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May 11, 2016

I have to tell you -- I am so excited about the upcoming changes to the loft/craft room. It will be my summer project this year. I'm determined not to be a sloth this time. :) 

This is how it looks now: 
DIY craft table using cubbies

(You can see how I made that DIY craft table here -- it was a super simple project and is fantastic storage!)

What you can't tell from this photo is that the carpet is disgusting. Seriously, it grosses me out. It's time for it to go and in a couple weeks it will be replaced with hardwood floors like we have throughout most of the house. 

Before that happens I have a lot of work to do -- purge everything for one (hoping that will happen today) and then start removing all of the base and window trim in the room. I'm going to use this opportunity to upgrade our tiny baseboards in that room to something taller. While I'm at it I'll be adding my craftsman style trim to all of the doors and windows -- and I'm already planning to hire out the painting of those. Not my favorite part. 

Then will come the bigger project, which is a wall of built ins and desk along one wall. I'm looking forward to having a space for us to work, do homework and craft. You can see my full plans for this craft/office/lounge space here. It will be really functional and I'm thrilled to get started. I've been looking forward to tackling this space for years!

I've got so many fun ideas running through my head on organizing all of the craft stuff. I'll have some counter space to display some of the items but I want them to look clean and pretty. I have a head start with this cute caddy I made last year: 
Easy DIY art caddy

I find the simplest projects are what work best. This is so much cuter (and functional) than stashing them in a drawer:
DIY art caddy with dollar store supplies

Years ago I transformed a bathroom caddy to one that rolls around. We keep this one in our family room now and it's so nice to be able to roll it up to the table when needed: 
Repurposed caddy into a rolling craft cart

I've been searching the Internets for more easy, cute, affordable ways to organize craft gear and wanted to share some of them with you. Like I said, simplest is best. A tray with pretty cups works great: 
Simple craft storage with cups

I love the idea of using vintage cups for this. Or if you aren't a coffee drinker like me but love the adorable mugs everywhere (like me) you could pick some up for this instead of just for hot chocolate. ;)

OK so this is so simple but I love it -- store the craft paints with the bottoms out so you can see the color:
Storing craft paints

Brilliant! And duh. Why haven't I done this? How pretty, right? That whole craft room is amazing by the way.

I think ribbons are one of those items that are hard to display but look so pretty when you do. This is a super simple DIY holder:
DIY craft ribbon organization

You can also use paper towel holders to store ribbons like this!

I love those little ribbons you find in the dollar section at craft stores, but they're so tiny I lose track of them easily. This is so cute!:
Tic tac containers for small ribbon storage

They look especially adorable all lined up. 

I love a cute pin cushion but this idea is smart too (if you don't have little ones around): 
DIY magnetic tray for pins

Again, a great use for a pretty dish!

The tiny stuff is the hardest to organize and these ideas are smart (and cheap!):
Egg crate for small craft or office supplies

We use this ceramic egg crate in the fridge and it would be cute too if you want something more sturdy.    (These are also great for organizing earrings!)

Going vertical is always smart and if you don't have little hands around this is a great idea:
Magnetic strip for scissors

I have a few of these magnetic strips from a project gone wrong and I'm always trying to figure out how to use them. (You can see how I used one for spice storage here.) 

I love a good repurpose and this is great -- using a wine rack with cups for storage: 
Marker storage idea for craft space

The markers sorted by color makes me happy. :)

I'm a non-scrapbooker who is obsessed with scrapbooking paper and my current method of storing them all in plastic containers is not working. This is a great idea:
Trones storage hack

I was just at IKEA last weekend too! Darn. 

There are so many items for the kitchen that can be used in different ways. A fruit basket is a cute way to store stamps: 
Wire basket for craft stamps

Again, simple idea but really smart -- this would allow them to air dry after using.

I could do an entire post on organizing wrapping supplies, right? Those tubes take up so much space and  are kind of a pain in the butt. I keep ours in a big basket:
Wrapping paper in basket

But it takes up quite a bit of floor space. If yours is at a premium this is a brilliant idea:
Wrapping paper storage idea

She suggest hanging it in the closet but I think sliding it under a bed or sofa would be a great idea too. (Less chance for the rolls to move around.)

People are so smart! :) I love sharing hacks like these -- especially for storing the little craft items that are hard to store. And I think displaying the supplies is a fun idea! They're so colorful and become the art in your space. If you have any fun craft organization tips or posts feel free to leave them in the comments! (Please pin these projects from the original source.) 

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  1. A lot of great ideas! I need to do the wrapping paper one and your lazy susan with containers. Can't wait to see your space finished.

  2. I was hoping when you talk about your basement flooring that you'll go into a lot of depth about the quality and your honest-to-goodness opinion of the vinyl planks. Do you think it is a good option for a main floor level when real hardwoods are not in the budget?

  3. Oooo! The magnets-under-a-pretty-plate one would be perfect for bobby pins as well - and I just so happen to have a pretty little plate AND a teenage daughter with a pile o' bobby pins!

  4. Fellow non-scrapbooking paper-lover here. I keep mine in magazine file/holder boxes. (This is assuming you have enough papers that they'll stand upright in the box.) I've got a thing about straight-sided storage containers. Rows of lined up tic tac boxes- count me in!

  5. A scrapbook paper stand is TOTALLY worth the investment. I got lucky and found mine in my local classifieds, but I love it. It's like this one:
    Mine only has about 12 tiers. I have all my papers sorted by color. It takes up floor space, but that's okay. It's worth it to have them all nicely sorted!

  6. Gosh, we have a loft that runs through the top of our house and painted as well with gorgeous native wood floor all polished, and cupboards built into the roof cavity! So handy! We use it as a playroom for the grandchildren!


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