in the house. So in the end I went with this light for the kitchen and it works much better: 
Lowe's Carlotta chandelier
More info on that black chandelier here

It had a few faux wood accents that I liked from far away in the store, but up close they looked too fake. I painted that part gray and like it so much better. We LOVE all the light this one gives us. It's a pretty (and inexpensive!) chandelier. 

Sooooo…there was a room I knew the beaded chandelier would be perfect in and it was the dining room turned library. It had to happen: 
beaded chandelier world market
It is the perfect finishing touch for this room! Other than some trim on the windows in here (which will happen soon), this room is done! 

I've had a $20 thrift store find in there and it served us well. I knew I would replace it someday, I just wanted to wait for the perfect piece:
large beaded chandelier
I found it by a happy accident!

The shape, size and texture goes so beautifully in this room: 
DIY wall of built ins
Here's a close up shot of it -- I searched all over and it was hard to find pics of of this one in real houses: 
World Market large beaded chandelier
For the size of it the price (especially right now on sale!) it is pretty fantastic. 

Here's a shot of the light at night so you can see what I'm talking about: 
beaded chandelier at night
It's actually quite beautiful, but I think it would be best in a foyer or dining room where you need soft, pretty light. In the kitchen it was distracting and too much, but it all depends on your needs and preference!

I've seen these lights DIY'd as well -- I don't have the patience for that. :) I loved it as soon as I pulled it out of the box so I didn't want to return it. I'm just glad I could make it work in another spot in our house! 

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  1. Love your kitchen redo. Somehow though I pictured that you would go with a more industrial style chandy for over your table. Something long (rectangular) like this

    The one you chose looks good though too. I can't wait to see everything decorated for the holidays!

  2. I think you made a good decision to move this to the library/sitting room. It really fits the room. I also like your new light for the dining area. To be honest, when I first saw it, I wasn't sure but the more I look at it, I like it. You really have an eye for style, Sarah! Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful! Love the new kitchen and those bookcases are divine!!!

  4. I love that beaded chandelier! It definitely looks great in its new home. Also yes more kitchen! You've been working so hard and it looks soooo good!

  5. Just curious if the bulbs inside are clear or white (like opaque-y)? We have a vintage basket light in our kitchen nook, and with clear bulbs, it's like a kaleidoscope on the ceiling in there. Cool for about 3 seconds until my brain starts to hurt. Don't have that at all with the white ones. Not that it matters since you've already found a solution :) Also, just saw the kitchen post...OH MY GLOB. SOO much work that was SOOO worth it!!!!

  6. I'm enjoying reading about the kitchen. When you show us another room,I'm like oh yes the rest of the house is beautiful too. Can't decide which room is my favorite. Maybe all!!

  7. The new chandelier looks great in that space! I can see what you mean about it maybe being too much in a space. You have a discerning eye!
    Btw, everything looks so nice in your kitchen! I especially like the paint color on your cupboards! Kim ~

  8. The pattern of light makes more drama!

  9. Haven't been fortunate enuf to see your kitchen reveal, been going to dr and dentist appts. to get ready for surgery on Dec. 7th. Have to say new chandy was too much for Kitchen, just overpowered all other things in room. New metal chandy is much better, not so in your face, perfect to go with style in kitchen. You have a very good discerning eye girl. I also can't wait to see holiday decorated home. I'll be stealing ideas if it's before 12/7.

    Trying to keep track of what's happening with our grandson. Stem cell transplant and mega chemo doses didn' t do what they hoped they would so now seems he'll be off to New York for more tests and hopefully life saving treatment of some kind. We only get to see what's happening with him on Facebook, can't leave message for him, his Mother has blocked us. It is what it is. Can't call him either. For some reason she gets to choose who gets to contact grandson, not our son.
    Have you got a big family/friend Thanksgiving planned? would be nice if you got to do relaxing at somebody elses' house after all your hard work. Is there anything you can't do Sarah?
    Your new chandy is perfect in dining room/library good choice not to waste a gorgeous chandy.
    Have wonderful weekend and upcoming week.

  10. This is awesome!! I've seen them at Decor Steals but wasn't sure how it would look in a real home....I may have to pick one up for my hallway!

  11. So worth the buy! Looks GREAT in the library, such a beautiful all around piece and shines like a diamond :)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  12. Perfect spot! I love how it adds some great curvature to the library. And texture, too!

  13. I made the mistake of falling hard for a Luna Bella- Zola chandelier for $3000.
    Now I normally like to support artists and creative companies when I can, but I couldn't do it for that price so I'm DIYing one inspired by it for $300. I just hope it works in our dining room...


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