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July 10, 2018

Hey there my friends! Hope you had a great July 4th! I'm off to the Haven Conference this week, this time in Charleston! Funny story...I just realized today that I booked my flight to CHARLOTTE. That would be North Carolina. Not Charleston...South Carolina. Thankfully my husband has a bajillion miles with the airline so we got it worked out. I legit would have gotten on the flight and gone to the wrong city state. I knew where I was supposed to go and kept looking at Charlotte thinking something wasn't right. 

So yeah, crisis averted. Let's take a look at our master bath, shall we? 😁 This room is one of the biggest upgrades we made with this house. Our old master was really the only room in our last house that I hadn't really touched. Not sure why -- probably because it was going to be expensive and be inconvenient and take a long time since I try to do most of the projects myself. OK, I do know why. ;)

Anyway, the master bath in this house feels like a fancy spa to us! There are also so many things I want to do in here to give it more personality and character.  It's nicer than anything we've ever had, but there's still a lot I plan to do to it...because, ME

We had a tub with jets in the old house and actually used and loved them. I loved the idea of a stand alone tub for this house, but my husband really wanted the jets. To get both was going to be another $2500 so that was nixed from the list. :) I have to tell you though...I've taken more baths in this tub by far! It's SO DEEP and I'm obsessed with it: 
Deep soaking tub with wood caddy

I went with a basic faucet on the tub that I may upgrade someday. But again, the depth of the tub makes for up for no jets. I was so excited to get a caddy for the tub -- our old one was wide so they never fit. This caddy is awesome -- we can prop up a book or device, plus it has a spot for a candle/soap and a wine glass. YES!

I shared how I pseudo-upgraded the light over the tub (safely) a few months ago. That pop of black is a hint of things to come in here: 
Freestanding soaking tub

Another big upgrade was the shower. The first time we walked through this house I was guessing where the shower would go (I was correct) and I did a happy dance at the thought of it. It's the size of a walk-in closet. And it. has. a. bench. No more balancing on one leg like a flamingo to shave! This right here makes us feel completely spoiled:
Marble lookalike in walk in shower

I went with marble hexagon tiles for the floor and the faux marble tiles for the walls: 
Hexagon tiles shower floor

The other aspect we consider an upgrade are the separate vanities. We love having our own space -- it wasn't a problem before at all, but we have a ton more room now. I love that they flank the tub: 
Tall light gray vanities in bathroom

Another detail you can't really see here is how tall they are -- I had always planned on raising our old master vanity because my husband and I are tall. I hear a lot of builders are going with this higher cabinet now, but if you're tall and planning to build, I would make sure! 

I have very few regrets in this house -- and most of them are in this room! One of them would be to have more drawers in our bathroom vanities. Those lower cabinets don't hold much -- I'm concocting a plan to make them work better. 

Also, I wish we would have done a rain head in the shower. Neither one of us had ever used one until we were on a short trip right before we moved out of our old house. My husband loved it! But by then we were overwhelmed and stressing about adding anything else to the bottom line, so we didn't do it. 

The third thing -- I forgot to ask our builder not to install towel rings and bars for the bath towels. I prefer hooks and we could have saved a few hundred bucks throughout the house. (I've already taken down a couple of them.) There used to be one here -- I installed the hooks right over the anchors from the towel bar: 
Hooks for towels instead of bars

I just find hooks prettier, easier to use, and I think towels dry quicker. Not a big thing but I was kicking myself after we moved in. 

The paint color is the same as the whole house -- agreeable gray by Sherwin-Williams. It works so well in every space!: 
Master bath with marble tile and light gray vanities

By the way, the mirrors are not hung. I made both of these years ago and really want to use them in here...but they are about half an inch too tall. They both hit the lights over the vanities. I's SO close. I hate to buy something new when we have these, so they will continue to lean until I figure out what to do. 

Remember the little bamboo table from the Habitat store I redid a couple years ago? It fits perfectly in here and holds our towels and some bath items:
Large walk in shower in master bath

Our linen closet in this bathroom is half the size of our old one, so towels stay out. I have plans for that spot that will give us a lot more storage!

Our vanity light fixtures are one of my favorite things in here -- they have an old school vibe with the white globes. I found similar lights I'll link below if you're interested: 
Faux marble 12x24 tile

We love how clean, bright and fresh this room is, and I'm not going to mess with that as I add to it. I plan to add a bigger rug in the middle of the room, and I want to find coordinating rugs for in front of the vanities. I want to add some contrast, and definitely some trim. Crown molding for sure, and perhaps something on the walls. Gotta decide exactly what I want. It will come to me eventually -- it always does!

We feel very spoiled when we walk in here -- we've never had anything like this! That shower...I still do a little dance in there because it's so I can. 😂
Freestanding soaking tub with separate vanities

I hope you enjoyed the little tour! I think this is one of the only rooms I haven't shared with you in our new house. Is there anything you would change about your bathroom? Any details you really love?

I tried to gather all the sources for items and projects -- if I forgot anything let me know! Some affiliate links are included for your convenience:

Rug, small stool -- HomeGoods
Cat -- free to anyone who wants him (just kidding, mostly)
Waste baskets -- IKEA 
Granite on vanities -- Grey Sky

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  1. Can you hang your mirrors horizontally? They look great in that room!

    1. Good idea! I’m going to try it. 👍🏻

    2. I was just going to suggest that!

    3. Would your lights look OK flipped over? That should give you more room for the mirror. Most vanity lights can go either way.

    4. I'm sure they could Kim! I just prefer them hanging down.

  2. Your bathroom looks beautiful in daylight! Wow! It's so big as as well, about four times the size of mine! (But then I do live in a 300 sq. ft. apartment, so, hah!) ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Please, please show us a floor plan of your house sometime soon! We are planning on building and from what I can tell, your house is what we're looking for! Thanks!

    1. Hello Liz! I don’t share the floor plan of our home for security reasons. But if you have any questions about it feel free to email me!

  4. Love the bathroom do you remember were you got the stool by the tub that the cat is sitting on. Thanks

  5. Gorg! Do you mind sharing where you got your towel hooks from?

  6. Could you notch the mirrors in the area under the lights in a way that would not be super visible? Or re-do the top piece of trim to be just a smidge narrower so they would fit? It is likely it would never be noticeable under the lights.

  7. Did you look at how the vanity lights are mounted? They don't require boxes behind the drywall, so builders often leave them out and screw the lights right into the wall, which means its easy to raise or lower them!

  8. First comment had the same idea I did hang the mirrors horizontally if they fit. Bathroom looks gorgeous!

  9. LOL I hate towel bars also. We removed all ours also.And the toilet paper hangers that go with them. Our TP holders have all broken. Waste of money. Make your own I say.

  10. So pretty! Love it. Just curious, is the stand along tub hard to clean behind?

    1. Our builder thought of everything! They spaced it from the wall far enough so I can clean behind there. :)

  11. I kind of like the leaning mirrors, but I'm with you on those towel ring thingies. Also, we plan on having a large walk-in shower, too, when we build our new place. I want no door on it though and a gently slope to walk in and out of it. But having it large? YES. And I will still want a tub...(:

  12. You might consider adding a towel warmer. We did and it’s quite a luxury every day. Plus clothing dries quickly when hung on it. Not sure why we have so few in USA. Your home is beautiful!

  13. We have a roll in handicap accessible shower for my husband that is about the same size as yours. I still feel giddy every time I use it 5 years later, lol. I would love to know how you clean it. It takes me forever with pads on a extendable pole and down on my knees scrubbing the floor with a brush. It is one of my most dreaded housekeeping tasks.

  14. I love your tub. We are getting ready to redo our master bath. Would you give me any info you have about this tub.

  15. Well that was fun! Thanks for the tour. I can see why it feels spa like to you; the amount of space feels so luxurious. I'm happy for you!!
    I know in time a remedy for the mirrors would hit you, but I thought mentioning it here might garner some good suggestions as well.
    The cat hanging with you made me smile.

  16. Why don't you just move the lights up a bit? Probably cheaper than buying new mirrors?

    1. Having an electrician move it would be more expensive. (With drywall repairs too.) We’ll figure out something! :)

  17. I love the large tiles! One question - my master bathroom currently has a white porcelain tile floor with a horrible inset border (almost exactly like the terra cotta color one in your old house that you painted gray!) Anyway, the white tiles show every. speck. of. dirt... hair, etc. Seriously, I'd have to sweep it twice a day to keep it clean looking. Do you find that to be a problem at all with this tile since it is kinda white????

    1. They do show some stuff, but the veining helps to hide a lot! I sweep maybe once a week and it’s not been too bad.

  18. I was going to suggest hanging the mirrors horizontally too and you might find if you dry brush or paint the frames a lighter color from the bathroom palette either white, gray, or the wall color it will feel more cohesive in the layout versus a stark border color around the mirror... if that makes sense...!

  19. So you like the hooks for your towels better? We are redoing our girls bathroom and i'm so undecided about how they'll hang the towels. I thought with the hooks they wouldn't dry well and eventually end up smelling moldy. Another option i considered was hanging another curtain rod behind the original one just for the towels.

  20. What brand of bathtub is that?


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