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December 18, 2017

Hello there! I was supposed to share our Christmas tour today but moved it to Wednesday because I ran out of daylight to take pics the other day. You'd think after nearly ten years of this gig I'd remember that little issue, but no. ;) (If you want to see the tours kicking off today, go check out the homes of my beautiful friends Chris and Beth.)

So instead I'm sharing a tour of my new office today, and this room doesn't have a lick of Christmas decor in it! I wanted to add a little something festive in here, but I'm calling it pretty much done at this point. Next year for sure! I've shared a bunch of rooms in the house so far -- if you missed any you can see the porch here, the staircase, dining area, foyer, mud room/laundry and powder room here!

This space its so different from the loft I used as an office in our old house, it will be fun to see how it comes together. You may remember that I have big plans for this room. The built ins will happen at some point next year. I hope! But until then, it's such a bright, pretty space that I'm really enjoying:
Long desk in middle of office

I'll share links to some of the items and projects from this space at the end of the post, so if you're interested in something specific you may find it there. 

I get asked about those grids a lot! They are old window grids I found at Goodwill years back. Love them! I have plans for them when I do built something here, but for now they fill in that big wall nicely:
Office with desk in the middle of room

Still not sure what light I want to use in this room. I picked out quite a few of these inexpensive "boob" lights for the house until I could figure out exactly what I wanted. I hope to find something awesome in the new year.

The (affiliate link) campaign desk is from World Market and so far I really like it. It's nice an sturdy, I love that I can prop my feet up on the bar across the front and it's got plenty of work space!: 
Long light wood desk

My only issue with it is the drawer on the front -- it's a pain in the butt to open and close. It has pull out surfaces on either side that I haven't needed, but I can see that they might be helpful when I'm sewing or working on a craft here!

The desk chair is just an extra chair from the basement, I still haven't found the perfect one. I want something that's comfy because I like to pull my feet up or sit cross-legged when I'm working. Oh and you can see how I hide my lamp cords here. It was a little more challenging with this one that I had placed in the middle of the floor, but I did OK. ;)

The drapes used to hang in our family room and they look great in here! Don't look too close -- they are so wrinkled and it will probably be awhile before I get to that item on my list:
Chair in corner of office

This room was a disaster for a long time after we moved in so it's nice to have it cleaned out and somewhat organized. I'm glad you can't see in the drawers, ha!

This dresser used to sit in our family room and I still adore it. It fits in so nicely in here! One of the most fun parts of moving into a new house (for me) has been finding spots for things from our old home:
Painted desk in black with gold hardware

This little TV was in the loft before, but it didn't seem so small there! One thing we've noticed in this house is how small our TVs look here. It has to be the taller ceilings? Or maybe because I'm not quite done with hanging items, so the walls look more bare? I don't know but it's so teeny, it makes me laugh:
Campaign desk from World Market

I'll eventually hang art around it I'm sure. I have so many fun ideas for this space! 

I couldn't find a spot for this bench (that I love) and then I realized the dog didn't have a spot to sit and look outside. So being the good dog mom I am, I put it here and he sits here ALL DAY monitoring the neighborhood. 😊
Black dresser with brass hardware

I've told you before that I have to live in spaces for quite awhile before I "see" the end result in my head. It's starting to get there for this room, and just last night the plan for our master bathroom totally came together in my brain. It's getting me excited to get started on projects in the new year!

Upholstered chair with nailheads

I've always used a tray to corral items on my desk. These are items I reach for most often and I like having them out:
World Market campaign desk

The donut is actually one of those squishy things -- I've had it for years and love to squeeze it while I work. ;) Those glasses are those blue light filtering ones I got on Amazon. I'm not sure if they do any good but I figure it's probably worthwhile to wear them while working.

I've got a few more things out/hung (the clock needs a battery) and it's coming together!: 
I'm going to make everything beautiful quote

I'm so lucky to have such a pretty space to work! I'm excited to see how this room changes over the years. 
Tray on desk for small items

Do you have a space just for you in your house? I love working in here in the evenings with the lamps on and the candle lit. I just adore this house. ❤

I'll link to projects and items below -- let me know if I forget anything!

Bamboo roman shades (These are what we used in the old house too. Just got them all up in the whole house and they are 25 percent off right now!)
Long campaign desk
My favorite printer! (So small and still does it all)
Window grids, magazine rack, tray and white lamp: Goodwill
Upholstered chair and bench: HomeGoods
Black directors chair from my Design Dash experience!
Free printable bird/nature prints on wall
Painting black dresser 
How to make store bought drapes look custom

Affiliate links included for your convenience!
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  1. Tell me about your desk chair.

    1. Got it from World Market years ago but I don't think they sell the green anymore (maybe just white?). They are pretty comfortable!

  2. We just moved this weekend (into a reno that has gone on way too long and is still not finished unfortunately). In our last house I had a loom room (I weave) which was my very own and so great to duck away into when I needed a break from people. In this new house we have a detached bonus room which my loom and I have to share with the video game functions...ergh. However I do have a book nook off the main living space that I am verrrrry excited about. It may not be as private a retreat but I can draw the curtain and pretend.

  3. It looks really good! I love the white look of it, very clean. I'd love to work there myself. ❤

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. You are so fortunate to have such a nice place to work and blog, Sarah! I don't have a dedicated office, just a tiny nook downstairs next to the utility room. No doubt you would do something awesome with it, but I'm not inspired to spend ANY time down there, staring at a wall. I just sit there when I'm filing or looking for something in the filing cabinets. Otherwise? Laptop in the living room!

  5. Mission accomplished - simple Christmas look - Are you friends enjoying your old house? Happy Christmas to you all!

  6. Can't see the gallery wall very well... you have a link for bird printables, I would love to see what they look like on the wall. Can you update with a pic, pretty please?


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