Finishing DIY projects I started

January 08, 2016

This is the time of year that has me dreaming about the projects I want to tackle in our home. It's a new start and my mind is swimming with ideas. If only the old bank account was swimming with monies. There's one fairly large redo I'd like to finish this year, but otherwise my mantra is FINISH. Finish painting rooms I started. Finish installing trim. For the love of God, finish them!!

First up, the room I want to redo from the ground up. I've had this on my radar for years now -- I actually planned to get this done last year and instead I focused on the kitchen renovation. I keep lying to myself in my head and saying it won't be as extensive as the kitchen, but…I'm lying. To myself. I want to do a lot. :)

Here's how our loft looked last year when I showed you the plan:
open loft space
We call it a loft because that's what the builder called it -- it's just an open room upstairs. The paint color hasn't changed -- it looks greenish in that photo.

I've made some minor changes since, using what we have to cozy it up a bit and make it more functional:
art and craft room

I took the sconces off the wall and the cord hiders took some drywall with them. I haven't touched that up yet because I'm not positive you'll even be able to see it when I'm done anyway.

Here's a view the other direction:
DIY craft table

It's a large room and I want to make better use of it. It gets GREAT light so it's really a perfect space for arts and crafts. My hope is that it will be an office for the kiddo and I -- I lost mine when we expanded our family room and although I haven't missed it, I wouldn't mind having a central location for everything. 

Here's the plan I drew up a year ago and most of it is staying this way: 
room planner app

The BIG thing is the most expensive and that's the hardwoods. Man, the carpets are so awful. You can't tell (thankfully) in the pics but they are bad. I've almost torn them out to live with the subfloor -- sometimes I think that would be nicer. ;) 

Thing is, I can't move forward on anything in here till we get the floors down. I hope to have that done in February or March. Then I can start installing the cabinets along the left wall. I had planned built in bookcases flanking the windows, but I'm not sure I want to do that now. I'll decide when I get to that point. 

I'm SO excited about the potential for this space -- it could be so more functional! I also hope to add a sofa of some kind up here so it can be a lounging space too. 

The next room on the list is another I've mentioned before and one that I haven't done much with in years. (The kitchen took over 2015!) My son's bathroom has been stuck in an in-between state for some time now: 
I talked about this and my big plans for it here -- I hope to tear that wall out that separates the vanity area from the shower and toilet. Many of you who have multiple kids talked about how you loved this set up -- and I can definitely see why. It's nice that someone can be using the sink and someone can be taking a shower, both with some privacy. 

But because we don't plan on moving any time soon I want to make it better for how we use it, and I loathe that wall. I'll just put that right out there. ;) It makes the whole room feel so dark and tight. 

I have removed the baby decor, sadness. We have a new shower curtain up and the last I showed you I had started painting: 
DIY nautical art

But I only got a wall and a half done. See? I see a squirrel and don't finish projects. :) I'm tired of doing that. It annoys me. So my plan for this year is much simpler than the big plan in here -- I'm still planning to add a window over the shower to brighten the space. Then I'll paint ALL of the walls and leave it at that for now. I want to see if the natural light changes my mind about taking down that wall (but I don't think it will). 

Talking about finishing -- I shared the master bedroom progress with you earlier this week. I absolutely LOVE the direction it's going. Again, not all of the walls have been painted for quite some time. (As a side note -- we've had numerous people in our house with halfway done rooms and no one ever notices the paint stuff -- it's me that sees it. And it obviously has never bothered me enough either. It doesn't embarrass me to have spaces halfway done, that's life. It's just something that has started frustrating me as I get older.)

So anywho, other than finishing the painting in the master, I have plans to add trim to the wall above the fireplace and update the fireplace itself a bit: 
mosaic tile fireplace

Other than the few projects on that wall, there's not really that much left to do. The furniture is staying -- I just want to figure out accessories and art on the large wall with our dresser. I WILL get this done this year. :) 

One more that I'd love to tackle if time and money allows -- we have dreamed of adding a built in fireplace in the basement for years now: 
built in cubby toy storage

We already have the electric fireplace and you can see where we have it in that bump out area. I've always imagined a floor to ceiling fireplace there with stacked stone -- it will happen eventually, just not sure it will be this year. It's not a huge project, but it's not high on the priority list. 

This year I'll be focusing on the bigger stuff earlier in 2016. I usually plan for the first part of the year, lay around all summer and then hit stuff hard come school time. But that leaves me with a messy house and stressed out when the holidays hit. This year I'm determined to have any major projects wrapped up by the time school starts. I want to plan for the holiday season much better and feel a little less frenzied. Is that even possible? :) 

I don't do words for the year but if I did mine would be finish. OK, maybe I am doing a word for the year. Finish the projects I start, that's my mantra! Do you have any fun house plans this year? 

Here are some projects from these rooms/photos that you might enjoy: 

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  1. Great plans! I did a bathroom Reno two years ago and took out our pocket door wall and it's the best decision ever! The room is so much bigger and has better light from the one small window over the toilet. Do it! It's the best!

  2. Ooo fun plans!! Can't wait to see & hear more about them when you tackle them! I have a few decorative plans and little things for this year, as I live in a rental I can't do any of the big stuff!!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Décor

  3. My previous home had a divided bathroom however it had a window above the tub, which made all the difference in the world. I look forward to seeing what you decide to do!

  4. Finish is a great word for 2016. Mine is Fearless :)

    We have ALL THE THINGS to do here at the house. I mean, we did just move in the weekend of Thanksgiving so we've only been here for like what, a month? Anyways, My Goal is to work my little butt off and get the living room finished and how I want it! The living room is always the main focus (obvi) and where we hang out the most. Our house is REALLLY small ( seriously 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a kitchen, a small washer/dryer room and a living room) You can stand in the middle of the door way to our kitchen, do a full circle and BOOM you've seen the whole house.

    But I really want to focus on our living room because I LOVE a cozy place to hang out. I'd also like to get our bedroom finished as well. They are my main 2 focus' this year!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. Once you start it never ends, right?! That's what happens in my house. There is always something new on my radar. I have to be ok with living life while things are "unfinished" as far as I am concerned. Hope you accomplish all you want to in 2016! :)

  6. You've got to do the touch-up painting. It's just wrong to have little unpainted spots all over the house. It would drive me crazy but obviously you don't mind, but your resale value would be affected by all the "can't really see it so I didn't finish it" spots!

  7. This could totally be my word of the year as well - as I sit here staring at the high ceiling paint job that is unfinished from over a year ago...

  8. Finish is such a great word for the year. My son turned 13 in November and I haven't finished his baby book. I may adopt your word or use the phrase "don't give up". Looking forward to seeing all your projects completed.

  9. Oh wow! The plans look amazing.Can't wait to see how everything turns out! "Finish" is such an awesome word. I'm right there with you! I'll feel so much better finally completing things on my list!


  10. I'm right there with you when it comes to finishing projects. I have a handful that are half done. What program did you use to draw up your loft layout?

  11. I am always inspired by your energy and enthusiasm for your home. Can't wait to see all the beautiful things you will accomplish in 2016.

    BTW, love the UP movie reference. That dog was hilarious lol! :)

  12. I want to finish the top of my bar in the basement. It is covered in pennies (which are discontinued currency in Canada). I need to be brave and pour resin over it to seal it.

  13. Lol ... I think I will join you with the "finish" journey-particularly with paint and trim. Love your plans and am looking forward to seeing what you do. I'm not fond of those separator walls in bathrooms visually and makes me feel like it's an additional room to clean!

  14. Yesterday we installed the toilet in our powder room. We have been ready for it for weeks and have had the toilet for months. What is my problem?! It is a tiny powder room and it has been a work in progress for a year. No joke. Last thing is to order and install the sink and faucet. Then I can focus on the family room that has been pulled apart for equally as long. Finish, indeed.

  15. Yesterday we installed the toilet in our powder room. We have been ready for it for weeks and have had the toilet for months. What is my problem?! It is a tiny powder room and it has been a work in progress for a year. No joke. Last thing is to order and install the sink and faucet. Then I can focus on the family room that has been pulled apart for equally as long. Finish, indeed.

  16. This is seriously my biggest issue. I have a bathroom half finished, a half-built faux fireplace in our bedroom, a playroom in mid-project...why is this? Why do we start new projects when we still have others going on? I think my issue is that I get an inspiration, and I get so flippin' excited, I cannot help myself. I can't wait to follow along and see what you accomplish this year!

  17. This is a large list! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. If you figure out how to do a built in fireplace, let me know because I don't have any in my home and would love to have one added... It's one of two things that I really wanted in my dream home but didn't end up getting. Someday, though...

  18. Your house is amazing. I love your taste and I wish I could do all the projects you do!

  19. Love your plans!! I always do though. We bought our dream house and are currently gutting it. I would love to know what program you designed your room with. Do tell.... ;) You can email me at smalltownvintagelove at gmail dot com Thanks Sarah!


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