Monday, March 14, 2016

Before and After Party (Just a Little Late!)

Well hello there! So yet AGAIN I forgot about the before and after link up this month. I did the same thing in January -- I seriously have no idea why I keep doing that. I've been hosting this shindig for about five years and I've never forgotten this much!

Soooo…here we go. :) A little late but let's do this thing. I really love looking through all of your posts every month and yet again I was so impressed with what you all create! Sharon's mudroom is one of my favorites: 
black interior doors

I loved every bit of it but you know my favorite part was the black door. It is such a big statement for so little money! 

Jaime shared a brilliant drawer DIY project -- she used it for water bottles but you could use the same concept for any organizational needs: 
DIY drawer dividers

I've been planning pull out drawers like this in both our kitchen and master closet -- I know they will make a huge difference!

Jenny shared a HUGE kitchen transformation that she worked on and it is stunning:
Painting kitchen cabinets

She helped me paint my kitchen cabinets last year and her advice was so helpful! She is a pro!

I just had to share Tami's sweet upcycle project -- so cute!:
DIY play kitchen
My son loved his play kitchen as a toddler so this would be great for girls or boys!

I was so thrilled Kelli shared her final kitchen renovation -- we were going through the process at the same time and picked a lot of the same finishes:
Two toned kitchen redo

It is so lovely! I love her red accents. You have to check out the before too!

Laura's dining room makeover is beautiful and she saved a TON by waiting till items were on sale:
Rustic dining room makeover
I love that beautiful wood table and that wall color is lovely.

And finally, but certainly not least, this tutorial on how to add legs to your island is so helpful:
Adding legs to an island

Nicki's island looks fantastic with those chunky legs -- this is a fairly easy DIY project that really adds a custom touch to your kitchen.

Awesome projects as always! Thanks for linking up every month! If you'd like to be considered for next month's highlight, copy and paste this into your post or add a link:

<div align="center"><a href="" title="TDC Before and After" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="TDC Before and After" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Now it's time to see what you've been up to for the past month six weeks. :) Please make sure your posts include a before and after shot and are photos of your own work.


  1. Ohh thank you, Sarah! I am truly humbled!! I can't wait to go check out all of the links and featured posts :)

  2. Sarah, Thank you so much for featuring my kitchen island today! Made my day, have a good one!

  3. So many great projects - thanks for including my kitchen as part of it! I'm totally in love with that mudroom, btw!

  4. Late or not, I love your party every month, Sarah! Thanks so much for hosting.

  5. Ah my drawer dividers! Thank you, thank you for sharing. My kids love 'going shopping' for their waterbottle these days now that we can see everything. And mommy likes it all lined up straight ;)

  6. Thank you so much for the feature, Sarah! You totally made my day (and my page views ;))!

  7. Pretty features. Thanks for hosting.
    Have a nice week.

  8. Oh wow! I am so honored, Sarah! Thank you so much for featuring my dining room makeover. I loved all the kitchen remodels and now I want to makeover mine! ;)

  9. So many beautiful projects! Thanks for hosting :)

  10. Such awesome inspiration!! Always makes me want to redo my apartment. lol.

    Mel |

  11. I love the drawer idea! At my age, I need those in my cabinets, especially the lower ones.

  12. Those are some serious eye candy features! Glad I didn't miss it this month! Thanks for hosting :)

  13. Thanks for hosting! Always love seeing the great before & afters!

  14. Very nice before and afters! I really enjoyed watching each feature. Looking forward to check now each featured links.

  15. Thanks for hosting, Sarah. Your parties are worth the wait. :D

  16. Everything's Sharon does is so damn good!!! The mud room is no exception!!!

  17. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for featuring my dining room makeover. I loved all the kitchen remodels and now I want to makeover mine.I love that beautiful wood table and that wall color is lovely.

  18. Hi Sarah! Great photos as usual! Wish I had the courage to throw a party at home haha. Have to clear the house of all fragile items first..and end up having a carpet party for there won't be much left :D


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