2018 Thrifty Decor Chick favorite things round up!

November 19, 2018

It's that time of year again!! I gather a group of talented bloggers (with excellent taste) every year and we share a bunch of our favorite things. They vary from home items to fashion to beauty -- and they are all great gift ideas. OR...you could just treat yoself. ;) 

I will list all of the ladies joining me this week at the bottom of the post -- you can come back to check in from now until Wednesday to see their favorites. 
2018 stuff we love favorites round up Thrifty Decor Chick

These are all items I use a lot and LOVE. I think you'll enjoy them too! Affiliate links are included for your convenience! 

First up...one that's a necessity in this house. I'm a popcorn freak...I'd make it every day if that was acceptable to my hips. We are notorious for stopping by the movie theater and just grabbing buttery popcorn...we just love it. ;) 

I've tried many methods of popping it home over the years and I've finally found the BEST. I used to use a popper you placed on the stovetop -- I recommended it here for years! You crank it and it keeps the popcorn moving around. I found I was replacing it often though, because the metal burned SO easily. And you really had to watch it or the popcorn would burn. 

I also tried just making it on the stove with a pot and lid. This worked OK, but I always ended up wasting so much corn because I'd pull it off the stovetop early -- otherwise it would burn as well. 

A few months ago all my popcorn prayers were answered when I found THIS Dash Popcorn Popper:

BEST air popper for popcorn

*angels sing*

This thing rocks. You hardly have to do a thing -- use the measuring cup (on top) and pour your corn into the machine. Then turn it on. That's it!! 

SO much easier and zero burnt popcorn. Also, it pops nearly every single kernel so very little is wasted. Another favorite detail is the measuring cup -- you put butter in it and it melts it while the machine is popping. 

I LOVE this thing and we use it all the time. I'll never go back to any other way of popping. :) 

My next favorite is a recent find. It has made doing my hair FUN because it is super easy and it really, really works. It's rare I find something that works so well on my hair. 

One of my favorite makeup vloggers shared it and I went out that day to buy my own. It's the Bed Head Wave Artist
Great hair tool for beauty waves

It's basically a crimper, but not like the ones we used to use. ;) 

It's much bigger and gives you really beautiful, full waves. It works SO well!!: 
Bed Head wave artist for great beachy waves!

My tips -- separate your hair into sections (I do it in layers, so the lowest part of my hair first). Start near your roots and then move down your hair. You don't have to clamp down very long. 

At first it won't look great...and then as you finish up the layers of hair you'll see how much volume it gives your hair! When I'm done I'll lightly brush it out. So easy and it makes my hair look so good! (You can see how it looks on my hair by visiting the Stuff I Love stories on my Instagram feed.)

This next one is an great little doodad for the house. These little SnapPower nightlights are inserted right onto your outlet (under the plate):
Light sensitive night lights on outlet

They only turn on when the light is low or it's dark. During the day (unless it's a gloomy day like today) they turn off on their own. 

They are great for bathroom trips in the middle of the night! And they are LEDs so they amount of electricity they use is way less than a nightlight with an incandescent bulb. They say it's less than 10 cents a year! 

This is another recent find and I was incredibly impressed with it. This is a Loreal hair mask -- and I couldn't even believe how soft and silky my hair felt after I used it!: 
Awesome hair mask for dry hair

You put it in the shower and let it heat up a bit before using. There's a very fashionable head wrap (😆) that you put on after shampooing. You kind of rub it around on your head so the treatment gets into your hair, then let it sit for five minutes or so. 

At first I thought it was just a conditioner, but it's way better. I let my hair air dry most of the time, and that night I couldn't believe how soft it was. I kept making my husband pet my hair so he could feel it too. Ha! Also, when my hair dries it's not nearly as "wild" as usual -- it air dries softer and more manageable. Days later this is still the case. I went right back out and got more of these and plan to use them once a month.

Have you seen the toothbrush Wisps? I first saw them when John Mayer used them on Instagram. 😂 They are great for on the go: 
Wisps on the go brushing stocking stuffers

You don't need water -- you "snap" the toothpaste open with your teeth and then brush. I love them! They don't leave an overwhelming toothpaste taste either. I keep these in my car and they would make a great stocking stuffer!

I'm including this one because I've already heard from so many of you who have done this little trick! I shared how I light these sconces without electricity a few weeks ago:
How to light sconces without electricity

It's such a great trick!! 

The key is these puck lights -- they come with a remote so it's super easy. And you can dim or set a timer for the lights...no forgetting and using up the batteries the first night!: 
Puck lights with remote for sconces

I just love this little hack and it would be a great present for yourself this holiday. ;) 

Finally, I'm adding this one simply because I saw it today at the store...had to have it...and made it for lunch. ;) 

These little Reese's skillet deserts are YUMMY and cute!: 
cookie and brownie skillet kits

I'm definitely getting some for people on my list this Christmas! They come with a cast iron skillet you can use again too. It's small, but that's good. Small is good when it comes to calories. Oh and they have a brownie version as well. 

There you go!! I hope you enjoyed the list! I absolutely love every item listed here and think you would too. Now let's see what the rest of the ladies are sharing! Make sure to come back every day to see more posts! 

Be sure to check out the last round up for more gift ideas! 

Thrifty Decor Chick (that's me!)

Remington Avenue


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  1. That puck light tip has been a game-changer and I'm so glad you shared it again. Great picks! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah!

  2. I love your round-ups so much! You have no idea how many blogs I've discovered from them. I wish the Reese's Cookie Skillet Kit was available here in Hong Kong. Mmmm! 💕

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. love the SnapPower lights- we used them instead of under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. And the toothbrushes are just great after a long flight :)

  4. That puck light trick is the greatest! I have used them in a few places in my home to add some wall sconces without the help of an electrician. ;)

  5. loving the picks! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your ideas, Sarah! Thanks for sharing and hosting such a fun blog hop!!

  7. You always share the greatest finds. Can't wait to try the hair mask. Also, love the Reese's skillet cookie. Such great gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I thought of you last night when I put my window candles in the windows - you recommended them last year and I snatched them up!


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