Tons of large 12x24 tile options

April 14, 2017

There's been some great progress in the bathroom makeover this week and now I can't wait to get my hands on some projects in here. 

I'll share the tile options I'm looking into first and then where we're at with the room at the end of the post.  If you remember, I shared the latest update (the new tub, plumbing fixes and lighting updates) a couple weeks ago: 
Bathroom makeover progress

I can't even believe how much better it looks already! But first, the next step is tiling the floor. I'm so excited to get this done and want to do it soon (I may start this weekend) because having the floor done means we can get the toilet back in and get it somewhat functional again. 

Then we can build the vanity and get the majority of this room done! So I need to make a decision on the tile ASAP. 

I've visited three stores now to get ideas and I'm sharing some of my favorites with you (and one that I didn't even think would be an option but looks awesome!). I'll share where I found each one, the name and price under each photo in case you want to check out any for yourself. 

I'm looking into gray tile but want a dark gray (and it's proving harder to find than I thought). There are a ton of gray options but most are lighter. I really liked this concrete looking porcelain but it's a little too industrial feeling for me: 
Concrete looking tile
Cityside Gray Tile, Lowe's
1.99 square foot
This looks so much like concrete right? 

I loved the color of this one! It is a good contender and the price is great, but it has little sparkles all over it. If it didn't have those I'd probably be using it: 
Dark gray stone-looking tile
Galvano Charcoal, Lowe's
$1.99 square foot

This is the tile we used in our basement bathroom and I LOVE it: 
Light gray tile
Leonia Silver, Lowe's 

The price is RIGHT. I'm bummed though because they had a darker version back when we installed it in the basement. Now they only have this and a sand color. Whaa waaaa. It is a beautiful tile though, at a great price!

Here it is in the basement: 
Bright basement bathroom

I LOVE this next one, even though it's a bit lighter than I wanted. It so similar to my favorite one, but lighter. I love the linen look: 
Light gray linen tile
Silver Strand, Home Depot
$3.16 per tile (actually a good price since it's priced per tile)

I really like this one -- it's on my short list. It looks like slate but doesn't have the variation in height like slate does. It's on the higher end of what I've been looking at (but still a good deal):
Dark gray tile Home Depot
Montauk Black, Home Depot
$2.99 square foot

I'm guessing when sealed it will be even darker, and that's my hesitation. It would probably go black instead of dark gray. 

I wish I loved this one more because it is a steal! It's on sale for super cheap right now: 
Light gray tile Lowe's
Vista Harbor Gray, Lowe's 
$1.20 square foot

I bought one to bring home just to see if it worked because it's such a good deal: 
Trying out gray tiles

It's a beautiful tile but just not what I want in here. I am going simpler and want a more solid color. 

I found this one too, and really, really like it, but the price is way more than the others: 
Dark gray tile
Cinza Escuro, The Tile Shop
$5.49 square foot

Thing is, this isn't a big space. I could splurge a little and it still wouldn't be much. 

I found the one I LOVE a few weeks ago and after all the looking it's still a favorite. I'm thinking I would go with the darkest gray: 
Linen looking tile in grays
Linho tile, The Tile Shop
$2.99 square foot
Gosh I love those. 

So I found an option at Home Depot I wasn't really looking into, but it looks GOOD. It's a vinyl product made to look like tile: 
Allure vinyl tile
Allure Linen Charcoal vinyl, Home Depot
$2.29 square foot

Man, the price is great and I love the look of it. My only hesitation is if it can be installed directly up again the next piece. They sell grout you can use with them but I tried something similar in our mud room years ago and the grout did not hold up well. 

Have any of you tried this product? I'd love to hear your thoughts. It looks as though it's a click and lock install so I can't imagine there would be any need for grout. 

So there you go! My favorites are toward the end of the list as you can tell. :) I'm going to make a decision soon -- I'm definitely leaning darker. I think it will look great with the stained vanity and the white trim in the room. 

Here's an update of the progress so far! If you remember, this is where we started: 
Two room bathroom updates

You can read more on the mini makeover I did in here last year. 

Then I went ahead and took down the wall by myself: 
How to take down a wall yourself

Here it is after the tub surround was taken out and the new window was framed in:
Adding pony wall in bathroom

 And here it is today! The walls have been finished out and plumbing for the second sink was run:
Removing wall in bathroom

Taking down separating wall in bathroom

Next up I need to get that window ordered (I cannot wait for the day that goes in!!) and this weekend I hope to start the tiling. It shouldn't take too long. (Famous last words...) 

After that I can work on the new vanity and get the plumbing hooked back up. We need to have the vanity light changed to two separate lights and then I'll move forward with my plan for the wall behind the mirror. More on that soon! 

Let me know if you've tried that vinyl tile -- I'm intrigued! 

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  1. I really like the linen looking one but to be honest if this bathroom is primarily a boy's bathroom I would stay away from any grout. Even with sealant it can get nasty around the toilet. Just being honest :/

  2. We have been looking at the vinyl tiles as well. We wanted to use them in our basement family room and laundry room. The current flooring is suspected to be asbestos tile so we were told to lay a floating floor over it so we don't disturb it. I think only a few of their floors can be used with the grout. Most of them click & lock right up to each other but I'm not positive. We were looking at the wood like ones at first but think it will look off next to the wood on the stairs, so now we are considering the one that looks like a stone tile. I'd also love to hear if anyone else has used them. I'm concerned about marks that our furniture and our washer & dryer might leave in the floor.

  3. That Montauk Black slate tile can be sealed with an impregnator instead of an enhancer sealer, and it won't change the color of the tile.

  4. I haven't used those specific vinyl tiles, but we have used the wood-look vinyl planks and LOVE them. Would think they would be great for a bathroom. Agree that not having grout for a boy's bathroom is a good thing :)

  5. LOVE the slate-look one. I feel like it would stand the test of time a little better than the others maybe..? Some feel a lot more trendy to me. The vinyl is a good option, but as I think about all the flooring in my house I think, you know sometimes it's nice to save and do a vinyl in some areas, but other times it's just nice to have the real thing :). I am going to do a vinyl in the living space, but in the smaller areas where the cost would be lower, I think I just want to treat myself a little and splurge on some gorgeous tile! Can't wait to see what you choose!

  6. I love the cheap one that you brought home. It reminds me of weathered wood. It would really lengthen the room too.

    I used vinyl tile in my bathroom a few years ago and I love it! The brand was Armstrong A1624 but I can't find the style online anymore, like it's discontinued. It has the texture of stone (which is great to give a little grip on the floor when it's wet) and looks amazing. The pieces fit together nicely and it was such a quick job. The entire floor still looks like it did the day I installed it.

    I was very hesitant about the vinyl at first, I too wanted to use regular tile. I found the vinyl on clearance for only $24 (Reg. only $44) for 45 square feet so I couldn't pass it up. I am so glad I got it. I'm sure it won't last as long, but at that price if I decide to change it up in a few years I can without regret.

  7. Wow, you are making some serious progress!! I know whatever tile you select will be amazing, you are so talented and I love all the updates you do!

  8. Lots of choices it seems! Actually I think the gray will be perfect. My favorites are the Linho tile (medium gray) and the one you brought home from Lowes. But it is what you want after all! You amaze me with all you can do!

  9. We recently laid the Alterna by Armstrong vinyl tiles in our mudroom and laundry room and couldn't be happier! (We used "Forest Fog") It is so much warmer on the feet than ceramic which was a huge plus for us. My parents have had it in their kitchen for 5+ years without a problem. I love the look of the linen looking tiles, and it seems like from your writing you really do too! I'm sure whatever you chose will be awesome!

  10. We have a vinyl tile we put in our kitchen that we grouted. It is a high traffic area and take some big beating with 5 kids and 2 dogs. It has held up AMAZINGLY well! The grout did have some issues and we had to regroup a few areas but it's been over a year now and everything is holding up well. Everyone who comes in thinks it's tile and is shocked to hear it's vinyl. I would do it again without hesitation.

  11. We were looking for a dk. gray slate looking tile for our hearth and debated b/t the montauk black and the one with the sparkles.....the real slate need to be sealed so a no go...we chose the sparkle one but unless I look carefully w/ my nose about 1 ft. away...I can't see the sparkles....On another note....we are getting Luxury vinyl tile for our bathroon and laundry room....thats what the vinyl tile you are looking actually comes in 2 can click together or be glued down with special glue....the glued down kind can the grouted or not....its totally up to you...we ended up buying it at a flooring store b/c they had a much greater selection...and hubby opted for glued down rather than click together b/c of the smaller space...he said the click together would work better when fewer pieces needed cutting. we opted for a stone look b/c I wanted lighter and something that would compliment wood flooring which is in the rest of the main you need to decide if you want it grouted...I'd go with porcelen tile if grouted and LVT if not...sorry so long...

  12. We used an Allure vinyl tile that was stick together. There were visible gaps between tiles where you could see the sticky tab, which was a dark color (our flooring was light) so it was very noticeable :-( It held up really well and was super easy to clean though!
    We know people who used the same product but a dark wood and you couldn't see the seams.

    1. I put the allure gripstrip onyx in my kitchen and had this problem. But nothing a little white caulking couldn't fix. I didn't caulk from the tube but instead put some caulk in a small plastic container and used my finger to apply. Worked perfectly.

  13. I would for sure go with the vinyl. There should be no grout needed. I love the floor choices, but I hate tile and grout. It is so hard to keep clean. It is porous and I feel like it's trapping germs.

  14. We put vinyl tile in our main floor bathroom and entryway from the garage. (Washer and dryer are back there too). Think very high traffic. Ours is a click together style/no grout. It's been a year and it looks as good as the day we put it in. It cleans very easily. Seams between pieces are very invisible. The only negative was that it was a lot of cuts to make it fit perfectly because of course, no space is ever perfectly square. No regrets here!

  15. I've used the vinyl tiles from Alterna and Duraceramic for dozens of my clients projects and in my own home. Has a synthetic grout that is laundry room takes a beating (cleaning out paint brushed, mudroom, crafty mess area and it looks like day 1. Warmer than tile on your feet too. A big yes for this type of product! Easy to install too!

  16. Love the Silver Strand. And, could you put up another photo (whenever) of where the wall meets the ceiling (from the wall that you partially and almost removed)? I would like to see the finish of how you did this. I am planning the same thing, and doing most of the work myself. I will have to have an electrician to move the electrical but I can do everything else. Gracias!

  17. Hi, Sara! We were in the same predicament, tile or LVT? We used the grout and it looks great! I'll send you a picture via email. It's so much softer on your feet, easier to fix should anything go wrong (which it hasn't) and easy to lay down. We've done our daughter's bathroom as well and it's been 2 years this summer. No issues!

  18. My choice would be the Cinza Escuro from The Tile Shop. It's exactly the look you're going for & it's s small bath. So why not splurge a little to execute your vision?

  19. I'm also in a similar circumstance. My favorite is the Montauk Black slate-looking tile and almost exactly what I'm looking for in our small guest bathroom. However, I'm now also intrigued by the vinyl and will seriously be taking that into consideration. Someone mentioned that the vinyl would be much warmer than tile, which in my opinion is another great reason to consider it.

  20. from my experience porcelain tile are cold COLD, I would go with the vinyl for in the bathroom for the warmth on bare feet and it probably has some texture so wouldn't be as slippery if wet.

  21. Today's topic of flooring choices is very interesting as I am in the process of making the same decisions for a kitchen/eating area, the master and main bathrooms, and a craft room, and probably for the entryway. For your purposes, I would not use a ceramic tile with grout, unless you were thinking about heated floors. I would go with the vinyl planks myself, and would opt for no grout or joint lines. I liked almost all of the choices you shared with us. Really, one of my favorites was the least expensive one you brought home for a look-see. I will be very interested to see your final choice, as I always admire your taste not to mention your ability to get things done yourself. Thank you for sharing your choices with us.

  22. Are you keeping the wainscoting? If so I would go with the last two or the expensive one. The others with the lines would compete with the walls. The Mantauk may work since the pattern is random/natural. I also would want a darker shade to contrast with walls and cabinet, especially with the new window to allow light. Good luck!

  23. I love the linho tile too. It's simple but beautiful and not as busy as some of the other options. I don't care for the charcoal colored viny tile. It looks too dark to me and is a bit plain. Just my opinion. I'm sure whatever you do will be beautiful! My fav part of your blog is your pay as you go mentality. I too follow Dave Ramsey and his philosophies.

  24. I've used vinyl tile for clients on numerous occasions with great success. You get the look of tile without the maintenance. Also from a budget standpoint, the vinyl tile is more per sq/ft but it is less expensive of the two from an install labor standpoint. However, I'm sure since you are doing the install, this is not an issue for you. I like the vinyl as well as it is warmer underfoot than tile but again, if you have in floor heating then it is a non issue too.

  25. I like the linen look, I also think a concrete look would look great for a bathroom floor! So trendy!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  26. I am so bad at this stuff. i get overwhelmed with the decisions but I have to say I like all of them! You're doing amazing!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  27. Love the Silver Strand, Home Depot. Good luck!

  28. We used the Galvano Charcoal in our master bath redo, you really do not notice the "sparkle". It is a great darker gray option. Even with a glass tile accent strip, I never notice the "sparkles". I hides a multitude of sins ;)

  29. Galvano Charcoal, Lowe's
    $1.99 square foot

    is my vote

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  31. Nice choice of tiles for the bathroom...thanks your blog was helpful.

  32. We have luxury vinyl tile in our bathrooms and laundry - it's a darker gray rectangle tile with a dark gray grout. I love it! Soooo much warmer and softer under foot than regular tile. I highly recommend it - though we've only had it about 18 months so can't attest to its longevity...but it's held up well so far!

  33. We used something very similar to the cityside tile in our master bath and love it (it may be that exact one, but I can't remember for sure). It is on the light side, but looks so good with the white subway tile and we have espresso cabinets.

  34. I vote for the linen one. It's a bit different from the rest.


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