Target Dollar Spot Christmas Tree Decor

November 30, 2015

Decorating our Christmas tree with Target dollar spot decor.

Our family room is still a newish space for us -- we knocked down a wall last year and made the room much bigger. I wanted to have a small tree in there last year but honestly, I was still wiped out from finishing up that renovation. 

Well this year a tree for the family room was a priority! But it had to be skinny and cheap. My only two criteria. ;) I found this six foot tree at Target for only $14 on sale, without lights. 

Now when you see the height of a tree on the box it's sometimes a little misleading -- this one was as well. The base is about a foot and half of those six feet, and then the tippy top piece of greenery is a good eight inches…so six feet is true but the bulk of the tree is much smaller than that. 

But still, adorable. It's only about 33 inches around so it fits perfectly into the area by my chair where I work. Because it's a little sparse, I started by filling it in with a few items I had.

The ball fringe was for a tree last year and I never ended up using it. It was only a few bucks for three yards with a coupon at the craft store: 
dollar spot christmas tree

I love the felted ball garland so much…this is the less expensive version of that. I also added some red wood garland (from Target) and some plaid ribbon -- plaid is something you'll see repeated all over the house this season. I can't get enough!

I didn't want to buy ornaments for it so I thought about the stash of stuff I had picked up from the Target dollar spot Christmas decor aisles. 

The "Merry Christmas" wood cut outs came with string but I just nestled them in the tree. I had metal and wood present tags that I hung as well:
gift tags ornaments

The reindeer clips aren't ornaments but they sure do look adorable in the tree: 
Target dollar spot ornaments

And my favorites that I forgot I had even picked up were the wood slices -- you get six per package and I asked the Bub what he was thankful for and wrote them down:
chalkboard wood slice ornaments

They are the perfect rustic touch. I'm IN LOVE with this little tree!:
thin Christmas tree Target

I think it's a perfect mix of rustic with the wood and burlap ornaments (the burlap stars were in my stash from last year -- also a dollar) and the red touches of the garland and plaid tie it all together so well:
truck Christmas pillow

Of course these would all look great on a larger Christmas tree as well, I'd just recommend that you use more of them. 

The tree skirt was from H&M -- I had to cut a hole in the middle and I stuffed a blanket underneath to fluff it up a bit:
small thin Christmas tree

As I said, this tree has a crazy long "trunk" (good for lots of presents underneath!) so I had to fill in that space a little bit. The red star at the top was from the dollar store years ago.

I say this about a different tree every year but I think this one is my favorite. At least for this week:
small skinny Christmas tree

It's the perfect little tree to tuck into this nook. So adorable.

All of these ornaments (and the tree even) will be super easy to store and won't take up much space in my Christmas decor storage!

And the best part? I spent less than $30 on the tree and all the stuff to fill it up. (A few I had already.) I tell you what -- that dollar spot is a wondrous place. It pulls me in EVERY time. 

Think outside of the box, especially with a little tree! Most of the "ornaments" on this one are craft items or gift tags.

Most of the holiday decorations in Bullseye's Playground start showing up in October, so look early!

I'm so excited to be sharing holiday projects with you again! I've been on a roll with some DIY projects too though -- this time of year makes me want to tackle all the things before Christmas. 

Have you ventured to the dollar spot yet this season? How many trees do you put up every year? We have…uhhh. A few? Most are smaller ones like this though. :)

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  1. I grabbed a TON of Christmas gift bags at the dollar spot. They even had some that came in packs of 2 for $1! I am due to have a baby ANY day now, so everybody will be getting their gifts in bags because let's face it, I will not be on the floor wrapping presents after giving birth... Uh, no. I love Target!! Your tree is ADORABLE!

    1. December babies are wonderful! (Mine is one.) Congrats!!

  2. Target is obviously doing well on Cyber Monday.... I can't get on their website either. Just too busy on there today. xo Cute tree and I love the pillow!!

  3. Love the tree and Target was my favorite place this year for wrapping. Always something fabulous.

  4. Love this little nook you carved out here Sarah! I will be sharing my Christmas home tour on Dec. 2nd for the "12 days of Christmas Blogger Tour" also Don't forget to join in on the first Linky party I will be co-hosting with other bloggers on the 16th!!!! Excited to see the rest of your home this season!

  5. Love the tree! Where did you get your pillow?

    1. Yes! Where is the pillow from??? Or the fabric for it at least. I need to sew covers for our pillows this year...something i have wanted to do for years and that is AWESOME.

    2. Its from Target I believe.

    3. Yes it's from Target! It was on sale online and then I used discount codes and picked it up in the store. Got it for 25 percent off. :)

  6. I bought those same wood slice ornaments for my tree. I used a chalk marker to make them look like black and white buffalo plaid, and they turned out absolutely adorable! I haven't shown my tree on my blog yet though.

  7. That is so super cute! I want a small rustic tree for our kitchen...AND at Target's dollar spot...they had these tiny little trees for $3 that smelled wonderful and are perfect for me to put in the kitchen on the counter with paid ribbon for dressing and homemade cinnamon ornaments my girls and I will make this year. I got some of those wood reindeer clips as well...that is a FANTASTIC idea to stick them on the tree too! As to how many trees we have...uh...well...we have a large 'pretty tree' in our front room, a 'homemade family tree' where all the ornaments on it are all handmade by us...daughters have trees in their rooms that they pick everything on them...something to brighten their spirits every night and morning. I did get rid of my fiber optic tree this hasn't gone up in 10 years, I figured it was time for it to find a new home. This little tree from Targets dollar spot still needs to go up though and I have a ceramic tree that my grandmother painted. PLUS our kitchen table display is all handmade trees grouped together. :)

  8. Me and the Dollar Spot are like BFFs. I can't NOT stop there on my way into Target. Even if I was just there the day before...nope, I'm still stopping. I love your new tree. And I love that you used those wood slices! I keep seeing those -- I am going to need to get some next time I venture out. :-)

  9. This post was exactly what I needed to see today!! I have been searching all over trying to find a slim tree for a little spot in my family room as well and like you, don't want to spend a lot. I "almost" bought a black tree at Michael's because it was a good deal, right size & I am SO HAPPY I didn't!! I too am BIG into PLAID this year & I've hit the Target $ Spot several times at several locations!! I never thought of using a gift tag for an ornament!! GENIUS!!! I love your tree!! Thank you for posting!!

  10. Not a bad size at all. Fits perfect in that spot. I will be putting up my smaller thinner tree this yr also. Gotta get it in gear.

  11. Oh i love it. so pretty!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  12. Dollar spot envy...ours does NOT have that cute stuff!

  13. Oh what an adorable little tree - so cute!!! Perfect for that little cozy spot!

  14. I think your tree looks perfect, like it was made for that space! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I would of never thought to use gift tags as ornaments or the felted balls as garland. Nice job! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your house, although I did see your big tree on IG!

  15. Love!!! Such a pretty little tree. Amazing all of the great deals you can find at the Target Dollar spot. I have to stop there every time and always end up picking up a few things.

  16. Wow so cute & so cheap too! Amazing eye you have :)

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  18. What a great little tree! Looks perfect in that corner :)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor


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