Our Kennedy Sectional From La-Z-Boy {A Review}

January 05, 2018

This space is one we're all obsessed with and I've been excited to share it with you. Our whole family has a thing with basements -- we just freaking love them. Anytime I find out someone has a basement I HAVE to see it. 😂 When we first looked through this house there weren't stairs down to the basement yet. We had no idea what it looked like. 

When they added them and we went down with our phone flashlights, were were hooked. This basement is bigger than our old one. It has tons of space for our family and lots of storage space too. It's basically my dream. ;) 

Soon after we moved in the La-Z-Boy sectional we ordered arrived and the room quickly came together. We LOVE it!! (The La-Z-Boy folks graciously provided this because of my involvement with the Design Dash last year.) We are still pinching ourselves are are so thankful. As always, I'll share links to all products and projects at the end of the post, as well as all of the details for the sofa. 

We used the rug from our old basement (yes, you can totally put a rug on top of carpet!) and I love it with the sofa!:
Basement family room decor ideas

We don't have many windows in the basement but I do love having a little natural light down here. I hung the drapes from our old bedroom and they were perfect!

Other than the sofa everything is stuff we've had. It just came together beautifully. We had the big map art in our last house too and it's one of my very favorite art pieces!:
Huge IKEA map art

This little table was a clearance find that I spruced up years ago. It's another favorite: 
Wood and metal table with wheels

We visited the La-Z-Boy store and I went back and forth between the Kennedy and Collins sectionals. The Collins had a hard corner which I prefer, but the arms were more traditional. The Kennedy has a rounded corner (in the back) and sleeker arms. I went with that one because the arms were more important to me visually: 
Window in basement with drapes

We love the chaise!! It's my favorite spot.

The other side of the room? Wah wahhhh...not very fun just yet:
Long TV wall in media room

I have BIG BIG plans for this wall! I'm so excited about it! Lots of building will happen, just not sure when I'll be able to start it. Could be a winter project? It's going to take me awhile though, so knowing me if I start this winter it will be done by next winter. 👍

I was so excited to see the pretty handrails and details I picked for upstairs were repeated down here: 
Chaise on sectional sofa

I have a gallery wall in mind for that wall coming down the stairs, but want it to be simpler with the same frames in various sizes. I plan to fill it with photos of our travels. 

We have tons of lights down here and I love it. Two projects I have planned are adding a dimmer to all of the lights and eventually switching them out to daylight bulbs like I did before. (I'll wait till they burn out.) 

The window helps a ton but it's still very "yellow" because of the incandescent lights. I love the daylight for rooms like this with little natural light:
World market tribal coffee table

I want to add a long table to the wall behind the sofa, but still not sure what I'll do above the table. It is SO much fun to start from scratch with such a lovely space: 
light gray sectional in basement

Can I tell you a secret? I'm kind of loving all the carpet we have in this house. I go back and forth -- it's just so cozy, but so hard to keep clean!! 

We were pretty much exclusively hard floors at the last house and I didn't realize how much I've missed soft carpet in some areas. Of course that may change down the line, but I love the warmth of it.

Here's a full view of this side of the room : 
Kennedy sectional from La-Z-Boy

I love sharing these initial room reveals with you because I know over the years the custom details will make great afters. So much fun! Can't wait to tackle all the stuff in my head!

Do you love basements like I do? Do you have them where you live?

Here's the details about the sofa if you are interested!: 
  • Kennedy sofa from La-Z-Boy
  • Fabric is C151651 (a light gray that is SUPER soft)
  • Pillows (dots) are F137956 and the rest are my own 
  • We chose the Z4 seat cushions and you just melt into them. LOVE. 
  • Their easy clean treatment wasn't available in this fabric but so far stuff wipes off easily!
Here are more links that may help if you have any questions. (Some affiliate links included for your convenience!) If I forgot something let me know:

TV stand, gray mirror, frames, rug -- HomeGoods (name on rug is Artisan de Luxe)
Map, floor lamp, drapes -- IKEA
Big basket, gold tray on coffee table (on clearance right now!) -- Target (but I don't think they sell the basket anymore?)

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  1. So sorry to hear about your back issues, Sarah! I remember how I felt after having knee surgery, and dealing with the pain and the immobility that came with it. It gave me a WHOLE new outlook and respect for those dealing with chronic pain - it gets old really quick, and I can see where you could sink into a depression as a result. Hope you're on the mend soon.

    The basement looks like such a cozy lounge space - love seeing your new home! Happy New Year!

  2. (Sorry for deleting above...typos!)

    Something I learned from our last house is that, for whatever reason, I hate basements! I'd never lived in a home with one before so this was news to me. We had tons of light, a walkout to a lovely patio area and mountain views. Still, I would avoid going down there at all costs, even placing items which needed to go downstairs at the top of the stairs for DH to take down, lol! I'm sure an analyst would have a a great time figuring this one out. :) What I really wanted was to rebuild and take the basement square footage and add it to the main level. We did end up doing so and we absolutely love our home. DH has the entire basement for his shop area and is as happy as can be!

    Your space is truly gorgeous and I'm glad you and your family enjoy spending time there! It is interesting what different perspectives we have and great that our homes work for us! Hope you're back to feeling 100% soon!!

  3. we are considering building a new construction home soon (would be our second new construction) and have absolutely ruled out all basement lots. We cannot stand basements and will go out of our way to avoid them. We've both had terrible experiences in childhood and adulthood with flooding, bugs and animals getting in, mold. They are dark and hard to keep the right temperature. For us? No thanks.

  4. It looks so pretty and cozy at the same time. I've actually never seen a basement in real life being a southern girl lol. I'm guessing it's like us going upstairs to the media room and game room.

  5. I've rarely ever been in a house without a basement, but then in my part of Canada, having a basement helps make the main floor of the house warmer and everyone here has their furnace in the basement. I love how bright your basement is. :)

  6. I don't have a "thing" against finished basements, but I would prefer to have the square footage on ground level. To me, a basement is for utility - furnace, water heater, easy access to operating systems, storage, etc. I probably would feel differently if I had a large family and needed play space for children, but have never needed the upstairs space duplicated downstairs. Each to their own. No wrong or right.

    1. It's far cheaper to build up and down rather than OUT, plus if you do have a basement, there's a 99% chance that the lot you built on called for one. More than likely, you wouldn't go to the expense to dig out a basement on a flat piece of land. And if you have a basement, it might as well serve your family. I never realized that people had strong opinions against basements, lol!

  7. So now wondering what magic will be revealed about the other side of the room!

  8. Thank you for sharing. I Love the rug and how it pulls together all the shades of gold, brown and beige. The map is another favorite of mine.

  9. First of all - love it! We are just getting bids to finish our basement (new build 2 years ago) and I can't wait! Second - it's so interesting to hear the differing viewpoints on basements. Here in Iowa I cannot imagine not having one! I know someone who just did a crawlspace under the house instead of a full basement but that seems odd to me. We put 3 daylight windows (it's not a walkout) in ours so it is full of light which I LOVE! Last Christmas we bought the kids some games for down there - ping pong table, basketball game, and foosball table - and now when friends are over they love going down there to hang out, even though it isn't finished yet. Our guest bedroom will be down there, too. Our goal is for it to be a hangout spot for the kids and friends, then eventually for grandkids :) Can't wait to see more of what you do - I'm using your built-in and fireplace ideas from your last house for my new basement :)

  10. Weird, Sarah, my back went out for a while there, too - thank God it sorted itself out, though! A lot of Ibuprofen, rest, heat, and taking it easy!! Love, love, love your basement - we have a lower level in our home - ours is a chalet style home in a ski resort town on a mountain, so we have a lot of chalet style and A-frame houses in the area. Our main living is on the second floor, and the lower level is secondary living. My daughter's room (en suite) is down there, along with a family room (not as cozy as yours or as large!) a kitchenette, laundry, and another sitting area with a pull out sofa for when my other daughter is home. It works for us!!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    I've been following your blog for several years now. I love seeing how your new house is coming together! Have a very Merry Christmas!


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