The exterior of our modern Craftsman home!

July 03, 2018

Happy 4th!! Hope you're having a great week! Ours has been wonderful and we still have a few more days of fun. I've been gardening quite a bit lately, especially on the front of our house. The plants and flowers are really starting to bloom, and we had our mulch done so the house is looking better than ever! 

I'm taking you on a tour of the exterior (the front at least) for the first time since everything is looking so pretty right now. :) You can see our covered back porch here

**I've written a post that has ALL of the exterior sources and names of our craftsman home here. Be sure to check that out if you have any questions! 

I planted the window boxes a couple weeks ago -- I used vinca vine and wave petunias. The petunias are a favorite and what I used to plant in our old window boxes every summer. I even stuck with the same colors because they look so great with our dark siding:
White windows boxes with pink and purple flowers

Petunias, and wave petunias in particular, get HUGE and fill in so beautifully. They are great because you don't have to spend a ton to get the full look. Just give them some time. These have only been planted for a few weeks and will get even bigger. Love them! I planted something with white flowers in both boxes as well but they aren't doing great. I should have known to stick with my petunias. 

I was able to specify (at least a little) the plants I wanted the builder put in the landscape. I asked for anything evergreen like boxwoods and as many hydrangeas as possible. ;) What I forgot to say was to NOT include my least favorite plant ever -- spirea. I had to laugh when there were three of them planted along the front of the garage because I hate them. 😂 Many of you told me you like them but they never grew well for me at the old house. Anyway, I replaced them last weekend with one of my tried and true plants, the knock out rose:
Tips for full and spilling window boxes

They are so easy to care for -- they grow fast and you really don't have to do anything to them. They'll give us some much needed color along the front too. 

I shared our front porch with you around the holidays last year and I LOVE IT! It's nothing huge but it's big enough for a bench (I'll share the resources of everything at the end of this post) and plenty of Christmas decor. ;)

I found this welcome sign on clearance at Hobby Lobby months ago and couldn't find a spot for it inside. I really really loved it so tried to think of where I could put it...and finally decided on the porch. It's a little different but I just love it out there. The colors are gray, green and white and it works so well with our exterior: 
welcome sign on front porch

You don't really notice it until you walk up to the house, which I like. It's just a pretty little addition (and thankfully the porch keeps it protected): 
Modern craftsman style front porch

Our porch is one of my favorite things about our home. I love the front door!
Modern Craftsman front door with windows

Remember my love of glass doors but also wanting to hide like a ninja when someone knocks? Well this door is perfect for both. ;) 

A flag pole was one of the first things I added after we moved in. I love a house with a flag flying:
Dark stain Craftsman front door with windows

The planters have the same wave petunias and potato vine, which gets HUGE. It's a great filler. There's also a taller grass-like plant in the middle but it's hard to see here. 

We have three types of hydrangeas in our landscaping and you know that makes me super happy. :) These are just starting to bloom: 
Craftsman front porch style

I installed landscape lighting on one side of our house earlier this year. It's one of those DIYs you think is going to be super difficult and turns out pretty darn easy. I think landscape lighting is what sets houses apart from others and you can make a BIG impact with $100 to $150 in materials. 

I did the other side early this summer when the budget allowed. I added pathway lights, tree spot lights and a couple house floods. I mentioned I was going to have to use the outlet on the porch and you can see the cord if you look: 
Dark house with white trim and craftsman columns

I thought it might bother me but it doesn't one bit. The lanterns block the view of the box when you walk up the steps. 

The limelight hydrangeas on the other side of the house are about a week or so out from big blooms. Limelights get HUGE and should fill in that space nicely over the years: 
Dark gray house white trim

If you want to read more about keeping hydrangeas alive (and thriving!), check out this post.

I was thrilled to see the burning bushes in the front too. We had a bunch of them in our landscaping at the last house and I just love them in the fall. They get really large too: 
Craftsman house with stone and siding

Our house is a modern Craftsman style with the board and batten, columns and stone. This house was already built when we fell in love with it (it didn't even have windows when we first walked through). We got involved soon after and were able to pick the paint colors and stone thankfully. It's funny because even though the house was already built, the exterior design is EXACTLY what I would've picked. We love every bit of it. I always say this house was meant to be for us because it was everything we ever dreamed for a forever home:
Dark gray house with white trim, stone and columns

Dark gray house white trim Craftsman style
EVERY single time we drive up to our home I am so thankful. I still get teary about half of the time I pull up to it...I can't believe we get to call this home. 

Better than I deserve. She's a beauty!: 
Dark gray house modern craftsman with columns and stone

I can't wait to see how the landscaping grows and fills in over the years. I may move some things around and we have a few empty spots I have plans for as well. 

We are so grateful to call this pretty house our home...I pray for forever! 
Dark gray Craftsman style home with gray paint white trim

I hope you enjoyed a look at the outside of our new(ish) house! I only sweat half of my body weight getting these pics for you. 😂 (If only.)

Have a wonderful and safe holiday! I'm planning to be back later this week but that will depend on how much I get done...eating and drinking with family and friends may win out over DIY this week! :)

Here's a list of projects and sources for you. (Affiliate links are included for your convenience!)
  • Exterior paint color is Knight's Armour by PPG 
  • Window boxes were provided by the builder
  • "Welcome" sign -- Hobby Lobby
  • DIY landscape lighting tutorial
  • Large welcome mat -- Target
  • Wood bench on porch -- Amazon but I can't find it anymore! EDIT:  Found it on Wayfair on sale!
  • Lanterns -- IKEA
  • Planters on steps -- At Home store (but these are very similar)
  • Landscaping lights -- Lowe's
  • Porch light (very similar -- can't find the three light version we have) -- Bellacor

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  1. Sarah, your home is gorgeous! Agree on the flag. I keep Old Glory up year round except for hurricanes and blizzards!I would have paid the shipping for the spires lol

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! We're planning to paint in the coming year, and I think this color scheme would look amazing on our farmhouse. What color is your trim, please?

  3. Love it! Absolutely gorgeous! We are on the Gulf in Texas and we love the Wave Petunias and sweet potato vines. They are a beautiful combination and do well in our sweltering summer heat. I have the same Welcome sign from Hobby Lobby and have it on my porch as well. I think it adds a great touch to a summer porch. Keep sharing those pictures. I love the story of your home and understand what a blessing it is to find your forever home without going and searching for a long time; the same thing happened to us and we thank God every day for our home. Enjoy and have a happy and blessed 4th! Thank you for flying Old Glory. She flies at our home 24/7 with a light at night.

  4. Beautiful home. I am looking for a magnolia wreath. Do you remember where you purchased your wreath?

  5. Your new home is beautiful! I share your distaste for spirea. I specifically asked for none to be included in our landscaping plan along with day lilies. When my husband asked why, I told him that they were the orangey oak cabinets of the landscaping world. After just having built our house, he knew exactly what I meant, lol.

  6. Can you paint that white pipe brown like your mulch or will a bush cover it eventually?

  7. Beautiful. Your grass looks great too!

  8. Very nice, but wondering why your front step is not centered with the front door. It looks offset. I would think you would walk up the front walk straight into the door, not turn a little to the right.

    1. I chose to have the steps doubled in size and centered on the columns -- they looked odd centered on the door. There's really no turning, you walk straight to the door.

    2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. The two planters on the step made me question the placement of the stairs, not the stairs themselves. I'd love to see how the entrance would look with a large pot on the left side of the stairs and none on the right. I love symmetry, but I switched to one large pot at our entrance because of the offset placement of our porch. Love all you do and share!

  9. Gorgeous. It is really looking so pretty

  10. This is a beautiful house Sarah. The craftsman style is my favorite - it endures! Congratulations again to you and your family!

  11. Your home is Beautiful! I love all your beautiful flowers too! It is a classic!

  12. Beautiful! What kind of mulch did you purchase? I typically buy the brown dyed but never seems to last all summer. Yours looks really pretty.

    1. I’m not sure! It’s black so we’ll see how it holds it’s color.

  13. Any chance I could get the source for your front door? We are looking to upgrade our stock door with a solid wood door with the same side lights. I’d love to check yours out bc I love the look of it.

    1. I don’t have a source, I’m sorry! I’m going to try to work on a list of things like this that the builder provided.

  14. Is that a sewer clean-out in your landscaping at the side of your porch?? I have one too but covered it with a faux rock and it looks fabulous now. FYI.

  15. It is beautiful!! I wish more people would build houses with siding where we live. Our area is FULL of all brick/stone houses that look slightly Tuscan-ish. I am sure some people think they are lovely, but painted Craftsman houses with thick white trim are MY favorite. Sadly, most neighborhoods here have covenants that dictate materials, and don't allow siding (including the neighborhood where we have purchased a building lot). Sigh... Anyway... Your mulch looks great! What type do you use? Just the darkest wood mulch, or something else?

  16. Sarah, I know you will give this house the loving attention that you gave to your other home. For that reason and many others you definitely deserve to have it! :)

  17. Hi! LOVE your exterior! Just wondering.. is it Hardie Board? Vinyl? In the process of a new construction and trying to visual options!

  18. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Do you know the shade of roof shingles you used? Thanks in advance! ☺️

  19. Could you tell me the brand and color of your stone please! It's beautiful! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! You can find all of the exterior sources/names here:

  20. Hi there!! We’re building a house and I want light stone for the outside of my house- What is that stone called? Or where did you get it?

    1. You can find that and the other sources here!

  21. Hi Sarah! Beautiful home. Did you do your garage door the same color as your front door?

    1. I'm wondering the same thing too What color did you do for the trim on your garage door and your actual garage door What color did you do? Everything is so beautiful

    2. The garage door is Knight's Armor and Delicate White for the trim.

  22. I also asked on facebook, but in a strange location! Could you tell me how wide your exterior window trim is? Is the it same width as your corner, vertical trim?

    1. Sorry I missed this! The window trim is 5.5 inches and yes it's the same all around.


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