The BEST Pet Stain Remover

February 02, 2018

Our favorite pet stain remover spray that gets everything out with no scrubbing! 

Today I'm sharing a quick post about a pet stain remover we've used for over a year now and LOVE. We can't live without this stuff now! 

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just like to share things that work. If you have animals I think you'll find it worthwhile!

Today we're talking pee and puke. These are the worst pictures you'll ever see on the blog. 😂 I can't get around not showing you so you can see how it works, so bear with me.  

Our little chihuahua dog absolutely HATES going out when it's really cold out. He's great most days, but when it's bone-chilling he will go in and out as fast as possible. I can't blame him! 

This morning it was SO cold and I found this: 
Easiest way to completely remove pet stains

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Just a little bit o' pee. On our new carpet. Good times.

Last year I found this pet stain spray on a Facebook ad of all places, and decided to try it based on the reviews. 

It really is a miracle solution. I've never found anything like it! 

You just spray the spot enough so that it's saturated:
Best stuff for cleaning pet stains!

And by the next day it will be gone. (Pee is anyway.) We have used it numerous times in this house and I can't even find the spots where we sprayed. 

You really need to let it sit for about a day for the best results. Don't rub, don't do anything! 

This was just a few hours later:
Magic pet stain remover

By tomorrow it will be gone! I'm looking at it now (in my office) and it's already less visible than this. 

It works on everything animal related. We haven't had to use it for #2 thank goodness, but our kitties do vomit occasionally. I've learned to leave it until it dries and then it's much easier to clean up. 

This was puke one of them left us on our bedroom carpet the other day:
Easy pet puke clean up

See! I told you these are the BEST photos ever!!

I had already cleaned up any of the solid stuff. Again, just spray really well:
Best cleaner for cat stains

It instantly starts to get after it as you can tell. I even looked at my photos to make sure I didn't add them in the wrong order. This one was taken one minute after the one before! 

The carpet looks different in every pic, I know -- these were taken at different times of day/light and at night. 

This is after a full 24 hours, and I'll spray again to get the little bit of discoloration that remains:
best cleaner for pet stains

That's pretty impressive for such a dark stain! And this is standing right up on it -- when you walk in the room you already have to look for where it was. 

This stuff is amazing!!

I realize I should have probably waited to show you the full after, but I've been wanting to share this with you and had to take advantage of the accidents while we had them this week. ;) I'll update with final pics!

This amazing stain remover is called Furry Freshness and in my four+ decades of "owning" animals, I've never found anything that works as well. I don't know what's in this stuff (it's non-toxic) and I don't even care. 

You can get Furry Freshness here:
Furry Freshness review

You can read all the reviews at that link as well. (I love reviews, that's why I write them.) 👍

I will say it's kind of pricey -- we get the gallon size and refill the spray bottle as we go. 

But as I said, I've never found anything that works this well. Especially since you don't have to do a thing -- just spray! And this bottle has lasted us FOREVER, even with three animals. The extra cost is worth saving our carpet and rugs. 

They do say that the solution can cause a smell while it cleans, but it goes away. I've never smelled that but it's something to consider! OH and you can use it on hard floors as well. 

Have any of you tried this solution? We LOVE it! Can't recommend it enough!

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  1. Thanks for the advice. I love my 3 dacshunds but they do have a few accidents. we also had a ‘circle of death’ poop incident recently that was NOT fun. I’m ordering this now to try!!!

    1. haha we have 3 "semi" potty trained dachshunds. I completely get it! Hope this works, I am thinking of trying it as well.

  2. Thank you for this information. I just discovered an 'accident' on my guestroom carpet. Not the first for my little long-hair Doxie and I haven't found anything else that will work. I'm going to order this right away.

  3. I love Folex , available at big box stores. Including BB&Beyond. It is around $7 works exactly the way you describe. spray , vacuum repeat if necessary.

  4. Thank you so much for this post!! I have a 17 year old cat who is having accidents almost daily and a dog who has a tender tummy and I am in need of something better...I've tried DIY and Resolve Pet...but they both leave stains and my OCD is in overdrive!! Will be ordering asap!!!

  5. I also just ordered this. I have a dog who gets anxious when I'm gone and leaves evidence of his anxiety for me to see when I return. I'm not finding that the oxy cleaners are removing the stains very well and I can't stand the toxic Spot Shot odor when using it. Here's hoping this truly works since it's pretty pricey.

  6. This isn't a pet cleaner but for the past 2 years we have been using Puracy and I love it. My husband hates vinegar which I love to use and my girls clean a lot too so I wanted something safe. But this cleans better then many other chemical cleaners we have used. We get it on Amazon with subscribe and clean.

  7. Does this eliminate the stains from showing up under a blacklight?

    1. Jessica...a CSI unit is on the way!

  8. I wish I had this while my kitty was still with us - she so loved to puke...

  9. With three pups in the house now I've tried my share of products - my current favorite (for the past few years, actually) is Oxi Clean Carpet & Rug Stain Remover in a spray bottle. I order 6 at a time from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get free shipping - so I'm good for a while! Although my old girl is having more accidents...and my new rescue doesn't love to go out in the you know how it is!

  10. Thanks for the info. I have raised five litters of kittens in the last three years. They urinated on a box of new floral stems. Good times is right. Sometimes when cats vomit, they upchuck gross stuff which is hair. Give them some Vaseline or that liver tasting hairball treatment from the pet store.


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