My Top Ten Favorite Amazon Home Products

July 11, 2016

My top ten FAVORITE Amazon products for the home.

So I heard this weekend that Amazon is doing their "Prime Day" again -- have you heard about this? It's supposed to be a day with big deals for Prime members only. We've been members for some time now and it's really changed how we shop. 

We order SO much more online than we used to and the convenience of it is great. I've found most items are delivered the same day if we order early enough, and if not that day then the next day. 

Some items are more than we'd pay in the store but I've found I end up spending less overall because I don't pick up the little random things like usual. (HELLO dollar spot at Target.) I'm even considering ordering groceries online, do any of you do that? 

Anyway, since tomorrow is Prime Day I thought I'd share some of my absolute favorite Amazon items here with you today. One of the things I love best about shopping online is that I often find random products that I can't always find at the store. 

One project in particular is the cabinet lighting I added in the kitchen: 
Upper and lower cabinet lighting
You can see how I did it here with a whole list of the items you'll need. It is surprisingly NOT a hard project to do and the price is really quite reasonable for the lighting. 

Here's an image to pin if you want to save it for later: 
How to install cabinet lighting
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I loved that I was able to grab everything I needed for that project in just a few minutes online. Normally I'm walking through the hardware store for an hour trying to find each thing. 

Another favorite Amazon item is the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:
Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I say it a lot but I don't say it lightly -- this book changed my life. I finished the whole-house purge a couple months ago and I keep meaning to write more about our life after the clutter was removed. It's wonderful and one of the best things I've done for our house, our family and for my sanity. ;) 

The next product is one that saved me thousands during our kitchen renovation. I decided to paint our kitchen cabinets on my own and I'm SO so happy I did. It would have been at least $3000 to pay someone to do it. Honestly, I think mine turned out better than some professional jobs I've seen. Toot goes my horn, I know. But seriously:
How to paint kitchen cabinets

I shared all of the steps on how to paint your kitchen cabinets here and more about the sprayer I used here
BEST sprayer for painting kitchen cabinets
It. is. awesome. I love that you don't have to water down the paint -- if you've used sprayers before you'll understand why that's so nice. The finish is fantastic and looks professionally done. (AND they are holding up beautifully!)

When I did a quick and cheap makeover on our son's bathroom I discovered the LED daylight bulb and it quite literally makes everything look SO much better: 
Daylight LED bulbs in bathroom
You can find them here (there are different version available though). The difference still blows my mind. Regular incandescents give off a yellow tone and I didn't realize how much until I installed the daylight version. In some rooms I still like the softer look, but in bathrooms, the laundry and the basement these have been SO great. 

One of my absolute favorite painting brushes is the square Zebra brush. It is hard to tell here but it's shaped in a square: 
zebra square painting brush

I use it ALL of the time when painting trim, and it's especially great for detail on furniture
Best brush for painting furniture
It paints so smooth and it is mightier than it looks. It fans out quite a bit and covers a lot. It also holds a surprising amount of paint. 

Another project you can get nearly all the materials for online is the DIY tufted headboard project I shared with you years ago. Ours is still as beautiful as it was then! I love it:
How to make a DIY tufted headboard

I link to all of the items you'll need in that post, from button covers to foam to nailhead trim. The only thing you'll have to get on your own is the wood and fabric!

This is one of my favorite items because it makes taking photos of our home SO much easier. I was truly shocked the first time I used this -- it eliminates that glare coming from the windows and brightens everything up beautifully. It's called the Neewer TT560 Speedlite flash:
TT560 Speedlite for photography

I shared a few before and after photos and more details about this flash component here but this gives you an idea how well photos turn out in darker areas or spots with windows: 
How to take pictures of windows without glare

You can actually SEE out those windows! I had this sitting in a drawer for at least a year and still kick myself for not pulling it out sooner! 

I found these Open It scissors years ago and we always have at least two on hand now because they work so well: 
Open It scissors for cutting plastic

They make opening plastic packages a breeze. I especially love them at Christmas because we use them so much for toys. As you can see I also use them on DIY projects -- I've cut vinyl tile and "wood" with them and they are easier to use than any razor I've found. 

This is a recent project but one that we can't get enough of. We added outdoor string lights to our pergola last year and loved them…but we had no idea how pretty they would look over our patio as well:
String lights over patio

They are commercial grade and this is an instance when I think the cost is totally worth it. You can find them at Costco or at Amazon (I link to them in the post above). The lights truly transformed our outdoor space and we've been out there nearly every night since we put them up. 

Last but not least, one of my all time favorite products that I use EVERY day -- the Scrub Daddy sponges
scrub daddy sponges

You can read more about why I love theses sponges so much, but the bottom line is they get major messes clean but can be softened with warm water to do more regular dish cleaning. They also NEVER smell. Ever. 

The one on the left was used and the ones on the right are newer ones. I LOVE THEM. And they're cute!: 
River White granite
Their little happy faces really do make me smile too. :) 

I love to hear of products that work well for other people so I try to share those that I think you'll find useful too. I've used all of these and love them, I think you will too. 

If you have been interested in Amazon Prime, this would be a good day to do it. And this is NOT a sponsored post -- I just love the membership and the items I've found on there. :) You can try out Amazon Prime for 30 days here!

Have you tried any of these? Any fun products you've found that you would recommend? 

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  1. I used to order groceries online and I absolutely LOVED it...I hate going to the grocery store. Unfortunately, our grocery store stopped offering this service :( You will love it if you do!

  2. I had no idea how much I pay attention to what you like. I have almost everyone of these!! :) Too bad my kitchen still isn't as pretty as yours!

  3. The tidying up books looks like it would be a major help!
    Jabeen x

  4. I really like the zibra brush too, especially for trim painting! Its awesome! I do think they are kind of hard to clean though. I find after a few uses/washes its just not as nice. Any tips?

    1. Purdy sells a paint brush comb that I use every time -- it helps tremendously with all my brushes! Check that out.

  5. I share your love of Scrub Daddies. I ordered QVC's todays special value last week and I have a big stash of them now!!!

  6. I've seen the Scrub Daddy on tv commercials.. Might have to give them a try, They're just too cute! :)

    Sam from

  7. I also bought the The Life-Changing Magic book and learned a lot about organizing! But I bought the book a year ago and still haven't implemented what I learned..ugh I loved the book but I'm also really lazy.

  8. We've been able to grocery shop online since the late 90's here in the UK and I was an early adoptee. I worked long hours and commuted so it meant less of my weekend was taken up with home duties. I used to get it delivered on the same day my cleaning lady was in and she even put it away. Pure heaven.

  9. I can totally attest to the KonMari method as it changed my life, and also those OpenIt things are a miracle worker in my home :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  10. Looks like I'm in for an Amazon shopping spree! These look like little lifesavers.

  11. Totally off topic, but I am curious about your kitchen faucet. Is the handle meant to be in the front like that? I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and the faucet I chose has a handle that moves towards and away from you and can't clear the backsplash since it goes back too far. I was wondering if this happened to you and if this was your fix. Thanks. And if it is meant to be this way, does your arm get wet when you operate the faucet?

    1. Yes we did turn it! When we first installed the sink with our old countertops it was too tight on the side. (I think it was the soap dispenser.) We turned it and I love it so much we did it again with the new counters. And no, the faucet always stays off to one side or the other so we don't get wet. :)

  12. What dish do you use to hold your sponge Daddy? Looks very cute and perfect size.

  13. It's the lotus soap dish from World Market. :)

  14. This post made me realize that I'm highly influenced by TDC's purchases - I'm embarrassed (or not) a little by how many of these items I have already purchased when you shared them. And I love them all, too - the outdoor lights, under cabinet lights, speed light flash. So keep on shopping on. And then share with me .... ;)

  15. I have the tidying up book and the flash attachment. Love them both. I need to check out the Open It Scissors. Love the lighted cabinets!

  16. Just found your blog today and have spent way more time than I should exploring your DIY projects. I noticed you also love the scrub daddy, so I just wanted to mention that the happy face design was done on purpose, the eyes are for your fingers to fit in making scrubbing easier and the mouth is for cleaning spoons or other dbl sides items. Also, in case others aren't aware, if you run it under cold water it makes the sponge hard for scrubbing stubborn spots and if you run it under warm water it softens the sponge. This is the best sponge I have ever owned (I hang mine on the arm of our soap dispenser through one eye, great for quick drying) and I love that it never smells or stains and can be washed in the dishwasher on the top shelf. I would pay twice the price for this product, I'm still on my first pkg (3yrs) because they last forever. Just wish I had been the one to invent them !


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