How to hide lamp cords

November 10, 2017

This is one of those topics I've blogged about before...BUT there are certain ones that I get asked about a lot or they are just something I do often and like to do reminders. I've been blogging for nearly ten years so it's fun to share stuff like this again occasionally. I find myself using this trick a lot lately as we get settled into the house. 

Some of you may not care about this and probably wonder why this is even a "thing." And then there are some of you who will nod your head as you read and then gasp when you see how easy it is and you'll be all -- YES. I need this in my world! This is for you. ;) 

It's not a secret -- I hate cords. Like, really, really hate them. I can live with a messy/disaster of a house for days but if I see a cord I can barely live with it for five minutes. It's just my thing. Don't even get me started on catalog pictures with cords. DON'T. EVEN. 

I put a photo of our kitchen table area on Instagram yesterday and the first question was...where are the cords??:

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Well, the cord ninja is here to help. Go to most any hardware store (or you can get them on Amazon here) and go to the aisle that has phone and cable supplies. Look for these long, skinny plastic cord covers:
White cord hiders

Oh, by the way, these are paintable! So you can paint them to match your walls. I like to run them along white baseboards so I don't need to paint them often. 

They have a flat side that's sticky -- you peel the paper off to adhere them. I think they come in four, maybe five foot lengths? But I've learned over the years just one will stretch through many areas -- I use small sections. I just score around it with scissors: 

How to use cord hiders

And then snap it in two. You may have some slightly ragged edges but it's no big deal. No one will see them!

This is where the fun comes in. You put the cord inside and then peel the back off and stick them wherever you want (this was an old desk I did this to years ago): 
Hiding lamp cords behind furniture

On this table I went down the back of two of the legs and then across the back at the bottom. You can also adhere them underneath. If you look really close you can see the tube going down the back of the middle leg: 
How to hide lamp cords

Trick for hiding lamp cords

Like I said, there's really no need to use long sections of them. I cut about four to five inch parts off and use them for projects like this. One down the back, maybe one or two along the bottom. If you have extra long cords you can kind of stack them like I did in the photo above. 

It's a little thing that is cheap and very easy to do -- and I think it makes a big difference! No cords!:
how to hide lamp cords

From this angle you can see can still see the plug of course, but from the front the (fake) candle hides it. Plugs don't bother me nearly as much as cords. We all have things, right? Cords are mine. 😂

Have you tried this trick? You can see other ways I've used these cord hiders in this post from years ago as well. If the furniture has a leg, you can hide the cord! Whoohoo! 

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  1. Stealing this idea! ;-) Thanks, Sarah! Looks GREAT!

  2. Thanks for reposting the how to!

  3. Genius! I'm with you. Cords drive me nuts ....working on hiding my Christmas tree cords right now!!

  4. So happy someone feels the same as I do about cords. I've been made fun of because of my hatred for them showing. I just happened to see these cable strips yesterday when I was in Lowes and put them on my mental to-do list. My most difficult cord to hide is the floor lamp cord - takes all of my imagination to hide those. Thanks for your post and the reminder.

  5. Of all the blogs I read yours is the best. Very practical and real life! Thank you for all the helpful info. And I enjoy seeing your cats sneak in pictures.

  6. Love these ideas! I also hate that plugs are never neatly behind furniture, they always seem to be next to it and it drives me batty. I'm always trying to find a way to hide those! Any ideas?

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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. there's another reason to use these ingenious cord hiders---they help keep pets safe because pets cant chew the cords!

  10. Why have I never seen these before??? I just ordered a set (using your affiliate link). Thank you!

  11. ugh, genius!! I'm trying it tonight.

  12. And all this time I was using masking tape and wire ties, haha.

    GREAT idea and I am sooooo doing it! HATE cords. Not as much as a messy house, but comes a close second, lol.

    Have a fabulous week!

  13. I hate cords too. My struggle is a sofa table that is floating in the room that has two lamps on it...I had to run them over to the wall about 3 feet. it's in a spot where people don't walk between it and the wall, but I can still see them! ugg!Any ideas for me?

  14. Sorry to ask if you've posted this, but I couldn't find it through a blog search - where are the pulls on the table from? I love them and think my Everett needs them, too!

  15. Thank you for validating this insanity regarding cords! I really thought I was the only one who can not abide cords/cables. Five minutes looking at an exposed cord is pure torture! Love this fix...


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