Make euro pillows with inexpensive drapes

February 12, 2016

We have two bedrooms that I've been working on for some time and I really want to call them DONE. (See the updates to the guest room here.) The master has been a long process, so long that I've already changed out the bedding that I bought for the room when I started. Thankfully the end of this makeover is in sight! 

I got a new duvet cover years ago when I started updating this room but the animals wore it out quick. I wanted something with a little more color to it too -- not a lot because I really want to this to be a calm and relaxing space. I started keeping my eye out when I was out and about and finally found a comforter set at HomeGoods -- you could see a peek of it when I finally started painting the rest of the walls
Whitestone Benjamin Moore

It came with the basic pillow shams but because I'm a girl I like a few more pillows on the bed. :) I like some decorative ones and I sleep with approximately seven pillows so I guess you could say I have a bit of a problem.

I made covers for the euros (I get my inserts at IKEA -- best prices anywhere!) and a few others a year ago, but of course they didn't go with the new bedding. I have to tell you -- mixing and matching fabrics stresses me out. I feel like I do OK at it, but it takes a lot of effort. Lots of shopping around finding the perfect patterns and colors to go together. Sometimes the thought of fabric shopping has me giddy and sometimes messing with all of that just wears me out. Seriously.

Another thing -- last month I did my no spend month and I tell you what, after that month I kind of hate to the leave the house to run errands. It's weird. Not spending means I'm home a lot more and I get used to that and love it. So because I'm still easing into my errand running, I was looking for an easy and quick fix for the new pillow covers. 

Yet again, I went with the slightly nontraditional. I do this a lot. :) I took one of the new shams with me to HomeGoods (to match it) and browsed the drapery aisle. I found a basic but pretty set: 
pillows from drapes

The two eight foot drapes were $25 -- which is a steal when it comes to some fabrics. If I went to the fabric store with a coupon I probably could have spent less, but sometimes you just don't want to drive all over the place. 

I thought I would just need one panel and could use the other for something else later, but I cut my covers too small the first time. Thankfully I had the extra drapery panel and three 26x26 (I make the covers slightly smaller) pillows came out of that perfectly.

I still need to steam a few wrinkles out, but I'm really happy with the simpler look on the bed: 
DIY tufted headboard

I LOVE the new bedding! I just think it's so pretty. All of the colors work beautifully with the room and the light color works perfectly with the new pillow covers. I got rid of a few more throw pillows I used to have on the bed -- I wanted to tone things down a bit. It was such a pain to put them all on the bed after making it every day too.

I'm lying. You all know I made the bed for you today and that's the first time it's happened in a long time. Anyway, I just didn't want as many anymore so I stuck with the three euros, two king pillows and a long accent one:
Tarva IKEA dresser as nightstand

Less fuss for sure!

I like how the new euros work with my chair in there too. I'm a matching girl at heart…I like to mix patterns but they have to have colors that carry through. I'm not one who can just throw random colors together -- when it's done well I love that in other homes. It's just not me. 

The other new additions to the room are the Tarva dressers from IKEA -- we've had them for a few months now but I have yet to finish them. The materials are in the garage, I just have to do it!: 
Paneled wall behind bed
I'll talk more about these when I finish them but so far I'm really happy with their size and functionality. They are the perfect height and hold a ton of stuff that used to sit out on the top of the old nightstands.

I'm so glad to get one more thing knocked off the list in this room -- next I need to hem the bed skirt (it's crazy long!) and then finish up a couple more projects in this space. I'm very close to calling this one done!

This room is sooooo soothing and pretty and we LOVE it. Thankfully even with the new bedding everything so far has been a wash with what we got from selling our bed years ago. I think I'm just now at the point where I'm going to spend more than what we got so that's awesome.
Gray accent wall with trim

Oh, and I thought I took a photo of this bedding packaging but have looked and looked and cannot find it. I wish I could tell you the brand name! I know it's a brand that HomeGoods carries a lot -- I see it every time I visit. If I see it again I'll be sure to update this.

So there you go -- more pillows made from things that aren't supposed to be pillows. I do this often. :) (Go here and here to see.) I think it's a great way to improvise and sometimes it's cheaper than something from the fabric store. And it's a great option when you're just feeling lazy and don't want to drive one more place. ;)

Here's more info on other projects in this room!:
DIY headboard for $100
Gray accent wall behind bed
TV gallery wall 

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  1. Very pretty! I need bedside stands and hadn't thought about using a dresser until I saw your post today! I love the idea of all of the closed storage as I always ends up with clutter on top! Did you cut the legs off of your dresser as it looks shorter than the picture on the IKEA website?

  2. So soothing and calm! Love it! Where did you find the grey accent pillow?

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Sarah! Such a gorgeous bedroom retreat!!

  4. My bedskirt was crazy long too! Since hemming is for the birds, I just made a long fold under the mattress and whip stitched it.

  5. So pretty! I love everything! The colors are amazing.

    Mel |

  6. Hello - the room looks lovely. Do you have a favorite brand of bed sheets? I constantly struggle with sheet sets claiming they are deep and then having them shrink too much and then struggling to get them over the corners of the bed. Was curious if you had any recommendations.

  7. What are the dimensions of the "accent pillow," please?

  8. LOVE your beautiful room!! Can you remind me where you got your rug? I love it. I have one that is the reverse (grey with cream) and the grey is lighter than I wanted (I ordered online) and sometime I would love to sell it and get one like yours. Thank you!

  9. Beautiful.. love your new comforter/pillows..Just perfect.

  10. Yay! I thought I was a complete weirdo because mixing / matching fabrics gives me so much anxiety!!!

    Your bedroom looks lovely. You are so close to the finish line. Woot woot! :)

  11. Why am I not surprised your room is as incredible as all other rooms you've worked on? It looks like a very serene peaceful room for what a bedroom is supposed to be. Love your rug and your new bedding is so pretty, but quiet, not loud or too busy.
    Lets hope you have chance to enjoy your room instead of always working on a room, lol.
    Many times if you're looking to find fabric that would coordinate with your first choice look at fabrics around it as the colors and print (if there is one)will go well but not clash. That's how fabric depts. are set up if they're good ones.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Valentine Day.

  12. It is so pretty!!
    I once made pillow covers out of a dress that I fell in love with because of the beautiful fabric and I closed my eyes to the fact that it was not my style at all!! But it became two lovely pillows for my living room :-)

  13. It looks so pretty! Bedding is the hardest for me because we wear it out so fast. I always struggle to find something that will last and then I end up with white lol. I should take your que and go with more beiges and grays!

  14. I love making my own pillows! One of my favorite ways is taking old flat sheets I'm tired of, and turning them into new and improved throw pillows. Total budget saver :)

  15. I LOVE the walls against your blinds! I so wish I wasn't renting and could do that, I would be getting my measurements done right now for yet another weekend project. Great job!


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