Elegant $2 dollar store candle holders

December 12, 2020

I'm continuing my dollar store candle DIYs with this beauty! You can see the snowy candles I shared earlier here

This is such a good one folks...I actually made these years ago and I can't believe it's taken me this long to make them again! One of them broke a few years back and I never got to making a new match. 

I started over with two this time and they are so pretty! You'll need two things from the dollar store -- a glass candlestick and a glass cylinder candle holder: 
how to make your own glass pedestal candles

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You can use any glue that will adhere glass. There's a few out there so just do what is easiest. This time I used this aquarium sealant I had from a past project: 
aquarium sealant to glue glass

Just few put a few little dabs along the top of the candlestick holder: 

how to make your own glass pedestal candles

And center the larger candle holder on top. Leave it alone to cure for the recommended time -- my sealant said 24 hours so even though it was sticking fine within 20 minutes, I left them alone for awhile. 

There are so many possibilities with these candle pedestals! I threw a few together to show you the different options for Christmas. I used cinnamon stick filler and nestled a glass votive inside with a tealight candle: 
DIY dollar store pedestal candle

I love the simple look of some glittery berries too: 
DIY pedestal candles using dollar store supplies

This is where I must say -- remember to never leave these unattended! If you want to use something like these berries I'd recommend a battery-operated candle -- I was using what I had to share these options with you.

I had some pretty glittery strands that I put in the bottom: 
how to make your own pedestal candles

This simple one with a few sprigs of greenery is a favorite of mine!: 

DIY dollar store pedestal candle with greenery

I love the fake snow in the bottom -- how pretty would that be with red candles? I wish I had red!: 
DIY dollar store candle with fake snow

I ended up using some gold sand I've had stored away -- it's so pretty!:
DIY dollar store candles with sand

I felt like the new stacked stone fireplace needed some candlelight and these are perfect!: 
stacked stone fireplace Christmas

These are super pretty with just the candle too! No need to add more -- but it's fun to dress them up for the holidays. 

At two bucks a pop you could make a ton for a beautiful centerpiece on a table or buffet! They really are so pretty: 
DIY stacked stone fireplace

This is one of my favorite dollar store DIYs! You can do so much with them! They'd be pretty and simple gifts too. Do you have any dollar store decor hacks you love?

Here's an image to pin if you are interested in saving this project for later:

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  1. Totally doing this in my new house on that ledge over my front door! This town doesn't have much, but it sure does have a dollar store 😂😆😊!

  2. Watch out dollar stores after we all read both posts, lol. What did we do before there were excellent dollar stores? Family Dollar and Dollar General are both ok but their prices are beat all over by $trees. Love those places but I tend to keep dropping things in my basket then have to count if I don't have enuf money.
    With all the blinking 5 week months have had a few items usually have to go back. Can I count that as exercise running up and down aisles putting items back where they belong?
    Okay going to print out all these ideas to keep for next holiday season. On top of it all we don't get paid til day after Christmas, yeah is that the pits or what?
    Have wonderful rest of week Sarah and weekend

    1. Think of the positives-everything will be on sale.

  3. i did this a couple of years ago after seeing it on another blog! could not believe how amazing they looked because it only cost 2 dollars! you can have dozens if you need them all over the house without breaking the bank!

  4. Such a cool project! And so thrifty! Haha -- no surprise there. ;-) It looks stunning. You would never know it only cost 2 dollars. Isn't the dollar store wonderful?

  5. I made these a couple years ago and I agree - there are so many ways to dress them up! I usually tie a ribbon on mine to fancy them up, but they are so pretty as is...currently mine have candles in one, tiny glittery pinecones in another. Love them!

  6. Ooh, I so want to make some of these. I guess I'm hitting the dollar store tomorroe while I'm out. A cluster of these would be pretty on my kitchen table. :)

  7. Last year the dollar store had blue glasses that I glued them to the candlesticks. The other thing I did was take the clear vases and glued bling on a roll from WalMart to the tops. I put fake snow, a pinecone, and a snowflake in them. Some I put a bottlebrush tree in. I used E6000 glue and Fabri-tac glue.

  8. Is that the picture of your finished product? Bc it looks different than the glass cup from the dollar store in the original picture. The decorated pictures seem wider and taller.

    1. They are all the finished product, using the items in the first photo.

  9. Love these!! Will stop by the store today to make some. Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. I found the candlesticks & candleholders in the store but couldn't find candles slim enough to fit inside the top tubes. Where did you buy the candles?

    1. I'm not sure, so sorry! Hobby Lobby have great options that may work.


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