A LARGE Coffee Table for a Fraction of the Price

February 22, 2019

Buying a large square coffee table for way less!

I knew a large, square coffee table would look great in our family room, but the prices were crazy! I found an economical solution that looks great and functions well. 

We orginally had this round glass table in our family room when we moved in, because it was the biggest option we had: 
Large great room with symmetrical furniture set up
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As you can tell, because of the size of the room, it was looking a little teeny. (The aerial shot emphasizes it a bit.) The glass and thin lines of the table didn't help that. I've wanted something more substantial for a long time. 

Problem is, everything big enough is BIG in price too. I don't even know how many times I found something I liked and then looked up the price. They all varied from $500 to more than $1000. Nope.

I even started looking into finding a welder to make a base, because I knew what I wanted -- a very simple black metal base with a wood top. Not hard! But anything in the size I wanted was crazy expensive. 

Recently I was browsing online when I found some pretty options...but again they were too small. I started doing some thinking...because the price was so good, I could purchase two tables. I did some searching online for photos showing just that and found many lovely examples of double coffee tables.

I was sold! And super excited I had figured out something that would work for a MUCH better price! I went back and forth on three options from Target...
Marble top gold base coffee table
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This mid-century coffee table with a faux marble top was lovely and the legs come in a chrome color as well.

This open base coffee table has a similar top and had the base I really wanted: 
Faux marble black base coffee table

It comes in three different options for the top -- the faux marble, a faux concrete and a wood. I wanted the wood but it was out of stock. (It's back in stock now though!)

I wasn't sure the marble would look right in our family room -- with our light rug and sofas, I wanted some contrast in the room. So this coffee table with the lipped edge was juuuust right: 
Threshold Bennington Mixed Material Coffee Table from Target

It was the three bears of coffee tables! 😆 This one had the wood top, the open black base that I wanted, and the price was GREAT! It was just over $100 for one, so getting two didn't hurt too bad. 

Unfortunately that specific table is no longer available, but the wood topped version above is similar! 

The tables came within three days, and I set them up right away. The assembly was easy and quick. They immediately felt right in the room: 
Using two long coffee tables together to make a large one

I'm actually glad the other wood table option wasn't in stock at the time, because that wood tone would have been dark. This one has some gray tones in it that keeps it from getting too heavy. 

The size of these fit the room SO much better than our round table! My goodness...it only took me a year to figure out the two table thing: 
Coffee table decorating and styling

I've never had a coffee table this big in my 40+ (ahem) years so I was excited to decorate it! I stole some items from other rooms and love how it came together.  

I don't care for perfectly curated coffee tables that 1. aren't functional and 2. don't leave any room for a book, a remote, a drink...whatever. So I kept it pretty simple. 
Threshold Bennington coffee tables from Target

And you know those flowers won't be on there all the time (I'm just waiting for the cats to find them), so it will be simpler most of the time. But we love having all this space!

Here's a close up of the wood tone:
Bennington Mixed Material Coffee Table, Threshold

The best part -- we can reach the tables from the sofas! Yay! The other table was too small. I'm so glad I thought outside the box and went with two: 
Symmetrical family room with two sofas, chairs and tables

This is a BIG room (in size and height) so we needed something substantial there.

This one just fits this space so much better:
Two coffee tables to create larger sized table

The bonus is we can easily fit baskets under the tables if we want to add those later. I have been storing our small ottoman under there because there's plenty of space underneath. 

I always say it pays off when you wait to fill a space. It's tempting to buy whatever works or to overspend just to get things in there. But even I (a person who writes a blog about decorating) refuse to do that. 

I use what I have and/or wait until I find just the right thing! I've never regretted it:
double coffee table in large family room

Have you ever tried the double coffee table trick? It's crazy but I spent hundreds less buying TWO tables than I would have spent on one table this size. All of these coffee tables are still on sale for great prices. :)

**See how I later updated this tabletop here!: 
large square coffee table


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  1. That is such a great idea! I have to admit, I thought your solution was going to be much more DIY'ed. Good thinking!

  2. Beautiful! Where did you get that hammered copper (or gold?) tray from?

    1. Target! You can find a link at the bottom of this post: https://www.thriftydecorchick.com/2018/01/our-coziest-room-in-house.html

  3. I LOVE the way it looks, Sarah! Perfect! (I've been meaning to ask... I haven't seen your Before/After Link party... did you decide to forego it?)

    1. I'm going to bring it back -- the start of the last couple months ended up being hectic so I plan to do it in March!

  4. That is lovely. I really like the lip around the edges and the open bottom keeps it from being too heavy visually.

    I'm struggling finding pieces for my house as well. Sometimes it seems everyone has the same stuff.

  5. Great idea! I’m glad you thought of that; it’s perfect. I think you might even like this better than one large one for cleaning, moving around in general, and when you want to change things or sell them.
    I remember you having a pretty large square one I think it was, many years ago in your main living room. I can’t recall if it was more of a huge ottoman, or table. I think table. Maybe the one you put on casters? Hm there were so many. Hahaha
    Enjoy this great look! Chrissy

    ps—please tell me abt the decorative piece above the tv.

    1. Thank you! Yes that one was great! It was much smaller though. My sister still has it! :) The laurel wreath was from HomeGoods. :)

  6. The tables look amazing! Such a smart idea. I’m waiting waiting waiting not so patiently for a living room rug. BTW the thing that the remotes are in.... what and where can I get that?

    1. I found the remote caddy like she has at Home Goods about A year ago..

    2. I found it at Target but I don't think they carry it anymore. :(

  7. Genious!! It looks great! And you could always make one solid wood piece to attach to the bases in the future if you want.

  8. Your coffee table is beautiful! It's so refreshing since I keep seeing marble-topped ones. ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  9. Wow, that looks fabulous! I would never have thought to do something like that with 2 tables, and I'm really glad to see what this looks like. It gives me food for thought for my own home. Your new home is so beautiful, and I've enjoyed watching all your makeovers in your last home and now this one. You have incredible talent bringing things together and such great vision. Thank you for all you share!

  10. You changed your sconces by the tv. Where are they from?

    1. They are lanterns from Hobby Lobby -- I took the handles off. I had these up on our old fireplace.

  11. I love the table! Do you think it would do okay on a screened porch? I haven't found many outdoor coffee tables that I like.

    1. If you get any rain in there I wouldn't use these -- but if it stays dry it would work!

  12. The two tables look great! I would never have thought of it. Really ties the whole room together. Very happy for you!

  13. I"d love to see that same "aerial" shot with the new tables!

  14. Love it! Where are your couches from? I searched the site but couldn't find the source so sorry if I missed it.

  15. They look great....one of the Classy Clutter girls does the same thing...2 tables....it really works!

  16. Looks great! What do you do with the old stuff that you replace? I always want to get new stuff but struggle with what to do with the old items. Do you donate, repurpose?

  17. The tables are perfect! Jones Design Co used two Target upholstered benches as a coffee table in her family room for a while. They looked nice with her L shaped sectional. I thought that would be a good idea to copy in a basement if you were hosting groups of teens frequently. Extra seating when you needed it.

  18. I love this setup. Where are the chairs from?


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