How to Make a Quick DIY Spring Tulip Wreath

March 08, 2017

Easy DIY spring tulip wreath tutorial for your Spring front door.

This tulip bloom wreath is so easy to create, it's just silly. The end result is so full and beautiful, and you can customize the colors for your front door.

These are my favorite kinds of projects/posts -- quick DIYs that are easy to replicate and aren't going to break the bank. This one is especially easy! 

I found this tulip wreath and fell. in. LOVE with it: 
Full white and yellow tulip wreath
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But the price? That much for this wreath was too steep for me. 😳 It's gorgeous but I knew I could make my own for a lot less. 

I gathered my supplies -- the grapevine wreath form I had already. (See how I reuse this wreath for all seasons in this post!) 

I recommend grabbing one when they're on sale (I believe this one was $5 after half off). This 18 inch option from Michaels is the same price. 

I love these because they're SO easy to stuff with seasonal items:
Grapevine wreath for spring DIY projects

Then decide on the flowers you'd like to use. I was flat out copying my inspiration, so I went with yellow and white. You can find bunches of faux tulips at most craft stores for half off -- check around to see when florals are on sale. 

I grabbed way more than I needed just in case: 
Affordable fake tulips

So pretty! 

I used my wire cutting pliers and started cutting at the stems on the bunches of tulips: 
How to cut fake flowers

Then I just stuffed them in! It really is so easy. Just place them where you want -- the grapevine will keep them secure. If the ends of the stems stick out, you can cut them down even more, or tuck them into the wreath. 

You can use a hot glue gun to secure the stems here and there, but mine holds up beautifully by just sticking them in.

I thought it looked pretty with just a couple bunches on there:
How to make your own spring wreath

But I wanted a fuller look so I went with six bundles of tulips total: 
DIY large tulip wreath for a fraction of the cost

LOVE it! Mine was $24 and is even bigger than the one online. Score! 

I used six bunches at $4 each. I had the wreath, but as I mentioned, you would easily come in under $30 for a very full and large wreath. If you go with a slightly smaller grapevine wreath you'd be able to make do with fewer flowers too. 

I use a Command hook to hang my wreaths on the glass storm door on our porch. This is what I use and it's made for wet locations. We don't get any wind or rain on the door, but I used it just for the general moisture outside. 

It has stayed up for years and held HEAVY wreaths: 
How to make your own tulip wreath

A colorful or burlap ribbon wrapped through the back and attached at the top of the door makes for a prettier way to hold the wreath. A wreath hanger like this one that adjusts up and down will hold a heavy wreath as well.

It's hard to get a photo of the glass door without me in it. ;) You don't want to see me in my comfy pants so here you go: 
DIY white and yellow tulip wreath

SO pretty! I just love it! Mine measures about 24 inches across, bigger in some spots. You can make it bigger or smaller with your placement of the tulips. 

I recommend placing a few felt pads on the back of the wreath to protect your door. 

Of course you can use any fake flower or greenery for a wreath like this! I love that I can take them out, keep them for next spring and reuse the wreath for summer. It takes maybe ten minutes to add the flowers in once you've got them cut. 

This is gorgeous in any color combination of tulip blossoms -- wouldn't a rainbow wreath would be stunning?

If you don't want to DIY this wreath here are some BEAUTIFUL options you can buy. I'm so ready for spring!:  
Yellow and white tulip wreath Amazon

Dark and light pink tulip wreath

Light and dark pink tulip wreath

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  1. I've always just pictured wreaths for Christmas time, but a spring wreath makes so much sense! I love your yellow DIY, perfect for the new season!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Gorgeous, great job!! I love the yellow, it's such a happy welcome home!

  3. It's gorgeous - so nice and full!

  4. I have this exact wreath saved on my wish list on Amazon. But now I'm heading to Hobby Lobby! Thanks so much for this post

  5. I made TWO tulip wreaths last weekend - we have two front doors - using the grapevine wreath like you showed - and smaller tulips from Michael's - I used a combination of ivory, peachy-blush and pale pink. I purchased ribbon with the intent of making a bow for each but it seemed too much because I really filled the wreaths with the tulips. One tip is to push the leaves up the stem and as close to the flower as you can and then use your wire cutters.

    1. Not sure how I ended up as "Cincinatus"? - I don't have a blog - do I need one to post? Anyway, there is a similar wreath, in pink, in the new Grandin Road catalog - for $139!!

    2. Ha! No idea! But yikes, that's even worse! :)

  6. Wow, so easy and not too expensive since can be redone time after time. Your wreath is so very pretty, great job. Is there anything you can't do well? Am always so amazed at all you tackle in your home, phew, what a gal.
    Been seeing tulip wreaths but thought would be too expensive. Like idea of buying tulips in a bunch, more for the money. Will have to wait til we get paid again (3/22) to make one, buy all needed, but looking forward to hanging tulip wreath on our front door. Will keep close eye on HL's ads for sales on their faux tulips and go scrounging for a wreath in stash. Do have a square grapevine wreath, maybe that would work? Got some pretty light blue gingham ribbon for $1 today at Michaels. Now to decide what color tulips to get. Enjoy rest of week
    Love idea of Cincinatus for pushing leaves up close to flowers for extra fill in and filler.
    Sure glad you shared your gorgeous wreath, needed a good cheer-up.
    Finally have internet again, was without most of Feb., finally changed providers.

  7. Excellent ideas here. Am going to see what I can find to make one of these up!

  8. So cute.... I'm going to make one. Thx!

  9. Well done! It turned out just perfect and for a fraction of the cost. :)

  10. Your wreath came out amazingly Sarah! I couldnt imagine spending $70+ dollars for a wreath, lol. Grapevine wreaths are my fav too!

  11. Love the yellows and whites! I made one like this a few years ago in pinks and reds!

  12. I am so glad I wasn't the only one who saw a wreath like this but the price was waaaaayyy to much for my wallet!!!! A simple right click google search and I found your DIY blog...I just love the bright yellow for spring time!!!!


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