DIY projects I'm repeating (and a few I'm NOT)

January 25, 2018

Hello there! I'm starting to feel more like myself, finally! After months of back pain and then some intense disc and nerve issues, I'm definitely on the mend and not living with pain everyday for the first time since September. I'm SO thrilled.

I'm trying to ease into projects slowly. I'm still doing things like hanging curtains to get us just at ground zero as far as basic stuff I want to have done before I tackle projects. But I'm about there and getting really excited about using my tools again!

I've been thinking a lot about what projects I want to repeat from our old house in this one. I've mentioned a few times that I want a simpler look and feel in this one, and I've purposely held off on doing anything up till now. (The back stuff kind of helped that along). I've already incorporated a couple things into this house -- one being a huge DIY blackboard in the mud room:
Adding a large chalkboard to a wall

And the open shelves in the kitchen of course!:
How to hang open shelves in kitchen

If you missed the kitchen tour earlier this week check it out here!

One project that will definitely show up in this house is adding wall treatments with molding -- of course! You know me, it WILL happen. I'm still a fan of board and batten and it will look fantastic in this house:
How to add board and batten to walls

I also know I'll add some planked walls (or shiplap thanks to Joanna) somewhere -- just not sure where just yet:
How to add shiplap to walls

I'll always love the crisp white look against the wall color. It makes me happy. (You can see how to add this look to your house here.)

I DO know where I'll add another stained wall like this one on our old basement landing:
Wood planked wall on stairs

This time it will be a little different but I'm so ready to get it started! Can't wait! 

I've already told you I'll be recreating our DIY built ins
DIY built ins using cabinets

I'm adding them to a wall in my office but this time I plan to go with color instead of white. I do plan to add them in our basement as well, but the design will be a lot different. 

When we were building I moved the light in our kitchen dining area over a bit just so I could add another window seat like this one day:
Window seat in bay window

I had dreamed of a window seat for most of my adult life so I was thrilled when we added it in the kitchen! The new one will be much longer and the added storage never sucks. ;) 

Speaking of storage -- one project I'm already piecing together in my mind is some kind of closed storage in our closets. I loved that all of our clothes were in our master closet before and that they were tucked away behind doors:
Built in clothing storage in master closet

This is one thing that will take some time to figure out. I want to make sure we use the space well. It will involve taking down the current wire shelving and cutting it down so it will be a big project. 

Those are the biggies that I know we'll repeat here -- but there are a couple you probably won't see as much of (or none). Now I never say never, so don't yell at me if I change my mind one day. 😁 

One is a specific wall treatment:
Classic mud room with beadboard and bench

Goodness, I LOVE beadboard. I look a this photo and just adore it. But it doesn't seem like it would fit in this house quite as well. And man oh man, it is such a pain to paint. Easy to install -- a pain to paint! 

I know I said I plan to add built ins in this house, but on the flip side, I won't be adding as much. At least that's the plan now. They served us beautifully in the old house because they just felt meant to be where I added them. 

But in our son's room it really limited the placement of his bed and furniture. We're going for a similar look but without the permanent-ness in his new room. (Hope to work on that next month.) And we just don't need the storage like we did for his toys in the basement: 
Built in cubbies for toy storage

We will have some in the basement but it won't span the whole wall. And overall, this house is more open so there's not as many spots that built ins would fit well. 

One more that may surprise you! I don't plan to add hardwoods all over the house like we did before. This is one I can see changing my mind on, but so far we're quite enjoying the comfy feel of carpet in some spaces. I think if anything we may add it to my office, but that would be it. 

Again, I may go back on every one of these! Who knows? But this is how I'm feeling at this point. We all know it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. ;) 

Are there certain aspects of your house that you would definitely repeat in another? Some things you'd leave in the past? I'm sure I'll come up with more as time goes on. It's part of the fun of a new house!
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  1. We bought a new house over a year ago. All hardwood floors except in the kitchen and bedrooms. I'm not a fan :( They are gorgeous but very hard to walk on. Our next house will be more carpet and less hardwood.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you do, and congrats on getting through the back pain. My niece suffered for years and finally had surgery a few months ago and is just beginning to feel 'normal' again. Your built-ins inspired me to do a 'built in' window seat in my kitchen a while ago. I decided I wanted to do something similar in my dining room but discovered that Lowe's and Home Depot have discontinued their unfinished cabinets, argh! So I'll have to find another source or haunt the Habitat Restore for some. Be careful as you ease into projects so you don't have a relapse :-)

  3. In our new house I want to see less clutter for sure! But the things I will def repeat are bamboo shades and laminate flooring- love them both and they have served us well!

  4. Beadboard is my first love. I did a beadboard back splash after you and a few other bloggers did it, and I am still in love with it. I would definitely do it again because it's so pretty and bonus, easy to maintain and cheap! Also the landscaping. We ripped out half dead and ugly shrubs that were eating the front of the house. We replaced them with hydrangeas, roses, salvia, and some other cottage type flowers. I think I would plant hydrangeas over and over! So much love!

  5. I was always so wary of laminate flooring but couldn't afford hardwood everywhere I wanted to use it, so I put up with difficult to keep clean carpet. How wrong was I? Very wrong. I took a chance on good quality wood-look laminate and absolutely love it. It has a beautiful sheen, it cleans well and survives the toenails of my two dogs like a dream with no scratch marks. I would use it again in another house, even in bedrooms, with the addition of area rugs where needed.

    1. Pat M. please share what brand you used. I'm in the same conundrum! I need to find a quality laminate.

  6. I think ship lap is going to look very 2016 soon. I'd stick with the traditional wainscoting so you won't want to do it over again in 10 years.

  7. I can't wait to see that changes you make! Your home is gorgeous already, but I know you will make it amazing.


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