Treat Yourself With These Favorites of Mine!

December 18, 2018

I'm actually pretty ahead of the game this year...the past couple of years I've been a bit more on top of things and it's been SO very nice to relax more during the season.

I've completely let go of certain things like baking the perfect goodies (unless we just want some cookies), or sending out Christmas cards. I've learned over the years that I want to enjoy the season too -- instead of running around like a chicken!

Hence the reason for this post -- if you are like most women I know, you stress a lot about making everything just right for everyone this time of year. But you need to treat yourself too. "Best day of the year!!" -- if you don't know that quote, look up Parks and Rec. 😂 (One of the best shows EVER, btw.)

So I've gathered a few of my favorite "treat yoself" items that you may want to check out for yourself. They are all products I use often, most of them every week, if not daily. I love them and I think you will too!

First up, my favorite nail polish. I get a gel manicure a couple times a year and love the look, but I don't get them more often because they tear up my nails. I discovered the Sally Hansen gel a couple years ago and it's the only nail polish I use anymore.

It doesn't last nearly as long as a gel manicure at the salon, but it does last longer than a regular manicure. I've had my nails painted since Saturday and they look like this today:
DIY gel nail polish at home

This color is called Red-y Set Run (affiliate) and it's my new favorite -- it's a pretty red with a slight sparkle. It's perfect for the holidays!

You use the color (two coats) as the first step, then cover it with step two, which is a clear coat. The paint holds up really well -- even better than the regular nail polish you can get at the salon. Also, it comes off with regular nail polish remover. 

I get mine at the drug store or any department store. You can find the color options here and the top coat here

I shared this hair tool a few weeks ago in my favorite things post before Thanksgiving, and it continues to be one of my all time fave beauty finds...ever: 

bed head wave artist review

It's basically a crimper like the old days (if you're old enough to remember the 80's like me). BUT it's much it gives you big, beautiful, beachy waves instead of the tight look from back then. 

You can see the "wave" shape here: 
beautiful beachy waves with the wave artist

EVERY single time I use it, I get compliments on my hair. I LOVE IT so much. I got mine here but it's on a big time sale at Target right now! 

About a year ago, I went searching for one of those monthly subscription services that delivers beauty products. I tried two different ones -- one let me sign up (including paying), and then told me I was on a wait list. (But I could share on Facebook to be moved up -- nope!) I found another one and filled out the survey for items I preferred. The first box included basically everything I said I didn't want...and they were all tiny, baby sizes. 

Soooo. I used a code to get the Fab Fit Fun box for cheaper, and I've been hooked ever since. I was thrilled when they asked me to work with them earlier this year -- I've done that a couple times now: 
Fab Fit Fun discount code and review

Every item is FULL sized. They range from makeup to jewelry to items for the house to beauty products like masks and lotions. I absolutely LOVE every single box I've gotten. Because I work with them, you can use code TDC10 at this link and get $10 off your first box. 

I'm a mask nut -- for my face and also my hair now -- I love trying different versions. My favorite masks are the peel off versions because I feel like they clean my face better. Some are a little extreme with the peeling though -- they can hurt!

I found this peel-off mask a few weeks ago and love it. It smells divine, it's easy to apply and to take off. It peels easily and any excess is easy to wash off: 
Brightening peel off mask

I found mine at Old Navy but it's cheaper at Target

This next item is the most expensive on the list -- but it's one I've used nearly every single day for a couple years now. I've had step-tracking watches before, but none of them were nice looking. I'd only wear them for working out. 

I saw this Garmin version at the store one day and loved the look of it...and then realized it has a ton of awesome options as well:   
Garmin fit watch rose gold

It has a white rubber band with a pretty rose gold face. I get compliments on it ALL the time. 

Then I show people what it does and they love it even more!: 
Pretty Garmin sports watch/tracker

It tracks steps, calories, stairs, stress, heart rate...all of it. You can also read texts on it and answer your phone calls (your phone just needs to be close so you can talk). It's the only watch I wear because it looks great with any outfit. 

Mine has been banged around when I work on DIY projects and the glass is still perfect. I found mine here but it's on sale here right now. Love it!!

This one is another hair tool and it's tied with the wave artist for my favorite! It's the Revlon one step hair dryer and volumizer
Revlon brush hair dryer review

I really need to stop watching hair tutorials cause I keep finding good stuff! Ha! Both items were awesome finds though. I use this one on damp hair -- you just run it through your hair (it has a low and high setting) and it dries it quickly and gives your hair CRAZY good volume. 

Also, I haven't used my flat iron in over a month...there's no need with this. It leaves my hair super soft with tons of LIFE...I just love it. It has a cool setting that sets your hair too. Another great aspect when I use this is that my hair looks great the next day. Still straight and looks pretty darn good after brushing. 

The only complaint I have about it is that my wrists hurt when I use it sometimes. 😂 It's not super heavy but after a few minutes it starts to get a little awkward. I LOVE it though and highly recommend it! I got mine at Target but you can also find it here. I think you'll love it!

And my final item...that I saved for last because I love it so. I came across these pjs last year on a shopping trip. I'm typically NOT a person who spends money on pajamas, but these were on sale and I thought they felt so soft and cozy. 

I have since ordered another set because I love them so much. The "cool nights" pjs are a thinner option and are SO wonderful: 
Soma comfy pajamas -- the best!
I tend to get hot at night -- and I sleep best in a chilly room. I never sweat in these...they are amazing! They have so many cute options too. I love that the sizes are generous and comfy. They definitely run big so err on going a bit smaller if you're between sizes.

I also have the embraceable pjs that are even more comfy. They are a jersey material and are a bit warmer, but I can still wear them in the summer without getting hot. Again, the options are so cute and they are PERFECT for lounging around with some hot chocolate on a winter weekend. (I know because I've done it!) They wash up beautifully too. They are on sale right now!

There you go! These are a few of my favorite things. ;) I highly recommend them all and think you should treat yoself for the holidays. Of course they all make great gifts too! Do you have any of these items? Anyone get the wave artist after my last post about it?

I'll be back later this week and then will be taking next week off to spend with family. Happy shopping/baking/wrapping!!
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  1. I was actually thinking of getting a subscription box like FabFitFun for a friend's Christmas present! It's such a great idea since I have no idea what to gift and am unsure of her tastes in beauty and clothes, haha! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I have the opposite opinion about Christmas traditions. My girls are in their late 20's and their best Christmas memories are all the time-consuming traditions that people may not do any longer. I would bake hundreds of cookies before Christmas and the girls would help me when they could. As a family, we always picked a weekend day where we all baked and decorated sugar cookies...such priceless memories! And the girls still talk about these good times.

    I also spend a lot of time sending out Christmas cards. One of my favorite daily Christmas activities is to open all the cards we receive from friends that we may not hear from very often. I would be disappointed if I didn't receive cards from all of these people and hopefully I am also sending some love and enjoyment to them also. Yes, they take a long time, but it's a great way to say "we're thinking of you".

    I love this time of year to give of myself and try to make others happy also.

  3. I'm with Leslie, above... the one year I pared down the Christmas expectations, my family and I were so bummed. Baking cookies with my son is always fun since I can remember him being young enough to just add the sprinkles to being almost 18 now and making them almost by himself from scratch. I also am very aware that he will not be home forever and I am clinging to these special moments together.

    I hand make cards and feel like I am sending a personalized gift with each. I have just learned not to wait until December to start on them ;-) I love to work on them in January using all the new art supplies I got for Christmas! I even get the envelopes made out, purchase the stamps, and then I only have to write in them come November. I usually make a dozen extra for new friends and unexpected needs. I love Christmas and tend to make even more cards all year long, and donate them to the local animal shelter or nursing home. My extended family all complained the year I sent store bought cards, so at least I know they enjoy them! And I enjoy the time spent making them too.

  4. I love your treat yoself ideas and they also make great gift ideas! Happy that you found a way to enjoy the season more! Good for you for doing what works best for you and your family. I'm sure you have other wonderful traditions that your family will cherish.

    1. Thank you! ;) Yes we still have plenty of family traditions we love! :)


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