The final guest room (a look through the years)

August 30, 2017

So for the past couple of months I've said over and NEXT week, life will calm down a bit. I think I've said it at least ten times. The next week always seemed less stressful or busy and I was wrong every time. 😂 But NOW. Now I can say it! Life is slowing down and I'm thrilled!

We closed on the new house -- yay!! We are doing a construction loan, so unlike most home builds, we own the house immediately and have full access to it. I love that we can visit and check in whenever we want. 

We were just out of town again for a few days -- another trip that was planned well before we decided to even try this moving thing. I told you it happened super fast! So I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to be "home" (in the hotel) and start to get our lives settled again. I have a lot to do in our hotel apartment to get it organized so that's my next goal. 

I'll be updating you on the new house over the next few weeks and sharing some decorating projects I have in mind. I'm also going to recap all of the changes I made to the rooms in our last house -- a full before and after if you will. I didn't even share the final guest room so I'm doing that today! 

This one was one of the biggest transformations in our house but also one of the least expensive. When we moved in more than 13 years ago we painted this bright and colorful room for my stepdaughter: 
Girl room with squares on wall

She picked out all of the colors and her and her friends helped me paint the room. I still remember what a fun night that was! 

I kind of ignored this room for years after that though -- our guest surely enjoyed sleeping in here. ;) Especially the guys. I mean, who wouldn't? 😆

But I eventually started tackling this room and it was slow going, like all of my makeovers. The first step? Paint of course -- the easiest way to transform a room, hands down. First I used the same grid but did an ombre effect with pretty pale greens:
Ombre square accent wall

I was working off of the comforter I had found and loved. But I quickly realized those green colors were super hard to work with. I craved something simpler, so years later I ended up painting the room a different green that was much more neutral and easy to work with. Loved it! 

I made some simple updates that made a big difference, like adding my DIY window trim to the window: 
DIY farmhouse window trim

What a difference, right? It still amazes me what trim does to a room! 

When I painted the room I painted the bed wall the same color and added some simple trim that covered the grid pattern on the walls. You have to be careful when you paint designs on a wall -- usually you'll still see it behind coats of new paint. So the trim helped to cover that and also looked great:
Softened green Sherwin Williams

I'll link to all of the projects in here at the bottom of the post! This trim was $15 -- that's it! LOVE it. 

I eventually painted that back wall white, because I just love any wall with molding to be in white. It really brightened up the room. We didn't have overhead lights run when we built the house so one was added and the light made a big difference in here as well. That metal bed is fabulous and was a fantastic price at Target! 

This is how the room ended up before I started packing it up a few weeks ago:
Light green bedroom with white accent

Two things I still wanted to do in here -- paint the ceiling a pretty light blue for one. And I have an old cedar chest I found secondhand years back that I have wanted to refinish for years: 
DIY farmhouse window trim

That's on the project list for the new house for sure! 

It was a small room (the guest in the new house is as well) but functioned well for our guests. I LOVED this sweet room. It was so cozy, but also one of the brightest rooms upstairs. 

I'll link to that DIY sunburst mirror below as well. :) The nightstands are crazy affordable, from IKEA. The hardware is my favorite part -- I used paper napkins and glue to decorate those: 
Farmhouse metal bed

DIY knobs with napkins

I moved the big dresser up here and loved the black with white knobs in this pretty space:
White accent wall with molding in bedroom

The whole room was just that...pretty and practical. I think it was an oasis for our friends and family who stayed in our home and that makes me happy. I tried to add touches that would make them feel at home -- like easy access to our wifi code:
Wifi password frame for guest room

As well as lots of blankets at their disposal and plenty of magazines for reading material:
Cozy tips for guest rooms

Overall I was thrilled with how this room came together over the years, and I did it with a small budget: 
Small IKEA nightstands

Wall grid on bedroom accent wall

I hope to recreate much of it in our new home, but I may go with a different wall color. :) More on that later! I love looking back to see how far the rooms in our house came. If I missed anything below let me know!

Here's a resource list for the room: 
Duvet cover -- Bed Bath and Beyond (clearance)
Chandelier -- $80 from Lowe's

And a list of projects you might be interested in: 

Affiliate links for some products included for your convenience! 

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  1. Your guests must be the happiest guests on Earth. Looks even better than my personal bedroom!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. You did wonders with every room in your old house. Your friends who bought your house must feel like the luckiest people on the planet.

  3. Love seeing the transformation of this room! I just adore how that white trim looks with the bed frame and those knobs on the dresser are super cool! :)

  4. Such a pretty guest room, no doubt your guests were thrilled!!

  5. I have followed your blog since 2011 and love every bit of it! I look forward to seeing your new homes creations!
    I have a vey off the wall ad for LensCrafters pops up right over your posted photos with out being able to click it off. SO Annoying. I just wondered if you know how I can disable that?

  6. I love the ideas for this guest bedroom. I would never have thought of the little touches, such as the frame including the wifi password, or having reading material available. Awesome and creative ideas!


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